Iraq News and Information Links June 27 2004
US predicts more support over Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… The officials said the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato), which
has baulked at providing more troops for Iraq, was virtually certain to

TURKEY rejects Iraq rebels' demand
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
BAGHDAD, JUNE 27: Turkey rejected on Sunday the demands of militants threatening
to behead three Turks held hostage in Iraq during US President George
W. Bush…

AL-JAZEERA Reports Marine Held Hostage in Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˜ An Arab satellite TV network broadcast a videotape today
showing a blindfolded man in military fatigues and said he was a US Marine

LETTER from Iraq: Mayhem, day by day
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… bloody shreds of an American uniform. “God is great! The American Army
will collapse here in Iraq!”. I looked at the crowd that had…

NATO training missions in Iraq expected soon, Bush aide says
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… meeting in Istanbul, a top Bush administration official said she expected
alliance member countries to begin sending training missions to Iraq “quickly,
on a…

NATO Summit to Focus on Iraq and Afghanistan
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
President Bush is in Istanbul for a NATO summit expected to focus on Iraq
and Afghanistan. The president arrived in Istanbul under…

IRAQ dominates NATO agenda
TVNZ – New Zealand
NATO leaders gathered on Sunday to repair relations torn by the Iraq war,
buoyed by a likely deal on training Iraqi troops but struggling to equip

TURKEY Rejects Demands of Kidnappers in Iraq
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Turkey rejected Sunday the demands of militants threatening
to behead three Turkish hostages in Iraq during President Bush's visit

BRIDGING Gap Between Iraq, Coalition Authority
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Lt. Col. Alan King shed his uniform for civilian duds to become
resident tribal expert for the US-led occupation authority in Iraq. …<

US Seeks New International Troops for Iraq
NPR (audio) – USA
With five days remaining before the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq, the
United States still has not convinced more countries to join the multinational

TRANSATLANTIC ties impossible to return to pre-Iraq war status:…
Xinhua – China
… Treaty Organization (NATO) Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said here Sunday that
it is impossible for the trans-Atlantic ties to return to the pre-Iraq
war status.…

IRAQ gov't must abide by US-made laws
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — The US led-coalition, facing a Wednesday deadline to hand
back power, has put in place major legal revisions that would force Iraqis
to get…

BLAIR and Bush seek focus on Iraq
BBC News – London,England,UK
By Nick Assinder. Tony Blair has joined George Bush in Istanbul for a Nato
summit on the future of Iraq. The two leaders hope to…

RICE Expects Europe, NATO to Support Iraq – USA
… Council resolution, it's time for everybody to pull together and support
this new Iraqi government, as it tries to build a stable and secure Iraq,”
Rice said.…

US: NATO to Send Military Help to Iraq
ABC News – USA
ISTANBUL, Turkey June 27, 2004 ˜ NATO closed ranks Sunday on a pledge
to take a bigger military role in Iraq as violence and bloodshed surged
before the…

IRAQ firm on election date
News24 – South Africa
Hilla – Iraq was jolted by more deadly car-bombs, killing 23 people, in
the latest painful episode in the march towards the return of sovereignty,
as Iraqi…,,2-10-1460_1548956,00.html

MASKED Iraq Gunmen Threaten to Behead Pakistani-TV
Reuters – USA
DUBAI (Reuters) – An unidentified group of gunmen in Iraq have kidnapped
a Pakistani driver and are threatening to behead him within three days
unless Iraqi…

US, Iraq at odds on Saddam
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… in the physical custody of US forces for the “foreseeable future”,
US Secretary of State Colin Powell said today, apparently contradicting
Iraq's new prime…,5478,9975752%255E1702,00.html

NPR (audio) – USA
The Pentagon says it does not keep statistics on the number of the Rockies
killed since the American led invasion of Iraq began last year a group
of American…

EU, US vow to support Iraq's reconstruction
Viet Nam News Agency – Hanoi,Vietnam
… of the Iraqi Interim Government and offered their full and sustained
support for its assumption of full sovereignty, and for its mission to
guide Iraq with the…

TWIN Summit Wins For Prez On Iraq
CBS News – USA
(CBS/AP) The United States and European Union offered support for Iraq's
urgent request for NATO military help Saturday. “NATO has…

NATO Expected to Support Call to Help in Iraq – USA
… Heads of state from NATO's 26 nations will discuss Allawi's request
for help in bolstering Iraq's security forces to defeat terrorists he
said “are determined…

US Seeks New International Troops for Iraq
NPR (audio) – USA
We at five days remaining before the transfer sovereignty in Iraq the United
States still is not convinced more countries to join the multinational.

BLAIR confident of Nato deal on Iraq – UK
Prime Minister Tony Blair has flown into Istanbul confident of a Nato summit
deal to help train Iraq's fledgling army. Mr Blair…

CAR-BOMB kills 23 as Iraq's
Philippine Daily Inquirer – Makati City,Philippines
HILLA, Iraq – A car-bomb attack killed 23 people south of Baghdad in the
latest atrocity to blight Iraq's build-up to sovereignty this week, as
the caretaker…

EU Leaders Pledge Support for Iraq Government
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: At a summit with European Union leaders in Ireland, President
Bush wins a joint statement of support for Iraq's new interim government,

TURKEY Rejects Iraq Kidnappers' Demands
ABC News – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq June 27, 2004 ˜ Turkey rejected on Sunday the demands of
Islamic militants who are threatening to behead three of its kidnapped
citizens during…

NATO: 'Possible NATO's mission in Iraq depends on Iraqi…
Turkish Press – Turkey
ISTANBUL (CIHAN) – The NATO General Secretary, Jaap De Hoop Scheffer said
in Istanbul on Sunday that NATO`s mission in Iraq totally depends on Iraqi

IRAQ Bombing Kills 17; Turkish Workers Kidnapped
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Violence continues in Iraq. A bomb in Hilla, 60 miles south
of Baghdad, claims 17 lives. And the Arab TV network al…

IRAQ carnage relentless
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
A SUICIDE blast that killed 40 and a new threat to behead hostages have
overshadowed NATO's decision yesterday to train Iraq's army.…,5478,9971563%255E663,00.html

IF NATO In, Bulgaria Out of Iraq
Novinite – Bulgaria
Bulgaria is likely to withdraw from Iraq if NATO takes over greater role
in the post-war country. According to Foreign Minister…

DEPUTY PM insists troops remain in Iraq
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
A MORTAR attack on Australian troops has strengthened Federal Government
resolve to keep our forces in Iraq. As insurgents stepped…,5478,9972879%255E662,00.html

IRAQ government 'faces hard task'
BBC News – London,England,UK
The new Iraqi government faces a tough task as the upsurge in violence
will continue after this week's handover, Britain's Iraq ambassador has

IRAQ PM says victims of terror should be compensated
ABC Online – Australia
Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has said that the victims of terror
acts in violence-torn Iraq should be financially compensated.…

TURKEY rejects kidnappers' demands in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) Turkey rejected on Sunday the demands of Islamic militants
who are threatening to behead three of its kidnapped citizens during a
visit by…

CARR denies opposing Iraq view
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… Bob Carr, has denied he is out of step with the Federal Opposition
Leader, Mark Latham, over the withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq,
claiming reports of…

RUMSFELD: Iraq may have enough troops – London,England,UK
Donald Rumsfeld, the American defence secretary, has said the US may not
need to deploy more troops in Iraq. He said the US Army…

IRAQ torn by terror on eve of handover
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Iraq's interim government warns that it may be forced to impose a state
of emergency and delay its first democratic elections as terrorist bombers
and hostage…

SADDAM to be moved to new jail in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… force to be involved in the protection of the outside, of the outskirts
of the prison, but definitely he will be under the jurisdiction of Iraq,”
he said.…

REIGN of chaos and confusion in Iraq – Australia
MORE hostages on the screen of Al-Jazeera, more bombs exploding in Iraq's
cities. … Almost every family in Iraq's big towns has a gun.…,4057,9972714%255E401,00.html

TURKEY rejects demands of al Qaeda members in Iraq threatening to…
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
Turkey rejected on Sunday the demands of al Qaeda members in Iraq threatening
to behead three Turkish hostages during US President George Bush's visit

US vows to eliminate PKK from Iraq: Bush
Xinhua – China
… George W. Bush promised that his country would take concrete steps
to eliminate the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) from the north of Iraq,
Anatolia News Agency…

CAR-BOMBING kills 23 as Iraq's bloody sovereignty build-up…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : A car-bomb attack killed 23 people south of Baghdad in the latest
atrocity to blight Iraq's build-up to sovereignty this week as the caretaker

BUSH Garners Support for NATO in Iraq
Zaman – Turkey
US President George W. Bush took a serious step towards convincing his
European allies that NATO should assume a role in Iraq. Protests…

TURKEY rejects Iraq kidnap demand
BBC News – London,England,UK
Turkey has said it will not give in to Iraqi militants who have threatened
to kill three Turkish hostages if Turkish firms do not leave Iraq.…

VISITING Bush touts Turkey as example for Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
ANKARA : US President George W. Bush aimed to bolster ties with Turkey
after strains over the war in Iraq, meeting with political and religious
leaders as he…

DOZENS Are Killed In Iraq
Hartford Courant (subscription) – Hartford,CT,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Just days before the hand-over of sovereignty, car bombs
in two cities and fighting in a third killed dozens of Iraqis on Saturday,

San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
… occupation. For the transfer of power to ultimately succeed in Iraq,
the United States will need to win the game of perception.…

NATO Set to Take Iraq Training Role
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Nato states are expected to agree at a summit in Istanbul to provide training
and equipment for Iraq‚s new homegrown security forces, US Defence Secretary

IRAQ braces for sovereignty shift
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
President Bush has repeatedly declared that on June 30 the United States
will take a giant stride in establishing a friendly and free Iraq by handing

POWELL: Rebels can help Iraq
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
CAIRO — The war in Iraq is straining America's military, and terrorists
battling US troops should lay down arms and help the new Iraqi government,

IN Iraq, lofty goals not yet achieved
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) – Fort Worth,TX,USA
WASHINGTON – When President Bush ordered the US invasion of Iraq 15 months
ago, he portrayed it as a bold move not just to oust Saddam Hussein but
also to…

IRAQ braces for sovereignty shift
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
But to the US troops here, it really won't be a surprise if Iraq erupts
into more violence in the month following the transfer of power to a new

AL-QAEDA Threatens To Behead Turk Hostages In Iraq
IndoLink – San Ramon,CA,USA
Dubai, June 27 (NNN): Suspected supporters of an al-Qaeda terror network
leader are threatening to behead three Turks taken hostage in Iraq.…

IRAQ focus for NATO meeting
CNN International – USA
… Sunday with Turkey's leadership in the capital city of Ankara, before
heading to Istanbul for a NATO meeting that could solidify the alliance's
role in Iraq.…

NATO head issues warning over Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
The international community must not watch with indifference as Iraq goes
up in flames, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has warned.

SOUTH Korean parties to launch Iraq inquiry
Radio Australia – Australia
… parties in South Korea have agreed to launch a one-month parliamentary
investigation into the government's failed attempt to rescue a Korean
hostage in Iraq.…

Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
BY MOHAMMED AL-JASSEM. Most Kuwaitis supported the war of liberating Iraq
from the regime of Saddam Hussein. … Yet trade between Iraq and Kuwait
is ongoing.…,0,7796490.story?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines

RESTORING Iraq to self-rule
Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) – Fort Worth,TX,USA
… What's more, the resolution reflects significant efforts by the Bush
administration to meet the concerns of key nations that opposed the Iraq
war in 2003.…

PROTESTERS demand return of troops from Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
Richard and Rita Clement said yesterday that they want their 21-year-old
son back from Iraq before his scheduled return date next March, preferably
right now.…

IRAQ car bomb blasts kills 40
swissinfo – Switzerland
… attended by US President George W. Bush, who will discuss a NATO role
in Iraq. … companies that support the occupation forces in Iraq” left
by the deadline.…

DOUBLE car blast kills 40 as Iraq's bloody sovereignty build-up…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : A twin car-bombing killed up to 40 people south of Baghdad in
the latest atrocity to blight Iraq's build-up to sovereignty as the caretaker

LABOR in damage control over Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… ALP is damage control to douse claims of disunity between its federal
leader and the NSW premier over plans to pull Australian troops out of
Iraq by Christmas.…

AMERICA'S grave errors in Iraq might force Bush out of power
Jamaica Observer – Jamaica
The process of restoring Iraq's sovereignty will begin in the next few
days, but the way ahead is filled with uncertainty that is not of the
glorious type.…

NEW envoy to Iraq faces a delicate balancing act
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
… the world. Negroponte was sworn in last week in Washington as the first
US ambassador to the sovereign postwar Iraq. On Wednesday…

WEDNESDAY'S itinerary for Iraq handover
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
L. Paul Bremer, the top civilian administrator for Iraq, will leave the
country immediately after ceding authority. The arrival…

EU pledges to help Iraq government
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland ˆ President Bush yesterday declared an end
to differences between the United States and Europe over the Iraq war,
and secured a…

3 Turks Taken Hostage in Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… 1 target” in Iraq announced Saturday that they had kidnapped three
Turkish contractors and threatened to behead them, even as President Bush
was flying to…,1,3592131.story?coll=la-home-headlines

NEW prime minister must piece together Iraq puzzle
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˜ While officially Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and his government
of opposition leaders and technocrats will be in charge after Wednesday,

CAR bombs kill 40 in southern Iraq
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Insurgents are pressing their campaign as the handover
of sovereignty to Iraq's interim government draws nearer, spilling fresh

HANDOVER or takeover in Iraq?
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
The orchestrated violence that has erupted across Iraq's heartland in the
days approaching the June 30 transfer of power to the US-appointed interim

AUSTRALIAN opposition denies internal rift over Iraq withdrawal…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
SYDNEY : The Australian opposition denied it was internally divided over
a controversial pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq if it wins office
in elections…

IRAQ chaos dwarfs gains under US
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
With the hand-over of sovereignty in Iraq nearing, the improvements that
Americans hoped would be in place are overshadowed by mayhem. BY TOM LASSETER.

WORLDVIEW | Iraq chaos a result of blinkered arrogance
Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
By Trudy Rubin. BAGHDAD – As Iraq nears the formal end of US occupation,
it's time to examine why things have gone so wrong over the last 15 months.

TWIN bombs kill 40 in Iraq
News24 – South Africa
“Estimates of the number of Iraqi civilians killed in explosions from two
vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices June 26 in Al Hillah, Iraq,
have grown to…,,2-10-1460_1548774,00.html

DEATH toll rises to 40 in latest Iraq explosions
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˆ Explosions that rocked the center of the predominantly
Shiite Muslim city of Hillah killed 40 people and injured 22, the military
said Sunday…

SECURING the peace in Iraq
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
… government as it prepares to take over administrative power on Wednesday
from the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority, which has governed Iraq
since Saddam…

IRAQ power transfer: Era of uncertainty begins
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
… Saddam Hussein. But for all its significance, both real and symbolic,
June 30 will not give rise to a brand new Iraq. Instead, it…

CAR bomb kills up to 40 in Iraq, interim PM warns violence could…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : A car bomb killed up to 40 and wounded at least 22 south of Baghdad
Saturday, as Iraq's interim premier warned violence could delay national

THREE Turks Held In Iraq; Blast Kills 19
Pakistan News Service – Lahore,Pakistan
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Militants loyal to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said Saturday they
have kidnapped three Turkish workers and threatened to behead them in
72 hours…

ANXIOUS times in Iraq
Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Pittsburgh,PA,USA
… But for Iraq, where he was minister of internal affairs until early
this month, he predicts little but violence and chaos for weeks, if not

IRAQ and Al Qaeda
Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
… with Saddam Hussein's regime has changed his story, setting back White
House efforts to shore up the credibility of its original case for the
invasion of Iraq.…

SECURITY could keep Iraq elections on hold
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq's interim prime minister Iyad Allawi said yesterday
that national elections set for January 2005 could be delayed if security
is not…

BUSH garners EU support for impending Iraq exit
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
… gains limited sovereignty on June 30, President Bush [related, bio]
yesterday insisted the power transfer doesn't signal the start of an exit
strategy from Iraq…

IRAQ Pipeline Watch
IAGS Energy Security – USA
2003 1. June 12 ˜ attack along the 600 mile (960km) pipeline that carries
crude oil from Iraq's northern fields near Kirkuk to Turkey's port of
Ceyhan on the…

AL-ZARQAWI militants kidnap three Turks in Iraq
CTV – Canada
Al-Zarqawi's group issued an ultimatum calling for all Turkish companies
to withdraw from Iraq before the three-day deadline is up.…

THE Virgin Oilfields of Iraq
Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
By Leonardo Maugeri. July 5 issue – When it comes to oil, Iraq is˜believe
it or not˜largely virgin territory. Though much of…

IRAQ to provide amnesty to desperate resistants
Xinhua – China
… a sense of desperation, and those foreign terrorist fundamentalists
and criminals whose sole objective is to kill and maim innocent people
and to see Iraq fail…

IN Ireland, Bush works to ease strain over Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… Ireland – (KRT) – President Bush on Saturday declared an end to the
“bitter differences” between the United States and Europe over the war
with Iraq and urged…

PEACE without honour leaves Iraq in chaos
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… at the exact spot where the statue of Saddam Hussein was toppled by
the victorious US-led forces in April 2003, the president would formally
hand Iraq back its…

CAR bomb kills 17 in Iraq as hostages face beheading
New Straits Times – Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia
… 40 south of Baghdad as Islamic militants threatened to behead three
Turkish hostages, NATO agreed to train Iraqi security forces and Iraq's
interim premier…

US-EU sidestep Iraq debt issue
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland: The United States and European Union sidestepped
the details of a proposed deal to reduce Iraq's foreign debt yesterday,

ALLAWI: Iraq elections could be postponed
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
Iraq's interim PM has said the tenuous security situation could delay next
year's national elections by two months. Although elections…

SUPPORT for Iraq spans the Atlantic
Guardian – UK
Iraq needs and deserves the strong support of the international community
to realise its potential. We applaud the unanimous approval…,2763,1248476,00.html

SUSPECTED Car bomb Kills 17 in Iraq
Pakistan Times – Pakistan
BAGHDAD (Iraq): At least 17 people were killed and 40 wounded in a suspected
car bomb blast in the Iraqi city of Hilla, south of Baghdad, Saturday,
a senior US…

BUSH pleads for unity over Iraq
Guardian – UK
George Bush hailed an end to the 'bitter differences' between Europe and
America over Iraq yesterday after the European Union approved a key role
for Nato in…,6903,1248260,00.html

FEARFUL Iraq sets out on journey to the unknown
Guardian – UK
… This week, the soldiers and policemen of Iraq's forces will – as coalition
officials are fond of repeating – 'step up and take ownership' of the
security of…,6903,1248249,00.html

NATO gives Blair green light for more Iraq troops
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
NATO will tomorrow agree to send military personnel to Iraq to help train
Iraqi security forces. Although the decision falls far…

LOOKING at the Costs if Iraq Goes Up in Smoke
New York Times – USA
WASHINGTON The carnage of 100 dead in a single grim day in Iraq was still
playing out on television screens last week when the man about to take
over the…

VIOLENCE spreads across Iraq; militants vow to behead Turkish…
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Just days before the handover of sovereignty, a
bomb in the southern town of Hillah killed at least 17 Iraqis and wounded
as many as 40…

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