Syrian journalists call for objective media coverage


The Syrian Journalists Union has asked the world’s media to be objective on its coverage of Syria.

The Syrian Journalists Union (SJU) has appealed to the Arab and world media to provide a more balanced and objective coverage of Syrian-related news in the face of the mounting pressure and serious attempts by Israel and some Western nations to tarnish its image.

An SJU spokesman said the union had already sent various memorandums and letters to the media organisations worldwide urging them to verify reports before publishing or telecasting.

“Some media persons provide the public with misleading information that falls under the propaganda category. They are pushed by their obsession to be pioneers in the world of media through achieving what they believe to be scoops or exclusives”, the spokesman quoted one of the memorandum addressed by SJU to the world media.

The spokesman added that a section of international media fell prey to the misleading reports produced by Israeli, US, French and the Lebanese opposition accusing Syria of having a hand in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Al Hariri.

“Syria once again was a victim of media fabrications and allegations, though later developments showed that Israel and its lackeys were the main beneficiaries from the crime while Syria and Lebanon were the first and biggest losers from it”, the memorandum added about the assassination.

The spokesman added that the SJU expected the world media to have highlighted the pressure of the U.S. administration on Damascus and Beirut as direct intervention in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

“The Americans keep violating the international legitimacy laws and the UN Security Council resolutions under the pretext of implementing such legitimacy and resolutions. We expect world media to show such huge contradictory attitudes”,  the memorandum said.

It further added that some world media were unfair in describing the Syrian military presence in Lebanon as ‘occupation’ since “the Syrian troops entered Lebanon in response to an official appeal by Lebanon and other Arab League members to help put an end to a fierce civil war in that Arab country. Our national troops also left Lebanon according to the Taif Agreement and the relevant article of the UN Security Council resolution number 1559".

The spokesman hoped that media would try to mirror reality as it is without having any biased personal or political views inserted in news coverage.

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