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Blatant misinformation on the Iraqi Resistance Imad Khadduri, Free Iraq

September 26, 2005

“We have got reason to believe that al-Zarqawi has now been given tactical command in the city over groups that have had to merge under him for the sake of survival,” an American intelligence officer in Baghdad told The Times yesterday.

An intelligence summary, citing the conglomeration of insurgent groups under the al-Qaeda banner to be the result of rebel turf wars, money, weaponry and fear, concluded that of the estimated 16,000 Sunni Muslim insurgents, 6,700 were hardcore Islamic fundamentalists who were now supplemented by a possible further 4,000 members after an amalgamation with Jaysh Muhammad, previously an insurgent group loyal to the former Baathist regime.”
Terrorists unite to plot Iraqi civil war September 15, 2005

“Following the declaration of the head of Al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Musa’ab Al-Zarqawi, in waging an all out war on the Shi’ites as a response to the killings and annihilation of the Sunni civilians at the hands of the occupation forces and their supported Shi’ite Iraqi government, and as a response to the massacres being committed by the Shi’ite ‘Iraqi’ military and police, the Mufakirrat Al-Islam (Islam Memo) reporter in Anbar, western Iraq, has reported that various patriotic and religiously affiliated Iraqi Resistance groups, who are well known in the country, have publicly declared their refusal to follow Al-Zarqawi’s call for the killing of the Shi’ites, whether they be civilians or non-civilians, and that they do not abide at all by that summons.

The reporter indicated that the Iraqi Resistance groups’ declaration specifically stated that their main goal is the expulsion of the occupiers, and to set an example to the futility of any further attempts to occupy an Arabic or Islamic country.

The declaration, which was signed by ‘Jaish Mohammad’, ‘The Islamic Army’, ‘Al-Qa’qa’ Brigades’, ‘The Army of Iraqi Mujahiddin’ and ‘Al-Nasir Salah El-Din’ specifically pointed out that the aim of the Iraqi Resistance and their military strikes will be directed at the occupiers and collaborators, and nobody else, and the call for attacking the Shi’ites in general is nothing but a fire that will burn all Iraqis, Sunnis and Shi’ites.”
Iraqi Resistance groups refuse the incitation to attack Shi’ite civilians September 15, 2005 (my translation – in Arabic, Mufakirrat Al-Islam)

“A spokesman for the conservative Sunni Association of Muslim Scholars, often thought to have links to the Sunni insurgents, yesterday attacked al-Qaida’s tactics.

“Zarqawi speaks from the position of revenge,” Muhammed Bashar Faidi, a spokesman for the group, said on Al-Arabiya television. “This position by Zarqawi is aimed at provoking sectarian war [but] if he wants a war he should fight the occupation forces, and not innocents.”
Conservative Sunni group criticises al-Qaida tactics September 16, 2005

“Al-Qaida’s leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead but Washington continues to use him as a bogeyman to justify a prolonged military occupation, an Iraqi Shia cleric says in an interview. Sheikh Jawad al-Kalesi, the imam of the al-Kazemiya mosque in Baghdad, told France’s Le Monde newspaper on Friday: “I don’t think that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi exists as such. He’s simply an invention by the occupiers to divide the people.”Al-Kalesi claimed that al-Zarqawi was killed in the Kurdish northern region of Iraq at the beginning of the US-led war on the country as he was meeting with members of the Ansar Al-Islam group affiliated to al-Qaida.”His family in Jordan even held a ceremony after his death. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is therefore a ploy used by the Americans, an excuse to continue the occupation. It’s a pretext so they don’t leave Iraq.”
Cleric says al-Zarqawi died long ago September 16, 2005

“[Iraqi/US/US and Iraqi] forces have [nabbed/captured/ arrested] [a/one/two] [senior/middle/] [figure(s)/operations chief(s)/terrorist operative(s)] of [Jordanian/al-Qaeda-linked/Iraq’s most wanted] terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi.”
The Zarqawi Phenomenon July 6, 2005

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