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30/04/04 Business As Usual: US Military Abuse Exposed By Bruce Kennedy, JihadUnSpun php

Deep inside Saddam Hussein's most notorious prison, a bound and blindfolded Iraqi was forced to balance on a box and told he would be electrocuted if he fell. But the torturers were not Saddam's henchmen, they were American soldiers.

Photos of Iraqi prisoners forming a human pyramid with an American slur written on one man's body; photos of Iraqi prisoners forced to simulate sex with each other, and pictures of smiling American soldiers with naked and humiliated Iraqi prisoners were just some of the abuses that finally made their way to the public.

Thanks to CBS and 60 Minutes II and prompted by an announcement by the US Army last month that 17 soldiers in Iraq, including a brigadier general, had been removed from duty after charges of mistreating Iraqi prisoners, American TV viewers got a first hand glimpse into the depraved acts being perpetrated against Iraqi in living color last night.

The CBS report comes long after these specific events and is presented as an apology and may serve as damage control. A Lawyer for one of one of the six soldiers who have been suspended pending investigation tries to get us to believe it’s the fog of war. “The elixir of power, the elixir of believing that you're helping the CIA, for God's sake, when you're from a small town in Virginia, that's intoxicating. And so, good guys sometimes do things believing that they are being of assistance and helping a just cause. … And helping people they view as important.” Fuddle Duddle. “Good guys” don’t do this kind of stuff under any circumstances. These sick and perverted photos show something else – like it has all been done before… like some X rated movie being played out.

Did the Taliban do these to coalition forces they captured? No. Released prisoners reported they were well treated. Did Saddam’s regime do this to the POW’s it captured? No. In fact the world was outraged that they showed prisoners of war at the time which is not allowed under the Geneva Convention. The CBS report makes Saddam’s breach mild.

Why is it that America does not have to honor the rules it says it supports? Why is it that it can illegally occupy a country, illegally detain and torture individuals in both Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay, illegally detain its own citizens and perpetrate acts against humanity that only the most depraved minds could carry out? Simply because it is a military superpower. Those that oppose can be eliminated – or so the American war machine thinks.

What will happen to this handful of soldiers who were caught? Brigadier General Janice Karpinsky who ran the Abu Ghraib prison for the Army has been suspended and six soldiers face court martial in Iraq and possible prison time. Yeah right. In others words – a slap on the wrist maybe. “A full investigation” means the matter will disappear from the public eye and disappear through the bureaucratic slight of hand.

The real facts are that there is report after report of US abuses; on the internet, in the back pages of our newspapers, in personal accounts that with a little luck will now make their way to mainstream press. This is not an isolated few – this is business as usual for the US military and their collaborating band of thugs in Iraq. Is it any wonder that bodies of US soldiers who fall into Iraqi hands are mutilated and displayed?

The pictures of US soldiers dishonoring Iraqi detainees came as no surprise to JUS. We have been reporting alleged abuses since shortly after the fall of Baghdad. We received several reports over the past months of US soldiers raping Iraqi woman, only to find these photos posted to US porn sites. While these photos and reports were put down to “loose” Iraqi women (which shows a fundamental understanding of Iraq’s religion and culture) we discovered later that those who were detained, some at Abu Ghraib prison, who refused to provide US officials with intelligence where given a prod to garner “cooperation” by rounding up the female relatives, forcing them into sexual acts that were filmed and then shown to their husbands, fathers and brothers and to the general public through porn sites. Now the CBS 60 Minutes II report legitimizes the incidents we have been reporting all along.

The Arab world is outraged. The Muslim Ummah is outraged. Iraqis are outraged and so are people of conscience everywhere. I pity the next soldiers that fall into Resistance hands. And contrary to its belief – America can be defeated and most likely will be defeated and dangled at the end of its own pathetic rope for all the world to see.

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