Why Iraq Is Not the West Bank
World Press Review – USA
… and another police station in the Gaza Strip were … the same period, according to the Palestine Red Crescent … How successful has Israel been at killing militants? …
Trapped like mice
Al-Ahram Weekly – Cairo,Egypt
… at the core of the colonial project to control Palestine. … the evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip and of … But at the same time, Israel has announced the …
Jordan, EU Tell Israel to Give PA Leader Chance
Palestine Chronicle
… He is planning to withdraw Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip this year, but he has made clear Israel plans to keep large chunks of the West Bank. …
After Arafat, Arafat II?
Al-Ahram Weekly – Cairo,Egypt
… This is exactly what is missing in Israel/Palestine. … means he must achieve the creation of a state in all (or virtually all) of the West Bank, Gaza, and East …
The child hour
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… ago came in third in the “Mr. Palestine” contest because … blue smiling eyes, who moved to Israel with her … up with Yesha [West Bank and Gaza settlement] slogans …
Palestine, Democracy, and Peace: A Global Investment
Media Monitors Network – USA
… reform and development plan in Palestine by adopting … economic, and legal linkage between Gaza and the West Bank, while ensuring that Israel neither demand …

‘Occupied Democracy’: A New American Foreign Policy
New California Media – San Francisco,CA,USA
… live outside the West Bank and Gaza in the … Successful democratic elections in Palestine may prove to the … smaller and smaller cantons while Israel holds all the …

Background/ Hamas v. Abbas: the lethal Islamists, a profile
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… who attacked Jewish villages in pre-State Palestine, killed by … the many Gazans suspected of collaboration with Israel. … for a withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and …
Book Review | No peace for Israelis, Palestinians till each is at … (subscription) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
… spent time with the Palestinians in Gaza and the … of those allegedly fighting against Israel have really … Arafat’s followers fear a democratic Palestine lest a …
James Bowen: Hypocrisy of Denying Palestinian Diaspora a Say
Palestine Chronicle
… the diaspora outside the borders of pre-1948 Palestine. … one million were Palestinian citizens of Israel, 3.3 million … living in the West Bank and Gaza and 4.5 …
Mass hypnosis in the Middle East
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… permanent representative of Jordan at the United Nations. Ali Abunimah is co-founder of The Electronic Intifada and Electronic Iraq.
Daily disruption in Balata: A four day overview
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The time of relative quiet that the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) initiated during the Palestinian Authority elections, in order to please international …
UPDATE FROM THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA. UPDATE FROM THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA. … Laurie King-Irani, The Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2005. …

Palestine: New leader, old realities
Middle East International (MEI) – London,England,UK
… plan from Gaza and a part of the West Bank is “security coordination”, coupled with the right to take over any Palestinian land Israel withdraws from. …
What Really Happened in 1948
Gamla – Israel
… accounts of what happened to the Palestinians and Palestine. … Some Jews want us out of Israel, and some … in an area that includes the West Bank, Gaza, and Amman …
At Senate hearings, Rice stresses
JTA – New York,NY,USA
… seeking to address criticism that Sharon is planning a “Gaza first and … people who want to destroy the chances for peace between Israel and Palestine.”. …
The only way is out
Media Monitors Network – USA
… The unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza is creating … problems than solutions both in Israel and Palestine. In Palestine, the Palestinian Authority and the …

Ayoon wa Azan (Major Shame)
Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia
… about the crimes of the occupation in Palestine, or the … Israel killed or injured 20 Palestinian civilians in the past … in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, in …

Democratic Reform in Muslim World a Priority in Bush Second Term
All American Patriots (press release) – Taeby,NA,Sweden
… the solution to that is two states, Israel and Palestine … has, or the Palestinians, not yet Palestine, but the … extremists to pull Israelis out of Gaza and out of …

Israel Hopes for Better Relationship With UN Palestinian Refugee …
Cybercast News Service – Alexandria,VA,USA
… to comment on Hansen’s departure but said Israel has had … out direct relief works programs for Palestine refugees” – those … than 50 camps in the Gaza Strip, West …
The complex background to
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… Egypt has had to negotiate with Israel within two … for peace: one for Egypt and one for Palestine. … Ariel Sharon’s disengagement plan for Gaza and settlements in …,hentoff,60098,6.html
New York Civil Liberties Union: students can dissent in class only …
Village Voice – New York,NY,USA
… Israel is a Zionist state, which has to be dismantled. Professor Hamid Dabashi, Columbia MEALAC department, Electronic Intifada, September 29, 2002. …
Rafah crossing closure takes tragic toll
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
At least seven Palestinian refugees stranded at the Egypt-Rafah border crossing closed by Israel for the past six weeks have succumbed to various illnesses. …
East Jerusalem’s Chehade Brothers Nominated for Music Award
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Among this year’s nominees for a BBC R3 Award for World Music is Palestinian group the Chehade Brothers. Rami and Farid Chehade …
Departing head of UN refugee agency decries conditions in Gaza as …
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Peter Hansen, the Danish Commissioner-General of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine (UNWRA), who will be leaving his position in March …

Israel: Kate Raphael Bender Deported Thursday (press release) – New Zealand
… All want to be president of Palestine. … when the state of Israel was dissolved and replaced by a single country uniting Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. …
New poll: Post-Arafat era, Palestinians, Israelis more willing to …
Globes Online – Israel
… issues, there would be a mutual recognition of Israel as the state of the Jewish people and Palestine as the … to-face in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 120 …
Demographic Deception – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… Health releases birth statistics for Gaza and the … another 150,000 have moved into Israel, and though … least one unlikely ally: the Palestine Central Elections …

Where the reporting stops
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… in the area for the PA’s Voice of Palestine radio station … those working in the the West Bank and Gaza Strip are … and most of those working in Israel are Israelis …
Palestine: Israeli Occupation Forces killed mother and her son … (press release) – Spain
… others, four of them critically in the northern Gaza Strip town of … Consequently, The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) demanded Israel yesterday to …
The “J” word is missing from Canadian Editorials about Abbas
Media Monitors Network – USA
… see the violent conflict between Israel and Palestine in its … Israel is blaming Abbas already for not doing enough … Abbas is now holding meetings in Gaza to test …
The Ideology of American Empire – Italy
… population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip between … have, at one time, been arbitrarily detained by Israel. … of blood that leads from Iraq to Palestine, from the …
Palestine: Sharon Foils the President Abbas’ Efforts to Secure … (press release) – Spain
… the Executive Committee (EC) of the Palestine Liberation Organization … The PLO also urged Israel “to drop its policy of … of the OPT, particularly the Gaza Strip …
Back to ‘normal’ in Balata
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Nablus, 15 January 2005 — Lately the Israeli army has been showing up regularly at night, but after some quiet days following the elections, military activity …

Tranquility at last?
The Statesman – Calcutta,India
behove discussing the outstanding issues that have been plaguing Israel and Palestine. removal of Jewish settlements from the West Bank and Gaza strip to
Abbas orders crackdown on militants
Reuters – UK
… Israel and a Jewish settlement in Gaza that Sharon fired at least seven rockets into Israel in defiance of a call from the Palestine Liberation Organisation

The Mideast Abbas: I will seek cease-fire
Concord Monitor – Concord,NH,USA
to Thursday’s Gaza killings and Israel’s suspension of that governs the West Bank and Gaza Strip, home to role as head of the Palestine Liberation Organization

Obstacles are many
Concord Monitor – Concord,NH,USA
the commercial truck crossing into Gaza, three Palestinian number two official of the Palestine Liberation Organization a part of northeastern Israel about six

Background/ Gunmen for God: Who’s Who of the armies of Palestine
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
Formed in practice from units of the Palestine Liberation Army criminal element in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. had arrested in the past by both Israel and the
Mubarak in an interview with al-Arabiya: religious parties are
Arabic News – Middle East
“Now the West Bank and Gaza Strip are community has an economic responsibility towards Palestine so that … Israel must also know that violence would not end once
PALESTINIAN ELECTION: MEP has hopes and fears for Palestine
Peterborough Evening Telegraph – Peterborough,England,UK
Richard did express his concern for the future of Palestine. His inauguration began a day after Israel broke off of a militant attack on a Gaza Strip crossing

On this day
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
and the head of the phantom All-Palestine government, was Post reported that Egypt turned down Israel’s suggestion that for the West Bank and Gaza take charge
Pro-Israel Rally Brings Middle East Divide to Berkeley
New York Sun (subscription) – New York,NY,USA
dozen Muslim students traded verbal taunts with members of the pro-Israel crowd in the style favored by terrorist groups in the West Bank and Gaza. … Palestine, no
[ANN]Palestinians no novices at democracy
Korea Herald – Seoul,South Korea
The 1967 war, during which Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip, had Arafat’s Fatah movement took control of the Palestine Liberation Organization
Growing concerns humanitarian consequences Israeli closure Gaza …
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights is gravely concerned at the closure of al-Mentar (Karni) crossing, east of Gaza City, by Israeli occupation forces (IOF …
Election Irregularities: CEC unable to respond to Barghouthi …
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Palestinian Central Election Commission unable to respond to Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi’s formal complaint of last-minute illegal changes in Palestinian …

A time of crisis for new Palestine leader
Mail & Guardian Online (subscription) – Johannesburg,South Africa
… because Abbas did not outline how he plans to stop attacks on Israel. … for the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot, warned that the militants in Gaza showed Abbas …
Hours After Sharon Order, Israeli Fire Kills 2 in West Bank
New York Times – USA
… Mr. Abbas also heads the Palestine Liberation Organization, and … interests and provide excuses to Israel, which wishes … Bank city of Ramallah to Gaza this week …
US Should Help Stop Land Grabs
Common Dreams – USA
… of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip is a … ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, yet in Palestine it acquiesces … while it sits idly by as Israel deprives Palestinians …
Wishing upon a Mideast star
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… He engineered ties between the Palestine Liberation Organization and … live peacefully, side by side with Israel), is to be … up of much of the West Bank and Gaza. …
PLO urges Palestinian militants to halt attacks on Israel
Xinhua – Beijing,China
16 (Xinhuanet) — The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive … homemade rockets at southern Israel and Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip. …
Controversial photo exhibit opens Thursday – KS,USA
… freely around Israel and in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. She asked Palestinians living around the world: “If I could do one thing for you in Palestine, what …
Time for a reality check
U.S. News & World Report (subscription) – Washington,D.C.,USA
… victory and a culture of hatred toward Israel; he legitimized … the Tunis crowd that came to Palestine and the … confront the militants in the West Bank and Gaza. …
[NEWS ANALYSIS] Is the Big Question Israel or Internal …
Zaman Online – Istanbul,Turkey
… A suicide attack by the Palestine People’s Resistance Committee … and the Al-Aqsa Brigades in Gaza four days … This mostly benefits Israel, which can deflect the …

Abass Sworn in as PNA President
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
RAMALLAH, January 15, 2005 (WAFA)- The PLO Executive Committee (EC) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, was sworn in on Saturday as President of the Palestinian National …
Israeli forces kill 5 Palestinians in Gaza attack
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Since Saturday morning, 15 January 2005, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have launched a wide scale offensive on al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City. …

Google Alert for: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
Iraq seeks cooperation on terrorism
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
16 (UPI) — Iraq is reported negotiating with unidentified countries to stop all funding to al-Qaida leader in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. …
Saddam Agents, Militants Plan ‘Vicious’ Poll Attacks
ABC News – USA
… Baath Party and foreign militants inspired by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and his key ally in Iraq, Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, may have …
Mutual truce between Israel, Palestine eyed
Manila Times – Manila,Philippines
… the Palestinian Authority in the wake of an attack on a Gaza border crossing in … use of weapons during the four-year Palestinian uprising, but Israel has said …
Middle East Newsline – Montreal,Quebec,Canada
… attacks in the West Bank and Gaza Strip … from other insurgency groups for major attacks against Israel. … Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine for suicide …
The process of local election in the PNA
AMIN – Palestine
… to the Oslo peace accords with Israel which resulted … Front for the Liberation of Palestine and other … gained ground, particularly in the Gaza Strip, unofficial …
PALESTINE: Alqidwa Says UN Registry Based on ICJ’s Advisory … (press release) – Spain
… with the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Palestine News Agency … Israel has built in and through the West Bank cities and…

Towering Babble and the Just War
PEJ News – Victoria,BC,Canada
… population of the West Bank and Gaza Strip between … have, at one time, been arbitrarily detained by Israel. … of blood that leads from Iraq to Palestine, from the …

Will President Abbas have any impact on the peace process? – Dalton,GA,USA
… The concepts of a “Greater Israel” and Palestine minus a … Muslims and Christians living in Palestine – similar to … s acceptance of Sharon’s Gaza plan and …
Election observer says ball’s in Israel’s court – Fredericksburg,VA,USA
… According to Electronic Intifada, a Palestinian activist Web site, the actual turnout was 46.7 percent when all eligible voters are factored into the equation. …

Senior UN official urges implementation of road map
Ha’aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… steps with the goal of having two independent states, Israel and Palestine, living in … the number of people living in West Bank and Gaza settlements rose by …
Palestinian overcount
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… Health releases birth statistics for Gaza and the … another 150,000 have moved into Israel; and though … least one unlikely ally: the Palestine Central Elections …
Latest news briefs from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Cleveland Jewish News – Cleveland,OH,USA
… Hamas is considering stopping attacks inside Israel, a leader of … Leaders of the group in the Gaza Strip have … Center for Policy Analysis on Palestine to redress …

The Sharon-Abu Mazen Battle of Wills
Dar Al-Hayat – Saudi Arabia
… have been defeated, once the Left in Israel regroups, once a … with a peaceful, prosperous and democratic Palestine, then he … in the West Bank and Gaza can become …
The Gypsy And His Horse
Gamla – Israel
… barrier, it is meant to be an international border between Israel and Palestine. Gaza is just the first step.” He explained that “facts on the ground” are …
Truck bomb kills 6 Israelis, more challenges to the new Palest. … – London,UK
… all the farm produce enter and leave the Gaza Strip. … Hamas, Jihad and other resistance Group in Palestine to a … that the group was open to a truce with Israel. …
Election observer says ball’s in Israel’s court – Fredericksburg,VA,USA
… said that spending a week in Palestine before and … convinced him most Palestinians want improved relations with Israel. … in the West Bank and Gaza, working with …
Palestine elections haven’t stopped the violence
Pravda – Moscow,Russia
At least five Israelis were killed and several wounded last night by a suicide bomb near an Israeli army base in the Gaza Strip.

Palestine: Elections were ‘example’ for the Arab world
“ Index on Censorship is presently redesigning its website and some features may
not be available. Palestine, Elections were ‘example’ to the Arab world.
Elections, But No Democracy
Palestine Chronicle
Satirical headlines like the one above from the Electronic Intifada reflect Israeli interference in the election. Israeli soldiers
Human Rights Watch World Report 2005: Israel/Occupied Palestinian
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The human rights situation in Israel and the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip remained grave throughout 2004, as armed clashes continued to exact a high price
Jerusalemites take to the polls, but not in scores
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
On the rear windshield of an old Peugeot, a sticker with the faces of Abu Mazen and late President Yasser Arafat gleamed in the Jerusalem sun. “Vote …


Mideast attacks end election respite
The Globe and Mail – Toronto,ON,Canada
It will never end until Palestine is returned Palestinians to “disengage” from tiny Gaza, he also … Bank settlements he regards as strategically vital to Israel.
Magnate hopes banks, not bombs, will build Palestine
Mathaba.Net – Africa
in Ottoman- and later British-ruled Palestine which was settled by Jewish pioneers and later became Israel. along with the West Bank and Gaza in the 1967
Election under occupation
Vermont Guardian – Winooski,VT,USA
… Israel declared strong support for the democratic process in Palestine, but refused The West Bank and Gaza were full of election observers from many,,251-1437764,00.html
Palestinian bomb attack threatens hopes for peace
The Times – UK
“It will never end until Palestine is returned a choice between co-operation with Israel and continued in the occupied West Bank and Gaza settlements, which
Trapped Like Mice: Palestinians under the New Israeli “
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
at the core of the colonial project to control Palestine. the evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip and of But at the same time, Israel has announced the
Israel does have partners for peace – North Adams,MA,USA
flowering of grassroots peace initiatives in Palestine and Israel … One of Israel’s promising Palestinian peace partners is to serve in the West Bank or Gaza.
Palestinian issue covered in half-truths
Green Bay News Chronicle – Green Bay,WI,USA
There have been 50 unsolved killings in Gaza in the last two months for reasons ranging The moral difference between Israel and the Palestine Authority is
PROFNET WIRE: GOVERNMENT & LAW: Middle East Peace Process
ArriveNet (press release) – Castle Rock,CO,USA
purpose — the disengagement from the Gaza Strip and Operation Defensive Shield” and presented Israel’s case to can provide commentary on the Palestine election
Last chance for the two state solution
Media Monitors Network – USA
on his promise to remove the settlements of Gaza and the A year or so from now Israel will almost Meanwhile, in the coming months Palestine itself faces more
Civilian Killed in Beit Lahya and Others Wounded
International Press Center (press release) – Palestine
BEIT LAHYA, Palestine, January 13, 2005 (IPC + WAFA road between northern and southern Gaza Strip. were both transferred to hospitals inside Israel for treatment
All Boxed In: Interview with Palestinian-American artist Rajie
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
It seems that the subject matter of the boxes have changed with the current Palestinian intifada, and that they have become more explicitly political, directly
Palestinian Elections: Exercising Democracy under Occupation
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
To the outside world and the 800 international observers, the 9 January 2005 Palestinian presidential elections seemed like a normal exercise in democracy.
The Election Labyrinth of East Jerusalem
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
January 9, 2005 — Many friends and family in the US have asked me whether or not I thought the Palestinian elections would be conducted in a free and fair
Trapped Like Mice: Palestinians under the New Israeli “
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
Palestine has been in the headlines of the Western mainstream media again. The preparations leading up to the elections on January


Abbas ceasefire hopes challenged by Gaza ambush
Financial Times – UK
Jihad group said such attacks would continue “until Palestine is returned down on the militants, who have called on Israel also to What happened in Gaza and the
West Bank remains key in Mideast
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
an independent Palestine in the West Bank and Gaza. And with no independent Palestine, there’s no end to be reconciled to the sovereignty of Israel west of the>Violence ushers in Abbas era
Bangkok Post – Bangkok,Thailand
for the ``road map’’ process towards a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza alongside Israel. ``It will never end until Palestine is returned
Despite Poll, Israel Still Holds Keys to Peace
Palestine Chronicle
Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, added to occupation augmented beyond comprehension, while Israel’s killing total size of historic Palestine, without the
Charley Reese: No Peace in Palestine
Palestine Chronicle
confiscated. In 1967, Israel’s blitzkrieg war took the rest of Palestine, including the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. The
Human Rights in Palestine: General Assembly Report
Palestine Chronicle
the accepted border between Israel and Palestine) or within However, the Government of Israel has indicated that severely curtailed in the West Bank and Gaza.
Goodbye Palestine (VIII): Where Prophecy and Reality Meet
Palestine Chronicle
is not the only ‘land deal’ ongoing in Palestine. areas that will be annexed to Israel in the future.” Thus the withdrawal from Gaza, combined with
Israel Line
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs (press release) – Israel
the Israel Olive Oil Board and Palestine Olive Board to expand cooperation, and display a joint Israel-Palestinian olive in the West bank and Gaza, the olive
Hunting Quail and Sitting Ducks – Troy,MI,USA
was part of the original Mandate of Palestine Britain received … Gaza, after all, since the days of the Pharaohs used as an invasion route into Israel proper and
Likud feud threatens Sharon’s grip
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
to its plan to withdraw this summer from the Gaza Strip and Likud ideologies that considered the entire “land of Israel,” or historical Palestine, to belong
Preliminary Statement on Palestinian Elections
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
The 9 January election for the president of the Palestinian Authority represented a genuine effort to conduct a regular electoral process. …

& sid=aKzige04hfC0&refer=top_world_news

Sharon, Abbas Vow to Revive Contacts After Phone Call (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
… who also replaced Arafat as chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization … security forces on the timing of Israel’s evacuation of the Gaza Strip and four …,0,

Town spotlights divide over barrier – Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
… then an independent state of Palestine is impossible … Politically, most side with Israel’s more conservative, pro … Twenty-five settlements — 21 in Gaza with 7,000 …

New Sharon government takes office
The Globe and Mail – Toronto,ON,Canada
… settlements in the West Bank and Gaza who once … be solved by declaring Jordan as the state of Palestine. … agreement on the necessity to end Israel’s presence in …
A tale of two elections
Israel Insider – Israel
… day in the West Bank and Gaza was marked … them into special mailboxes, presumably to be “mailed” to Palestine. … afraid to vote, in fear that Israel would regard …
Abbas Offers Peace to Israel, Likely to Meet Sharon Soon Bush …
Palestine Media Center – Israel
… the illegal Jewish settlers from the Gaza Strip, while hanging on to parts of the West Bank and to … months as “the most fateful in Israel-Palestine relations …
“Democracy” under Occupation
Electronic Intifada – Chicago,IL,USA
… Gaza residents still have to look at the rubble of … violent resistance to the occupation if Israel restrains its … to resist the occupation of Palestine has been …
Statistics belie talk of massive mandate
Al-Jazeera.Net – Qatar
… Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), with … Sayid Baraka, also based in Gaza, who received … clear mandate to negotiate with Israel a possible …
Richard Gere and the occupied vote
Seven Oaks – Vancouver,BC,Canada
The recent election in Palestine, the first of two … experience in the West Bank and Gaza drove home the … American Right and other staunchly pro-Israel advocates. …
Musharraf congratulates Palestine’s Abbas on election victory
Pakistan Times – Pakistan
… of the smooth political transition in Palestine, the international … that can live alongside a safe and secure Israel”. … for most of the day in Gaza, there were …

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