Palestinians Flying to Arafat's Side
ABC News – USA
security powers, while Abbas has been chairing meetings of the Palestine Liberation Organization's in the West Bank could be bused through Israel to Gaza.,2106,3089012a6502,00.html
Rise in violence tipped
Manawatu Standard – Manawatu,New Zealand
Mr Arafat has lead Palestine for so long he has become … Israel has put its armed forces on alert and has has lived in the West Bank and Gaza, recently visited
Arafat Alive, French Foreign Minister Says
ABC News – USA
or Mahmoud Abbas, deputy head of the Palestine Liberation Organization Arafat to be buried in the Gaza Strip to be buried in Jerusalem, but Israel has rejected
Arafat leaves little room for peace
Korea Herald – Seoul,South Korea
from exile to the West Bank and Gaza Strip, including Habash, who favor continuing to battle Israel until it is at which point they will rule Palestine with a
Arafat has liver failure, Israel plans for Arafat burial in Gaza …
The New Nation – Bangladesh
order in the West Bank and Gaza, a government from carrying arms except when confronting Israel and stopped Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and
Arafat Said to Have Liver Failure; PM to Visit
ABC News – USA
… Palestine Liberation Organization Secretary General Mahmoud Abbas, Prime settlers and soldiers from the Gaza Strip and ruse aimed at cementing Israel's hold on
Arafat: The Middle East Perspective
NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA
as the founder of the modern Palestine National Movement secular Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. is capable of making peace with Israel and that
A Man and his People
AMIN – Palestine
a Palestinian state in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip denying the legitimacy of the State of Israel, and to a mere 22%of the territory of pre-1948 Palestine.
Arafat deputy, Palestinian PM to Paris
Arab Times – Middle East
affairs in the West Bank and Gaza since Arafat was a Palestinian official in the West Bank said Arafat is deputy leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation
God knows how it happened … but the world has to deal with four
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
of the world that the concept of Palestine existed, but needed sense to the situation in Gaza and the … Israel's withdrawal must continue, but it must also be


Arafat Condition Still Serious; Said to Be at 'Critical Juncture'
Wilmington Morning Star – Wilmington,NC,USA
Mr. Arafat's deputy in the Palestine Liberation Organization In Israel, senior government officials held high-level The Arafat family has a burial plot in Gaza.
After Arafat, Palestinian power vacuum could become crowded
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,United States
leadership opens up within the Palestine Liberation Organization to seek accommodation or confrontation with Israel. in the West Bank and Gaza have generated
SWO: US And Israel, An Axis Of Evil – West Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
of the Jewish settlements on the West Bank untouched. a ruthless military campaign in Gaza that has to a final settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict was

Olive-branch rabbi offers a harvest of hope – London,England,UK
settler violence in the West Bank and Gaza Strip said Abdel Karim Hamad, an elderly West Bank landowner, as way define the basis of the Israel-Palestine conflict
Arafat lingers; burial furor heats up
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
movement, the dominant force in the Palestine Liberation Organization Skaik, 44, a contractor in Gaza City buried in Jerusalem but predicted Israel would prevail
Local Israelis, Palestinians Contemplate Life after Arafat
North Gate News – Berkeley,CA,USA
said Arafat's absence might lead to a détente between Israel and Palestine, perhaps even for the first ever removal of Jewish settlements from Gaza or the,1413,234~24410~2518029,00.html
Arafat's health triggers fear of power struggle
Marin Independent-Journal – San Rafael,CA,USA
al-Qaq, co-director of the Israel/Palestine Center for 2 figure in the Palestine Liberation Organization, has made in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jibril
Life Without Arafat
CounterPunch – Petrolia,CA,USA
failure to defend the cause of Palestine and its to a close following his return to Gaza in the age or faltering health, nor by Israel's irrelevant designation

More Moderate Successor to Yasser Arafat Could Restart Middle East
AScribe – USA
likely take over the leadership in Palestine are known to in the West Bank & Gaza: Legacy and Political Science Association; Association for Israel Studies, of
Chief of UN aid agency for Palestinians asks striking workers to
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Peter Hansen, the Commissioner-General of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), has expressed his growing concern and distress over

Arafat Fighting for His Life in Paris
ABC News – United States
Such a scenario could affect Israel's plans to pull soldiers and settlers out of the Gaza Strip in a Said Hamad, deputy chief of the Palestine Liberation Office
Arafat Aide: Coma Is 'Reversible'
CBS News – USA
Abbas will lead both Fatah and the Palestine Liberation Organization chaos in the West Bank and Gaza could make any cooperation with Israel even more
Latest news briefs from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which claimed … Israel's Parliament gave preliminary approval to payments for evacuate their homes in the Gaza Strip and
A mixed legacy: lessons in ideology, biology
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
when Palestinian military resistance against Israel brought fierce weaknesses and failures after he returned to Palestine. to the West Bank and Gaza to manage
Chris McGreal, Ewen MacAskill | Ramallah, London
Mail & Guardian Online (subscription) – Johannesburg,South Africa
the Palestinian Authority, the Palestine Liberation Organisation and bombings and other attacks inside Israel and advocated attacks to the West Bank and Gaza.,5744,11298436%255E7583,00.html
Editorial: Arafat's pursuit of political power failed his people
The Australian – Australia
in negotiations between Israel and Palestine in the domestically divisive decision to evacuate settlers from Gaza. … Israel's determination to hang on to most of
Yasir Arafat and Terrorism
Committee for Accurate Reporting – USA
Sea or from the Sea of Gaza.” (Yediot Ahronot occupied lands, relatives and friends throughout Palestine and the 2002: Avia Malka, 9 months, and Israel Yihye, 27
Will Bush Change Course on Israel?
The Jewish Journal – Los Angeles,CA,USA
American insistence that immediately after its planned withdrawal from Gaza and part will want to see his two-state vision, Israel and Palestine, side by
Qureia meets PA leaders in Gaza Strip
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
in Gaza: He has often instructed Gaza's Preventive Security up an Internet site, called Palestine Press, that serving several life sentences in Israel, but his
Arafat in Coma “Between Life and Death”
Democracy Now – New York,NY,USA
over the leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization Haa'retz and one of Israel's leading journalists. in Palestinian communities of the Gaza Strip and
Just another Ramadan Friday in Ramallah
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Maureen Clare Murphy, currently living and working in Ramallah, is Arts, Music, and Culture Editor for The Electronic Intifada.
The Bag of Aeolus
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
After all the suffering that its people has undergone in the current Intifada – bereavement, targeted assassinations, destruction of homes, destruction of the
The Mountain Shakes
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
We all cannot sleep, this Friday early morning. Mary, Jara and I sit around the TV to watch the latest news about Arafat. The best…
Bush, America and the Middle East
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… further “success stories.”. Ali Abunimah is co-founder of The Electronic Intifada. This article first appeared in The Daily Star.
Dark prospects for Mid East with new hawkish administration
Mathaba.Net – Africa
… end the war in Iraq and prevent further “success stories.”. – Ali Abunimah is the founder and coeditor of the Electronic Intifada.

Sophie Claudet | Ramallah, West Bank
Mail & Guardian Online (subscription) – Johannesburg,South Africa
… Many young Palestinians said West Bank Fatah leader Marwan Barghuthi … of us, he lived his life in Palestine and suffered … Israel has made clear it will resist any…
From The Economist print edition
Economist (subscription) – London,England,UK
… have to promise to try harder to solve the Israel-Palestine conundrum … him agree in principle to leave most of the West Bank once he has withdrawn from Gaza.…
Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations
The World Crisis Web – Ireland
… phoned the emergency center of Palestine Red Crescent … against the families of Palestinians Israel alleges have … of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip and…
Sharon's Gaza Redeployment Plan: Not an End to Occupation
Palestine Chronicle
… The letter from the US President on the plan states that: “… after Israel withdraws from Gaza and/ or parts of the West Bank, and pending agreements on…
Beyond the Green Line: The Israeli Settlement Town of Efrat
Cornell Daily Sun – Ithaca,NY,United States
… which included 97 percent of the West Bank and all of Gaza. … predict the ultimate border between the State of Israel and a future State of Palestine would be…
Confusion over Arafat's condition
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… leader's number two in the Palestine Liberation Organisation. … Both Washington and Israel accuse Arafat of fomenting … against Israeli occupation in Gaza and the…
UN General Assembly expresses support for UNRWA's work, calls for…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… Israel remained committed to dialogue with UNRWA and facilitating … no longer be necessary, in Gaza, the West … At that conference, the Palestine Red Crescent (PRC…
Crucial dates of the peace process
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… Arafat returns to the Gaza Strip, Palestine, after 27 … Jordan and Israel sign the Treaty of Peace in the Araba Valley, Jordan, to become the second Arab…
Yasser Arafat — hero of Palestinian national struggle
Xinhua – Beijing,China
… to fight against the Jews in the Gaza area … It was also in 1964 that the Palestine Liberation Organization … After the Arab countries' defeat by Israel in the 1967…
Arafat's departure brings uncertainty
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… Initially Abbas seemed to balk at convening the National and Islamic Forces established to guide the Intifada, but also used by Arafat to undermine Abbas…
EU launches new initiative as deportation of Palestinians is…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The European Union is on the verge of introducing a major new policy designed to bring member states closer to their neighbors.…
UN General Assembly expresses support for UNRWA's work, calls for…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Speakers continued to express strong support for the humanitarian work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East…
Joseph Massad responds to the intimidation of Columbia University
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The recent controversy elicited by the propaganda film “Columbia Unbecoming,” a film funded and produced by a Boston-based pro-Israel organization, is the…
Israel's Supreme Court: Israel should provide security for West…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
In response to a petition submitted by ACRI and Rabbis for Human Rights. The state requested 2 weeks in which to prepare a response…

Sharon's disengagement plan is a withdrawal from peace process
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… will continue to divide the Gaza Strip from … Thus Israel will directly retain the vast majority of … themselves represent only 22 percent of historic Palestine.…
Looking beyond an ailing Arafat
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… How it will all fit into the wider context of Israel's Gaza and West … “What happens in Gaza can be … Iraq is much more important than Palestine, and Palestine has…
Israeli forces kill Palestinian man in Rafah
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… while he was driving near an Israel checkpoint in … Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the group … settlers from all settlements in the Gaza Strip and…,1,745316.story?coll=bal-oped-headlines
After Arafat
Baltimore Sun (subscription) – Baltimore,MD,United States
… controversial proposal to withdraw from Gaza, recently approved by … in part intended to insulate Israel from any … era of an Arafat-dominated Palestine is rapidly…,0,5476244.story?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines
Arafat acts as 'the glue of Palestinian people'
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… headdress) creates a profile of the map of Palestine. … courage, manifested in the battle against Israel in 1968. … regarded in the West Bank and Gaza as outsiders…
Israel Line
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel
… Popular Front for the Liberation in Palestine's Abu Ali … suicide bomb attacks to be carried out within Israel. … In the Gaza Strip, Border Police and IDF sappers…,00070003.htm
Film documents hardships facing Palestinian team
Hindustan Times – New Delhi,India
… filming a fly-on-the-wall documentary on Palestine's failed bid … Israel, which said its army had been clearing an area … whom live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip…,,3-1341242,00.html
Arafat is still the best hope for peace, says top ally
The Times – London,England,UK
… 75-year-old head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation … his moderation makes him more acceptable to Israel. … Dahlan, the ambitious former Gaza security chief…

Israeli undercover unit assassinates three Palestinians in Nablus
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
On Monday, 1 November 2004, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed an extra-judicial killing in Nablus, which left 3 members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades…
UN agency for Palestinian refugees face major obstacles in…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… have returned to the West Bank and Gaza from places … of the Secretary-General on Palestine refugees' properties … General sent notes verbales to Israel and all…,5744,11269207%255E2703,00.html
Violence fills the void left by Arafat
The Australian – Australia
… Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, came four … in the past year, and the Israel Defence Force has … throughout the West Bank and Gaza, attempted terror…
Israel steps up Tel Aviv security after suicide attack
Philippine Daily Inquirer – Makati City,Philippines
… by the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. … plan of disengagement, which should see Israel pull its … and settlers out of the Gaza Strip and…
EU rushes to keep Mideast peace drive on track
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… its planned retreat from the Gaza Strip, the … the northern West Bank, to enter Israel's coastal business … leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.…
Four Years Later
Catholic World News – South Lancaster,MA,United States
… the territories to their own inhabitants: Palestine for Palestinians, Israel for Israelis … Bank while withdrawing Israeli citizens from Gaza, and claimed…

<>uS Elections / No election upset for Sharon
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… the West Bank, dividing Jerusalem between Israel and Palestine and a … Even if Arafat passes away, Israel will refuse to … are underway to pull out of Gaza and the…
It all depends on the leaders
Media Monitors Network – USA
… wing challenge to his initiative to leave the Gaza Strip and … Nevertheless, his disengagement plan is potentially good for Israel and good for Palestine.…
EU: Israel Must Know There is No Power Vacuum in Palestinian…
Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia
… in the hierarchy of Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization … He said Israel's commitment to unilaterally disengage from … by pulling out of the Gaza Strip next…
Israel Line
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Israel
… The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility … the 21 settlements of the Gaza Strip, and … over Lebanon 18 years ago, Israel Radio, KOL…
Who Killed the “Road Map”? Gary Fitleberg
Opinion Editorials – Fairfax,VA,USA
… given his people a second Arab “Palestine” which would … Sharon looks at the territory of Gaza as a … On Wednesday, Israel blasted Jean Ziegler of Switzerland…
UN agency for Palestinian refugees face major obstacles in…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… Real wages declined by a further 2.6 per cent, and Palestinian per capita income remained some 35 per cent lower than its pre-intifada level.…
Disturbed by deaths of Palestinian children, Annan stresses need…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Distressed by a series of children's deaths during the ongoing Israeli operations in the occupied Palestinian territory, United Nations Secretary-General…

The Economist Sheds Some Bad Habits
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Economist has a way with cover art. In early 2001, the magazine lampooned George W. Bush's first transatlantic trip with a

Suicide bomber kills 3 in Tel Aviv
Reuters – London,England,UK
a secular armed group in Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organisation his West Bank compound where Israel had confined 4-year-old revolt launched in Gaza and the

Israel rules out Jerusalem burial for Arafat
Sydney Morning Herald (subscription) – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… Israel also believes a Jerusalem burial would bolster Council also met yesterday and the Palestine Liberation Organisation plan for leaving the Gaza Strip and
Political life after Arafat poses dangers, puzzles
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,United States
also met Sunday, and the Palestine Liberation Organization which favor armed confrontation with Israel and have time in Israeli jails, are Gaza security chief
US presidential race ignores Israel-Palestine The clock is ticking
Yemen Times – Sana'a,Yemen
local government elections in 38 constituencies in the West Bank and Gaza are scheduled The consensus was that new leadership for Palestine, Israel, the US
Palestinians meet to absorb Arafat fallout
Borneo Bulletin – borneo,Brunei Darussalam
Abbas has become acting Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) chairman troops and settlers out of the Gaza Strip in an exchange of fire with Israel troops in,0,3483937.story?coll=ny-linews-headlines
Linked by their loss
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
a South African Jew who emigrated to Israel in 1967. been struggling over the fate of Palestine almost continuously their occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.
As Arafat is treated in France Hamas, Jihad: ‘‘Determined to
Monday Morning – Beirut,Lebanon
China recognizes ‘Palestine' as an independent state, establishing diplomatic the deadliest attacks to hit Israel in the in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
After three days in hospital, Yasser Arafat is recovering
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom said Israel's army would in the West Bank and Gaza until the Arafat has strongly supported their presence in Palestine.
October …A Bloody Month for Palestinians
Palestine Media Center – Israel
wounds he sustained during the IOF reoccupation of the southern Gaza Strip town Al-Safadi while he was harvesting olives in the northern West Bank village of
The Difference Between Bush and Kerry on Israel
Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
dictate that Israel end its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and that Bush has fundamentally altered the diplomatic playing field in Israel/Palestine.
Thinking beyond Arafat
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The grave illness of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has given rise to frenzied speculation about what will happen after he is no longer on the scene.

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