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14/02/04 Coalition Tries to Spin Free Iraqi Militias and Guerilla Insurgency … as Cover for Supposed Sectarian War by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam…

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(TMPress – New York – February 14, 2004) – Coalition Tries to Spin Free Iraqi Militias and Guerilla Insurgency … as Cover for Supposed Sectarian War by al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Islam … As if the lack of WMD stockpiles was not enough … the Coalition now tells us that al-Qaeda and Ansar al Islam are going to cause a war or encourage attacks by Shi’a and Sunni paramilitary forces and the Kurds. The three main groups – the Sunnis, the Shi’a and the Kurds – all have their own private militias, which have helped provide security to areas not bottled up by Coalition forces … so what does press offices of the Coalition, US and allied military do, begin to spin the June 30 hand-over to Iraqi Governing Council and elected Iraqi national Assembly officials as a D-Day type of invasion from foreign terrorist forces.

Several of the biggest political parties in Iraq say they are determined to keep their well-armed militias despite American opposition to the idea of them having their own private militias … they contend that the militias remain necessary in light of the lack of security throughout the country, however having had little success in persuading the militias to disband, CPA and military officials are searching for a new policy that will help disarm the groups, whose members total in the tens of thousands, said a anonymous senior military official. Kurdish militiamen called the peshmerga patrol the roads in Northern Iraq … in the south, members of the Badr Organization, a militia run by a prominent Shiite political party, work with the police to secure southern Iraqi cities, and have done so for quite some time, with the blessing of the CPA.

And then there is the Mahdi Army, run by the fiery Shi’a cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who is very anti-American and the son of the late Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr, who was the most powerful Shiite cleric in Iraq in the late 1990s. His uncle, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr, was a leading Shiite activist before his execution by Saddam Husseinís forces in 1980. Muqtada al-Sadr went underground in February 1999 after a spray of gunfire by Saddamís agents, according to most accounts … killing his father and two brothers. He inherited a network of schools and charities built by his father, along with the allegiance of many of his followers. Only 30, Sadr lacks the decades-long religious training required of high ranking Shiite authorities. As a result, he bases his claim to authority on his lineage. Although al-Sadr lives and delivers his sermons in Najaf – Sadr City, a suburb of Baghdad, is effectively under his control as the other rightful high Shi’a of the country rivaling the last remaining Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. This is the paramilitary group that worries the Coalition the most – it numbers in the thousands and is growing weekly by the hundreds – its members are paid and taken well care of.

But now why attach these militias to a supposed plan captured in an outlined 17-page letter by Zarqawi, a supposedly al-Qaeda linked individual, who has according to the CPA … appealed to al Qaeda leaders outside Iraq for help in waging a campaign of violence meant to destabilize the country. The document was supposedly found on a computer disk that was found in a raid on a terrorist safe house in Baghdad about a month ago, according to CPA officials. Now they have had it for a month and just released it … why is that? U.S. officials said the disk was in the possession of a courier who was trying to leave the country, possibly to go to Afghanistan and to deliver the letter to Bin Laden. The letter supposedly brags about twenty-five military strikes against Coalition forces and proposes more attacks that would push the country toward civil war – this with just less than five months until the transfer of sovereignty to the Iraqis.

Many regional experts agree that the relation between Iraqi insurgency and terrorist groups is dubious at best, remaining Fedayeen and Ba’athist military forces probably have a vertical relationship with any foreign fighters – but the al-Qaeda link sounds like the same old link, link, link, link … that the Bush White House has tried to play repeatedly when down on the WMD chips – play poker with the terrorist deck and the `tabloid news channels’ fall for it and report it twenty-four seven, as if it is fact. What is the real deal … one could suggest that the Shi’a demands for direct elections in Iraq (one-man-one-vote) could produce a theocratic democracy – something the hand-picked Iraqi Governing Council does not want nor does L. Paul Bremer and the CPA. It also sets the stage for Shi’a misinterpretations of intentions and rivalry – a perfect setting to continue heavy military presence in Iraq, convince American voters the war is now about terrorism, not WMD and stretch the Bush lie into a bigger one.

Senior Bush officials Bush can now point to a new terrorist leader, the supposed author of the terror letter … a Jordanian named Abu Musab Zarqawi … a supposed Bin Laden protege and his command of Ansar al-Islam – a Kurdish Sunni Revolutionary Paramilitary, which the Bush Administration said was formerly under the control of the Kurdish cleric Mullah Krekar, exiled in Norway – but that story will change again for sure … one thing that the Coalition political and military commands have at their disposal, is the great ability to change the story in the middle of the stream.

What happened to General Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, Saddam Hussein’s former righthand man and supposedly the former most wanted fugitive in Iraq, the one behind all of the coordinated guerilla attacks? Forgotten about – one would guess, for now!

The CPA and the military says the Zarqawi letter marks a breakthrough in U.S. investigations into the violence that has plagued Iraq for the last 10 months since the Iraqi Invasion. Well so did Mao’s `Little Red Book’ and China’s military forces, which killed several thousands more GIs in Korea in the 1950s, than the Iraqi insurgency has – now we just have trade deficits with them! They were one of those … isms too, the Republicans pointed out to us then also – weren’t they?

It seems the Coalition is fighting a growing Iraqi Nationalist Insurgency – not terrorists as the Bush White House would have us believe – the same way they fought the British out of the country during the 1920s - 1940s, just as the Norwegian Resistance fought off the Germans and liberated their country from an occupier - an invading Nazi Army stealing Norwegian Atomic Energy progress and secrets, along with their `heavy water’ production facilities … another important component in the WW2 era race for WMD! Funny how it all comes full-circle isn’t it … this time it’s the God-fearing, flag-waving Puritans of the New Age replacing Germany as an invader!  

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