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Palestine-Israel News-links
December 2007
10-11 December


Demography is the key
Ynetnews – Israel
The rightist call for Palestinian recognition of a Jewish state as a precondition for renewing the diplomatic process, a call that received the odd backing …,7340,L-3480630,00.html

Cop’s killing shows strain of W.Bank security plan
International Herald Tribune – France
Israel is holding three Palestinian policemen on suspicion they killed a Jewish settler in the West Bank last month. Palestinians, wary of stop-gap accords …

A pa’s security service detains office manager of plc’s speaker
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
The pa’s security forces have been reportedly arrested scores of Hamas-linked people in the West Bank, since the Islamist group has seized the Gaza Strip in …

Palestinians Ready to Repel Israel Raid
Alalam News Network – Tehran,Iran
… Palestinian territories in the upcoming days. “Given the Zionist regime’s siege of the Gaza Strip and its efforts to surround the West Bank, (Israel) is …

Fuel Crunch Adds To Misery In Gaza Strip
Guardian Unlimited – UK
The West Bank government, formed after Hamas seized Gaza, denies it. Israel says Hamas is responsible for bringing hardship to Gaza. ``The Israeli policy is …,,-7132704,00.html

Israel Says Army Ready for Gaza Invasion
The Associated Press –
As part of the peace efforts, Abbas has launched a crackdown on West Bank gunmen to try to show Israel that he can meet Palestinian obligations to impose …

A Gaza Development Corporation
Media For Freedom – Nepal,Nepal,Nepal
The divisions between Gaza and the West Bank are real and need to be overcome. Hamas, in control of the Gaza strip, was not part of the Palestinian …

Israel Rebuffs Criticism Over Settlements
Alalam News Network – Tehran,Iran
Palestinians want East Al-Quds as capital of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Ramon said all Jewish neighborhoods, including Abu Ghneim, …

Olmert ally insists Israel would keep Jewish sections of east … (Pressemitteilung) – Wien,Austria
… marked by bloody Palestinian suicide bombings in Israeli cities and punishing Israeli raids in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel captured east Jerusalem, …

Press Release: The Genocide of Gaza Continues – Milan,Italy
30 of them were terminally ill people waiting for the Israeli authorities to allow them to leave Gaza in order to get treatment in the West Bank, …

View from America: Unraveling more than Iran policy
Jerusalem Post – Israel
… hasn’t the power or the ability to make a deal, or to finally end Palestinian terror, even if Israel retreated from the West Bank, as it did from Gaza. …

The Lebanese are always waiting
Voltaire Network – Saint-Denis,France
… work that forces Israel to respond to some Palestinian humble demands. The siege arrangements and the division of the West Bank increased after Olmert’s …

Gaza’s donkeys in demand as fuel crisis mounts
Independent – London,England,UK
The new cut followed the failure by the emergency West Bank Palestinian government in Ramallah, set up in June by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, …

A local PFLP leader calls on Hamas to renounce hegemony over Gaza
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
The leftist leader criticized underway Palestinian Authority’s arrests among local Palestinians throughout the West Bank, as “ satan equation’, …

Palestinian UN Envoy: Israeli attacks have destroyed hope for peace
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
Mansour is referring to the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, and invasions in the West Bank, that have resulted in sixteen Palestinians killed since last …

Israel to Build Homes in East Jerusalem
The Associated Press –
The Palestinians consider any construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem to be settlement activity. Israel says the settlement freeze does not apply …

As Israel prepares to abandon territories, some Jews plan State of …
Israel Insider – Tel Aviv,Israel
… and the splitting of the Palestinian Authority into Gaza and the West Bank — in additional to the Palestinian State of Jordan — has apparently …

PNA asks US to force Israel stick to Road Map
Xinhua – China
He also revealed that the Israeli government had initially decided to let 26 West Bank residents, exiled in Gaza, to return back to home while talks still …

‘Al Quds’: Gaza factions weigh ceasefire
Jerusalem Post – Israel
Al-Quds noted that the Egyptian government expressed willingness to mediate between Israel and the Palestinian factions. The sources added that Shallah …

Forum writers skeptical of peace talks Middle East in brief
Contra Costa Times – Walnut Creek,CA,USA
He cannot deliver anything with regard to Gaza, and it is unlikely he will be able to deliver security on the West Bank, which is historical Israeli land. …

The “Joy” of Christmas Has Been Cancelled in Bethlehem – Milan,Italy
But I say to all Christians, this is NOT just about the town of Bethlehem, this is about the ENTIRE Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza being …

Palestine Today 120607
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
Death toll reaches 16 today in Gaza, and in the West Bank the army kills one resistance fighter and injures another, these stories and more coming up stay …

Apartheid is real
Thought Leader – Johannesburg,South Africa
In fact, the creation of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem remains the mandate of the United Nations …

Working to end violence in Palestine: 2 advocates to speak here …
Washington Evening Journal – IA,USA
She discusses the colonizing of the West Bank and the Palestinian ghettoes that have resulted. There is danger in the American mindset that calls criticism …

Israeli PM pledges efforts for peace with Palestine
Times of India – India
About equal numbers of Jews and Arabs now live in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, but only Israeli citizens vote in Israeli elections. …

Israel plans to retain Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City with its holy sites, in the 1967 Mideast war, along with the West Bank and Gaza Strip. …

IMF supports Palestinian economic reform plan for 2008-2010
Ynetnews – Israel
About three-quarters of households in Gaza and 56% in the West Bank live in poverty. Efforts to revive the Palestinian economy and build the institutions of …,7340,L-3481208,00.html

Palestinian PM hopes for $5.6 billion from donors to stoke …
International Herald Tribune – France
… Palestinian state existing side by side in peace and security with Israel” was the ability of Palestinians to move freely between the West Bank and Gaza …

Arab League chief slams Israeli plan
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
One of Israel’s leading human rights groups yesterday harshly criticised the government for widespread violations in the West Bank and Gaza, …

Rice hopes Israeli building will not “cloud” talks
Reuters – USA
The Palestinian Territory is divided between Abbas’s Fatah movement which controls the West Bank and the militant group Hamas which runs the Gaza Strip. …

Palestine Today 121007
International Middle East Media Center – Beit Sahour,West Bank,Palestinian Territories
The Israeli army attacks West Bank areas, and clashes in Gaza with Palestinian resistance factions, these stories, and more, coming up, stay tuned. …


Shift in tactics brings safer Israeli streets
Detroit Free Press – United States
Israel’s military responded with major operations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Israel’s government began building its controversial separation …

Israel ready to trade Jerusalem areas with Arabs
Today’s Zaman – Istanbul,Turkey
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Ramon told Army Radio: “I am …

Har Homa residents unfazed by criticism of new construction
Jerusalem Post – Israel
The Jerusalem neighborhood, which overlooks Bethlehem and lies just inside the expanded city limits, north of Jerusalem’s southern border with the West Bank …

Palestinian official hopes Bush visit to push Israel to implement …
Xinhua – China
Palestinian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Information Riyad al-Malki said he hoped Bush’s visit to Israel and the West Bank “would contribute in urging …

The West Bank is better, but democracy suffers
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Moreover, Israel will not ease up its grip on the West Bank unless it believes that Palestinian security has the will and ability to fill the void. …

Human rights group attacks gov’t for policy in West Bank, Gaza
Jerusalem Post – Israel
By AP One of Israel’s leading human rights groups on Sunday harshly criticized the government for widespread violations in the West Bank and Gaza which it …

Distortion of Palestinian Aid Politics
Global Politician – Brooklyn,NY,USA
“Economic growth will be closely linked to a lifting of West Bank barriers and trade restrictions, the report said. Israel imposed the restrictions, …

Industrialists try to launch Israeli-Palestinian business forum
Ha’aretz – Tel Aviv,Israel
… and Palestinian industrialists have established the Palestine International Business Forum, in order to promote projects in the West Bank and the Gaza …

Israel’s Right to the Land
Israel Hasbara Committee (subscription) – Brooklyn,NY,USA
… a mechanism for the vindication of Palestinian rights over the West Bank and Gaza is widely held here in Western Europe where an awareness of Israel’s …

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