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Friday, February 3, 2006 8:28 PM
3/2/06 Editors Weblog Newsletter

Although an agreement seemed to have been reached in January, the disaccord over the publication of provocative political cartoons in a Danish newspaper erupted last week, raising questions about the limits of a free press. Also, The World Association of Newspapers called for a discussion between newspapers and search companies over the use of article headlines, photos and abstracts.

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Bertrand Pecquerie and John Burke

Below is the Editors Weblog coverage of the dispute over the political cartoons originally printed in September by the Danish paper, Jyllands Posten.

Row over Mohammed cartoons re-ignites

Danish paper apologizes for racy political cartoons

Denmark: newspaper threatened with bomb attack

French paper re-publishes Mohammed cartoons

Jordanian paper publishes Mohammed cartoons


WAN announces 58 journalists killed in 2005
Iraq was the most dangerous place to be as a journalist in 2005 followed by the Philippines. Hereís a list of the countries where journalists were killed on assignment.

US study: People concentrate on newspapers more than other media
Newspaper readers are more focused than other media users, primarily because while reading a newspaper, they do not consult other media.

Newspaper, Magazine and Book Publishers Organizations to Address Search Engine Practices
WAN and European publishers form a task force to investigate possible violations of copyright by search engines and news aggregators.

US: Society of Professional Journalists calls for debate on public service journalism
In light of the Knight Ridder sale, the Society of Professional Journalists worries about the future of American public journalism.

Spain: newspaper includes citizen journalism in its print edition
Citizen journalism move from the screen to print as the Spanish daily El Correo launches sections that include material submitted by readers.

Libya to open up state controlled media market
The Libyan government agrees to open up its market to the sale of about 50 uncensored foreign publications.

Revelations about the workings of the obituary page
A lighthearted article about how newspapers gather information and write stories about celebrities who pass on.

How to start a ‘new media empire’
Veteran reporter Thomas Crampton outlines what a successful new media strategy should look like.

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