Presbyterians Respond to Criticism of Divestment Resolution
in the region with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side rates of acute malnutrition, and Gaza now faces on freedom of movement that Israel imposes in
The ball is in Israel's court
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
Sometimes it is called “the Palestine Liberation Organization proportion of the people in Israel's administration and Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip, which
Palestine: The Assault On Health And Other War Crimes
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
Israeli military reoccupation of the West Bank and Gaza-a system of Moreover, Israel has been constructing a grotesque barrier that, when completed, will
Three Residents Wounded, a Fourth Dies of Wounds, Movement
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
PALESTINE, October18, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— Three Palestinian residents of Nitsarim, south of Gaza City, as of Nablus City in the West Bank, witnesses told
ISM Updates and Reports and a Project from Hebron (press release) – New Zealand
ISM) activists in Israeli-occupied Palestine, and about and ongoing Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip with pointed at a portion of Israel's Apartheid Wall
Duke U. Welcoming Anti-Israel Parley
The New York Sun (subscription) – NY,USA
… Palestine Solidarity Movement shares much of the same membership of The group says it opposes Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip through
Suffering in Refugee Limbo
The New York Sun (subscription) – NY,USA
1947 UN resolution partitioning British-ruled Palestine into two camps in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, and the move to permanent housing – by Israel after it
Thin pickings from November 2
Media Monitors Network – USA
war on terror” with its own assault on Palestine. adopted policies that not only gave Israel a free hand none-too-subtle plans for abandoning Gaza—perhaps—in
Palestinians register to vote in upcoming local elections
ABC Online – Australia
1976 with Palestinian politicians blaming Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza for repeated with the popular front for the liberation of Palestine.
The “Days of Penitence”: Gaza Sinks in a Sea of Blood
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
It smells unbelievably bad here. To walk down any street, if you dare to, you skirt, or sometimes unavoidably walk through, pools of blood.
The First Day of Ramadan
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Today (October 15) I planned to go photograph a new discovery of the visual art of Al Quds (Jerusalem). The Coptic Church in the

11 Palestinians arrested in West Bank
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA The Israeli military offensive in Gaza has aggravated the Many donors called on Israel to comply with
Thank you, Dubby
Media Monitors Network – USA
… Israel will “concede” the Gaza Strip, which constitutes 1.3% of pre-1948 Palestine, in order to take permanent possession of the West Bank, which is 16
Aching memory for ex-settlers
Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
out all 8,000 Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip, and since Jewish settlers began arriving in Palestine in the the country that would become Israel in 1948.
Thousands of Palestinians Pray at Al Aqsa Mosque Under Tight
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
JERUSALEM, Palestine, October 16, 2004 (IPC + Agencies) – – Ten thousands is a strong reaction to Israel's greed and to the invasion of northern Gaza Strip by
Palestinian conference conflict-free
Durham Herald Sun – Durham,NC,USA
Duke and a founding member of Jews for Justice in Israel and Palestine, said detractors killed 2,778 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza from September
Israeli columnist: Israeli army is child killer
Palestine-info – United Kingdom
and columnist has condemned the deliberate killing by Israel of hundreds of on Israeli army crimes and violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, pointed
Al Qaeda's Mideast linkage
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
operates in the West Bank and Gaza at Mr to assist with terrorist attacks against Israel; now he always close to Saddam, even sending Palestine Liberation Army

UNRWA: “Israel” hampers assistance to the Palestinian people
Palestine-info – United Kingdom
in the Gaza Strip and stressed that the Zionist recent campaigns in the Strip and the construction of the separation fence in the West Bank had greatly
Two UN Reports Slam Israel's Human Rights Record Tel Aviv Warns
Palestine Media Center – Israel
The Palestine National Authority (PNA) says that 58 We have had difficult moments [with Israel] when we and now what is happening in Gaza,” Gallach indicated
'Peace Under Fire': Montreal Activists Bear Witness to
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
ISM) activists in Israeli-occupied Palestine, and about and ongoing Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip with pointed at a portion of Israel's Apartheid Wall
Amnesty International: A False Beacon?
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
The West Bank and Gaza Strip are under Israeli military [15] Source: personal communication with the principal AI researcher on Israel-Palestine.,1413,295~30192~2472726,00.html
Don't give up on free Palestinian state – Vacaville,CA,United States
occupied the West Bank and Gaza, schoolchildren in textbooks respectively with modifications imposed by Israel. taught the history of Palestine in Palestinian
Zionist authorities reject Muslim worshippers access into Aqsa
Palestine-info – United Kingdom
yesterday rejected thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip an Sabri, Mufti of occupied Jerusalem and Palestine, condemned, in the

Documentary film review: “Checkpoint”
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
“When the Palestinians come we put on our show,” says a youthful Israeli soldier manning a checkpoint at Nablus' Jericho road. This
Jabalia: “Hamdillah Assalamah”
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
“Hamdillah Assalama” (thank God for your safety), the residents of Jabalia Refugee Camp repeat whenever they meet each other in the dusty roads and lanes of
Three hours at Kalandia checkpoint
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The difference between Kalandia Checkpoint at the entrance of Ramallah and Hawara Checkpoint at Nablus's main exit and entry is that there are people who can
Here's hoping: Primal Scream for Palestine
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Tomorrow our band Primal Scream, together with Spiritualized and some other special guests, are playing in London for the children of Palestine.
Hezbollah role alleged in West Bank
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… Israel's claim was given some credence this week by the about Iran meddling in the West Bank and Gaza. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – are home
Mubarek Wants Withdrawal Of Territories Plus – USA
Egypt has pledged to help train Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organization security services to take over in Gaza after Israel leaves.
VIEW: Sharon's disingenuous Gaza plan —Uri Avnery
Daily Times – Pakistan
At present, while our army is destroying whole Gaza neighbourhoods and their that sees no difference between Iraq and Palestine, between Israel, the US
Israeli army expands deadly northern Gaza offensive
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
“What is taking place in Palestine is a the schools, the pace of child deaths in Gaza has been … Israel is also targeting Hamas' leadership in the West Bank …
The New York Times coverage of Operation “Days of Penitence” in
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
attacks.” Naturally, Myre cites the “West Bank barrier that feature, “Isolated and Angry, Gaza Battles Itself and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Gaza Daily Update, 7.00
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in But Israel has an obligation under international law delivering humanitarian supplies to Gaza and the
The New York Times coverage of Operation “Days of Penitence” in
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Shift forward to 2001, when a study revealed that 25 of the Times' 33 op-eds published during the first four months of the new Intifada were pro-Israeli
Letter from Twanie
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
13 October 2004 — Twanie is a Palestinian village of 150 people in the southern Hebron hills of the West Bank. There are a dozen
Double standards that kill
Mathaba.Net – Africa
by Hasan Abu Nimah, The Electronic Intifada. As usual, there has been a disproportionate and unbalanced reaction to recent and ongoing violence in our region.
UN agency faces $120 million shortfall for emergency aid to
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The United Nations relief agency assisting Palestinians faces a $120 million shortfall for its emergency operations this year in Gaza and the West Bank, donor
Weekly report on human rights violations
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
During the two weeks of the Israeli raid on the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli forces killed 97 Palestinians, including 49 civilians, 25 of whom are children.
Danger: Olive harvest, settlers on the prowl
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… For example, because of the closures during the four years of the Intifada, hundreds of farmers have rehabilitated the Ein Mutawe' and Thaher areas east of…

Making sense of our times: Excerpts from “Is There an Islamic…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
I have brought together in this book some of the essays I wrote after September 11, 2001, essays in which I have tried to make sense – historical sense – of…
Journey for Justice diaries: Bethlehem and Anata
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Four days ago, it was one month since I arrived in Palestine and it will be one year in total when it comes time to leave. Inshallah…
Israeli Legacy? – USA
… t be at the expense of disallowing Palestine to exist … say against Israel incursions since that Israel was recently … destruction of whole areas in Gaza because of…
UN accuses Israel over human rights – London,England,UK
… severe human rights violations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip including … later this month, charges that many of Israel's actions in Palestine cannot be…
Israel and Racism
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
… Far from offering Arafat over 90% of Gaza and the West Bank, the … 2. Herman, Edward S. Israel's Aproved Ethnic Cleansing: Part I, Making “Facts … Palestine Reborn…
UN agency faces $120 million shortfall for emergency aid to…
UN News Centre
… Many donors called for Israel to comply fully with its … a pledge of €20 million (euros) for Gaza and The … $27.6 million of assistance to the Palestine refugees…
Washington's favored ally in the Middle East
Socialist Worker – Chicago,IL,USA
… In truth, Israel didn't offer a viable state, but … no more than 15 percent of historic Palestine—and would … West Bank, southern West Bank and Gaza) may have…
People and Politics / `A two-state solution is a Jordanian…
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… is not established in the West Bank and Gaza, it will … And so when he says that Israel's aim is to … the Israeli right's dream that “Jordan is Palestine.” And no…
Medieval State, Medieval Carnage
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
… and finally ethnically cleanse, the whole of Palestine from the … withdrawing” the roughly 8,000 Jewish settlers from Gaza was to strengthen Israel's hold…
Mustafa Barghouthi: Occupation as Withdrawal
Palestine Chronicle
… reconfigure occupation and make it less costly to Israel. … he needs to act with utmost brutality in Gaza. … the editorial position of the Palestine Chronicle, nor…
“Breaking Sharon's 'Iron Wall' – death of the roadmap”
Yellow Times
… To date, Sharon's unilateral withdrawal plan for Gaza has done more harm … a more profound question – where are the leaders in Israel and Palestine that will…
Gaza Daily Update, 7.00 PM
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Since the wide-scale Israeli military assault on the northern part of the Gaza Strip, 123 Palestinians have been killed, including 31 children and 20…
Interview with UNRWA's Public Information Officer
Palestine Chronicle
… our worth in the aftermath of the Lebanon war, during the first Intifada, the second Intifada and the … Her work also appears in several other electronic media.…
Medical impact of Israel's military assault on northern Gaza
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Israeli army entered northern Gaza with a large force on 28 September 2004, with the stated aim of reducing Qassem (Palestinian) missile attacks on Israeli…
Israel withdraws charge that driver loaded rocket into UN…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Israeli Government has withdrawn its charge that video footage showed a United Nations ambulance driver handling a rocket, acknowledging that the object…
Of settler crimes and media silence
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
“For three and a half months [at the beginning of the al-Aqsa Intifada], Palestinian children were being killed – often by gunfire to the head – and the

US can't ignore Palestine-Israel conflict forever
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Ali Abunimah is co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and vice president of the Arab-American Action Network. This article first
CKUT Radio: War Crimes in Jabaliya Refugee Camp
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
On the 4th anniversary of the Palestinian Intifada, Israeli military forces invaded Jabaliya, Gaza's largest refugee camp, leaving a trail of destruction
PCBS releases 2004 “Computer, Internet and Mobile Phone” survey
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Computer, Internet and Mobile Phone Survey is a random sample survey implemented in the period 20 July-24 August 2004. The sample
Double standards that kill
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
an entire magazine into her body. Since the Intifada began, Israel has killed over 500 children. Virtually none of these cases has
Palestinian development forum initiates aid projects for Gaza
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
A new $3 million project to help rehabilitate Palestinian farmlands was announced today in conjunction with a United Nations-backed international forum meeting
US can't ignore Palestine-Israel conflict forever
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
In recent weeks Palestinians have been trying to register voters in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, but Israel has been blocking them.
Israeli commander under investigation for slaying of child
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
living conditions of many of the people of Gaza,” he said. all its faults, but it has been rejected by Israel,” he said “What is taking place in Palestine is a
The Terrible Demographics of Israeli Withdrawal – USA
terrorists Israel 's withdrawal from Gaza means the loss Palestine ,” of course, did not exist then; the continue to allow “Palestinians” to work in Israel ?,5478,11069067%255E1702,00.html
Israel expands northern Gaza offensive
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
What is taking place in Palestine is a crime. the schools, the pace of child deaths in Gaza has been … Israel is also targeting Hamas' leadership in the West Bank …
Failed car bomb attack highlights security chaos in Gaza
Turkish Press – Turkey
said Lionel Brisson, director of UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA The Gaza Strip, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967
EU to develop plan to help Palestinian state
ISN – Zurich,Switzerland
meeting in Luxembourg that any possible Israeli withdrawal from Gaza could not on the basis of establishing two states – Palestine and Israel – living side
PLO Calls for Urgent Intervention in Gaza Strip
The World Crisis Web – Ireland
agricultural and business projects, the Palestine Liberation Organization crisis in the northern Gaza Strip the “importance of pressuring Israel … to return
Israeli gunfire hits 11-year old girl sitting at her desk in an
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
A child sitting in the classroom of an UN-flagged school has been struck in the stomach by gunfire from an Israeli position in the Gaza Strip.
Experts urge Arab-international partnership to help Palestinians
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
With Palestinians' living conditions deteriorating drastically, hundreds of experts gathered at the United Nations headquarters in Beirut today to kick off a

No more free lunches
Maariv International – Israel
… Israel tries to procrastinate, the less of the West Bank it will the population of the western part of Palestine / Eretz Yisrael (Israel, Gaza and Judea
Arafat's New “One State Solution” – USA
occupied and annexed by Jordan, and the Gaza Strip by that there should be a state of Palestine on that Cis-Jordan that was not given to the state of Israel).
Killing for God: a frustrated youth turns to terror
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,United States
Palestinian radicals agree that more than Israel is to “The secular regimes, not just in Palestine but all territories, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Sharon rushes to widen coalition
BBC News – London,England,UK
… Israel has occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip since capturing them in as the road map, which foresees two states, Israel and Palestine, living together
Via Dolorosa
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
opinions on either side of the bitter divide between Israel and Palestine are reserved who conclude there is no longer anything worth fighting for in Gaza.
The Region: One more Palestinian mistake
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
making a real return – to the State of Palestine, bringing all regrettably, this new campaign shows that even if Israel withdraws from the Gaza Strip – or
Is Australia an intelligence and media colony?
On Line opinion – Australia
took over 80 per cent of historic Palestine in 1948 thousands of Palestinians from their homes and called it Israel. cent, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip
The Arab and Israeli Press on Taba and the Escalating Violence in
World Press Review – USA
closely following developments in occupied Palestine, cannot continue For Israel, the bombings are another opportunity to guns full blast on the Gaza Strip and
Sinai Clouds Symptomatic of an Ugly Global Climate
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
but pay lip service to the worsening situation in Palestine. do his worst in the West Bank and Gaza under the US looks set to stay on its Israel-biased course.
When A Beautiful Soul Comes To Visit
CMAQ – Québec,Canada
DCI-Pal Defense of Children International – Palestine tells us of specific conditions that children Since Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and
Culture and dissent: Khalil Sakakini Center looks towards creative
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Laidi says that since the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000, there has been no normal life. And that as the role of art and
Amin Salem 1969 – 2004: UHWC staff member killed during Israeli
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Yesterday I arrived at work to the most shocking news. A colleague of mine, Amin Salem from the human resources department, was

Killing in Jabalia, “As Usual”
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
This morning I was at the kitchen making breakfast for my mother and myself at my apartment near al-Kholafa' Mosque in Jabalia Refugee Camp (population 106,000
Green Left Weekly – Chippendale,NSW,Australia
the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza continues to Wall and the further illegal annexation by Israel of a the International Women's Peace Service in Palestine.
PA: It's 'peculiar' Israel didn't inform us of Sinai warnings
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
to Arafat and member of the Palestine National Council parliament-in-exile) said Monday that Israel's military operations to the West Bank and Gaza Strip “to
Intifada suicide attacks inflict staggering four-year toll on
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,United States
what was then British-controlled Palestine, became a they began launching large-scale attacks inside Israel. Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, where
PA: Zionist regime will remain occupying power even after Gaza …
Palestine-info – United Kingdom
the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and prevent the had been removed indefinitely from Israel's agenda with would retain control over the Gaza strip which
[PCUSANEWS] Jewish peace group challenges Caterpillar's Israel
Worldwide Faith News (press release) – USA
to pressure corporations doing business with Israel to rethink and environmental degradation” in rural areas of Palestine. in the West Bank and Gaza, none of
South Africans Rally Against Olmert's Visit
Islam Online – UK
October 11 ( — The Palestine Solidarity Committee already been gunned down in Gaza, according to UN General Assembly demanded Israel on July
One solution, two states, Australia's Asian future
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
In Israel/Palestine, we have two nations with different histories … Israel is “the state of the Holocaust survivors,” and, as in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Tempe, Arizona, O13: Debate Update 10/07
Infoshop News – USA
Out of Occupied Palestine: Voices of Hope and Resistance 2pm-5pm firsthand accounts from their personal experience in the Gaza, West Bank, Israel and the US.
PLO Calls for Quartet's Urgent Intervention in Gaza Strip
Palestine Media Center – Israel
agricultural and business projects, the Palestine Liberation Organization crisis in the northern Gaza Strip the “importance of pressuring Israel … to return

Médecins Sans Frontières asks for access to its patients in Gaza
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
GAZA, PARIS — Since September 28th 2004, and the onset of the “Operation Days of Penitence” in Gaza, MSF medical teams have not been authorised to access the
The fallout of an uprising is mostly messy
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
that any final border with a future Palestine will be number of Palestinians who worked daily in Israel before the is now 68 percent in teeming Gaza, with its
The new anti-Semitism
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
the first leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization, added: “We shall destroy Israel and its of the West Bank and Gaza — radical anti
Don't Believe a Word
AMIN – Palestine
At present, while our army is destroying whole Gaza neighborhoods and their that sees no difference between Iraq and Palestine, between Israel, the US
White Plains Journal News – White Plains,NY,USA
scheduled to perform before 80 people in Gaza: “Then there one point: She might poke fun at Israel, but never respect, 'Baby, step away from the Palestine thing
Israel and the Palestinians
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
population, claimed 78% of the land of Palestine and forcibly … West Bank — 10% of the Jewish population of Israel. with his plans to turn the Gaza Strip into
Returning Israeli rescue workers say “Egyptians hate Israel
Palestine-info – United Kingdom
atrocities in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank have served to of murder and terror in northern Gaza for Friday's … Israel, for its part, has sought to deny any
Arab Response to Taba: Israel Reaps What it Sows
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
Zaman: “Israel blows winds of terror on Palestine and America units to replace Israeli soldiers if Israel remains willing the West Bank and all of Gaza by the

Preconditions for a Fruitful Palestinian-Israeli Dialogue
which included the importance of equality among peoples in Israel/Palestine if there that the 37 year old Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and
Assassination in Khan Yunis, death toll Israeli raid northern Gaza
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
On Saturday morning, 9th October 2004, Israeli occupying troops committed an extra-judicial execution in Khan Yunis refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip
The task force barked a warning and Israelis blithely streamed
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
The alert was also reported in the electronic media and in the press, but The reality of four years of intifada also contributed to the heedlessness, to the

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