31/01/04 Subject: Altered-and-Netted

From BigLeftOutside (Original at BigLeftOutside)

Don Hazen and his million-dollar-a-year waste of other people’s money called Alternet continue to abuse workers – that is, writers and journalists – in the same ways that I exposed them as doing two years ago.

The latest case:

Frederick Sweet of Intervention Magazine found a report of his stolen by Alternet recently. Not only was it stolen, but the boneheads over at Alternet chopped and rewrote his article without his consent. Here’s Sweet’s account of what Alternet did to his words:

“Without my permission and knowledge, someone took my ‘Blacklist Grounds American Passengers,’ rewrote, added, and deleted whatever they pleased, which is an obvious violation of my copyright. This new article represented a theft of my intellectual property.

“The “Green Party ‘Terrorist’” had been posted on numerous Web sites, but I traced this new, corrupted copy back to its source at one Web site, Here, the title of the pirated piece is “Green Party ‘Terrorists’ Not Allowed to Fly.” My name is on the byline and it had been postdated to January, 2004, altered copy and all.

“I wrote to Don Hazen, Executive Director of The Independent Media Institute and Executive Editor of that: “Without my knowledge and consent, has re-written and otherwise altered one of my copyrighted articles, “Blacklist Grounds American Passengers,” first published under that title at Intervention Magazine. You posted a drastically modified version of my article at your Web site”

“I am still waiting for Mr. Hazen’s reply.

“This is more important than an Internet journalist having his property stolen and Internet readers being ripped off with phony copy. This fraud undermines the credibility of all Internet political Web sites’”

Now, here’s the best part, in which Hazen and Alternet again show just how little character and integrity they have over there.

If you go to the link where they originally placed the stolen and butchered article, all it says now, after Sweet and his mag’s editor and readers raised a big noise against this theft, is:

“Dear Readers:

“Our apologies, but we have taken this article off our site after the author voiced his unhappiness with it.

“The Editors”

We can therefore see three things pretty darn clearly:

1. That’s catty. It implies that the author is unhappy with his own work, when, in fact, it was Alternet that changed the text without his consent.

2. That’s cowardly. Note that “the editors” don’t even sign their names.

3. The Alternet blacklist continues. Hazen and Alternet have long maintained a blacklist (I proved it, when I published his internal staff emails, in 2002). I’m proud to say that I am at the top of that blacklist, after 13 years in which Alternet made money off of me by syndicating my Boston Phoenix and Valley Advocate stories, among others. My crime? Writing an email inquiry to Hazen asking where money that was supposed to go to writers went.

(Funny, that happened to me last year with another group, too. I asked for a financial accounting for an event for which I had been on the steering committee and got blacklisted. Of course, I never got to see the books. I’ll tell you that story soon… Funny, how touchy these “activism bureaucrats” get when they fear the curtain will be raised on their financial rackets. Well, the jig will soon be up.)

Now it seems Mr. Sweet has joined the blacklist. Note, they thought his article was good enough to steal, and to chop up according to their incoherent and inept news standards over there, but when they got caught in the theft they don’t even provide a link to the original article.

Not to worry, though. I will. Here it is, in its original uncensored un-Altered-and-netted, form.

I told y’all that Alternet and Hazen were pond scum, without original talent, so all they can do is rip-off journalists and writers who have the skills, work ethic, and coherence that they don’t have. Now you can see another example of how Alternet conducts its business and keeps Hazen’s salary undeservedly high.

Oh, it’s gonna be fun when the new Narco News starts providing more intensive than ever reporting on how some NGOs and “non-profits” conduct their business while claiming to be on the side of the angels. So much money, so many resources, given by (or stolen from) sincere people to and by bad organizations is being wasted. And that money is, in a sense, being robbed from the causes that groups like Alternet claim to champion.

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