Palestine/Israel News and Information Links June 2004

MBEKI Urges Freedom for Arafat, Supports Palestinian State Arafat…
… Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in … story
buildings, in the southern Gaza Strip on … Israel should cease its practice
of extra-judicial…

CHIRAC Defends Arafat's Legitimacy, French FM Barnier Meets Him
… transparency in the financing of the Palestine National Authority…
a Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel by 2005 … to ensure security
in the Gaza Strip if…

HUNTING Quail and Sitting Ducks
Arutz Sheva – Israel
… was part of the original Mandate of Palestine Britain received…
Gaza, after all, since the days of the Pharaohs … used as an invasion
route into Israel proper and…

FRENCH FM: Israeli Withdrawal should be a Part of the Road Map
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
RAMALLAH, Palestine, June30,2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— French Foreign … any
Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip should … Map peace plan, and
that Israel should halt…

Electronic Iraq – USA
… the US approach to the Palestine-Israeli conflict … over the past
several months, Israel still faces … and expanded terrorist networks
in West Bank, Gaza, Iraq and…

ISRAELI forces continue operations in Beit Hanoun; three…
Arabic News – Middle East
… in Sedrout to the south of Israel when a … Apache planes at the downtown
of Gaza early yesterday … Aqsa group which is linked to the Palestine
National liberation…

ANNAN appeals to Israelis and Palestinians to fulfil Road Map…
UN News Centre
… UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). … and
United States, and calls for Israel and the … Government to withdraw
from all Gaza settlements and…

GOVT announces aid for Palestinian refugees – New Zealand
… living amid the deteriorating political situation in the West Bank
and Gaza. … on UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine
refugees) to…,2106,2957680a11,00.html


Palestinian teenager shot dead:
Ahmad Abu Eid died after being shot in the chest by shots fired from an army position
just outside the Jewish settlement of Neve Dkalim, the sources said. He was standing on
the roof of his house feeding pigeons at the time he was shot, they said.,5744,9995340%255E1702,00.html

Israel major supplier of arms to Beijing:
Advanced technology originally came from United States

IOF Reoccupy Beit Hanoon for 8th Time, Bomb Media Center
Palestine Media Center – Israel
President Yaser Arafat on Monday condemned Israel‚s military … the
latest violence in the Gaza Strip in … Palestinian activists in the
northern West Bank city of…

ISRAEL ‚ s crisis without end
Mmegi – Gaberones,Botswana
… Sharon and rightwingers in the cabinet who oppose the Gaza withdrawal.
… and Labour now agree that a two-state solution – Israel and Palestine
living side by…

IOF Wounds Citizens and Tears down Ten Homes in Gaza Strip
KHAN YOUNIS, Palestine, June 28, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The Israeli occupying
forces (IOF … wounded there, in addition to four others arrested in
the West Bank.…

PALESTINIANS cool to Egyptian bid to reengage in Gaza
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP … the West
Bank, while international attention is focused on Gaza. … say, the cards
remain in Israel's hands…

ARAFAT slams Sharon's new 'apartheid system'
Independent Online – South Africa
… of a wall in the occupied West Bank and around … to a landmark United
Nations conference on Palestine in Cape … voices loud and to intervene
to get Israel to stop…

PNA Holds Israel Full Responsibility for the Ramifications of…
RAMALLAH, Palestine, June 27, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The … the Israeli
occupying forces form Gaza Strip in … the Palestinian leadership “holds
Israel alone full…

HELPING Israel on a False and Dangerous Course
Common Dreams – USA
… Ariel Sharon's plan to get Israelis out of Gaza. … annex huge chunks
of the West Bank to Israel. … of international approval, will decide
Palestine's future for…


Israel should talk about nuclear-free Mideast :
Israel should start talking seriously about ridding the Middle East of nuclear weapons,
whether it admits to having them or not, the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog said on Sunday.

Annexation Plans:
On Wednesday, June 23, 2004, the U.S. House of Representatives, in an overwhelming
bipartisan vote, endorsed right-wing Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon‚s efforts to colonize
and annex large sections of the Palestinian West Bank, seized by Israel in the June 1967 war.

U.S. Senator Ernest F. Hollings: The United States Has Lost its Moral Authority :
In 1996, a task force was formed in Jerusalem including Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and
David Wurmser. They submitted a plan for Israel to incoming Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu called Clean Break. It proposed that negotiations with the Palestinians be cut
off and, instead, the Mideast be made friendly to Israel by democratizing it.

PALESTINE: Marching through the horror
Green Left – Australia
… when you are coming back from Palestine to Israel. … of Israeli PM
Ariel Sharon pulling out of Gaza. … but it was nothing about attacking
the militarism of Israel.…

ISRAELI ŒState Terrorism‚ in Nablus Sabotages Peace Efforts…
… The Palestine National Authority (PNA) called upon the United … The
PNA strongly condemned Israel‚s latest “state … an Israeli withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip…

EGYPT Seeks Guarantees for Its Role in Gaza
Palestine Chronicle
… the expansions in some settlements of Gaza that Sharon's … Sharon
declared last week that Israel would only dig … Front for the Liberation
of Palestine said “The…

JIMMY Carter's devotion to human rights doesn't extend to Israel
Israel Insider – Israel
… against Israel even if she were to abandon all of the West Bank, Gaza
and east … As long as PA maps continue to show all of Israel as Palestine,
and banner…

US Congress to Sharon, Take All You Want
Palestine Chronicle
… Israeli settlements from the occupied Gaza Strip, but … occupied
West Bank into Israel, leaving the … collectively constituting barely
10% of historic Palestine.…

GHASSAN al-Khatib: Redrawing Borders, Increasing Oppression
Palestine Chronicle
… plan provided certain withdrawals in the Gaza Strip in … If Israel
is trying to inflame the conflict by … is minister of labor in the Palestine
National Authority…

NEW American order
The New Nation – Bangladesh
… Judea/Samaria, the Oslo agreement began and ends in Gaza'. … The
supporters of Israel, by upholding … despite her wrongful acts against
the Palestine Arabs, have…

AL-AQSA Vows To Avenge Slain Leader, Activists
Islam Online – UK
… grisly Zionist massacre,” a Brigades leader in Gaza told IslamOnline
… Al-Aqsa leader in the West Bank Nayef Abu … Front for the Liberation
of Palestine (DFLP), in…

URI Avnery: Israel‚s Intelligence Scandal – Part II
Palestine Chronicle
… peace with Israel based on the creation of a Palestinian state on 97%
of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (which together make 22% of historic
Palestine), with…

PNA Holds Israel Full Responsibility for the Ramifications of…
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
RAMALLAH, Palestine, June 27, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The … the Israeli
occupying forces form Gaza Strip in … the Palestinian leadership “holds
Israel alone full…


ISRAELI PM: ŒThis Is a Great Day in the History of Israel‚
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… Gaza Strip will virtually be re-settled in the West Bank. The Senate‚s
resolution stated that “it is unrealistic‰ for any peace settlement
between Israel…

TWO Palestinian youths killed in Nablus
Middle East Online – UK
… the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. In the Gaza
Strip, three young Palestinians … military incursions”, while slamming
Israel's policy of…

IOF Shoot Dead Two Teenagers, Occupy 16 Buildings in Casabah
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… Separately in the southern West Bank town of Bethlehem, IOF … Meanwhile
in the Gaza Strip, 38-year old Abdulsalam … the Intifada, or uprising,
against Israel‚s 37…

ROLE of Egypt, Jordan Only Confined to Training: Erakat
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… will coordinate their efforts with the Palestine National Authority
… Palestinians to take control of the Gaza Strip and parts of the West
Bank, Khairy said.…

PEACE groups called fronts for terrorism
Kalamazoo Gazette – Kalamazoo,MI,USA
… openly advocated violence and the destruction of Israel. … of the
American Task Force on Palestine, says organizations … attention to
the situation in Gaza and the…

PALESTINIANS: death, defeat and dishonour
The Globe and Mail – Canada
… For anyone not intimate with the geography of Israel and Palestine,
visualizing their … Economically backward, essentially agricultural
Gaza, with its…

SPEAKOUT: Picture of Venezuela's Chavez twisted – Venezuela
While I was watching a huge rally in support of Venezuela's current government,
President Hugo Chavez passed through the crowd on the back of a truck.

Two Palestinian killed, two seriously wounded by Israeli troops enforcing curfew in Nablus :
In one incident, members of a Palestinian family were hit by army fire on their balcony, killing a 19-year-old man and seriously wounding his father and brother with shots to the head and face, witnesses and medics said

Israel and Iran chart collision course:
The United States and its European allies may be self-indulging in a Wilsonian “greater Middle East” project or discourse frowned on by the region's politicians and intellectuals, yet there is little doubt about the operation of Israeli power well beyond her tiny borders pushing for a “greater Israel”.

El Al suspends all Turkey flights:
The dispute follows weeks of growing tension between the two countries' governments, after Turkey's prime minister criticised Israel's treatment of Palestinians.


THE New Bantustans
Axis of Logic – USA
… which I thank the Association France Palestine Solidarité, but…
of Justice in the Hague, Israel agreed to … Mr Sharon's “generous” withdrawal
from Gaza and the…

PALESTINIAN Death Toll During Intifada Rises to 3353
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… Hebron in the northern and southern West Bank respectively and…
dead three Palestinians in the Gaza Strip early … the Intifada, or uprising
against Israel’s 37…

VIEW Point
View Point – Middle East
… that the prime minister seeks to annex to Israel. … PLO's original
demands for “greater Palestine” and for … gain Likud approval for his
Gaza disengagement plan…

UK group takes aim at anti-Arab media bias
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… pro-Israel individuals for his documentary “Palestine is Still…
The Metro tabloid stopped using an “Israel” dateline for … datelines
“West Bank” or the “Gaza Strip…

FILM aims to put a friendly, human face on Palestinian soccer…
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… whose players – hailing from the West Bank, Gaza Strip, or … the
extremely tense political conditions in Israel. … players were prevented
from leaving Palestine.…

ISRAELI Occupation Forces Kill Two Citizens, Wounds Others in…
BEIT HANUN, Palestine, June 23, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The … as well as
other ravaging actions in the West Bank. … town of Beit Hanun, north
of Gaza Strip, amidst…

QUREIA to meet Burns next week
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Gaza, Gaza, Jun. 24 (UPI) — The US envoy to the Middle East William Burns
is touring Israel and Palestine and is expected to meet with Palestinian

REVISED terrorism report finds rise
Jewish Telegraphic Agency – USA
… three Americans were killed in a diplomatic convoy in Gaza. … exploded
in front of the Beth Israel synagogue in … for the Œwronged people
of Palestine and their…


PALESTINIANS Doubtful of Sharon‚s Plan, Egyptian Involvement
Palestine Chronicle
… If Israel does go ahead with its withdrawal plan, Shaath … Egypt‚s
presence in Gaza and the … will improve the security situation in Palestine,‰
Shaath said…

ANGER takes root on Palestinian field
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… America. Palestine is depicted here, as in most of the West Bank, as
comprising all of the West Bank, Gaza and pre-1967 Israel.…

THEY Already Got Their “Right of Return”
Arutz Sheva – Israel
… The Oslo Accords and Israel's Camp David II offer would have created
a second Arab state in Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as part of
a comprehensive…

DEEP-ROOTED corruption in Palestine
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA

MID-EAST Coverage Baffles Britons
Palestine Chronicle
… to military control by the other [Israel],” the report says … to
describe the West Bank and Gaza Strip they … the editorial position
of the Palestine Chronicle, nor…

IOF Kills Two Palestinians, Wounds Others in Gaza and Nablus :
Eyewitnesses asserted that the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) while bulldozing and razing lands east of Beit Hanun, opened gunfire early this morning at Abu Sa'deh, killing him instantly.

Israeli military abuses on display:
The Israeli army has grilled a group of ex-conscripts over a photo exhibition they say documents abuses of Palestinians by troops and Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

Mid-East coverage baffles Britons:
UK television news coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is confusing viewers and favouring the Israeli position, a new report says.

UN Hoping to Pass Anti-Semitism Resolution :
Israel is hoping for a new United Nations (UN) commitment to fight growing anti-Semitism. This comes on the heels of the UN 's first-ever conference dedicated to combating anti-Jewish hatred around the world.


PALESTINIAN factions oppose Egypt, Jordan security role after…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) were … talks with the
Palestinian Authority and Israel about playing … planned Israeli pullout
from the Gaza Strip and…

LATEST news briefs from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
… and officially in 1988 at our Palestine National Council … 60 percent
of respondents said they wanted Israel to withdraw from the West Bank
and Gaza Strip…

THE dead end of regional occupations
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… Yet for a Palestine to be sovereign, it must control the … And for
Israel's occupation to end, Gaza is not enough. Israel must also withdraw
from the West Bank…

INTERVIEW: “Writers on the Borders” director Samir Abdallah
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… believes that what's happening in Gaza and the … over the world,
Abdallah says, “Israel is exporting … world against oppression and what's
happening in Palestine.…

ISRAEL, UAE In Talks To Open Liaison Office: Haaretz
Palestine Chronicle
… 15 that Israel was considering a massive expansion of major settlement
blocs in the occupied West Bank to house settlers who are to be evacuated
from the Gaza…

EGYPT to be Determining Factor in Gaza Withdrawal
Zaman – Turkey
… all the balances in the region, especially the Palestine issue, would
… Prime Minister Ariel Sharon indicated that Israel plans to withdraw
from Gaza and four…

ISRAELI withdrawal plan offers glimmer of hope: Palestinian FM
EUbusiness – London,UK
… talks with the Palestinian Authority and Israel about playing a…
Egypt's presence in Gaza and the … will improve the security situation
in Palestine,” Shaath said…

American Daily – Stow,OH,USA
… and a following, places the “liberation‰ of Palestine at the…
that he leave Kuwait by insisting that Israel first evacuate the West
Bank and Gaza.…

DAMRA Trial – Day 3 : Damra guilty , likely to be deported
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
… Having the Muslim state of Palestine extend from the (Jordan) River
to … context of Damra's words, at a time when Israel controls the West
Bank and Gaza Strip…

Pakistan's long-range missile may trigger Israeli pre-emptive strike :
Some time this month will see the first test flight of Pakistan's longest-range missile, the Ghauri III missile, which can strike at targets 2,175 miles away.

64% of Israeli Jews support encouraging Arabs to leave :
45.3 percent of those polled said they supported revoking Israeli Arabs' right to vote and hold political office.

20 Palestinians wounded by Israeli troops near Selfit? :
As many as 20 Palestinians were wounded by Israeli troops on Monday as they were demonstrating against the separation wall near Selfit.

Nader: US should disengage from Israel:
No diplomatic plan can be acceptable unless it allows for the right of return for Palestinian refugees and a full Israeli withdrawal to 1967 borders, a spokesman for US Presidential candidate Ralph Nader told the Jerusalem Post.

Uri Avnery: Sharon's 'Palestinian state':
The walled enclaves will lead, of course, to bloodshed on an unbelievable scale. No people on earth will submit to such a life. For thousands and thousands of young Palestinians, a martyr‚s death will be preferable

The story TV news won't tell:
Since the Palestinians began their armed uprising against Israel's military occupation three years and eight months ago, British television and radio's reporting of it has been, in the main, dishonest – in concept, approach and execution.,3858,4951749-103552,00.html

Nader criticizes US bias to Israel:
Ralph Nader, vehemently criticized the American policies towards the Middle East and Washington's full bias to Israel.


Video webcast: Dr. Norman Finkelstein: Is Criticism of Israel Anti-Semitic?:

PNA slams Israel for expanding settlements , calls forŒ… (press release) – Spain
Palestine National Authority (PNA) officials Wednesday criticized Israel's
decision to … settlements and for Jewish settlers from Gaza, called

THE Palestinian Refugees : An Overview
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
… Refugees Right of Return to Their Homeland in Gaza city, in … Israel
has to accept this. … Palestinians, by taking to the streets of Palestine,
have delegitimized…

A Jewish state? `Definitely'
Ha'aretz – Israel
… invited, most of them or some of them, to return to the state of Palestine,
the West Bank and Gaza, and some, a small number, to the Jewish State
of Israel?…

ISRAELIS Say They Have Foiled Planned Attacks by Militants
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… cause of the violence ˜ the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and
Gaza ˜ has yet … said Zakaria al-Qaq, co-director of the Israel-Palestine
Center for…

… level are the Palestinians living in Gaza and the … able to control
rebellion against their tyranny in Palestine. … Israel draws plans and
the US implements them…

PALESTINE leaders under pressure
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain

“Irreversible Mental Damage”
AMIN – Palestine
… peace with Israel based on the creation of a Palestinian state on 97%
of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (which together make 22% of historic
Palestine), with…>

'A clear warning'
ic Wales – Wales,UK
… in Israel to see the effect of Israel's policy of … in Wales, said:
“We had travelled down to Gaza in two … a documentary on house demolitions
in Palestine when an…

EGYPT Seeks Assurances Before Dispatching Experts to Gaza
Palestine Chronicle
… the US, the Palestinians and Israel before sending … Israeli withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip, slated to … territory jointly between the Palestine
National Authority…

UN sets anti-Semitism seminar amid neglect claims
Ha'aretz – Israel
… Assembly voted in November 1947 to partition Palestine into Jewish
… ensuing 1967 Six Day War that left Israel in. control of the Sinai,
the Gaza Strip, the West…


JERUSALEM, Al Quds, Yerushalaym
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… is not the capital of Israel anymore, Washington … and international
news channels cover events in occupied Palestine. Camera lenses focus
on the Gaza Strip and…

NEEDED: Palestinian Unilateralism
AMIN – Palestine
… refuses to negotiate, as the position of Israel has been … But with
the Israelis agreeing to quit Gaza and some … the good offices of some
of Palestine‚s neighbors…

PALESTINIAN Activism in America Today
… A two-state solution does not mean that either Israel or Palestine
can be … put an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank , East
Jerusalem and Gaza .…

ARABS react to Johnson beheading
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… to heal the hearts of believers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq…
bound to occur as long as Israel continued its … occupation in the West
Bank and Gaza Strip with…


EGYPT and Jordan under pressure to take role in occupied…
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… taken US endorsement of his Gaza plan as … initiative to try to counter
Israel's diplomatic monopoly. … to relinquish control of the Palestine
Authority's plethora…

INDUSTRIAL Estates Along the Wall
ZNet – Woods Hole,MA,USA
… For the unemployment rate in Palestine to stay … Israel is a developed
country and part of the globalised economy … one at Rafah in the south
of the Gaza Strip, and…

TERRORISM, illegality and foul play by Israel
Axis of Logic – USA
… Palestinians what amounts to 14 per cent of original Palestine cut
up … poverty-stricken swath of land in the world, Gaza, from which Israel
is supposedly…

REVISITING the Right of Return – USA
… The Oslo Accords and Israel's Camp David II offer would have created
a second Arab state in Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as part of
a comprehensive…

ISRAEL'S perpetual emergency has become a political tool
Axis of Logic – USA
… Sharon and right-wingers in the cabinet who oppose the Gaza withdrawal.
… and Labor now agree that a two-state solution ˆ Israel and Palestine
living side…

The New Nation – Bangladesh
… Moreover, as Gaza assumed increasing priority it compelled Israel to
finally … and ask it to resume its crucial mediating role in Palestine,
in general…

MUSEUM blames Palestinians for years of violence
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
… his image, common in the West Bank and Gaza. One wall is covered with
official Palestinian maps with “Palestine” written over the area where
Israel is located.…

SETTLERS Accuse Media of Waging 'Psychological War' to Weaken…
Cybercast News Service – USA
… never was a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, Judea … Samaria
[West Bank] or the rest of Israel…Israel as a … and has been given
the name Palestine in order…

ISRAELI Occupation to Close down Educational Institutions In The…
GAZA, June 17,2004 (IPC+WAFA)—The Israeli occupying … higher education
facilities in the West Bank , in which he … of the educational career
in Palestine that has…


AMERICA, Israel and the Middle East
The Nation – USA
… that the occupation of the West Bank is in … assaults on the Palestinians
in Gaza, more house … Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict,
introduction to…

THE STRATEGIC INTEREST: Out of Egypt… and Into Gaza
Forward – New York,NY,USA
… because he considered it part of Greater Israel; for his … anyway,
because he considered it part of Palestine and was … they are sending
them to both Gaza and the…

ISRAELI Troops Assaults a Women, Demolish Three Houses
GAZA, Palestine, June 15, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The citizen … South of
Gaza Strip, the IOF demolished overnight … In Bethlehem City of the
West Bank, the Israeli…

MAKING The Case For Israel
Jewish Press – Brooklyn,NY,USA
… made up of 97 percent of the West Bank and all of Gaza, a capital…
supported all my life – to come join an effort to support Israel and
support Palestine.…


WHY Israel should get out of the West Bank
… dispatch from London notes the departure “for Palestine” of a … the
latest terrorist suicide bomb in Israel; and the … in response, in some
West Bank town or Gaza.…

US Urged to Stop Gaza Settlers Moving to West Bank
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… it calls for to realize the vision of two states, Israel and Palestine,
living side … owned house near Al-Matahen military roadblock in the
central Gaza Strip…

ISRAEL Approves Wider Settlement Expansion in the West Bank
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
… that it imposes further hardship on the Palestine people … and military
installations in the Gaza Strip by … the improvement of the security
and economy of Israel.…

PNA accuses Israel of misleading world
Xinhua – China
GAZA, June 16 (Xinhuanet) — The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) on
Wednesday accused Israel of deluding … Al Khatib told Voice of Palestine
radio that…

MIDEAST status quo Œ unacceptable ‚ , effortsŒ…
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… steps it calls for to realize the vision of two states, Israel and
Palestine, living side … Prime Minister Ariel Sharon‚s plan to pull
out of the Gaza Strip…

YOUR Letters
Centre Daily Times – Centre County,PA,USA
… living in Barcelona told me, is passionately pro-Palestine and virulently
anti-Israel.”. … Palestinians in the Israeli colonized West Bank and
Gaza Strip.…

Worker's Liberty – UK
… in the Palestinian-controlled areas of Gaza and the … is “attempting
to defame” the Palestine solidarity movement … May, supporting an end
to Israel's human rights…

Prison Tactics A Longtime Dilemma For Israel
“What the Israelis do is much more effective than beatings,” he said.
“Three days without food and without sleep and you're eager to tell
them anything. It just shows us the Americans are amateurs. They

should have taken lessons from the Israelis.”

Israeli force assassinate “Jihad” man in Jenin :
Witnesses said undercover Israeli forces shot dead a wanted Palestinian
militant and arrested four others in the violence-torn West Bank city of
Jenin on Wednesday morning.

Compensate settlers for what? :
For what exactly should we be compensating the settlers who will be
evacuated from Gaza? For the damage they caused the state for decades?
For the scandalous economic price of their living in Gaza? For the blood
needlessly spilled over them?


A new boost for Gaza pullout
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in … It would
be to the benefit of Israel if the … Sharon's apparent plans to offer
the Gaza settlers homes…

CONSIDERING Sharon's Proposed Gaza Pullout
NPR (audio) – USA
… would know, the land that we're discussing in the Gaza Strip was…
to 1948—in other words, before there was an Israel, when it was still
the Palestine Mandate…

MENDING America's image in the Arab world: a reforming challenge…
Axis of Logic – USA
… for having an American mandate in Palestine and other … or without
justifications, to lock off Gaza from the … be the right wing parties
in Israel with hawkish…

SHARON'S disengagement: Destructive supporters
Israel Insider – Israel
… the rest of Arab leaders in Palestine, Jordan and … rule, not as
long as they “merely” endanger Israel. … not take command of events
in neighboring Gaza, the Hamas…

PALESTINIAN faction leader calls for unity
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said in…
plan of disengagement with the Palestinians and Israel's withdrawal from
the Gaza Strip.…

HAMAS wants two PA cabinet ministries, security role
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… on Israel's plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and … The sources
said Egypt wants Israel to lift the … the Popular Front for the Liberation
of Palestine and the…

THE address for protest is Labor's headquarters
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… checkpoints in Rafah, in Jerusalem, in the West Bank. … the army's
redeployment around the Gaza Strip and in … of several books, including
Israel/Palestine: How to ..

FIVE Principles still relevant: Imperatives of coexistence-II–…
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
… as a potential military counterweight to Israel's dominance over…
Kashmir freedom struggle and the Palestine intifada as … plan of disengagement
from Gaza at the…>

THE Gaza Plan and the Palestinian Resistance
AMIN – Palestine
… that the Palestinians occupy 80% of mandated Palestine and the…
renounce the use of random violence, encourage Israel to move out of Gaza
, work towards an…


Despite U.S. deal, Israel starts Ariel fence :
This land appropriation move is at variance with the U.S. government's understanding
that such steps would not be taken in the foreseeable future, and that the separation
fence project in these West Bank areas would be deferred.

Both George Bush and Ariel Sharon Agree:
Rob the Palestinians: Bush Endorses Israel‚s Colossal Theft of Palestinian Land and Hope

Uri Avnery: Walls and Checkpoints: The Nightmare Comes True:
This is only one example of what is happening now all over the West Bank, turning it into
a crazy quilt of walled-in enclaves, “connected” by bridges, tunnels or special roads, which
can be cut off at any moment at the whim of the Israeli government or of a local army
officer—and, all around them, roads-for-Israelis-only

Israel's Slap in the Face: Top Israelis Boycott Reagan's State Funeral:
Absent from Reagan's last rites were Sharon, who never hesitates to hop on a special El Al
flight to Washington in order to extort Congress and the White House to ante up billions in
American military and economic aid for such things as apartheid walls.

Zionism's Useful Idiots : That's you and me, taxpaying US citizens:
We're useful idiots for the Zionists in Washington and Tel Aviv. Useful because our
hard-earned paychecks can be harvested to pay for war and mass murder in the
Middle East, idiots because we don't do anything about it.

CREATIVE Resolution
Arutz Sheva – Israel
… of the so-called West Bank and Gaza identity cards … are enjoyed
by other temporary residents of Israel. … a confederation between so
called “Palestine” and Israel…

NEW Jewish Settlement Planned South of Jerusalem
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… Israeli intended “disengagement‰ from the Gaza Strip, Israeli…
kilometers in the northern West Bank while plans … for the construction
of Israel‚s Apartheid…

A Palestinian view of Egypt's role in Gaza: the big brother
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… their Egyptian partner has no hidden interests in Palestine has consolidated
… Third, Egypt is concerned that, if Israel withdraws from Gaza, the

SHARON’s Disengagement Plan – USA
… the rest of Arab leaders in Palestine, Jordan, and … rule, not as
long as they ''merely'' endanger Israel. … take command of events in
neighboring Gaza, the Hamas…

PLO: Israel Should Coordinate Withdrawal with PNA
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… international forums dealing with the Palestine Question and … Jewish
settlements from the Gaza Strip, and … Arafat told reporters Sunday
that Israel must withdraw…

SHARON Praised While Wall Construction Continues (press release) – New Zealand
… burst out with “Long live Palestine” and “National … that uncritical
support for Sharon's “Gaza Disengagement” – such … land-grabbing on
the West Bank and violent…

JUDEO-CHRISTIANS' Role: Mr. Sharon's Final Solution
… intentions seem to be that there be no Palestine state and … all
the water, and all the land Israel has occupied … the Golan Heights,
West Bank and the Gaza Strip.…'%20Role%20Mr.%20Sharon's%20Final%20Solution%20By%20Charles%20E.%20Carlson.htm

TWO Occupations: One American, One Israeli
Muslim American Society – Falls Church,VA,USA
… aggressive in condemning the army‚s action in Gaza than the … occupied
Iraq to steal the oil resources and Israel to steal an entire country,

ISRAEL Upset By Reports of Bashing At Palestinian Refugee…
Cybercast News Service – USA
… billed as “the largest conference on the Palestine refugee issue…
According to the official, Israel was told that it was … living in the
West Bank and Gaza Strip.…

ISLAMIC Foreign Ministers Meet to Discuss Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… policies in the West Bank and Gaza strip and … for its strong military
and economic ties with Israel. … to restore Jersusalem as the capital
of Palestine — a goal…


RP seeks key role in Middle East peace process
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
… Ministerial Meeting of the Commitee on Palestine held in … economies
under the G-8 welcomed Israel‚s controversial … withdraw its troops
from all Gaza and West…

WESTMINSTER Notes (Israel's Population)
Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia
… 2004 tells me the population of Israel is 6,117,000 … are dispersed
between Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza. … population of the former
Mandated Palestine will be…

PCHR: 177 Israeli Assassination Attempts Claim Lives of 374…
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
GAZA, Palestine, June13, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)—The Gaza-based Palestinian
… crimes have been committed by Israel in both West Bank and Gaza Strip,

AUSTRIAN FM : Israeli Withdrawal from Gaza “ First Step ‰ of…
GAZA, Palestine, June12, 2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— Austria Foreign Minister
… a hydrolysis network in the Gaza Strip City … chronic diseases in
the West Bank City of…

QUARTET Convenes Soon to Assess the Road Map
GAZA, Palestine, June12,2004 (IPC+ Agencies)— The Quartet … unilateral
withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and … some Israeli settlements in the
West Bank, the sources…


GRAND Mufti Prohibits Aiding Israel in Erecting Apartheid Wall
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… The Apartheid Wall Israel is building on occupied … contiguous land,
which, joined with Gaza, would constitute the state of Palestine,‰ Powell

AHMED Bouzid , Palestine Media Watch
Ramallah Online – Harrisburg,PA,USA
… its 'approval' of 'the Gaza pullout plan', but its open declaration
of 'Israel's intention to keep a permanent hold on swathes of occupied
West Bank land where…

SAUDIS Restrict Charities
Baltimore Jewish Times – Baltimore,MD,USA
… A spokesman for the American Israel Public Affairs … but Hamas also
does some charitable work in Palestine.”. … used to support terrorism,
including in Gaza and the…


NPR Critiques Itself
Committee for Accurate Reporting – USA
… guest repeatedly alleged that Israel and “Palestine” are the … fierce
anti-American and anti-Israel content of … in Beit Hanun in the northern
Gaza Strip, hundreds…

MOSCOW approves Israel leaving Gaza Strip
Interfax – Moscow,Russia
… made in Ariel Sharon's plan for Israel to leave the Gaza Strip and
… comply with the idea of the co-existence of two countries, Israel
and Palestine,” he said…

PALESTINE conflict: The tides have changed (Part 3)
Malaysia Kini – Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
… In the case of Palestine, what are the sources of injustices … part
of the West Bank annexed by Israel); (5) the … 6) the occupation of
West bank and Gaza and the…

Al-Ahram Weekly – Cairo,Egypt
… Moreover, as Gaza assumed increasing priority it compelled Israel to
finally … and ask it to resume its crucial mediating role in Palestine,
in general…

US, Israel Caught in Traps – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
… and maimed in Gaza and the West Bank, die for … the Philadelphi Route
dividing Palestinian Gaza from Egypt … Baskin, co-director of the Israel-Palestine
Center for…

ARAB democracy
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… is over Mr Bush's response to Arabs' concerns on Palestine and Iraq.
They want him to press Israel to pull out of the West Bank as well as
Gaza, but there is…

2 Palestinians killed in West Bank:
A 13-year-old boy was shot in the head in the city of Nablus, medics said.

“This is what I saw.”
What Nirgad describes should be known by every Israeli man or woman
who reads newspapers and watches television.

`Do not have children if they won't be healthy!' :
A shocking new study reveals how key figures in the pre-state Zionist establishment
proposed castrating the mentally ill, sterilizing the poor and doing everything possible
to ensure reproduction only among the `best of people.'


MAJOR shortage of funds for humanitarian assistance in occupied…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… permitted to enter and exit the Gaza Strip via … average of 10,000
Palestinians working in Israel or in … Nations Relief and Works Agency
for Palestine Refugees in…

URI Avnery: To Drink from the Sea of Gaza
Palestine Chronicle
… the “liberated” Gaza Strip will look quietly on, while Sharon realizes
his designs in the West Bank: the annexation of 55% of the West Bank to

G8 Statement: Gaza Withdrawal and the Road Ahead to Middle East… (press release) – USA
… of Israeli withdrawal from all Gaza settlements and … common objective
of two states, Israel and a … democratic, sovereign and contiguous Palestine,
living side by…

SITUATION on the ground “very bleak”, Palestinian rights…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… the event of any withdrawal from Gaza, giving everybody … the Palestinian
territories occupied by Israel since 1967 … convene a special meeting
on Palestine at the…

LATE US President Reagan: No Palestinian State, No Return toŒ…
Palestine Chronicle
… state in the West Bank and Gaza, and we will not support annexation
or permanent control by Israel. … the editorial position of the Palestine
Chronicle, nor…

LINDA Heard: Israel and the Truth behind Its ŒDemocracy‚
Palestine Chronicle
… Erdogan described Israeli operations in Gaza as ‘state … a spade’
even one “made in Israel” will at … the editorial position of the
Palestine Chronicle, nor…

PALESTINIANS Have Right To Normal Life: Richard Gere
Palestine Chronicle
… organize the exhibition in an area of West Jerusalem after … visit
came a few days after Israel drew a … in a massive incursion into the
southern Gaza Strip city…

Ex-Marine Mobilizes 10,000 Observers To Palestine:
A former U.S. marine is mobilizing up 10,000 Westerners to be dispatched to
the occupied Palestinian territories in September to act as international observers
and help bring peace with Israel.


TIGHTENING grip over the West Bank (press release) – New Zealand
… day,” it appears that in Israel, history, too … the matter of the
disengagement from Gaza precisely 37 … the United States and the Palestine
Liberation Organization…

ISRAEL Wasting Time, Says Arafat
… of all conflicts” raging between Israel and the … in a mammoth
jail in Gaza while controlling … the plan‚s implementation by the
Palestine National Authority…

FOREIGN briefs:
Daily Times – Pakistan
… Gold of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel said … Jordan and the
Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza. … the UN Relief and Works Agency
for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA…

IDF brass said expecting rise in terror in Gaza
Ha'aretz – Israel
… member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the
… Meanwhile, the Israel Air Force destroyed a Hamas weapons workshop
in Gaza City on…

PALESTINIAN Family Tells of Campaign of Harassment by Israeli…
… refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank
and Gaza. … are run by the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine
Refugees (UNRWA).

NOTHING new under the Israeli sun
… And yet, “the Gaza withdrawal plan‰ will no doubt be … over and
a strong ally of Israel's (whether Bush … The writer is president of
Palestine Media Watch and…

THE Address for Protest is Labor's Headquarters
Dissident Voice – Santa Rosa,CA,USA
… fences and checkpoints in Rafah, in Jerusalem, in the West Bank.…
who so badly wants to get out of Gaza. … She is author of Israel/Palestine:
How to End the War…

HUMANITARIAN Aid Cannot Be Solution: Swiss Host and UNRWA Chief
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… continue, the key human development strengths of the Palestine refugee
population … the 37-year-old Israeli occupation of the West Bank and
the Gaza Strip in…

ISRAEL, Our Dangerous Parasite
Coastal Post – Bolinas,CA,USA
… has treated the original inhabitants of Palestine with disregard…
Palestinians violently dispossessed by Israel in her … against Egypt,
Syria, Jordan, Gaza and the…

BRIEFING on Meeting with Prime Minister Blair (press release) – USA
… They also discussed Israel-Palestine issues, and discussed ways in
which progress … Prime Minister Sharon to pull out of the Gaza and part
of the West Bank.…

Sharon loses majority as far-right ministers quit:
Two extreme right-wing ministers deprived Ariel Sharon of his guaranteed
parliamentary majority yesterday when they resigned in the first political
backlash against this week's cabinet acceptance of his plan to disengage from Gaza.

What is a kidney worth?:
Every day, 17 Americans die of organ failure. In Israel, the average wait for a kidney
transplant is four years. In response, a global gray market has bloomed. In India, for
example, poor sellers are quickly matched with sick buyers from Taiwan. Critics call it “transplant tourism.”


PALESTINIAN Authority Doubts and US Administration Welcomes…
… joined with Palestine, would — with Gaza, would constitute the state
of Palestine.”. … Until the end of 2005, Israel intends to withdraw
from Gaza Strip and…

CONFERENCE on humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees opens in…
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in…
in the West Bank and Gaza Strip who … a Security Council resolution
calling on Israel to respect…

TURKEY Recalls Top Diplomats in Israel
Guardian – UK
… recent weeks, especially following an Israeli offensive into Gaza that
killed … Policies of violence and counter-violence by Israel and Palestine
that cause…,1280,-4181627,00.html

GENEVA Conference Highlights Plight of Palestinian Refugees
… Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in … Palestinians
voiced dismay yesterday at Israel‚s decision … put off any withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip until…

WHAT Bush should have done instead
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… of the West Bank and “all” of the Gaza Strip and … compensate the
Palestinians for “all” the land Israel might be … out of the equation
so that Palestine could be…

IRAN recruiting “Army of Martyrs”
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… cells all over the West Bank and Gaza, said the … among others],
all the Zionists in Palestine, and Salman … He accused Israel for using
“the Zionists,” and their…

EU Sets 5 Conditions for Supporting Sharon‚s ŒRevised‚ Plan
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… media reports that Egypt and Israel are “very … Under the “action
plan,‰ the Palestine National Authority … take “immediate action‰
in the Gaza Strip and…

A visit with the mayor of Kalkilya
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… Union-like arrangement between Israel and a future Palestine. … that
any plan put forward by Israel would mean … remove the Jewish presence
from the Gaza Strip and…

PALESTINIAN group slams Gaza pullout
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… oriented Palestinian group Tuesday criticized Israel's plan to…
Front for the Liberation of Palestine said Israeli … against Israeli
occupation in Gaza and the…

Israel: A ‘Unique’ Democracy and Its US Admirers:
Unlike other democracies, true democratic principles of “one person, one vote” are something that the Israeli leader fears above all else.

IOF kills three Palestinian civilians :
Three Palestinian civilians, including a man crippled in the first intifada and a mentally handicapped youth, were killed by the Israel Defense Forces in separate incidents in the territories during the past 48 hours.

Israeli airstrike lands within 12 miles of Lebanese capital

Israeli Squaters to be compensated according to family, house size::
Knowledgeable sources say that the current assessment is that every evacuated family will receive an average of $300,000 in compensation.

Poverty Amongst Palestinians Triples From 20% to 60% Since 2000 :
Senior United Nations officials Monday urged donors meeting in Geneva to financially support relief efforts aimed at helping millions of Palestine refugees

Turkey snubs Israel, recalls envoy:
Turkey has temporarily recalled its ambassador to Israel for consultations following sharp exchanges over an increase in Israeli violence in the Middle East.


POWELL warns against division of West Bank into 'bantustans'
Ha'aretz – Israel
… contiguous land, which, joined with Gaza, would constitute the state
of Palestine,” Powell told … said it was “unrealistic” to expect Israel
to quit…

US Backtracks, Welcomes Approval of Sharon‚s ŒRevised‚ Plan
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… community but not with the Palestine National Authority … Israel
will be transmitting an official version of the … to withdraw all settlements
in Gaza and certain…

PALESTINE Conference Tackles Humanitarian Financial Crisis
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… Refugee Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, known … Since
the latest clashes between Israel and the Palestinians … the number
of people in Gaza and the…

PALESTINIAN Leadership : Israeli Court ‚ s Sentence of…
International Press Center (Press Release) – Palestine
RAMALLAH, Palestine, June 7, 2004 (IPC + WAFA) – – The … the possible
Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and … Wall, being constructed
by Israel through the…

HORRORS of the Israeli War on Rafah: Seventy-Two Hours in…
… of them still live in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Israel. Some of
them came to live in the Rafah refugee camp at the border between Egypt
and Palestine.…'s%20House%20By%20Hassan%20El-Najjar.htm

WE ‚ ve only just begun
Ariga – Tel Aviv,Israel
… not countenance a truncated ŒBantustan‚ Palestine in the … pressure
perhaps, to make sure Israel‚s Œunilateral … takeover or perhaps
civil war inside Gaza.…

ISARELI cabinet approves Gaza withdrawal in principle
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
… Earlier, PM Qureia said Israel's withdraw from the Gaza Strip and…
The roadmap regulates to establish an independent state of Palestine in

US, PLO push for execution of Gaza retreat
Jerusalem Newsire – Jerusalem,Israel
… The Bush vision for the birthing of a State of Palestine in Gaza and
… The government decided today that by the end of 2005, Israel will
leave Gaza and four…

SO far, so bad
Iraq under American occupation and Palestine under Israeli … When Sharon
announced that Israel would maintain … destroyed Palestinian houses
in Gaza, America again…,%20so%20bad,%20Octavius%20Pinkard.htm

Defiance at Barghouti sentence:
The sentencing by an Israeli court of Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti to five
consecutive life terms provokes a defiant response in many Arabic papers.

Jordan rejects Barghouti's sentences :
Jordan Monday said the five life sentences plus 40 years handed down
by an Israeli court to Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti Sunday are illegal.

Start with freedom for the Palestinians :
For the last three years, Arab youth has been mesmerized by two leaders, the
radical fanatic Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and the secular democrat Marwan
Barghouti in Palestine. Israel, which has lumped the two together as terrorists,
condemned Barghouti to life imprisonment on Sunday. This will prove not only
morally reprehensible, but also a setback for the struggle between freedom and
fanaticism in the Middle East.

Uri Avnery: To drink from the sea of Gaza:
Perhaps Abraham Lincoln was right that you can't fool all the people all the time,
but a lot of people can surely be fooled for a long, long time. Just look at Ariel Sharon.


THE truth is out
The New Nation – Bangladesh
… widespread opposition towards Israel – not just the Israel that occupies
the West Bank and Gaza but the Israel that occupies the whole of historic

MP Rejects Israeli jurisdiction, Won‚t Appeal His Sentence
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip continued…
the basis of the signed agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation

ISRAEL, Our Dangerous Parasite
… has treated the original inhabitants of Palestine with disregard…
Palestinians violently dispossessed by Israel in her … against Egypt,
Syria, Jordan, Gaza and the…,%20Our%20

GAZA withdrawal, Saudi Arabia attacks are main topics in Arab…
… a way out of the situation in Palestine, adding that … that Egypt
has applied pressure on Israel to carry … Egyptian plan considers the
withdrawal from Gaza as a…,

ISRAEL Must Not Play Czechoslovakia
Arutz Sheva – Israel
… Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in … is to destroy
the country of Israel, and to … is entitled to regain a fictional homeland
called “Palestine”.…

PROTESTORS Want Peace For Palestine
WREG – Memphis,TN,USA
… protest the Israeli occupation of the Gaza strip and the West Bank.
They also hoped the protests would result in the US pulling support of
Israel by stopping…

ABBAS Defends Arafat, Abed Rabbo Urges 'Response' to Sharon Plan
… Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO…
59%) support withdrawal from Gaza‚s illegal … But Israel‚s ruling
Likud party rejected Sharon…

TIME to put the US corporate media on trial for complicity in…
Axis of Logic – USA
… Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza, marking the … analysis of all
of CNN's Palestine coverage), and … obvious root of the conflict˜
Israel's military occupation…

BATTLING Israel to keep as a pure Jewish state?
East African Standard – Nairobi,Kenya
… of Arabs native to the slice of Palestine in which … In 1967, however,
Israel crushed all its enemies, from … River, bordering Jordan proper,
and the Gaza Strip.…


ABED Rabbo Urges United Palestinian Platform to Address Sharon…
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… by foreign representatives to the Palestine Natiuonal Authority…
including east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, and … a Palestinian partner,‰
Kol Israel reported.…

SHARON sweats ahead of Gaza withdrawal vote
… that he would clear the Gaza Strip by … that it was “unrealistic”
to expect Israel to pull … Meanwhile, top Palestine Liberation Organization
member Yasser Abed…

IN Rafah, History Hangs Heavy in the Air
Collective Bellaciao – Paris,France
… as the poorest town in the West Bank and Gaza … of Security: House
Demolitions in Gaza,” Middle East … analysis of possible political futures
in Israel-Palestine.…

AMERICANS To March Against US, Israeli Occupation
Islam Online – UK
… the anniversary of the 1967 war in which Israel occupied the West Bank
, Gaza Strip, the … for an end to the colonial occupation of Palestine
, and to…

CRITICIZING Israel doesn't mean a divorce
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… the targeted assassinations of Islamist politicians in Gaza. … of
the public hostility toward Israel's last bout … be outflanked at home
on Palestine, neither is…

TIME to put the US media on trial for complicity in genocide?
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza, marking the … conflict is violence
perpetrated by Israel against Palestinian … case of CNN's coverage of
Palestine, the lie is…

ADL: US anti-war group supports Palestinian terror
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… actions of the Bush administration in Iraq and Palestine.”. … seizure
of the West Bank and Gaza and we will … of ANSWER's unabashed criticism
of Israel ˆ and its…


KENT chaplain makes Palestinian pilgrimage
Kent Good Times Dispatch – New Milford,CT,USA
… of the Palestinian Council governing the West Bank and Gaza Strip)
to do this,” she admitted. “We cannot turn our backs on Israel and Palestine,”
she urged.…

ISRAEL'S Sharon to sack two ministers before Gaza pullout vote
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… of the cabinet when he puts the Gaza pullout plan … saying it was
“unrealistic” to expect Israel to pull … A senior member of the Palestine
Liberation Organisation…

MARWAN Barghouti: Radical pragmatist
Al-Ahram Weekly – Cairo,Egypt
… gun” rather than wait, uselessly, for Arab armies to deliver Palestine.
… between the Palestinian factions] over how Gaza will be run once Israel
leaves”, it…

THE situation in Iraq acutely threatens Israeli security
Axis of Logic – USA
… end the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and … with their Hizbullah
coreligionists against Israel, and it … inks with fundamentalists in
Jordan and Palestine.…

ISRAELI Army Destroys 18 Houses in Rafah
… Top Palestine Liberation Organization member Yasser Abed Rabbo…
on Sharon‚s proposed Gaza pullout plan. … the prospects of a negotiated
settlement with Israel.…

PURSUIT of Peace Requires New Coalition
The Jewish Journal – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… course, the settlers and their settlements in both Gaza and in the
West Bank. … The bitter enmity that now characterizes the Palestine-Israel
relationship is…

THE Al-Akhras family
Axis of Logic – USA
… Akhras, who worked as a builder in Israel before the intifada … as
part of his strategy against the Palestine Liberation Organisation.…
We arrived in Gaza in 1948…


ISRAEL Seeks Jordanian, Egyptian ŒPresence‚ in West Bank,…
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… Palestinian ceasefire as a prelude to Israel‚s proposed withdrawal
from the Gaza Strip … However Egypt and the Palestine National Authority
(PNA) were…

ISRAEL'S General Staff: 'A Bunch of Dr. Strangeloves'
Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) – Leesburg,VA,USA
… background˜from his arrival in Palestine in 1944 … Ghilan: Sharon's
position inside Israel became untenable … to withdraw tactically from
Gaza, where 2,300,000…

EAST and West Palestine
Opinion Editorials – Fairfax,VA,USA
… Yesha – the West Bank and Gaza – be allowed … parliament – as Israeli
Arabs can be in Israel? … talking about ethnic cleansing, making “Palestine”
Judenrein, free…

EGYPT, Palestinian Authority Still Waiting for Israeli Response,…
Egypt and the Palestine National Authority (PNA) are still waiting for
… in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip … PNA and Israel have reportedly
agreed to an Egyptian…,%20

DEMOGRAPHICS and democracy
Israel Insider – Israel
… Palestine,” of course, did not exist then … likely) Israel continues
to allow “Palestinians” to work in Israel? … the number of work permits
of Gaza residents from…

MP calls for action to press Palestinian cause
Luton Today – UK
… in getting a UN resolution condemning the latest actions by Israel
in Palestine. … with the proposals for disengagement from the whole
of the Gaza and parts…

… end to the illegal and brutal military occupation of Palestine.…
of US support for the state of Israel and why … checkpoints in the West
Bank and Gaza Strip and…,%20June%204%20PRO%20PALESTINIAN%20

INDIA Commits Not To Israel But To Muslim World – USA
… that you can find a solution for `Palestine' without Mr … East Jerusalem
as capital, 100% of Gaza, and 97 … and modern “disputed territories”
of Israel's Judea and…


ISRAELI Army Shoots Dead 3 Palestinians, Raids Rafah, Detains…
Palestine Chronicle
RAMALLAH, West Bank – Egypt and the Palestine National Authority (PNA…
in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. PNA and Israel have reportedly agreed
to an Egyptian…

THE Fact Behind the Fictions: the US and Israel Plan Permanent…
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… his army to eliminate the Palestine Liberation Organization … historic
and courageous,‰ citing Israel‚s willingness to leave Gaza and dismantle

INTERNATIONAL Volunteer Groups Share Goal of Ending Israeli…
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… Palestine ISM is insisting on more and better pre … but during a
recent return trip to Israel he was … it became extremely difficult
to enter the Gaza Strip, where…

MEANS of Support, Internships and Fellowships, March, Conference…
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… Bank), or 08-282-4635/08-286-9338 (Gaza). … tables of Palestinian
property in what today is Israel. … other major works include Bitter
Harvest, Palestine: Loss of…

A gift of dust and bones
Guardian – UK
… are fast becoming a majority in historic Palestine, the Palestinians
… one-vote in all of the territory Israel now governs: the West Bank,
Gaza and Israel…,5673,1229458,00.html

ARAB World Galvanized by Bush's “ New Balfour Declaration“
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… Party, demonstrate that by “sacrificing‰ Gaza in return … after
the Bush-Sharon embrace, Israel assassinated Hamas … for the “establishment
in Palestine of a…

“ Sharon Got It All “ Headlined Israel's Leading Daily , Haaretz
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… outposts‚ and checkpoints in the West Bank, release frozen … and
oppose Sharon‚s plan to withdraw from Gaza. … I think that [Israel-Palestine]
issue is now…

THE Palestinian National Soccer Team ˜ on Track To Qualify for…
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… of checkpoints, however, travel for the Gaza-based players … those
players based in the West Bank, Israel‚s serpentine … common goal
of taking Palestine to the…

INTERVIEW: Rice Discusses Palestinian State
Palestine Chronicle
… simply call it Palestine.” This is what he always says, Israel and
Palestine. … plan must accord with this principle, including the pullout
from Gaza and the…

HUMAN Rights
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs – Middle East
… of all of the settlements from Gaza, the West … the sale of Caterpillar
bulldozers to Israel, where they … justice, and has considered going
to Palestine.”So, in…


EGYPT Sets 3 Conditions to Get Involved, Says Former Ambassador
Palestine Media Center – Israel
The Palestine National Authority (PNA) and Israel have … corridor should
be secured between the Gaza Strip and … Third, Israel should make guarantees
not to invade…

FACELESS terrorism – By Dr Moonis Ahmar
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
… particularly when the suicide attacks are either taking place in Israel,
Gaza, West Bank or Iraq … group is willing to sacrifice for the cause
of Palestine or an…

WHY I Burned My Israeli Military Papers
… enforced a brutal occupation on the Palestinians of the West Bank,
Gaza Strip, and … is the co-founder of Jews for Peace in Palestine and
Israel (JPPI) and a…

MAKING the Case for Israel – USA
… 97% of the West Bank and all of Gaza, a capital … Barney Frank from
Massachusetts, worked with me and Israel to grant … Environmentalists
For Palestine” is another…

KERRY'S support for Israel repels Arab voters
Mathaba.Net – Africa
… has recently endorsed Sharon's Gaza disengagement plan … has expressed
support for Israel's assassinations of … yet provided “clear leadership”
on Palestine or Iraq…

UNICEF'S Executive Director Condemns Israeli Aggression on…
… has a negative impact on children, and the children of Palestine need
an … agency would continue its support of children in the Gaza Strip
and West Bank.…

FORMER PLO terrorist not allowed in Canada
Vancouver Sun – Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada
… He said Israel's attacks in the Gaza Strip do … terrorism should
not be allowed to live in Israel. … Eyad Alnuweiri, a spokesman for
the Palestine Community Centre…

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