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BBC Governors Face Public Grilling By Anita Singh PA Showbusiness Editor


[Now here's a good idea that got mailed to me. Anybody interested in contributing to this should get in touch with the people below. WB]

BBC licence fee payers are to be given the chance to question its governors at the corporation’s Annual General Meeting, it was announced today.

For the first time, viewers and listeners will be able to put their complaints about programmes directly to those in charge.

The meeting will be held in London on July 19.

Chairman of the governors Michael Grade will be there along with senior executive staff including director-general Mark Thompson.

Licence fee payers will have the opportunity to confront them on the BBC’s performance and use of the licence fee.

There will be 200 places available for members of the public, who can apply online via the website

The meeting will also be streamed live on the website.

The public AGM is one of a number of initiatives introduced by the governors as part of its “agenda for change”.

A BBC spokeswoman said: “We are expecting people to come along and give the BBC a rigorous question time.”

Further events will be held at BBC sites across the UK over the coming months.


I should have drawn more attention to Robins email (was attached to my previous and follows below) as he has had some good ideas on this.

I've emailed John Sinha, who I mentioned to you yesterday as having been involved in radical film making, about your BBC AGM idea and given him your email address. His email address is

Maybe the event should be very tightly focussed on specific instances of the BBC failing to report or reporting innacurately. One approach could be to interview people like Pilger, Monbiot, Galloway, Benn, Tariq Ali, Corbyn etc etc before the event on key issues which they believe have not been covered appropriately by the BBC. Then on the day interview people in the street, asking first if they watch BBC News and then ask them how much they know about the issues raised by the celebs (e.g. Downing Street memo, US use of napalm, Falluja etc etc.) . After the event all this footage could be edited into a really effective documentary.

Antony Wright

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