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29/04/04 The Re-Invasion of Iraq … the U.S. Facing Complete Insurrection…
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(TMPress International – New York – April 29, 2004) – The Re-Invasion of Iraq … the U.S. Facing Complete Insurrection … All the Iraqi signs point to a war … an Iraqi Islamic Revolutionary war, Fallujah and Najaf and the holy cities may be the flash points, but as Bremer goes on the new pro-American Iraqi TV channel last Friday to announce his intentions to force a western style democracy on through a so-called `Supra-American Embassy' in Baghdad … the consensus now seems off key. After June 30 it will be lead by another ex-Oil man and Reaganite neo-con from the days of the Contras/Sandinistas in Nicaragua, current U.N. Ambassador Negroponte; then again after Bremer's speech … Iraqi guerilla forces responded to it by striking a U.S. military base north of Baghdad, Taji which is a former Iraqi Air Force base 12 miles north of Baghdad – it is now used by the Army's Texas-based 1st Cavalry Division. That attack with rockets last Saturday killed five American soldiers, while another rocket crashed into the marketplace of the Iraqi capital, killing a reported three Iraqi civilians.

With recent GI deaths this week through Thursday, up to two-dozen soldiers, sailors and marines have died, along with another few hundred Iraqi civilians and militia fighters. The quagmire seems to be quickly evolving into a no-win situation, as an `Occupation of the Un-wanted.' The American people must understand this and the only way they can is by unbiased commentary!

My friends in the press and the world need to understand that what is happening in Iraq is `The Re-Invasion of Iraq' … the U.S. is facing complete insurrection … the U.S. Marines have been slowly mounting their major offensive against the Anbar city of Fallujah since the beginning of the month, but that campaign has dealt nothing significant except death for both sides, and Israeli tactics of urban destruction `West Bank Style' … the military has refused to specify the number and location of where Marine casualties from Anbar Province are coming from. It is Falluja and the international press must recognize those deceptions that the Coalition and their spokesman like Dan Senor and General Kimmet are putting on for those CPA press conferences about those military campaigns north and south of Baghdad – it is the `Five-O'clock Follies' all over again from Vietnam and again we have invited our youth and our matured guardsman to die for lies and of the elite, namely Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney.

Mr. Blair walks a tenuous line at best as a US ally at this time, but even his most senior diplomatic and military corps see the US heavy-hand as nothing short of `Re-Invasion' and that is why some are being very vocal, although as William Bowles, British Political Writer and area specialist reminds us that we still need to read into the real statement by the British Diplomatic section `a little deeper' – it stops short of condemning all policy!

Besides U.S. GI and Coalition deaths, new polls from Gallup amongst Iraqis suggest that the Coalition troops are now viewed mainly as occupiers and the removal of those troops to the June 30 date seems imperative or at least a withdrawal to bases outside the cities. If Bremer and Abizaid's quick-think of bringing back the top Saddam Generals to take charge of the ICDF (Iraqi Civil Defense Forces) and the so-called `New Iraqi Army' this may calm the situation – although indeed a highly dubious move – the Shi'a may not like this.

My friends, I have stated this before and we have tried this before – nation building in 2000 year-old civilizations does not work – it did not work in Vietnam … and I am just guessing again – but I do not think it will work in Iraq. I am well aware that the `White American Man's Manifest Destiny' wiped out 8 million American Natives and conquered a continent – but we stayed here for 400 years and destroyed the thousand-year civilizations of our own ancient peoples, until they relented after two-hundred years of battle, not a proud American deed! 

Now Mr. Brahimi … a Sunni Muslim and the ex-Algerian Foreign Minister, is the special UN envoy selecting with Mr. Bremer, the new Interim Iraqi Government, not elected or approved nor affirmed by the Iraqi people. It appears that the Pentagon darling Chalabi and the INC (Iraqi National Congress) are even out of favor – so where do Brahimi and Bremer decide they can coalesce a new Interim Iraqi Government? Remember the Iraqi Governing Council is set to dissolve on June 30, they wrote their own epitaph, when they sat down and signed off on a new Iraqi Interim Constitution, which calls for much of what they are transitioning to – they just thought they would be the ones chosen to form the nucleus of that new Interim Iraqi Government, post-June 30. The current Iraqi Governing Council is predominantly composed of exiles who many have been out of the country for many years … Chalabi for example has been gone nearly 40 years and returned with the INC in 2003 with high-hopes of leading the new Iraq after Saddam, the INC was recently even heavily involved the set-up of the coming Iraqi War Crimes Tribunal, where supposedly Saddam and others will be tried for `crimes against humanity' … this body will mainly be a side show of biased Iraqis and Internationals loyal to their political survival.

My guess is that if a CPA imposed government takes place with the little time left now until June 30, Fallujah explodes into an all out `Hue City' fight and the Shiites in Central and Southern Iraq join in that fight – we will see a bloody, bloody war of revolt – not even imagined with the April 2004 uprisings – no new Iraqi Army, Civil Defense Corps or Iraqi Police will kill their own people and tribesman … as we have seen, that is why the ex-Ba'athist Generals are now so important to bring back to lead the new Defense and Interior Ministries of Iraq at this time. Brutal suppression, just the way Saddam taught them – it is only them that a new Iraqi Army would obey perhaps, because it has been taught in that system of thirty-years, non-compliance will result in a very short court-martial, imprisonment, torture and then probably execution.

This sets the stage for what I am arguing, a new Vietnam, an imposed government backed by a `Supra-American Embassy,' a quasi-loyal new, but old Iraqi Army values system and continued presence and military build-up of U.S. military to deal with the Vietcong-like nature of the Iraqi Insurgency – in many ways it is much more powerful, effective and is obtaining growing legitimacy on the Iraqi street.

Mr. Chalabi has somewhat a point in what he was quoted as saying, in that bringing the Sunni and Shi'a Ba'athist Generals back is akin to letting the Nazis run Germany after WW2 … well news to Mr. Chalabi though, many of the folks that took over key technocratic positions in West and East Germany after the war probably were Nazis – but record keeping was a little more difficult then and yes we occupied them with many troops for the first five years after 1945, in a large way, before things settled down with the `Iron Wall' between East and West Germany. But my colleagues, I remind you that Germany was a `Western White Christian' nation – not a `Middleastern Muslim' nation that really has nothing, but a bloody history of occupation created out of colonial mandate, an imposed Monarchy and then finally a `Single Strong-man State,' which united the country by brutal force. The other big difference is that our troops and allied forces in Germany were not fighting an aggressive insurgency one-year after we took over our sections of a very, very pacified post-war country – in Iraq … these are the major and significant differences all American, British, European and Allied Arab politicians should recognize, this is an Iraqi Islamic Revolutionary war – it has already begun! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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