Iraq News and Information Links August 30 2004
SHIITE militia in Iraq ceasefire as deadline passes for French…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : Rebel cleric Moqtada Sadr, the most serious threat yet to the
authority of Iraq's interim government, ordered his militiamen to silence
their guns…

TWO French hostages held in Iraq urge government to revokescarf…
Xinhua – China
30 (Xinhuanet) — Two French journalists held hostagein Iraq urged the
French government to revoke a ban on the Islamicscarf, as they were shown
in a video on…

CRUDE oil drops as market reacts to Iraq truce
Channel News Asia – Singapore
NEW YORK : Crude oil futures fell to their lowest levels since late July
as a ceasefire ordered by a radical cleric in Iraq offered hopes of more

FRANCE Races Against Clock in Iraq Hostage Crisis
Reuters – USA
CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) – France scrambled to secure the release of two
French journalists kidnapped in Iraq by militants who have given Paris
until Monday…

TEHRAN says Iran-Iraq security interdependent
Tehran Times – Tehran,Iran
… of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Hasan Rowhani, assured
Iraqi officials of Iran's resolve to join hands to establish security
in Iraq, an SNSC…

OIL prices fall sharply as Iraq exports continue
Xinhua – China
30 (Xinhuanet) — Crude oil futures in New York dropped sharply Monday
amid reports that exports from Iraq were unaffected after the attacks
of oil…

US guards “stomped on fingers” in Iraq jail
Reuters – London,England,UK
FORT BRAGG, North Carolina (Reuters) – The first US soldier convicted in
the Iraq prisoner abuse scandal has testified that Lynndie England, the

THE terror factor in Afghanistan, Iraq
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… of a French law banning the wearing of Muslim headscarves in schools
pledged to stand together against the demands of an Islamic group in Iraq
which has been…

YET Another Ray of Hope for Drivers Held in Iraq – Africa
According to a BBC On-line report published on Friday, the Kuwaiti firm
that employs the three Kenyans being held hostage in Iraq has bowed to
the demands of…

RADICAL cleric 'calls Iraq truce'
BBC News – London,England,UK
Rebel Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr has called on his armed supporters across
Iraq to observe a ceasefire, according to key aides. They…

PM: Oil attacks hurt Iraq 'badly'
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — An attack on Iraq's main southern pipeline has seriously
hampered critical oil exports in the struggling country, Iraqi officials

OIL exports from southern Iraq halted due to attacks
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
BASRA, Iraq – Oil exports from southern Iraq have been halted because of
attacks on pipelines and are not likely to resume for at least a week,
a senior Iraqi…

FM: Iran wants to improve ties with Iraq
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi attached Monday great importance
to its ties with Iraq as Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh arrived
in Tehran for…

IRAQ success 'catastrophic', Bush admits
The Australian – Australia
GEORGE W. Bush has admitted the US failed to plan for a speedy victory
in Iraq, describing the sudden collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime as
a “catastrophic…,5744,10618157%255E2703,00.html

FRENCH foreign minister appeals for release of hostages in Iraq
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
… Islamic Action Front also said the kidnapping was an inappropriate
way to protest the head scarf ban, and noted France had opposed the US-led
invasion of Iraq.…

SPATE of pipeline attacks brings southern Iraq oil exports to a…
National Post (subscription) – Canada
BAGHDAD (AP) – Oil exports from southern Iraq have been brought to a complete
halt, a senior oil official said Monday, following a spate of pipeline

OIL exports from southern Iraq halted due to attacks
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
BASRA, Iraq ˆ Oil exports from southern Iraq have been halted because
of attacks on pipelines and are not likely to resume for at least a week,
a senior…

IRAQ'S deputy prime minister starts a visit to Tehran
Arabic News – Middle East
Iraq's interim deputy prime minister Barham Saleh held talks with the Iranian
officials in Tehran in a visit described as aiming to pave the way before

OIL edges up on Iraq exports woes
CNN International – USA
LONDON, England (Reuters) — US oil prices rose on Monday as Iraq's oil
exports continued at more than 30 percent below normal after sabotage
attacks on…

FRENCH FM appeals for release of hostages in Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
CAIRO : French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier made an impassioned plea
to try to save the lives of two French journalists held hostage in Iraq
as an ultimatum…

IRAQ hostage crisis unites France behind law
swissinfo – Switzerland
By Joelle Diderich. “It will be applied,” government spokesman Jean-Francois
Cope told Canal Plus television on Monday. happen when…

OIL Prices Edge Up on Iraq Exports Woes
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – US oil prices rose on Monday as Iraq's oil exports continued
at more than 30 percent below normal after sabotage attacks on pipelines.

IRAQ hostage crisis unites France behind law
Reuters – London,England,UK
… headscarves in schools have united in support of the law, pledging
to stand firm against militants holding two French journalists hostage
in Iraq who want the…

INSURGENT attacks halt oil exports from Iraq's key southern fields
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Insurgent attacks on pipelines have brought oil exports
from southern Iraq to a complete halt, a senior oil official said Monday,
part of a…

IRAQ oil pipeline attacks cease exports
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
Oil exports from southern Iraq have grounded to a complete halt because
of a spate of attacks on pipelines. Speaking on condition…

FREE hostages, Chirac urges Iraq militants to free hostages
London Free Press – London,Ontario,Canada
… Jacques Chirac dispatched his foreign minister to the Middle East yesterday
to work for the release of two French reporters abducted in Iraq, vowing
to spare…

AUSTRALIAN election likely to focus on war in Iraq
The Globe and Mail – Canada
Canberra — Australian Prime Minister John Howard will become the first
of three allied leaders who launched the US-led invasion of Iraq to face

EX-HEAD of BBC blasts Blair on Iraq
The Globe and Mail – Canada
… former BBC director-general Greg Dyke accused the Blair government
of deliberately misleading the British public leading up to the war in
Iraq, and said that…

ATTACK Halts Oil Exports From South Iraq
Guardian – UK
BASRA, Iraq (AP) – Oil exports from southern Iraq have come to a complete
halt because of attacks on pipelines and are not likely to resume for
at least a week…,1280,-4460818,00.html

TOP US general in Iraq sent memo authorizing use of dogs to scare…
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
WASHINGTON ˜ Early last September, as attacks on US forces in Iraq were
spiking and the military was under pressure to extract more information
from prisoners…

IRAQ asks rebels for a truce
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Fed up with the persistent insurgency that has stymied
Iraq's postwar progress, interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi said Sunday
he is reaching…

FRENCH FM in Middle East to Win Iraq Hostages Release
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
French President Jacques Chirac has sent his foreign minister to the Middle
East to help secure the release of two French journalists held captive
by militants…

AUSTRALIA'S Labor renews pledge to bring troops home from Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
SYDNEY : The opposition Labor Party renewed its pledge to withdraw Australian
troops from Iraq if it wins October 9 elections, setting relations with

FRANCE sends FM to free hostages in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… Xinhuanet) — The French government sent its foreign minister Sunday
to the Middle East region to try to free two French journalists held hostage
in Iraq as a…

FRENCH Envoy Visits Middle East After Iraq Kidnapping, AFP Says
Bloomberg – USA
… Minister Michel Barnier to Egypt on the first stage of a visit to the
Middle East to discuss the kidnapping of two French journalists in Iraq,
Agence France…

WAR in Iraq stokes fire of marchers
USA Today – USA
NEW YORK ˜ Angered by the war in Iraq and determined to oust the president
who launched it, hundreds of thousands of people marched Sunday to protest

CRUDE Oil Little Changed After Rising on Iraq Pipeline Blast
Bloomberg – USA
… Crude oil futures were little changed in New York after rising as much
as 0.7 percent earlier as a blast damaged an oil pipeline in Iraq, renewing

EX-BBC chief says Blair `duped' public on Iraq
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
Greg Dyke, the former BBC director general ousted over the broadcaster's
coverage of the Iraq conflict, yesterday unleashed a scorching attack
on British Prime…

IRAN, Iraq want to bury the past
Pakistan Dawn – Pakistan
TEHRAN, Aug 29: Iran and Iraq want to bury the past and start a new era
of neighbourly relations, visiting Iraqi interim Deputy Prime Minister
Barham Salih…

PARIS panic after journalists kidnapped in Iraq – London,England,UK
President Jacques Chirac sent his foreign minister to the Middle East last
night to try to resolve a hostage crisis in Iraq that has thrown his government

IRAQ talks bid to end Sadr fighting
ic – London,England,UK
US military officials and representatives of rebel Shiite cleric Muqtada
al-Sadr have held talks aimed at reducing violence in the restive Baghdad
slum of Sadr…

IRAQ oil exports below normal as pipeline hit
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
BAGHDAD: Iraq's southern oil exports were still below normal yesterday
as firefighters battled to put out a new blaze at a sabotaged pipeline,

TURKEY shows sensitivity about developments in Iraq
Xinhua – China
BEIJING, Aug. 30 (Xinhuanet) — Turkey says on Sunday that it has showed
sensitivity about developments of a Turkish killed in Iraq.…

TWO Turkish hostages released in Iraq
Xinhua – China
29 (Xinhuanet) — Two Turkish hostages were released by Iraqi militants
on Sunday after the companies they worked for decided to pull out of Iraq
to save their…

NEWSMEN taken hostage in Iraq; captors want French headscarf…
Straits Times – Singapore
PARIS – Islamic militants in Iraq have kidnapped two French journalists
and demanded the rescinding of a ban on the Islamic headscarf in French
schools, the…,4386,269959,00.html

14 killed, 135 injured in Iraq clashes
Daily Times – Pakistan
… Southern Iraq oil pipeline attacked: Saboteurs blew up an export pipeline
in southern Iraq on Sunday in the latest in a series of attacks targeting

POLLS a test for Iraq policy
Straits Times – Singapore
SYDNEY – The Australian federal election on Oct 9 will be the first real
test of public support for Canberra's decision to back the United States
over Iraq.…,4386,269932,00.html

IRAQ offers friendship amid tension over Najaf
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
TEHRAN Iraq's deputy prime minister, Barham Salih, said Sunday that he
took a message of friendship to Iran, which has been angered by charges
it is stirring…

IRAQ fertile ground for jihad: Azzam
Daily Times – Pakistan
AMMAN: Iraq is attracting Islamic militants from across the world determined
to join the “holy war‰ against the United States-led occupation, the
son of…

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