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20 July 2005

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How did Greenspan Know about the London Bombings Two Days before?
Mike Whitney
Two days before the London subway bombings, Fed-Master Alan Greenspan flushed nearly $40 billion in liquidity into financial markets. The sudden activity was an astonishing departure from the current policy of tightening interest rates to stifle inflation. The Chairman has not explained his erratic behavior, but there’s growing speculation that Greenspan may have had information about the likelihood of terrorist attacks and decided to “preemptively” head-off a run on the markets. As it turns out, his actions may have been a positive factor in stabilizing the market following the incident, (… ) but that doesn’t address the larger issue of whether Greenspan had inside information that an attack was imminent.
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So many are the investigations and debates that came up analyzing the aims of the US administration war-on-Iraq campaign. Although the occupation of Iraq is against the international law and all the Iraqi people ambitions and targets, the US administration is insisting on completing its occupation plans and projects in Iraq. What ever the justifications the American media or its agents are declaring, we, Iraqis, are now very sure that the main motive for this administration’s war is to control the oil, the best global source of power, which will enable America, following long-term plans, to dominate the whole world as the only super power. The following brief research is emphasizing the impact of the USA plans which began since the early eighties and continued up to the current Iraq occupation on the Iraqi economy…
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Special Report
Supreme Court nominee Roberts’ lawyer wife facilitates global satellite system projects and her firm is targeting Iraq reconstruction
Margie Burns, Online Journal Contributing Writer
Yet another first for our boundary-breaching White House: for the first time in American history, we’re going to have a justice on the high court whose spouse facilitates financing and putting together global satellite systems. Also, the firm in which she is a partner, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, emphasizes among other things its expertise in facilitating business in Iraq: “We offer one-stop service to clients pursuing projects in Iraq, from solicitation and RFP counseling to working with key government and multilateral agencies, and from initially penetrating the Iraqi marketplace to final project implementation. Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in their fields, and at the cutting-edge in a variety of disciplines relevant to Iraq reconstruction…
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John Pilger, Hans von Sponeck, Dahr Jamail and Others Respond to BBC Statement Regarding The World Tribunal on Iraq
Media Lens
Media Lens recently issued a media alert about the lack of British media coverage given to the World Tribunal on Iraq, held in Istanbul last month. Our alert, The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing World Tribunal on Iraq, was sent out on July 6, 2005. We suggested that readers ask senior BBC managers and editors why the BBC, a publicly-funded broadcaster, is failing to cover the many reports of alleged US war crimes in Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq. Why, in particular, did the main BBC news programmes ignore the Tribunal’s damning findings against the invasion and occupation of Iraq? And when has the BBC ever reported Bush and Blair’s culpability for war crimes? These are troubling questions for well-rewarded media professionals to answer rationally, while preserving any semblance of self-respect…
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Urgent: Jameel Saad’s Brain Tumor
Wafaa’ Al-Natheema
I am writing with hope that you can help in any way you can by posting this letter on your website/blog and emailing it to your lists, by sending donations or by providing medical expertise. Jameel Saad was the youngest maqam singer in the world of Arabic-maqam singing (…) A couple of months ago, his family, who lives in IRAQ under this vicious war, was devastated to learn that Jameel Saad was suffering from a brain tumor. They managed in extreme panic to bring him to the UAE for surgery. He is now being treated at Twam Hospital in al-Ain. Unfortunately, the UAE authorities did not issue his father a visa to accompany him to the surgery. So he will be in the UAE with his older brother…
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The Wayward Media
Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor, The Crisis Papers
Its no secret: the former watchdogs of the American media have been transformed into Bush’s lapdogs. Whenever a potential White House or GOP scandal rears its ugly head, you can count on the news media to be otherwise engaged. If you’ve paid any attention to the Tom Delay outrages, Gannon/Guckert, the Downing Street Memos, the civilian casualties in Iraq, The World Tribunal on Iraq in Istanbul, or what the rest of the world thinks of us and our President, you’ve kprobably learned about it from somewhere else: perhaps the foreign press or, of course, the internet. As for the mainstream media (MSM), it’s all about Michael Jackson, the runaway bride, or the love lives of assorted Hollywood celebs…
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The true measure of the US and British failure
The Independent
One of the many shameful aspects of the war in Iraq has been the failure of US and British forces to register civilian casualties. Both the US and the British authorities insist that they have no obligation to do so – and, if this is correct, that should surely change. But the absence of any reliable figures has had several malign effects…
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The Hand of Cheney
Did Dick Finger Valerie?
RAY McGOVERN, Former CIA analyst
By now it should be clear that the White House assault on former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife had much less to do with personalities than with the “particular lie” that Wilson exposed. I believe this helps to explain the highly unusual role Vice President Dick Cheney played regarding the forged “intelligence” about Iraq seeking to acquire uranium from Niger-the source of that particular lie. Our Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) writings provide contemporaneous insight into the major flap that hit the White House two years ago, when it was discovered that the “intelligence” was based on a forgery. It was clear at that time that the first item on the White House list of talking points was: “It wasn’t Dick.”…
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Was Bus Bomber Really Hasib Hussain?
Fintan Dunne,
Eyewitness accounts of a bomber aboard the London bus which was blasted on 7/7/’05 are strangely at variance with each other and with CCTV evidence. First the question of the description of the man: BUS blast survivor Richard Jones yesterday revealed how he came face-to-face with one of the London bombers. The Scots IT expert got off the doomed double-decker just seconds before it was torn apart in an explosion that killed 13 passengers. He said the bomber was around 6ft tall, in his mid-twenties, clean-shaven and smartly dressed. The man was wearing hipster-style fawn checked trousers, with exposed designer underwear, and a matching jersey-style top. ‘The pants looked very expensive, they were white with a red band on top…
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US and Iraqi troops have launched another offensive on the city of Fallujah in the volatile Anbar province in western Iraq. US military leaders believe a group of guerrillas has established itself in the city once more, taking advantage of the last few months of relative calm. News of the new operation comes from aid workers from the Italian Solidarity Consortium (ICS) in Iraq, who are carrying out monitoring and humanitarian assistance programmes in the area to help the many citizens displaced by the last military offensive on the city, which began in November last year…
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Rove-Plame Scandal Leading to Deeper White House Horrors?
Bernard Weiner, Co-Editor, The Crisis Papers
…What’s being covered up in the Plame/Rove case seems to revolve around the Bush Administration’s orchestrated, and perhaps illegal, propaganda campaign to justify its invasion of Iraq. Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Joseph Wilson — who wrote the op-ed in the New York Times that got this whole thing going — are just the tips of very large icebergs, and one of those icebergs has a name: the White House Iraq Group (WHIG), which we’ll examine below…
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The Pakistani Connection: The London Bombers and “Al Qaeda’s Webmaster”
Where are the Maps of the London Underground?
Michel Chossudovsky,
British investigators have uncovered that the “London bombers” had connections to a mysterious Pakistani engineer named Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan, also known as Abu Talha, who was allegedly behind last year’s planned terror attack on Wall Street, the World Bank and the IMF. Recent press reports suggest that the attacks on the London subway were part of a coordinated plan, which also targeted financial buildings in the United States…
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Sunnis Suspend Taking Part in Iraq Panel
Bassem Mrioue, The Associated Press
Sunni Muslim members on a committee drafting Iraq’s new constitution suspended their participation Wednesday in the wake of a colleague’s assassination, saying they need more security. A suicide bomber blew himself up outside an army recruiting center in central Baghdad, killing at least 10 people. The suicide attacker detonated his explosives belt at the entrance to a recruiting center at Baghdad’s defunct Muthanna airport, according topolice and medical officials…
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Majority of Soldiers Say Iraq Morale Low
ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
A majority of U.S. soldiers in Iraq say morale is low, according to an Army report that finds psychological stress is weighing particularly heavily on National Guard and Reserve troops. Still, soldiers’ mental health has improved from the early months of the insurgency, and suicides have declined sharply, the report said. Also, substantially fewer soldiers had to be evacuated from Iraq for mental health problems last year. The Army sent a team of mental health specialists to Iraq and Kuwait late last summer to assess conditions and measure progress in implementing programs designed to fix mental health problems discovered during a similar survey of troops a year earlier…
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Seven Seven, Shades of Nine Eleven: Missing al-Qaedaite
Kurt Nimmo, Another day in the empire
…In other words, now that the Egyptians have discovered that Magdy al-Nashar is an innocent chemist with no connection to al-Qaeda, and Germaine Lindsay is a case of “mistaken identity,” the Brits are right back to where they started from˜that is to say they have no suspects, no leads, nada. As for the Germaine Lindsay “mistake,” shades of nine eleven. Remember when it was revealed seven of the alleged WTC hijackers turned up alive? Oops. Prince Saud al-Faisal went so far as to tell the media some of them were alive and well and had nothing to do with nine eleven. But then, by the time this was established, it didn’t really matter because a whole lot of people thought Saddam Hussein did it…
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Statement to the Great People of Iraq and the glorious Arab Nation
The Arab Baath Socialist Party
…The Resistance in its national formations and its combating regiments and its popular scope composed of different ethnics, religions and communities, is able to stop any situation of sectarian, ethnical, racist civil strife and which the occupier and his collaborators try to sow in amongst the Resistance and the People ranks. What is required from all the national forces, tribal chiefs and honest religious leadersis to confront this strange state to our people and act together with the courageous Resistance men to wipe out this abased plot. Also we call everybody to hold on to the national unity in amongst our great people and which is the only way with the armed resistance to free Iraq from the Occupation and its dubious products…
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General Westmoreland’s Death Wish and the War in Iraq
Norman Solomon,
After he died on Monday, front pages focused on the failures of William Westmoreland as commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam. Overall, the coverage faulted him for being a big loser, not a mass killer. The Washington Post noted that Westmoreland “was called a war criminal.” But the deaths of thousands of Vietnamese people each week during his four years as the top American general in Vietnam counted for little in the media calculus. The main problem, readers were encouraged to understand, was that Westmoreland pursued a losing strategy…
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9 Dismissed From Tribunal Trying Saddam
SAMEER N. YACOUB, Associated Press Writer
Nine staff members of the Iraqi Special Tribunal preparing to try Saddam Hussein have been dismissed because of links to the ousted dictator’s Baath Party, an official said Wednesday. The cases of 19 others, including the chief investigative judge, are under review. The executive director of the Supreme National Commission for de-Baathification, Ali al-Lami, said the nine dismissed staffers held administrative jobs such as the witness security protection program and tribunal security. Al-Lami said that the committee is preparing another list of 19 people, mostly judges, for possible dismissal. They include chief judge Raid Juhi, he said…
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Sole Mates?
The US wants the oil and Œal-Qu’eda’ wants your soul
William Bowles, I’n’I

The stories spill out thick and fast. You know what I’m talking about. All manner of conjecture and theorising on who, what, how and when. Reactions to our stories on the London bombings have brought a couple of corporate responses (see the Daily Mirror and the Independent) but of course from the indie press the various flavours/interpretations have been pouring out thick and fast, some more coherent than others…
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Who provided the London warning?
Despite quite a lot of discussion on the issue, it seems clear now that the Mossad office in London received six minutes warning from British authorities of the London bomb attacks. This isn’t surprising, as Netanyahu was in town and would have been guarded with extreme caution by both British and Israeli officials. Bibi is one of the most likely assassination targets in the world, and is a pain in the ass to look after wherever he goes…
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Don’t Mourn, Memorialize
Add One More to Westmoreland’s Body Count
News that General William Westmoreland, who oversaw the escalation of the catastrophic Indochina War from 1964 through ‘68-a pointless and criminal war that cost 58,000 American lives and millions of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian lives-died at the age of 91 with “no regrets” about the conflict had me fantasizing about some special circle of hell reserved for military leaders (…) There are plenty like Westy in today’s Pentagon-men who are thinking plenty about their careers, but not much about the men and women who are being destroyed on their orders in Iraq…
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