Iraq News and Information Links June 26 2004
BUSH wins EU support on Iraq, but takes criticism over Guantanamo
Independent – London,England,UK
… Bush faced European criticism yesterday over US treatment of prisoners
in the “war on terror” while winning grudging support for his efforts
to stabilise Iraq.…

INSURGENTS step up attacks in Iraq
Sunday Times – Johannesburg,South Africa
… In yesterday's attacks, rebels targeted offices of two political parties
– one of them run by Iraq's prime minister – a police station and a government

NEIGHBOURS cast a nervous eye on Iraq ‚ s future
Sunday Herald – Glasgow,Scotland,UK
… arrested three Royal Navy patrol craft and their eight crewmen as they
made their way up the Shatt-al-Arab waterway, the sensitive riverine border
with Iraq.…

BEHEADED South Korean's remains return from Iraq
Ha'aretz – Israel
BUSAN, South Korea – The body of a South Korean hostage beheaded in Iraq
yesterday returned to his hometown, his coffin draped in the national
flag and…

IRAQ welcomes NATO training plan
ABC Online – Australia
Iraq's interim Government says it would welcome NATO troops in the country
as the military alliance reached a deal on training its fledgling armed

EU backs Bush on NATO role in Iraq
Ha'aretz – Israel
By Agencies. CLARECASTLE, Ireland – The United States and European Union
yesterday offered strong support for an urgent plea from Iraq for NATO
military help.…

BOMBS kill 17 in Iraq
Japan Today – Tokyo,Japan
… least 17 people were killed and 40 wounded in a car bomb in Hilla Saturday,
as Islamic militants threatened to behead three Turkish hostages in Iraq,
four days…

BUSH declares Iraq rifts healed
ABC Online – Australia
United States President George W Bush has declared an end to Western rifts
over Iraq but has won little in his search for European military help
in the country…

US handing over an unfulfilled Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – The Iraq that the United States discovered when
it invaded last year was more lawless, dilapidated and hostile than war

TURKISH hostages seized in Iraq
TVNZ – New Zealand
… operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have seized three Turkish hostages and
are threatening to behead them unless Turks stopped working with US-led
forces in Iraq.…

INSURGENT Attacks Kill at Least Six in Iraq
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: New insurgent attacks in Iraq, including a car bomb near a
university, claim at least six lives. Meanwhile, the hunt…

BUSH wins European support for NATO help in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland – (KRT) – President Bush won European support
Saturday for his plan for more NATO involvement in Iraq and expressed

EXPLOSION rocks Iraq Shiite city; 17 dead
Salon (subscription) – USA
June 26, 2004 | BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — An explosion rocked the center of
the predominantly Shiite Muslim city of Hilla late Saturday, killing 17
people and…

IRAQ'S Allawi Says January Vote Date Not Absolute
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Security concerns could force a delay in Iraqi national
elections set for next January, Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi
said on…

NICKLES to visit Iraq, Afghanistan on Middle East trip (subscription) – Oklahoma City,OK,USA
PONCA CITY – US Sen. Don Nickles will be among several senators traveling
to several Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq, this week.…

KERRY Woos Hispanics, Vows US-Latam Partnership
Wired News – USA
… He also proposed a council for democracy to work within the Organization
of American States to resolve crises like those in Haiti and Venezuela,
and a North…

MILITANTS threaten to kill 3 Turks in Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (Reuters) – Militants loyal to alleged al Qaeda operative
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi say they have seized three Turkish hostages and will
behead them…

IRAQ'S political parties latest target in wave of violence
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAQUBA, Iraq : Political parties became the latest target of Iraq's violent
insurgency as rebels hit the local office of the prime minister's political

IRAQ: At least 17 dead in car blast as Zarqawi group threatens to…
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
… Robert Strzelecki. The city, 100 kilometers south of Baghdad, falls
under the responsibility of Polish troops serving together with American
forces in Iraq.…

IRAQ war protesters gather in Boston
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… 00. BOSTON (AP) Hundreds of protesters rallied Saturday on a city plaza
to call for an end to the US military presence in Iraq. ''We…

BUSH Wins EU Support for NATO Aid to Iraq
ABC News – USA
ANKARA, Turkey June 26, 2004 ˜ With European Union support in hand, President
Bush looked to seal an agreement for NATO to help stabilize Iraq as its

EXPLOSIONS rock predominantly Shiite city in Iraq
The Globe and Mail – Canada
There were casualties. The city falls under the responsibility of Polish
troops serving together with American forces in Iraq. The…

SECOND Basra pipeline repaired, oil flowing from southern Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BASRA, Iraq : Iraq's two key oil pipelines in the south were pumping oil
to Iraqi sea terminals again after engineers finished fixing the damage
caused by a…

EU, US Vow Support for Iraq's Interim Government
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
President Bush says the United States and the European Union stand together
in their support for Iraq's new interim government, and he is urging NATO
to step…

NEIGHBORS wonder whether Iraq will be source of democracy, or…
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
CAIRO, Egypt – The reality of almost daily car bombings in Iraq and an
economy as battered as its sabotaged oil pipelines hasn't stopped some
in the region…

IRAQ militants threaten to behead 3 Turks
Reuters – London,England,UK
DUBAI (Reuters) – Suspected militants from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's group
have kidnapped three Turks in Iraq and are threatening to behead them
unless Ankara…

EUROPE remains split over how to help Iraq's interim government
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
By John Leicester, Associated Press, 6/26/2004 12:33. PARIS (AP) In French
eyes, Iraq's problems won't be solved by sending more troops.…

GUERRILLAS launch new Iraq raids
Reuters – London,England,UK
ARBIL, Iraq (Reuters) – Six guerrillas have been killed in clashes in Baquba,
a town north of Baghdad where fighters have proclaimed loyalty to Jordanian

EU and US sidestep details of Iraq debt issue
Reuters – USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland, June 26 (Reuters) – The United States and
European Union sidestepped the details of a proposed deal to reduce Iraq's
foreign debt…

BUSH Says EU's Backing of Iraq a Step Forward (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
June 26 (Bloomberg) — US President George W. Bush said a European Union
statement endorsing Iraq's interim government and a pledge to help the
country realize…

IRAQ insurgency much worse, admits US
The Hindu – Chennai,India
Washington, June 26. (PTI): With casualties mounting in Iraq, the US government
has stated that the insurgency in the war-torn country is much worse than

NEW Iraq Bombings Kill at Least Six
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: A series of car bombings around Iraq claim at least six lives.
Meanwhile, the hunt continues for Abu Musab Zarqawi, the…

BUSH seeks Europe's aid in Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
By Jim Krane. Anti-government fighters launched attacks in Iraq's strife-ridden
city of Baquba yesterday, leaving nine dead, six of them insurgents.…

US scrambles for EU support as violence rockets in Iraq
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
A top European Union official warned yesterday that violence could break
Iraq apart within months and that the EU role in reconstruction and election

BUSH: Violence Does Not Threaten Iraq Handover Plans
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
President Bush says violence in Iraq does not threaten plans to hand over
power there on Wednesday. In his weekly radio address, Mr…

NINE Die As Insurgents Hit Baqouba, Iraq – Fredericksburg,VA,USA
… In the Saturday attacks, rebels targeted offices of two political parties
_ one of them run by Iraq's prime minister _ a police station and a government

SLAIN South Korean's Body Returns Home from Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
The young man's murder in Iraq has gripped the nation, and amplified public
anger over the government's decision to send troops to support the US-led

ATTACK on our troops in Iraq – Australia
… condition. Up to eight mortar rounds were fired at the force based
at a 19th century fortress just outside Mosul, in northern Iraq.…,4057,9965591%255E948,00.html

IRAQ insecurity dominates Arab press
BBC News – London,England,UK
As the scheduled handover of power approaches in Iraq, Baghdad newspapers
are focusing on the need for the interim government quickly to improve
security in…

BUSH heads to NATO with Iraq pledge from Europe
EUbusiness – London,UK
President George W. Bush on Saturday won the European Union's unqualified
backing for Iraq's new leaders four days before they take power, but made
no tangible…

TEXT of US-EU joint statement on Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
… Iraq needs and deserves the strong support of the international community
to realize its potential. We applaud the unanimous approval…

US, EU Offer Strong NATO Aid for Iraq – Fredericksburg,VA,USA
The United States and the European Union offered strong support for Iraq's
urgent request for NATO military help, in a joint statement Saturday that
made a…

IRAQ South Oil Exports Near Normal
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Flows to Iraq's southern oil terminals were running
at near full rates on Saturday after crews finished repairs on two sabotaged

US, EU agree on strong NATO aid for Iraq
CTV – Canada
The European Union and the United States pledged their support for Iraq's
request that NATO help train the interim Iraqi government's security forces
in the…

WORLD News South Korean probe into hostage killed in Iraq
New Kerala – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
… parliament decided Saturday to investigate into allegations that the
government bungled attempts to rescue a citizen seized and beheaded in
Iraq, Xinhua reports…

WORLD News > US soldier killed in Iraq
New Kerala – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
A US soldier Saturday died of wounds sustained during an attack on his
patrol by rocket-propelled grenades in Iraq, Xinhua reports.…

US, EU Offer Strong NATO Aid for Iraq
ABC News – USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland June 26, 2004 ˜ The United States and the
European Union offered strong support Saturday for Iraq's urgent request
for NATO help…

BUSH Seeks Iraq Unity at EU-US Summit
Reuters – USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland (Reuters) – President Bush tried to forge
unity over Iraq on Saturday in a lightning summit with European leaders
who backed the…

'IRAQ Will never Find Peace Unless We get out Rights'
Zaman – Turkey
President of Iraq Turkmen Front (ITF) Faruk Abdullah Abdurrahman declared
that unless the Turkmen are granted their own rights, Iraq would never
find calm.…

SIX Die in Iraq Violence Ahead of Handover; Attackers target… – Bangladesh
ARBIL, Iraq – A car bomb in northern Iraq killed a man and wounded 40 people
in the Kurdish city of Arbil on Saturday as insurgents kept up a bloody
drive to…

NINE Dead in Spate of Attacks in Iraq
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Insurgents launched attacks in the strife-ridden city
of Baqouba on Saturday, and nine people died, six of them insurgents,
US and Iraqi…,1280,-4247737,00.html

IRAQ PM party offices attacked
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — At least two people were killed when attackers struck
two political party offices in Baqubah, north of Baghdad, including those

LUGAR Warns NATO Its Reputation at Stake in Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
ISTANBUL (Reuters) – US Senator Richard Lugar warned NATO Saturday that
its reputation would stand or fall on its commitment to act in Iraq, after

BUSH seeks Iraq unity at summit
Reuters – London,England,UK
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS (Reuters) – President George W. Bush is trying to forge
unity over Iraq in a lightning US-EU summit fortified against anti-American

SIX Die in Iraq Violence Ahead of Handover
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
ARBIL, Iraq – A car bomb explosion killed a man and wounded 40 people in
the Kurdish city of Arbil on Saturday as insurgents kept up a bloody drive
to derail…

UN Seeks Access To Iraq Inmates In US Custody
IndoLink – San Ramon,CA,USA
Geneva, June 26 (NNN): United Nations human rights experts have sought
access to inmates in US custody in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay
and also terror…

SIX die in Iraq violence ahead of handover
swissinfo – Switzerland
By Seb Walker. insurgents keep up a bloody drive to derail Iraq's transition
to an interim government in four days' time. by interim…

BUSH seeks Iraq help from Europe, NATO
EUbusiness – London,UK
President George W. Bush hoped to win a show of EU support Saturday for
Iraq's interim leaders, amid growing US confidence that NATO will agree
to train and…

CARR comments back Liberals on Iraq: PM
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Prime Minister John Howard said today NSW Premier Bob Carr had effectively
backed the government's criticism that federal Labor's Iraq troop policy
would hurt…

US underestimated Iraq insurgency threat
Southeast Missourian – Cape Girardeau,MO,USA
WASHINGTON — Officials in the State and Defense departments told senators
Friday that they know relatively little about the enemy in Iraq but they

WAVE of attacks in northern Iraq
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… and a government building in Baqouba, as US soldiers and Iraqi security
forces took up defensive positions across the city, the center of Iraq's

BUSH Seeks to Heal Iraq Rift at EU-US Summit
Reuters – USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland (Reuters) – President Bush opened talks with
European Union leaders Saturday seeking unity in his mission to help Iraq,
but his…

IRAQ Insurgency Well Coordinated, Officials Concede
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Pentagon and State Department officials are cautiously optimistic
about the future of Iraq in testimony before the Senate.…

BUSH seeks solidarity on Iraq with allies who opposed the war
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
NEWMARKET-ON-FERGUS, Ireland ˆ President Bush is seeking solidarity on
Iraq with allies who opposed the war, hoping to give a strong vote of
confidence to…

US bombs safe house used by Iraq militants
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — US Marines attacked the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah
with airstrikes on Friday, and Iraq's new government again strongly hinted
that it…

IRAQ in turmoil as handover date looms
The Globe and Mail – Canada
BAGHDAD — When Sadoun al-Dulame returned to Iraq last year from 17 years
in self-imposed exile, he thought he was helping establish a democracy.

IRAQ, Afghan wars to cost $86bn – Australia
AMERICAN military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan probably will cost
$US55 billion to $US60 billion ($78.84 billion to $86 billion) next year
if troop…,4057,9963042%255E1702,00.html

'IRAQ contacted Osama against Saudis'
Times of India – India
… a broad effort by Baghdad to work with organisations opposing the Saudi
ruling family, according to a newly disclosed document obtained by the
Americans in Iraq…

SENIOR Australian Labor figure warns of alienating US over Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
SYDNEY: An Australian Labor Party opposition pledge to withdraw troops
from Iraq will present a major challenge to US ties if his party wins
office in…

LIVING in Iraq, US army-style
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
… It is midday Thursday and all of Iraq seems to be exploding. … If
there were such a place as Stepford, Iraq, North Victory would be it.

NATO nears deal to train Iraq army
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
… out in the nearby town of Shannon, near the capital of Dublin, and
elsewhere around the country to protest Bush's visit and the increasingly
bloody war in Iraq…

DEFINE Iraq success, senators demand
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
Senators pressed top Bush administration officials to describe what success
will look like for the US military in Iraq. BY ELISE ACKERMAN.…

ARMY Replaces Leader of Iraq Prison Inquiry
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… Gen. Anthony R. Jones, as chief investigator into the role of military
intelligence in the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. At…,1,2035292.story?coll=la-headlines-world

COALITION cracks down on militants in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
HAMISH ROBERTSON: But first, with just days to go before the handover to
a sovereign civilian government in Iraq, the US-led coalition appears
to be stepping…

IRAQ Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… BAGHDAD ˜ As this week's coordinated violence demonstrates, Iraq's
insurgent movement is increasingly potent, riding a wave of anti-US nationalism

DEPLOYING Marines face rising violence in Iraq
North County Times – Escondido,CA,USA
… the Defense Department's news service. “Their objectives are to derail
Iraq's transition to self-government. We've seen threats…

LATEST developments in Iraq
Xinhua – China
BAGHDAD, June 26 (Xinhuanet) — The security situation in Iraq is deteriorating
as June 30 power handover approaches. Following…

BUSH wants NATO to help rebuild Iraq
Newark Star Ledger – Newark,NJ,USA
… of power in Baghdad, President Bush opened a European trip yesterday
with growing confidence that NATO would take a bigger role in Iraq despite

PROBE into Iraq hostage death
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
SOUTH Korea's parliament decided today to open a formal investigation into
Seoul's failed attempts to rescue a Korean hostage beheaded in Iraq by
an armed…,5478,9961106%255E1702,00.html

A practical strategy for Iraq's Kurds
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
By David L. Phillips | June 26, 2004. IRAQI KURDS are accusing Iraq's Arab
Shi'a of undermining the interim constitution. Instead…

3 key players in the new Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
AGHDAD, Iraq ˜ When Iraq's Prime Minister Iyad Allawi went to view a
ruptured oil pipeline recently, American press aides insisted that he
not be…

IRAQ debt solution 'by end of the year'
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
LONDON: US President George W Bush may prod Europeans at a summit in Ireland
today to write off much of Iraq's $120 billion foreign debt, but a solution

EUROPE'S Commitment To Iraq
Washington Post – USA
… Many Europeans were, however, convinced that the invasion of Iraq would
make Islamist terrorism more difficult to overcome, even though all agreed
that Saddam…

FILMMAKER contends Iraq has lost faith in US
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
Iraqi civilians are losing faith in the American occupying force in Iraq
as they struggle through the dangers and frustrations of everyday life,
a filmmaker…

NATO expected to take Iraq role
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… were differences over whether NATO should train Iraqi officers inside
the country under a NATO flag or limit its role to training outside of
Iraq and acting as…

EUROPE'S Commitment To Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
By Romano Prodi and Chris Patten. The occupation of Iraq will be formally
over in a matter of days. As acres of newsprint have testified…

PM praises Carr for Iraq comment
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
PRIME Minister John Howard today praised NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr for
telling Opposition Leader Mark Latham he was wrong about Iraq.…,5478,9960708%255E1702,00.html

S Korean security officials to meet over Iraq killing
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
… Korea's influential National Security Council yesterday was likely
to touch on whether more could have been done to prevent the killing in
Iraq of hostage Kim…

PAYING the Price: The Mounting Costs of the Iraq War
Iraq Occupation Watch – San Francisco,CA,USA
by Phyllis Bennis and the IPS Iraq Task Force, Institute for Policy Studies
and Foreign Policy in Focus. This new report by the Institute…

CLERICS in Iraq preach unity
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
BAGHDAD — Preachers in Iraq's mosques have heaped scorn on the American-run
occupation every Friday for weeks, venting their anger and frustration

UN to appoint new Iraq envoy
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… Annan ordered all UN international staff to leave Iraq in October following
two bombings at UN headquarters and a spate of attacks targeting foreign

KOIZUMI: SDF to stay course in Iraq
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo,Japan
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Friday the Self-Defense Forces will
continue their humanitarian mission in Iraq despite intensifying attacks
ahead of the…

US Air Strike on Iraq Safe House Kills 20-25
ABC News – USA
June 25, 2004 ˜ BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A US air strike on a suspected insurgent
safe house in the town of Falluja on Friday killed between 20 and 25 people,

'SAFEST place to be in Iraq'
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
… With our presence here, it's definitely the safest place to be in Iraq,”
he said. In fact, life inside the Green Zone is more low-key.…

NEW leaders in desperate bid to curb Iraq violence
Guardian – UK
Coalition forces yesterday set up a series of checkpoints inside and outside
Baghdad as Iraq's new leaders admitted they were considering imposing
a state of…,2763,1247709,00.html

US lawmakers doubt NATO role in Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… the Senate Armed Services Committee on Friday pointed to NATO's ineffectiveness
in other conflict zones as reasons why no NATO troops may be dispatched
to Iraq…

OFFICIALS: We underestimated Iraq insurgency
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
WASHINGTON — The Bush administration made a series of miscalculations
that underestimated the deadly potency of Iraq's insurgency, top US officials
said Friday…,0,855718.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

NEW US Iraq abuse probe chief
BBC News – London,England,UK
… new chief investigator. Crucially, he is slightly more senior than
the top US commander in Iraq, Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez. In terms…

THOUSANDS protest against Iraq war during Bush's visit to Ireland
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… Arriving in Shannon at the start of his second visit to Europe this
month, he ran into a buzz saw of protest over his decision to invade Iraq
and the US-led…

BUSH close to winning NATO's help in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… Many of his critics express doubt that such assistance is enough to
do the job, but the president appeared confident about Iraq's future as
he arrived here on…

A Look at US Military Deaths in Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
As of Friday, June 25, 848 US service members have died since the beginning
of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department.

SENATORS press Wolfowitz on Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
… US senators on Friday pressed top Bush administration officials to
explain what the signs would be of a successful end to the American military
presence in Iraq…

US names replacement Iraq abuse investigator
ABC Online – Australia
The US Army has named a higher-ranking general as the senior investigator
of abuse of Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq amid lawmakers' complaints
the probe…

IRAQ Insurgency Well Coordinated, Officials Concede
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Pentagon and State Department officials are cautiously optimistic
about the future of Iraq in testimony before the Senate.…

BUSH arrives in Ireland seeking Iraq support
EUbusiness – London,UK
US President George W. Bush arrived in Ireland Friday seeking more help
from Europe on Iraq and increasingly confident that NATO will agree to
train and equip…

NATO strikes tentative Iraq security deal
ABC Online – Australia
… forces. Diplomats say the agreement comes after hours of wrangling
that echoed last year's bust-up before the US-led Iraq war. “We…

US plans to inject 15000 troops in Iraq
Straits Times – Singapore
BAGHDAD – United States military planners are preparing to send possibly
as many as 15,000 more ground troops to Iraq if the violence increases.,4386,258358,00.html

UP to 25 killed in Iraq air strike
Reuters – London,England,UK
… guerrilla safe house west of Baghdad, stepping up a hunt for Jordanian
militant Abu Musab Zarqawi blamed by Washington for a series of deadly
attacks in Iraq.…

Newsweek – New York,NY,USA
… But where conspiracy theory distracts Moore‚s tour de farce, Dick
Mahoney‚s “Broken Places‰ largely ignores the “why‰ of the Iraq
war in favor of…

IRAQ, Afghan wars will cost up to $60 billion next year,…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) American military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan probably
will cost $55 billion to $60 billion next year if troop levels remain

US Taps Higher-Ranking General to Head Iraq Probe
Reuters – USA
… Gen. George Fay, a two-star, in a move aimed at facilitating the interviewing
of Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the three-star who is the top US commander
in Iraq.…

KERALITE workers back from Iraq, with horror tales
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
ALAPPUZHA, JUNE 25: The lives of hundreds of Indian workers, most of them
Keralites, are under threat in the US Army camps in Iraq due to the escalating

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