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(TMPress International – New York – April 9, 2004) – Wake Up News Colleagues … You Miss the News … Iraq Is Vietnam – Addressing all media – but especially the news channels of America, who seem to have become the self-anointed spokespersons of American interpretations of global justice, all the facts without the facts news gathering and definite bias to play the politically popular press.

Various segments on news stations regularly dismiss European, British, Canadian and Australian press reports concerning `America's War on Terror' or the Iraq Invasion and/or any other fact that may be contrarian opinion, that may have basis in fact to investigate … but because it does not stroke the correct tone with the TV police in Washington, DC is avoided – so what are we left with … the impressions of news without real investigatory reporting … something very close to `yellow journalism.'

This is especially true with the coverage on Iraq … this tact of course … embedded reporters … another decision that strikes deep into the way American media wants all possible factual events reported, but subjects them to a `national bias' … is this wrong and deliberate and righteous … may be – but the foreign press, not only from Iraq, but around the world has that bias and it exists there too – just in a different way. The news we watch will always want the `American Spin for the American Media' … supporting military experts are our analysts, who were or are usually heavily involved in the past … in the areas of US military operations and are covered many a time in `Spot Segments' … Why?

Some may not know – but it is called `what get's better play,' `is it acceptable to mass viewers' and does it comply with the Corporate playing of the folks above the news staff on-screen, that report a definite post 9/11 leanings towards group-think … `if the government says so, it must be right!'

These are the same reliable sources who said loads of WMD in Iraq could be unleashed in minutes on the Continental US very soon by Saddam, morphing into the true anarchical terror apparatus that is al-Qaeda … why? Secretary Powell and now Former Treasury Secretary O'Neil now tell us different stories on no Iraq-AQ connection and how military action against Iraq was on the mind as soon as the new White House under Bush 2 took over, these are current and former Bush officials … why is it now with chaos and no WMD that these folks step forward … perhaps they were mislead also by the NSA and the CIA also.

Was the President or Dick Cheney mislead or did the two of them force preemptive policy change right from the get-go and make their underlings change with them or be subject to the boot … has that been investigated by the mainstream press in any depth … no … why … undermines the tie of `national-corporate patriotism' … a vision no better than the forced thought of the `Communist Era' of the Kremlin and its official outlet Pravda. Wake up news folks … get the credibility back of independent journalism … not regurgitation of the establishment. Iraq is Vietnam and our place is longer needed in that country – nor were they in the first place.

These DC folks in government now are the same types or in some cases the same people who worked for the Nixon Administration, who were responsible for a lot of `national security fear' tactics and spying on groups … as Mr. Ashcroft has begun. Tactics like `Watergate' and who were responsible for a duly elected Chilean President's murder – the CIA-backed Gen. Pinochet military coup of Salvador Allende … oddly also on Sept. 11, 1973.

He was executed in the Presidential Palace in Santiago by troops loyal to Gen. Pinochet … Allende … the duly elected socialist President in the oldest Democracy in the Western Hemisphere, besides the US at that time – even Secretary of State Powell has acknowledged US involvement in the coup.

How infamously we remember the victims of that tragedy, the so-called `disappeared campaign' of Allende's supporters – where tens of thousands of people where rounded up and killed in the initial coup, days, weeks and months after – mostly the young people/students and buried in mass graves to be discovered years later. We never invaded Chile, we never complained … we just watched from offshore in Navy ships and air bases in Argentina to make sure the `Pinochet Job' was done. Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger were never tried in any international or national court for the involvement in the occurrence – for in fact they ordered the coup and Pinochet's mass killings were locked away by all. Chile's 9/11 from America that no International scorn ever managed to provide an invasion for. Think about, we did this to them and the Chileans still call us friends – how ironic, so many a dictator we supported to contain `Communism' from spreading. That was in the name of good. Let me ask you … did we ever invade any Warsaw Pact nation, including the Soviet Union and China to liberate their people to the `Liberty and freedom' – so such talked about by the Bush White House.

Yes, they never attacked the physical territory of the US … but we did not invade them to liberate their citizenry – why? Because US/NATO policy of `detente and containment worked' … we learned that from Korea and Vietnam!

More importantly these are the same type of folks who still invoke executive privilege, in order not to release pertinent National Security warnings information and Presidential briefings of impending attacks on America to the special commission on 9/11, lead by ex-NJ Governor Tom Kean a Republican and appointed and then stalled by President Bush. Why? Let's investigate that!  

So think about, and I do not mean in a conspiracy theory-way … but Independent journalism gets more respect … the BBC, the CBC and the Aussie broadcaster ABC are even still partially owned by their respective governments – and investigative Indy journalism is still achieved – get with it news channels in America … journalism that does not review all the facts – but instead repeats the opinions of former military experts, who come on the shows – they have no bias correct? I heard one retired military analyst say just today `that we have to get' em and wipe them out' … does that mean 1000 civilians and 50 insurgents – the madness of `Iraqi Freedom' should be renamed `Operation Destroy All If They Do Not Want Us There' … these ex-Colonels and Generals as your military news analysts have all grown up in a one-way culture `Kill the Enemy.' There is no regard for the life the innocence, because they are not Western peoples, they are towel-heads, gooks and other thoughtful under their breath nicknames … to them they are not men, women and children.

Well news channel colleagues … get off the rah-rah USA chant and get rid of the military analysts left over from the disaster of the `Iraqi Invasion' war coverage … see what is really happening in Iraq – it is a modern day advance version of Vietnam and we have no real strategy for exiting the mess we have created as a nation – I do not care what any military commander says, nor do I trust one iota of information about Iraq and 9/11 policy from them or the `Dubya' White House … and neither should you or the country … it's just like LBJ and the gang again … it's just that Bush does not have the class to bow out of the race … like LBJ … why? … Because he is so desperate to prove he was right for himself and Daddy Bush. We need to get out of Iraq and let the UN and NATO forces take control, as soon as possible – just as we did in Bosnia and Kosovo! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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