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Ompisholo & Madala
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SESSION August 2, 2000
  • N.B.J from SOWETO
  • M.F.U from PRETORIA
    So intense was the RAP ACTIVITY this week that the rap acts were wobbling menacingly on some unrehearsed work as if they had gone on a drinking spree so that the outcome seemed a brawl of stoned out drunkards. All that was this week was a show tinged with vicious quality of novices battling to rock the boat to the shore. A clinging cymbal could have been better on the microphone. Patience was wearing thin and the quarrel was to provide a sterling performance. GOD GUARD, the first group to rap was immobile, they kept shooting themselves on their feet with sharp ammunition with every attempt to steal the lime light. The beat was tight but it was like exorcising stubborn evil spirits out of GOD GUARDS. E.M SQUAD was bearable but their command of lyrics had the trappings of a fluke monster lurking and ready to blot their copybook. These little boys need to be held on leash and their language strangled a little bit before they go astray with explicit lyrics. M.F.U put up a better performance while N.B.J the winners of this week, wrapped the show with a good performance. Madala 

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This Week's Winner – N.B.J.

‘Our verbal is stronger than four angels stationed at four corners of the earth’
                                          A QUICK 1 2 1 WITH THE WINNER

Q. How do you feel about winning

A. It is for the first that we are here and for the first time winning, this is a great feeling. We had a great challenge from the guys, we never thought we could do better, but hey, we managed to come out tops.

Q. What would you say to those who say you are trying to be an American

A. They are talking crap. In fact we are not trying to be American, what we do is expressing ourselves in an African context, to identify ourselves and I do not see anything amiss when we do that. In essence, we are making no excuse for doing rap, we are just celebrating the art of rap in the African perspectives. All this talk about us imitating, are vain.

The Runners-Up

‘The fear losing is painful’

We kidnap whack lyrics and want ransom for tight lyrics’

‘We drink the cheapest alcohol that’s gets us fucked up like skonfana’
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