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Madala & Khoi
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SESSION MC of the Month September 13, 2000
  • Undahgrownd Worx from Tembisa
  • Distinguished Oraders from Tembisa
  • Culprit from Berea
  • Devious from Yeoville
This week’s Rap Activity was in grim earnest, a skillful and immortal display of doping lyrics. In a flash of inspiration Undahgrownd Worx took us to the first round of impending evil they found themselves in. This rap act's lyrical lines were marked by paradox and pain. They seemed to be saying something unclear and fantasy could well describe their message. Distinguished Oraders came in handy to defuse misconceptions about hiv/aids before getting down to the nitty-gritty of the epidemic. While Culprit, cracked down on crime articulated both by the police and the criminals banding together to gain profit out of the innocent. This man was touching on moral values lost in our society.

The last act was Devious whose lines seemed to be coursing through his veins every time he opened his mouth. This kid was there like a shot of lightning and no one survived his fire. He’s the winner of this week’s battle because his lyrics were full rounded flesh and blood. In fact everyone stopped to learn his wishes. No need for the search to tie myself into believing he had conquered.


This Week's Winner – Devious

"if society was a computer I’d be the virus and most of these peeps are not y2k compliant"
    A QUICK 121 With the Winners
  • Who Influences Ur Style:
    No one influences my style but hip-hop itself.
  • Can U Analyse The Song U Just Performed:
    I wrote it because I was trying to be conscious. The chorus goes like guns, knives tightly fisted is basically the way things are.
  • What Would U Like To See Being Changed Politically In S.A:
    I would like to see the government combating poverty and trying to see things the way they are, 'cause the way things are at the moment it is not working.
  • Ur Last Words To Every One That Voted For U:
    To every one, thanks and God bless and to the mc’s that never made it I would like to say there's always a next time.

The Runners-Up

Undahgrownd Worx
"demons lecture we with untidy hints"

Distinguished Oraders
"between sheets flesh on flesh, we talking miles of intercourse"

"we live lies, eat lies and breathe lies"
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