Israel’s Sharon Says Settlers Won’t Derail Gaza Withdrawal Plan
Bloomberg – USA
that he would like to turn the Gaza withdrawal from Shaul Mofaz said last week Israel will withdraw Abbas, the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization’sPalestineRefugeePlan.htm
Israel Proposes Palestinian Refugee Plan
New York Jewish Times – New York,NY,USA
One-third of the registered Palestine refugees, about of UNRWA operations in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan … Israel has long charged that rather than working
Hamas may give peace a chance
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
like some Israelis dream of a Greater Israel that includes strategy is to liberate all of Palestine.” Soon enough Fatah gaining popular support in Gaza and the
Hezbollah Threat Hovers Above Palestinian Poll
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
calm and stability, and even restart negotiations with Israel. This week, fighting in Gaza between the militants Front for the Liberation of Palestine who has
Why Boycott Israel
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
The question of Palestine was created by the world — mostly the western after occupying the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, as if prior to that Israel were as
UN envoy engages critical Israelis
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
29, 1947, to divide historical Palestine into Jewish and Arab states. “Before 1967 Israel was not in Gaza and the West Bank,” a man called.
Special Broadcasting Service – Australia
out from all 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip and four Minister is due to meet in Israel with Prime and in the West Bank with Palestine Liberation Organization
Sharon Says Israel Won’t Attend London Middle East Conference
Bloomberg – USA
his plan to withdraw from Gaza and ruled attacks by Palestinians will cause Israel to ``respond Abbas, the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
Electronic Iraq: What’s New?
Iraq is a news portal on the US-Iraq crisis published by respected Middle East
alternative news publishers, The Electronic Intifada (EI) and incorporating on

Jordan Rejects Sharon’s Remarks over West Bank Settlements
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
of allowing Palestinian refugees to return to Israel.”. any future disengagement from Gaza should come … Palestine Liberation Organization chief Mahmoud Abbas on
Palestinian Politics in the Post-Arafat Era: the Current Situation
Israel Hasbara Committee (subscription) – Brooklyn,NY,USA
Al-Filastini – the Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine. to take a more active role in fighting Israel. of the West Bank and Gaza, and responsible
Mr. President, Beware the Sweet Talk
Arutz Sheva – Israel
For the Gaza withdrawal to have some chance of succeeding to do more than simply giving … Palestine is to exist in place of Israel, not alongside of it.

Travel limits on PA candidates lifted
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
and ensure the continuation of the Intifada against Israel. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the only Khaled, will soon tour the Gaza Strip as

Israel Kills 3, Ends Raid in Gaza
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
launched a homemade rocket from northern Gaza into Israel … of Hamas leaders killed in fighting with Israel. to resist with arms until Palestine is liberated from
Occupation Helicopters Raid North Gaza
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
GAZA STRIP, Palestine, December 19, 2004 (IPC+WAFA)---An Israel occupation copters fired three home- made makshift Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip at the

Palestinian Refugees, Denied Vote For New President, Watch With
TheDay – New London,CT,USA
And any solution negotiated with Israel will have to resettlement in the West Bank and Gaza, or the who is endorsed by the Palestine Liberation Organization’s
As Gaza mini-operation ends, rockets hit Sderot again
Israel Insider – Israel
he carries out a planned Gaza withdrawal — could to resist with arms until Palestine is liberated the Palestinian leadership to stop attacks against Israel.
A High Level Israeli – Palestinian Meeting to Co-Ordinate
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
GAZA, Palestine, December 19, 2004 (IPC+Agencies)---Palestinian sources … Israel has agreed to allow the Palestinian in Rammallah city of the west bank said that

Sing! All GeoQuiz is saying: Give this piece a chance
Durango Herald – Durango,CO,USA
and the “occupied territories” of Gaza and the This organization was responsible for dividing Palestine into two What year did Israel officially become a state
The Writing on the Wall: Terry Boullata
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
During the first Intifada I was arrested four times; the last time, while I was working as a fieldworker for a human rights organization, I was released after

PLO Calls on Bush to Pull back His Pledges to Sharon
Palestine Media Center – Israel
of the National Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the West Bank to Israel and refuses and the illegal Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip as
Israeli Troops Kill Three Palestinians
ABC News – USA
through his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and pictures of Hamas leaders killed in fighting with Israel. to resist with arms until Palestine is liberated
Uncertainty on Christmas Eve for the peoples and governments of – Italy
the time of the British mandate in Palestine: the late Right now, it is Israel that has a problem with that Sharon’s plan to withdraw from Gaza (and perhaps

What has LoC fencing got to do with
Newindpress – Chennai,India
As he pushes his Gaza disengagement plan _ it’s another matter that Bibi wanted a national referendum on it _ Sharon is … Israel and Palestine have to
Palestinian Leadership Refuses Israeli Pre-Dictates and Sticks
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
GAZA, Palestine, December 18, 2004 (IPC+Agencies)--- The spokesperson from the West Bank and Gaza Strip and a new basis for resolving the conflict with Israel.
Interview: Daoud Kuttab and Hirsh Goodman Discuss Details of Prime
NPR – Washington,D.C.,USA
and organizations and certainly the peoples of both Palestine and Israel are interested for decades with the policy of planting settlements in Gaza and the
Israeli Combat Helicopters Raid Gaza Suburbs
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
GAZA, Palestine, December 18, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— Israeli occupation houses in the northern Gaza Strip City Al-Karkafa neighborhood in the West Bank City of
AMAYREH: Democracy At Gunpoint – West Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
Salhi, a presidential candidate representing the Palestine People’s Party arresting him for “trying to enter Israel without permit … West Bank and to the Gaza Strip
US House Arrest No Obstacle to Palestinian Hopeful
Islam Online – UK
arguing that the new chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization southern Lebanon and now from the Gaza StripIsrael and the US are trying to make the
WANTED: Middle East Mediator
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The steady flow of international dignitaries to Israel and Palestine following the confirmation of the new transitional Palestinian leadership has been rather
Chicago Palestine Film Festival 2005: Call for Films
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Chicago Palestine Film Festival is issuing a call for films by Palestinian filmmakers and for films about Palestine for our fourth annual 2005 festival as
Life stops at coastal road block
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Thousands of Palestinian students, merchants, patients and drivers were forced to take cover behind trucks, vehicles and carts on the blocked Gaza coastal road

Sharon will maintain roadblocks to peace
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
the 1980s, Palestinian leaders, including Arafat, have sought only the rump 22 percent of Palestine occupied by Israel in 1967 (the West Bank , Gaza , and Arab

An engaged Mideast policy
Baltimore Sun (subscription) – Baltimore,MD,USA
withdraw soldiers and settlers from the Gaza Strip, West … Israel has pledged not to interfere in next Arafat as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
Humanizing the Palestine-Israeli conflict needed, says physician
Foster’s Daily Democrat – Dover,NH,USA
humanizing the victims on both sides of the Palestine-Israeli conflict be resolved,” said Rothchild, speaking of the Israel occupation of the Gaza Strip and

Closer Israel, NATO Ties Could Help Resolve Israeli-Palestinian
Cybercast News Service – Alexandria,VA,USA
from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, giving A complete withdrawal from the West Bank would leave of a wider settlement of the Israel-Palestine issue,” Ricketts

Mideast glimmer
Barre Montpelier Times Argus – Barre,VT,USA
largely supported attacks against Israel and condemned both the West Bank and Gaza, and Abbas cooperation between Hamas, the Palestine Liberation Organization
Che Guevara lives in Palestine
San Francisco Bay View – San Francisco,CA,USA
West Bank, Occupied Palestine – Beit Sahour is a town of a UN survey completed in July 2004, Israel has imposed cities and banned all travel to and from Gaza.
O’Reilly entering a no-Jew zone?
Washington Jewish Week – Rockville,MD,USA
are really offended, you gotta go to Israel then courthouse was against the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Holy election in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Three Palestinians killed, Abbas is persistent on his position
Arabic News – Middle East
Islamic Jihad movement and al-Aqsa groups of the Palestine liberation movement the occupation army near Kisovin crossing situated between Gaza and Israel.
Voting under occupation
Middle East International (MEI) – London,England,UK
candidate favoured overwhelmingly by not only Israel and the signalled by the military actions in Gaza in early In both Iraq and Palestine, however, given the
Where does Bush get his (bad) information?
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
contact with her many relatives there. 1. Khalid Amayreh, Al-Jazeera, 12 December 2004, as made available by the Electronic Intifada.
Abbas tours Arab states seeking support and legitimacy ahead of
Virtual Jerusalem News – Israel
for no commitment from the Israeli occupier or its American and European backers,” said Hassan Abu Nimah, editor of The Electronic Intifada, a Palestinian
Glasgow University students elect Vanunu new rector
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Mordechai Vanunu won with 1033 votes, with John Ross Beattie declared the runner up having gained 793 votes. The University Rector
“Message received”: Hatem Abdel Qader on Barghouti’s presidential
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
This week Palestine Report Online interviews Fateh Member of the Legislative Council from Jerusalem Hatem Abdel Qader on Marwan Barghouti’s decision to


Arrests Cloud Palestinian Campaigning
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
under the Oslo accords negotiated with Israel in 1993. in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip since the dominant faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization
PA: release detained candidates
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Gaza, Gaza, Dec as well as human rights institutions to intercede with Israel to gain of municipal affairs, told Palestinian radio “Voice of Palestine” that the,2763,1374609,00.html
No way to die
Guardian – UK
Arafat’s Palestine had become little more than a prime minister, Ehud Olmert, told Israel Radio, on trained cardiologist from one of Gaza’s leading families

Canada must conduct an ethical foreign policy – Montreal,QC,Canada
reported that the resolution “[condemned] the Israeli presence in the West Bank and Gaza.”. That includes interference in the Israel/Palestine conflict.>The Democracy Din
AMIN – Palestine
his vision of “two states, Israel and Palestine, living side accord with Egypt, which has provided Israel with over state in the West Bank and Gaza based on
Evildoers, here we come
Asia Times Online – Hong Kong
power: “It’s the same agenda for Israel, the Pentagon and to turn Iraq into a replica of Palestine – the same Fallujah and Baghdad are replicas of Gaza and the
An Anomaly: One Nation, 22 States
Arutz Sheva – Israel
that the number of 22% is the area of Gaza and the a fifth of Palestine, and not of all of Palestine as Arabs not only in the fact that while Israel contains 20
Leaflets of fear
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Nigel Parry is one of the founders of the Electronic Intifada. He lived in the occupied territories from 1994-1998. Leaflet translation by Hasan Abu-Nimah.
“All Intifada, All the Time”
Tech Central Station – Richfield,OH,USA
For jihadist recruiters, al Jazeera is like an electronic madrassa beaming the teachings observer in the Middle East calls al Jazeera “All Intifada, all the
“It Was Like Abu Ghraib”: Israeli Abuse of Birzeit University’s
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Although my permit to study in the West Bank had expired 4 months after the beginning of the Intifada, I never experienced serious problems with the Israeli
With the ISM in Balata refugee camp
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Huwwara checkpoint is closed to internationals. The entire Nablus region is completely off-limits. Our destination is the Balata
Palestinians Call for Boycott of Israeli Academia
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel has called upon their colleagues in the international community to “comprehensively

Second chance for a two-state solution
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
in the West Bank and Gaza would be Palestinians would regain their West Bank water resources, now Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel (www.searchforjustice
Abbas calls for end to armed resistance
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
was a mistake and that opposition to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip should minister who now heads the Palestine Liberation Organization
UN mediator ends Mideast tenure
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
Terje Roed-Larsen said Wednesday the solution remains simple: Israel and Palestine living side their dream of Jewish rule over the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Avoiding The `Road Map` After Arafat
Jewish Press – Brooklyn,NY,USA
be established in Judea, Samaria (West Bank) and Gaza. This state of “Palestine” will create several new levels of security nightmare for Israel, including a
Al Qaeda presses toward Israel
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
to infiltrate the West Bank and Gaza Strip but pro-US regime will lead to Israel’s elimination from in Jordan and joined the Palestine Liberation Organization.
So far, so good
Media Monitors Network – USA
by a coordinated Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and the I described the situation in Palestine as “revolutionary Meanwhile, in Israel the Sharon government has
Reflection on Stop the War 2004: Rebuilding the Antiwar Movement
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
Zionist attacks on the right to criticize Israel at Columbia was a revision of CAN’s position on Palestine . the occupations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Latest news briefs from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
group, Islamic Jihad, under the Palestine Liberation Organization all settlements from the Gaza Strip and … Israel’s chief rabbinate dropped a requirement that
Two Civilians Killed as Israeli Forces Shell Gaza Strip
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
RAFAH, Palestine, December 15, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – Israeli of thousands of civilians to reach Gaza City, where In the West Bank, Israeli forces arrested two
Analysis / Confident Abbas can afford to be anti-weapons
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
opinion largely supported attacks against Israel and condemned both the West Bank and Gaza, and Abbas has long boycotted the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Sanctions against apartheid South Africa should inspire the
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The South African people, led by the African National congress (ANC), fought for decades to free themselves of apartheid. The ANC

Ballot boxing
Guardian – UK
In an article on the Electronic Intifada website, written before Barghouti’s withdrawal, Hasan Abu Nimah, a former Jordanian ambassador at the UN, and his son
Israeli forces shell Palestinian school in Khan Yunis
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
PCHR strongly condemns the latest attack committed by Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) this morning, when they fired an artillery shell at a school in Khan Yunis
Ayoon wa Azan (A Telling Story)
Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia
of the income of the Palestinian individual due to the Intifada, the collection of and could not understand that the world has become electronic, especially in

Israel Kills 3 Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza Strip Six IOF
Palestine Media Center – Israel
his detention by IOF in the West Bank city of overnight Monday, injuring three IOF soldiers, Israel Radio reported. around six missiles at targets in Gaza City
In West Bank, Some Consider Resettlement
Centre for Public Opinion and Democracy – Vancouver,BC,Canada
The former British mandate of Palestine was instituted at … Israel has built settlements in the Palestinian territories the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, where
PALESTINE: Candidate beaten by Israeli soldiers
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
been denied entry to campaign in Gaza and Hebron. Palestinians living in Israel will only be allowed East Jerusalem being part of Palestine under international
Reshaping History
Ramallah Online – Harrisburg,PA,USA
history, the Camp David proposals divided the West Bank into virtually including the part of the UN- designated Palestine state that Israel took over
A blog delivering the raw and relevant news pertaining to
Left Hook – Canada
Zionist attacks on the right to criticize Israel at Columbia politics was a revision of CAN’s position on Palestine. occupations of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Israeli Troops Bar Access of Medics Across the Gaza Strip
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
GAZA, Palestine, December 13, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— The Israeli from reaching hospitals in the Gaza Strip, as In the West Bank, the Israeli troops arrested
Palestinians do not need another tyrant
Decatur Daily Democrat – Decatur,IN,USA
is now chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization. in the West Bank and Gaza for early because the democratic world, including Israel, believed that
Powell: Conclusion of the Forum For the Future (press release) – New Zealand
as we work toward peace between Israel and the QUESTION: (inaudible) situation in Palestine as it stands Minister Sharon’s disengagement plan in Gaza and also
Palestinians Say Israel Targets Militant Candidates
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
of the West Bank and Gaza Strip would do not recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, saying that Tarazi, an attorney with the Palestine Liberation Organization
Sharon-Peres union set to save Israel’s Gaza pullout plan
Turkish Press – Turkey
Listen to Sharon’s Little Helpers
Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
if such a gambit would force the Palestine “Authority” to RB: Will Israel be prepared to fight this war? Instead of entering Gaza, the way we did last week
Resist!ca || Electronic Intifada: The Ayoub Family – Ain el Hilweh
… Electronic Intifada: The Ayoub Family – Ain el Hilweh in the heart of Montreal.
Ali Abunimah is a co-founder of The Electronic Intifada.


Sharon will maintain roadblocks to peace
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
the 1980s, Palestinian leaders, including Arafat, have sought only the rump 22 percent of Palestine occupied by Israel in 1967 (the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab
Israeli Restrictions Threaten Palestinian Election Process EU
Palestine Media Center – Israel
that the elections of the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza Strip will take The Palestine National Authority (PNA) had demanded that Israel cease military
Israel hints at Palestinian control for Gaza
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
no political negotiations taking place with Israel in that the situation, we can take over Gaza,” said Abbas route to the liberation of Palestine,” adding that
[PCUSANEWS] Presbyterian group seeks moratorium on Israel
Worldwide Faith News (press release) – USA
of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, such as the GA has approved numerous resolutions pertaining to Israel and Palestine, “repeatedly affirming
JABARA: Third Voice, A Hopeful Sign – West Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
perverted and sick treatment to prisoners in Iraq and Palestine. approach used by United States and Israel to fight t the Israelis pull out of Gaza and West …
Palestinians do not need another tyrant
The Union Leader – Manchester,NH,USA
is now chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization. in the West Bank and Gaza for early because the democratic world, including Israel, believed that
In Human Rights Day, UN General Assembly Reiterates Commitment to
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
returning back all the refugees displaced from Palestine by Israel … in the Jablya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, in It also demanded Israel to abide by all its

Israel Attempts to Derail Mustafa Al-Barghouthi’s Candidacy for – Dalton,GA,USA
to campaign throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. If Israel persists in obstructing fair and free elections in Palestine, sanctions should be
International Human Rights: One day out of 365 is not enough
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
(1) See and Laurie King-Irani is a co-founder of the Electronic Intifada.
The Writing on the Wall: Jizelle Salman
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Jizelle Salman from Beit Jala is English language teacher and youth coordinator at the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem.

Ariel Sharon lays groundwork for coalition
ABC Online – Australia
when the debate shifts away from Gaza to see he’s also now the chief of the Palestine Liberation — and was jailed for five life terms by Israel after being
Bucks For Palestine – USA
She lives in Paris, France, far removed from Palestine. Authority, because of Israeli incursions into Gaza and the They blame the lack of democracy on Israel.
Police detain candidate for PA chairman at checkpoint
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
People’s Party faction inside the Palestine Liberation Organization, did Palestinians want Israel to ease its clampdown in the West Bank and Gaza Strip so
Wanted: Minister for re-engagement
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
may be easier to achieve in Palestine (especially post as a model, would qualitatively enhance Israel’s strategic position It is good to leave Gaza behind us

Triangulating Terrorism
American Jurist (subscription) – Washington,D.C.,USA
The agreement drafted would have given Palestine the entire Gaza Strip, almost a popular figure among Palestinians, rose to power in Israel and unseated
Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
and Muslims and the occupation of 78 percent of Palestine on which percent of their homeland, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, occupied by Israel in 1967
Washington’s double standard shows
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
3 million Palestinians live under Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East director of Search for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel, a Boston
Palestinians Secure Aid Pledges, Commitment To Peace At Donors’ (press release) – Spain
$2.5 million worth of technical assistance for Palestine’s Jan. It took aim at Israel’s “closure” policies, a system of in the West Bank and Gaza, said there
How Terrorist Propaganda Kills – USA
Paris-based HAMAS front organization, Votre Partenaire Humanitaire en Palestine (CBSP), which turn transfers the money to HAMAS in the West Bank and Gaza.
A stark Palestinian choice
Fort Wayne News Sentinel – Fort Wayne,IN,USA
after he had first declared his support for Palestine Liberation Organization incited violence as a means to force Israel out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Israeli movement restrictions threaten Palestinian democratic
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Maureen Clare Murphy, currently living and working in Ramallah, is Arts, Music, and Culture Editor for The Electronic Intifada.
‘The Shouting Fence’ puts audience between a wall and longing
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
This story was originally written for The Electronic Intifada, a web-based journal and information service on Palestine. The Daily
“Bombshell” shakes Fateh: Barghouti’s candidacy blows race wide
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Therefore, I have decided to take part in this democratic battle in honor of the Intifada and the resistance and in defense of them from all those who brand

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