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18/05/04 U.S. Abuse of Detainees Begins With the `School of the Americas' … Congress Should Ask Bush for Sec. Rumsfeld, Sec. Cambone, Sec. Wolfowitz, Gen. Myers, Gen. Abizaid, Gen. Sanchez, Gen. Boykin and Gen. Miller to Step Down Now … 
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(TMPress International – New York – May 18, 2004) – U.S. Abuse of Detainees Begins With the `School of the Americas' … Congress Should Ask Bush for Sec. Rumsfeld, Sec. Cambone, Sec. Wolfowitz, Gen. Myers, Gen. Abizaid, Gen. Sanchez, Gen. Boykin and Gen. Miller to Step Down Now … With the release of the whole Taguba report, photos, video and now including the military disclosures by the Army that is has conducted 30 criminal investigations into misconduct by American captors in Iraq and Afghanistan, including 10 cases of suspicious death, 10 cases of abuse, and two deaths of Iraqis already determined to have been criminal homicides – the Congress and the country should demand that the Bush White House relieve the ultimate group of `Those WHO Began and Adopted' the special intelligence programs of the Pentagon, which was swept up into the `any type of ' DIA gathering procedures post September 11, 2001.

These gentlemen, if one can call them that, seem to one of the most irresponsible groups ever, put together in `War-time' or `Peace-time' in the Executive Branch … all basically war-hawks, neo-cons and extremely evasive under oath, when interviewed and when questioned … trained to compartmentalize and delegate with undeniable deniability. Even the active military General George Casey, the Army's Vice-Chief of Staff, refers to a `complete breakdown' in command protocol and UCMJ. These folks go beyond something new … they went backwards in time … what they did do was to adopt the programs of interrogation at the Pentagon directly out of the `School of the Americas' – which for nearly sixty-years trained Latin American officers and later some dictators of the Western Hemisphere. In 2001 it was uniquely transformed and renamed into the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC) by the Bush Administration.

WHISC or formerly the U.S. Army School of Americas (SOA) is based at Fort Benning, Georgia and was established in 1946 for the purpose of training Latin American soldiers in combat, counter-insurgency and counter-narcotics. SOA graduates are responsible for some of the worst human rights abuses in Latin America. In 1996 the Pentagon was forced to release training manuals used at the school that advocated torture, extortion and execution. Among the SOA's nearly 60,000 graduates are notorious dictators Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos of Panama, Leopoldo Galtieri and Roberto Viola of Argentina, Juan Velasco Alvarado of Peru, Guillermo Rodriguez of Ecuador, and Hugo Banzer Suarez of Bolivia. Lower-level SOA graduates have participated in human rights abuses that include the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero and the `El Mozote Massacre' of 900 civilians. This I believe is the precursor of the founding of the new SAPs at the Pentagon, used by the newly created Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Stehen Cambone!

Now with the true accounts of an abuse by U.S. soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison – things are blowing wide-open. Allegations have been verified by the photos and it was systemic, organized methodologically with the blessing of Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, Stephen Cambone … and reporting to the Undersecretary … his deputy is Lt. Gen. William Boykin, all part of the special (SAPs) that Mr. Hersh refers to in his article in the New Yorker and the highly vaulted Major General Geoffrey Miller, Warden of Guantanamo Bay's Camp X-Ray or now called Delta, with the inspiration of the Baghram Air Base POW detention center in Afghanistan. Secretary Don Rumsfeld's testimony to Congress even predicted `a tip of the Iceberg' in revelations would happen!

Mr. Seymour Hersh is absolutely correct – Mr. Rumsfeld has verified it! Fragmentary Order No. 1108 was issued by Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, commander of CJTF-7 on November 19th, 2003. The order, among other things, placed the 800th Military Police Brigade under TACON (Tactical Control) to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade. In effect, it placed Brigadier General Janice Karpinski's unit beneath that of Col. Thomas Pappas' MI (Military Intelligence) detachment. So MI personnel were to seek to actively engage MP personnel in the interrogation process … this is a violation of AR 190-8. The UCMJ prohibits inhumane torture of POWs and enemy combatants and MP's from such actions. MP personnel who willingly or actively participate in interrogations are also in violation of AR 190-8 … and so are the methodologies used by MI and MP personnel who committed those documented abuses – they were not following orders from Karpinski. In fact they were following the advice of Major General Geoffrey Miller, now the new Warden – who has been appointed to command Abu Ghraib prison.

Conclusion, no provisions of the Geneva Conventions and its more recent protocols, of which the U.S. was a founding signatory of, were followed for Iraqi POWs, nor Afghan POWs or `Enemy Combatant' POWs at Abu Ghraib prison, Guantanamo Bay and including Baghram Air Base POW detention center in Afghanistan.

In addendum, the final conclusions of the (ICRC) International Committee of the Red Cross has said Iraqis held by U.S. forces have been subjected to systematic degrading treatment since detention began, even torture, that may have been officially condoned. The ICRC paid visits to detention centers in Iraq between March and November 2003. The Red Cross had turned up various violations of international treaties on the treatment of POWs.

The ICRC's reports on prison visits were confidential, but were reported not only to the CPA, but the Pentagon, State Department, the CIA and I would dare say the Bush White House, well before April! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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