Gaza redeployment contaminated the media By Ahmed Hamida

Morocco TIMES

Most of western and Arab satellite networks and media outlets have fallen in the Israeli propaganda campaign in their coverage of the evacuation of illegal Israeli colonists in the Gaza strip.

They have not only swallowed the bait of Israeli propaganda, but inflated it by featuring the escalated scenes of Jewish settlers being evicted and by referring to what actually was a redeployment of forces and settlers to “withdrawal” from the Palestinian land of Gaza, which ironically represents less than one per cent of historic Palestine.

Live images and photographed press reports, which were being fed daily by television networks and newspapers over settlements’ evacuation from Gaza, have portrayed settlers’ suffering instigated by uprooting from what are supposed to be Palestinian homes.

I wonder if satellite televisions had been around in 1948, they would have cried at seeing Palestinian families leaving their legitimate homes and the images of wailing children being dragged away by Israeli forces.

Why does nobody talk about more than 8000 Palestinians who have been killed by the Israeli army during the 38-year occupation?

This redeployment, which has been described by media reports as “historic”, has turned Gaza more of a prison than it is already as Israeli forces will still continue their control over the sea, air and borders while reserving the right to invade.

Sharon is also set to move on with expanding Jewish colonies in the occupied West Bank, building the Apartheid Barrier, and encircling East Jerusalem, which Israel is supposed to vacate in due course in conformity with UN resolutions.

Israel has publicly revealed its plans to build about 3,500 housing units in the area between the largest settlement of Maaleh Adumim and Jerusalem, which construction would cut off access to Jerusalem and cut the West Bank into two.

Israel also issued land-seizure orders to confiscate private Palestinian property around Maaleh Adumim for construction of a massive separation barrier, which goes around the settlement, located about eight kilometres east of Jerusalem, effectively annexing the land.

Israeli statistics also indicate the increase of Jewish population in the west bank by more than 12,000 during the past year, which reinforces Sharon’s goal of strengthening large settlement blocs while withdrawing from the Gaza Strip.

Sharon has made it no secret that his Gaza withdrawal would help consolidate Israel’s control over large settlement blocs in the West Bank, where the vast majority of Jewish settlers live.

Sharon, who is depicted as a hero of peace, especially by the US administration, has in fact done nothing but protected the Israeli supremacy. He undertook the Gaza redeployment as a unilateral action- which in itself has no legal dimension- for the sake of Israelis and their best interests, and not for the sake of Palestinians.

Yet, the real victors are the brave Palestinians who refused to leave Gaza during the 38 years of brutal occupation and endured to remain behind, despite the harsh bloodthirstiness that punctuates Israel actions and its ugly record.

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