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Palestine-Israel News-links
15-16 January 2008
Last updated: Friday, January 18, 2008 10:38


Citizenship, Zionism and separation of religion from the state
By via the Electronic Intifada(SF Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay))
Wednesday, January 16, 2008 : It is customary to say that the Israeli daily Haaretz is a progressive newspaper. However, its progressive character is generally nowhere to be seen when Israel initiates a war against one of its neighbors …

Ask the White House: President Bush Discusses Trip to Middle East
By annie(annie)
Photostory: Volvo equipment used in house demolitions Adri Nieuwhof, The Electronic Intifada, 14 January 2008; Nickelback – If Everyone Cared (video); “When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution …

By annie(annie)
Law in Israel; Citizenship, Zionism and separation of religion from the state by Michael Warschawski, The Electronic Intifada; Where does it end? …& more from IMEU; Where credit is due in civil-rights fight; Undoubtedly compensation …

Israeli troops kill militant chief in West Bank
While Israel supports US-backed efforts to rebuild Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s security forces in the West Bank, the Jewish state has reserved its …

Israel to Evacuate 2 Settler Outposts
The Associated Press –
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli forces were on their way Wednesday to evacuate two settler outposts in the West Bank, officials said, amid US insistence such …

Honorary citizenship of the moon
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
It does not even have the power to restore residency to about 400000 people who were born in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after 1948, and Israel did …

Israeli army kills senior Jihad commander in W Bank
Xinhua – China
Al-Abidi is the leader of the al-Quds Brigades, the movement’s armed wing, in the West Bank and he has been wanted by Israel since more than seven years ago …

“The State of Palestine Is Long Overdue” – Edmond,OK,USA
Then Hamas staged a coup, and Fatah fled the scene and retreated to the West Bank. Hamas proceeded to transform Gaza into a terrorist haven from which it …

Israeli troops kill top commander in West Bank
Middle East Online – London,UK
While Israel supports US-backed efforts to rebuild Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s security forces in the West Bank, the Israel continues to operate …

Palestine Today 011508
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
The Israeli army invades the eastern Gaza strip and kills 17 Palestinians, while settlers attack farmers in the West Bank, these stories and more coming up …

Palestinians Kill Ecuadorian; 9 Die in Gaza Assault (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
15 (Bloomberg) — Palestinian gunmen in the Gaza Strip fired across a border fence at an Israeli kibbutz, killing an Ecuadorian volunteer. Israel’s ground …


Meet the Lebanese Press: The Arabs to the rescue?
Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco,CA,USA
by via the Electronic Intifada Tuesday, January 15, 2008 :Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa has been spending more time in Lebanon recently than any …

Gaza’s fate left to the whim of an Israeli court
Bay Area Indymedia – San Francisco,CA,USA
by via the Electronic Intifada Tuesday, January 15, 2008 : It’s almost midnight. I rushed to my laptop when I saw the glow of the lamp after almost 12 hours …

De Israelische Terreur 288
By stan(stan)
Activestills gave special permission to publish some of the images on The Electronic Intifada to inform a wider audience about the systematic use of Volvo equipment in house demolitions in East Jerusalem.The Israeli government zoned …

Looking for charities? ---- The Palestine’s Children Relief Fund …
By iNFaMoUsJeSt(iNFaMoUsJeSt)
The Palestine’s Children Relief Fund Electronic Intifada yay =)

‘Injustice every day’: an interview with Leila Khaled
The Electronic Intifada published this interview with Palestinian revolutionary Leila Khaled on Jan. 7. EI editor Matthew Cassel interviewed Khaled in Lebanon . She was visiting Palestinian refugee camps in the country’s north. …

Israeli, Palestinian negotiators start talks on core issues
Boston Globe – United States
President Bush said Thursday in the West Bank that he believed a treaty would be signed by the time he left office in January 2009. …

Barenboim becomes first to hold Israeli and Palestinian passports
Guardian Unlimited – UK
… both Israeli and Palestinian passports after receiving his new documentation at the end of a piano recital in Ramallah in the West Bank at the weekend. …,,2240853,00.html

PLO to form separate W. Bank parliament
Jerusalem Post – Israel
“This is the only way to solve the crisis and prevent a permanent split between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.” Akram Haimouni, a Fatah legislator, …

Report: PA seizes rocket in Nablus
Ynetnews – Israel
… the technology used to manufacture and use rockets in Gaza would be transferred to the West Bank. Earlier in the day a Palestinian youth was arrested at …,7340,L-3494213,00.html

Israeli army detains 10 wanted Palestinians in W Bank
Xinhua – China
Overnight, three Palestinian militants were killed in an Israeli air strike on their car in western Gaza City, not far from where deposed prime minister of …

gershon baskin
Jerusalem Post – Israel
The Palestinian State will have a connection between its two geographic areas, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian State will have full …

Bush offers rewards to Arab states
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
Mr Bush’s staunch view is that Ramallah will soon become a shining light of prosperity that others in the West Bank and Gaza will find irresistible and sign …

Turning swords into plowshares
Jerusalem Post – Israel
A Palestinian-commissioned autopsy found that a rubber bullet fired by Border Police hit Abir in the head, but an Israel Police autopsy ruled out a bullet …

Bernier’s silence raises questions
Globe and Mail – Canada
HAR HOMA, WEST BANK — The phalanx of white stone buildings stands incongruously amid a landscape of craggy hills, thin forests and tiny farming villages. …


Clueless George
By Ocean(Ocean)
information above gathered from The Humanitarian Monitor of Occupied Palestinian Territory International Checkpoint Watch The photo essay of ICW is linked to on this page- “photo gallery” Electronic Intifada.

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