Iraq News and Information Links April 26 2004
'NO plan' for more Iraq troops
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
FOREIGN Minister Alexander Downer today played down talk of Australia sending
more troops to Iraq, saying the government was not planning to dramatically,5478,9402727%255E1702,00.html

OIL: Price climbs on fears of more attacks on Iraq exports
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
NEW YORK – Oil prices rose Monday after the foiled weekend attempts to
bomb Iraq's key Basra crude export terminal revived fears of more attacks
on the…

UK firms lose out to US on Iraq contracts
The Times (subscription) – London,England,UK
By Peter Klinger. BRITAIN is missing out to American companies in the race
to secure big contracts to rebuild Iraq. Figures released…,,8209-1089436,00.html

US forces to replace Spain's troops in Iraq
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… take over control of the Spanish-controlled zone around the shrine
city of Najaf when Madrid and its Latin American allies pull their troops
out of Iraq at the…

BLAIR presses Army to send troops into Iraq's danger areas
Independent – London,England,UK
… commanders are resisting pressure from Downing Street to deploy large-scale
reinforcements to join American forces in Baghdad and other volatile parts
of Iraq.…

IRAQ'S postwar oil exports surpass $8.2 billion
Forbes – USA
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Baghdad has exported more than $8.2 billion
in crude oil since last year's invasion of Iraq, the US-led authority
governing Iraq…

AL-QAEDA claims Iraq boat attack, condemns Howard visit
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
A statement apparently from top al-Qaeda operative Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
claimed responsibility today for a suicide boat attack on Iraq's Basra
oil terminal and…

TOP Democrats want detail on how Pentagon spent Iraq money
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… Democrats said Monday that President Bush had failed to give Congress
enough detail on how $40 billion had been used for wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq and for…

IRAQ oil prices feel squeeze after port attack
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The suicide boat attacks on Iraq's main oil export terminal at the weekend
added to pressure on oil prices on Monday, increasing concern about future

CASUALTIES Mount in Iraq
Muslim American Society – Falls Church,VA,USA
FALLUJAH, Iraq , April 26 (MASNET & News Agencies) – An explosion at a
suspected chemical munitions plant in Baghdad , and fierce fighting in
the flashpoint…

AP: 10 US contractors in Iraq penalized
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
WASHINGTON — Ten companies with billions of dollars in US contracts for
Iraq reconstruction have paid more than $300 million in penalties since
2000 to…

IRAQ Resumes Oil Exports After Attack
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq said Monday it had resumed oil exports two days after
suicide bombers in boats attacked pumping stations in the Persian Gulf.

NOT all is bad in Iraq: Look at the Kurdish areas
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… Kurdish police and security forces are efficient and the security situation
in the self-ruled Kurdish region is a far cry from that in the rest of

IRAQ Official Blames US for Standoff
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraq's current Governing Council president said Monday
the United States has only itself to blame for the military deadlock at
Najaf and…

US seen correcting "mistakes" in Iraq
Reuters – India
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US adjustments to its Iraq policy, including the
siege of Falluja, demonstrate what President George W. Bush has refused
to admit…

Q&A: British troops in Iraq
BBC News – London,England,UK
Tension has been building in Iraq after another week of violence which
has seen 74 people killed, including five British soldiers, in suicide

BRITAIN May Send More Troops to Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
LONDON, April 26 — British officials said Monday they were considering
dispatching more troops to Iraq, while more than 50 former British ambassadors

MORE troops for Iraq possible
The Australian – Australia
… Australia has about 850 personnel in and around Iraq and Mr Howard
said the upcoming Budget would fund their involvement until June 2005.,5744,9402685%255E1702,00.html

CASUALTIES mount as marines, insurgents clash in Iraq's Sunni…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
FALLUJAH, Iraq : An explosion at a suspected chemical munition plant in
Baghdad and fierce fighting in the flashpoint Sunni town of Fallujah left
11 people…

DINOSAURS Enter Stage in Iraq
Tehran Times – Tehran,Iran
In a suspicious and provocative move, the US civilian administrator in
Iraq, Paul Bremer, recently issued directives ordering the return to power
of criminal…

ITALY told to protest to save hostages in Iraq – London,England,UK
The Iraqi group holding three Italian hostages has threatened to kill them
unless protests are held in five days in Italy against Rome's policies
in Iraq.…

US Calls For New UN Resolution On Iraq
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
… 2004 — The United States has called on the United Nations Security
Council to adopt a new resolution aimed at enlisting additional foreign
troops for Iraq.…

KBR denies withholding news on Iraq hostages
Forbes – USA
… Reuters) – Texas company Halliburton , denying a published report it
was withholdinginformation from relatives of four workers kidnapped in
Iraq, said Monday…

AL-ZARQAWI Claims Iraq Oil Terminal Attack
Atlanta Journal Constitution – Atlanta,GA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP)—A Jordanian militant with links to al-Qaida claimed
responsibility on Monday for suicide boat attacks against Persian Gulf
oil terminals…

BRAHIMI Lays out Proposals for Greater UN Role In Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
The US-pledged deadline for handing over limited sovereignty in Iraq is
only a little more than two months away. Yet details on…

Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… captives. The three men, who were working in Iraq as private security
guards, were reported kidnapped this month in Baghdad. About…

IRAQ resumes Basra oil exports
ABC Online – Australia
Iraq has resumed oil exports from its Basra terminal just a day after suicide
attacks forced operations to halt, Iraqi and United States officials said.

SHOTS Fired at Bulgaria President in Iraq
Guardian – UK
SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) – Insurgents fired at the motorcade of Bulgarian President
Georgi Parvanov during his brief visit to Iraq, but no one in the group
was hurt…,1280,-4022665,00.html

THREE Marines killed in Iraq
The Times (subscription) – London,England,UK
… Arab TV channel al-Arabiya showed a video today of what it said were
three Italian hostages in Iraq, with their captors' threatening to kill

IRAQ unveils new 'inclusive' flag
BBC News – London,England,UK
Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council has approved a new national flag
for the embattled country, officials said. The design consists…

BREAKING News: Local sailors killed in Iraq blast (subscription) – Norfolk,VA,USA
The Norfolk newspaper also reported the deaths are the first of the current
conflict in Iraq involving Navy personnel from Hampton Roads.…

US Military Affirms TV Cover Ban on Iraq Coffins
Reuters – USA
… More than 700 US troops have died in Iraq, including more than 100
this month. … But rules were again strictly enforced just before the
Iraq war began.…

IRAQ group threatens to kill Italians
Reuters – London,England,UK
DUBAI (Reuters) – Al Arabiya TV has broadcast a tape it says shows three
Italians held captive in Iraq and says their captors will kill them in
five days if…

BARZANI Blames US for Iraq Standoffs
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – The current president of Iraq's US-picked Governing Council,
Massoud Barzani, said Monday that American mistakes helped lead to the

TROOPS at risk by extending their stay in Iraq, warns Labor
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
By Cynthia Banham with AAP. The lives of Australian troops in Iraq could
be at risk for a very long time, Labor said yesterday. The…

BRITAIN in talks over future Iraq role
ic Wales – Wales,UK
… They are said to range from sending another 1,500 to 2,000 troops,
to taking over command of a second multinational division in central south
Iraq which would…

MOVE to endorse Iraq plan could fail over troops
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
The Bush Administration is preparing a resolution for the United Nations
to endorse its plan to transfer power in Iraq, but a proposal that guarantees

IRAQ resumes oil exports
Business Day, South Africa – Johannesburg,South Africa
BAGHDAD – Iraq's vital southern oil terminals were back in operation on
Monday, after being shut down by waterborne suicide attacks that killed
three US sailors…,3523,1602120-6078-0,00.html

AUSTRALIAN troops needed in Iraq: Downer
ABC Online – Australia
The Federal Government has strongly rejected the Opposition's claim that
Australian troops remain in Iraq for "symbolic" reasons.…

IRAQ group threatens to kill Italians
Reuters – London,England,UK
DUBAI (Reuters) – Al Arabiya TV has broadcast a tape it says showed three
Italians held captive in Iraq and said their captors vowed to kill them
in five days…

UNDER fire Spanish kill five in Iraq
Independent Online – South Africa
… attacks come amid preparations by Spain's new socialist-led government
to abide by a pre-election pledge to pull the country's 1 432-strong contingent
from Iraq…

ISRAEL: Iraq Modified Planes for Chemical Raids
Reuters – USA
JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Iraq modified aircraft for possible chemical weapons
attacks against Israeli targets before last year's US-led invasion, Israel's

FIRST UK ambassador appointed to new Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – The government has named Edward Chaplin as its first
ambassador to Iraq after the toppling of President Saddam Hussein.…

BLAST levels building in Iraq – Australia
… commanders have said they will not go near the holy shrines in the
city's ancient centre, a move that would spark widespread outrage among
Iraq's Shiite Muslim…,4057,9400557%255E1702,00.html

IRAQ resumes oil exports
The Australian – Australia
IRAQ'S vital southern oil terminals were back in operation today, after
being shut down by waterborne suicide attacks that killed three US sailors,

MULTINATIONAL Iraq force to hand over control of two provinces to…
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
The announcement came as Spain's former prime minister on called the planned
pullout of Spanish troops from Iraq "appeasement," issuing his harshest

BRITAIN may send more troops to Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – The government says it is in talks with coalition partners
about possibly sending more troops to Iraq — a high-risk move for Prime

THAI PM Faces Pressure to Pull Troops Out of Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Thailand's government is coming under mounting pressure to withdraw its
troops from Iraq as public fears increase about their safety.…

VIOLENCE in Iraq Spreads Fear Among Reporters
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
… Sunni Muslim stronghold of Fallujah, west of Baghdad, an explosion
damaged a building and several military vehicles in Baghdad, and in southern
Iraq, oil is…

BULGARIA president shot at in Iraq
… Parvanov flew into Iraq on Sunday two days after a Bulgarian soldier
was killed in an ambush on his convoy in Karbala, where militants loyal
to radical Shiite…

LEGAL debate over UK's Iraq role
BBC News – London,England,UK
A court hearing has begun to decide if five peace protesters can raise
questions at their trial about the legality of Britain's role in Iraq.

JAPAN bills released hostages for Iraq rescue
ABC Online – Australia
Japan's Government has billed three former hostages held in Iraq and their
relatives at least $A29,700 towards the cost of bringing them home safely,
a Foreign…

PM returns from Iraq to Labor attack
ABC Online – Australia
DAVID HARDAKER: After a lightening visit, the Prime Minister has returned
from Iraq and flown into a fresh attack from the Labor Party.…

VIOLENCE impedes rebuilding of Iraq
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
… Sandi's precautions for a trip to a construction site in Baghdad reflect
a new level of peril in doing business in Iraq and another threat to the

UK could send more troops to Iraq
Guardian – UK
Up to 2,000 more British troops could be sent to Iraq to fill the gaps
left by Spain's departing soldiers, it was reported today.…,2763,1203625,00.html

COMMODORE Darby describes PM's visit to Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… Anzac Day? It was code named Operation Tower and it seems, was kept
under wraps from most of the Australians serving in Iraq. The…

NORTHPORT police chief's son dies in Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… Bruckenthal, of Dania Beach, Fla., was killed along with two US Navy
sailors trying to protect two major oil terminals about 100 miles from
Iraq's main port of…,0,1685786.story?coll=ny-world-big-pix

BLAST Destroys Iraq Building, Injures GI
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – An explosion leveled part of a building as US troops
were raiding it in northern Baghdad on Monday, wrecking four US Humvees
and wounding…,1280,-4021790,00.html

KERRY raps Bush policies in Iraq (12:15 PST)
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
WASHINGTON: Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has said the United
States must change course in Iraq in order to "be stronger abroad.".…

PRESIDENT shot at in Iraq
News24 – South Africa
Sofia, Bulgaria – Shots were fired by unknown assailants at Bulgarian President
Georgi Parvanov during his brief visit to Iraq, a senior security official

IVINS: Iraq may not be Vietnam, but it is sure a quagmire
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
The Nation points out a charming little Bush thesis: "Some of the debate
really centers around the fact that some people don't believe Iraq can
be free; that…

IRAQ Had Chemical Weapons – Israeli Military Chief
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Iraq had chemical weapons and the means to deliver them ahead of last year‚s
US-led invasion, Israel‚s military chief said in an interview published

FIVE Indians missing in Iraq
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
Dubai, April 26: Five Keralites working in various places in the strife-torn
Iraq are believed to be missing, a senior diplomat said on Monday.…

UK, Georgia to send more troops to Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
US allies United Kingdom and Georgia may increase their troop deployment
in Iraq to make up for the withdrawal of Spain , Honduras and the Dominican

IRAQ Resumes Basra Oil Exports-Minister
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq has resumed oil exports from the Basra terminal
about 27 hours after suicide attacks forced operations to halt, Oil Minister

BRITAIN may send more troops to Iraq: report
Xinhua – China
LONDON, April 26 (Xinhuanet) — An expansion of Britain's role in Iraq,
including more troops, was set to be made after the Spanish government's
decision to…

A US turnaround in Iraq
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… The Bush administration seems at last to have embraced that simple
wisdom in its Iraq policy and is beginning to undo some of the earlier
mistakes that got the…

SHOTS fired at Bulgarian president during visit to Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) Shots were fired by unknown assailants at Bulgarian
President Georgi Parvanov during his brief visit to Iraq, a senior security

IRAQ Resumes Oil Exports After Weekend Bomb Attacks (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
April 26 (Bloomberg) — Iraq, the Middle East's third-largest oil producer,
resumed crude-oil exports from its biggest Persian Gulf terminal after
it was…

IRAQ adopts new national flag
ABC Online – Australia
… The white stands for peace and a new start for Iraq, whilst the crescent
represents Islam," Mr Kefaae said. The blue strips represented…

IRAQ'S Political Price Mounts
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… Steven C. LaTourette, the conflict in Iraq hit close to home the day
four American contract workers were killed, mutilated and dragged through
the streets of…

OIL climbs on fears of more attacks on Iraq exports
Forbes – USA
SINGAPORE, April 26 (Reuters) – Oil prices rose on Monday after the foiled
weekend attempts to bomb Iraq's key Basra crude export terminal revived
fears of…

IRAQ Resumes Crude Exports From Basrah Terminal (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
April 26 (Bloomberg) — Iraq, the Middle East's third- largest oil producer,
resumed crude exports after its Persian Gulf terminals were closed Saturday
by a…

BRITAIN in Talks on Iraq, May Send More Troops
Reuters – USA
… Reuters) – Britain said on Monday it was in talks with its coalition
partners about how to cope with the withdrawal of Spanish troops from
Iraq — a move which…

BULGARIAN president survives Iraq attack
Reuters – London,England,UK
… Parvanov's visit, coming just one day after a Bulgarian soldier was
killed in an ambush in Iraq, has added fuel to an already intense debate
in the new NATO…

WAR in Iraq Aims a Bullet at the Heart of the Economy
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
However badly the war is going in Iraq, on the home front it is still a
good thing for George Bush ˜ so far. … Iraq isn't going to be like
World War II.…

LABOR concerned about getting bogged down in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
TANYA NOLAN: The Federal Opposition says John Howard's pledge that our
troops will remain in Iraq until at least the middle of next year means
Australia will…

US warns guerrillas in Iraq to disarm now
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — US officials set the stage Sunday for ending a weeks-long
standoff with insurgents in two Iraqi cities, warning residents of Najaf
that they…

BRIAN DICKERSON: A secure Iraq to take more cash and time
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
President George W. Bush promises that the United States will spend whatever
it takes to finish the job it began in Iraq, but his administration is

US Plan to Transfer Power in Iraq Has UN Opponents, Post Says
Bloomberg – USA
April 26 (Bloomberg) — A United Nations resolution being prepared by the
US and meant to be an endorsement of the transfer of power in Iraq may

US forces poised for move on 2 Iraq cities
The Wichita Eagle – Wichita,KS,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – US officials set the stage Sunday for ending a standoff
with insurgent forces in two Iraqi cities, warning residents of the holy
city of Najaf…

CRUDE prices may soar after attacks on Iraq
Business Report – Africa
… The bulk of Iraq's oil exports will be halted for at least two days
following a series of attempted boat bomb attacks on the key oil facility
at Khor Al-Amaya…

US revamps strategy in Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution – Atlanta,GA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˜ Negotiators extended a shaky cease-fire in the volatile
city of Fallujah on Sunday for at least two more days, defusing the threat
of an…

FORMER UN inspector talks 'real' Iraq policy
Towerlight – USA
Former chief weapons inspector to Iraq Scott Ritter said Wednesday that
President Bush created an extremely turbulent situation in Iraq.…

The Weekly Standard (subscription) – Washington,DC,USA
by David Kenner. THE MAN BEING SENT to direct the organization and training
of local police and security forces in Iraq is Major General David Petraeus.

'SYMBOLIC' Iraq commitment worries ALP
ABC Online – Australia
The Federal Opposition says Australia is getting bogged down in Iraq and
the Prime Minister needs to outline an exit strategy for the troops to
return home.…

UN Iraq resolution a tough sell
The Bush administration is preparing a broad UN resolution to endorse its
plan to transfer power in Iraq, but it may face a tough sell on proposals

THE Myths of Iraq
Strategy Page – USA
… warlords (Saddam followers wanting to regain power, or Islamic radical
Shias who want the country run by clergy) can be defeated and disarmed,
Iraq will never…

UK considers Iraq troops boost: report
ABC Online – Australia
The British Government has prepared a series of options aimed at boosting
the number of British troops in Iraq to make up for the withdrawal of
the Spanish…

SUICIDE strikes halt flow of oil in Iraq
The Star (subscription) – Johannesburg,South Africa
Basra – Suicide boat strikes on Iraq's main southern oil terminal have
halted the bulk of the country's crude oil exports for at least two days.

MAJOR Developments in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
_ A US general said troops will move into a base on the edge of the holy
city of Najaf that Spanish troops will abandon when they withdraw from
Iraq in the…

COLONIZING Iraq? – Sunnyvale,CA,USA
by Paul Craig Roberts. Will President Bush share with the American people
the reason he is planning a long term American military occupation of

BULGARIAN president survives shooting in Iraq
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
SOFIA – Shots were fired at a motorcade carrying Bulgarian President Georgy
Parvanov, who made a unannounced visit to Iraq Sunday, but there were
no casualties…

SALVADOR undecided to withdraw troops from Iraq after June
Xinhua – China
MEXICO CITY, April 25 (Xinhuanet) – El Salvador was in a dilemma whether
to keep its small troop contingent commanded by Spain in Iraq after June,
reports from…

ITALIAN government urged to withdraw troops from Iraq
Xinhua – China
… of Italians took to streets across the country on Sunday, celebrating
the Liberation Day and urging the government to withdraw Italian forces
from Iraq.…

BUSH'S allies on Iraq hold on
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
… the parents of Cpl. Tyler Fey, a Marine from Eden Prairie who was killed
in Iraq. In Republican Rep. Gil Gutknecht's district, more…

NINE killed in Iraq violence
Gulf Daily News – Manama,Bahrain
BAGHDAD: Nine people, including two American soldiers, were killed and
13 others injured in separate incidents in Iraq yesterday.…

BULGARIAN president visits troops stationed in Iraq
Xinhua – China
SOFIA, April 25 (Xinhuanet) — Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanovmade
a surprise visit to his country's contingent in Karbala, southern Iraq,
on Sunday, the…

PRESSURE mounts for increased US forces in Iraq
SpaceDaily – USA
US commanders are under mounting pressure to increase troop levels in Iraq
but the superpower army and its reserves are already stretched, experts

HOWARD fails to rule out extra troops for Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
TONY EASTLEY: During his whistlestop, surprise visit to Iraq, John Howard
has said Australian troops will remain there until at least the middle
of next year…

KURDS' success provides lesson for rest of Iraq
USA Today – USA
… But this was in Iraq. … While the rest of Iraq's population wallows
in the region's addiction to blame, the Kurds have rolled up their sleeves
and gone to work.…

BUSH, Kerry show new differences over Iraq
Daily Times – Pakistan
WASHINGTON: As Iraq looms larger on the radar screens of US voters, new
differences are emerging between President George W Bush and his Democratic

ATTACK in Iraq: Many Versions, Obscure Truth
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
AGHDAD, Iraq, April 25 ˜ A roadside bomb killed a young American soldier
on Sunday morning inside the city, the kind of attack so common in this
war that it…

AUSTRALIAN PM makes secret visit to Iraq
Daily Times – Pakistan
BAGHDAD: Australian Prime Minister John Howard, emulating his friend US
President George W Bush, made a secret visit to Iraq on Sunday to join

UK forces may take over Iraq hotspots-report
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Britain has drawn up plans to expand its role in Iraq
to help cope with the withdrawal of Spanish troops, the Times has reported.

CHALABI fights for survival in Iraq government
ABC Online – Australia
… member Ahmad Chalabi on Sunday sought to defuse reports that he would
be sidelined in the interim government due to take political power in
Iraq from June 30…

FALLUJAH ceasefire extended Œ indefinitely ‚ : 12 more killed…
Daily Times – Pakistan
… Spanish soldiers shot and killed at least two insurgents in south central
Iraq, Spain‚s Defence Ministry said. The US administrator…

CHILDREN Killed in Iraq Attack
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
… other two fled. The incidents happened a day after suicide boat attacks
on Iraq‚s main southern oil terminal in Basra. The attacks…

A daily look at US military deaths in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
As of Friday, April 23, 707 US service members have died since the beginning
of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Department
of Defense.…

WORLD Bank: New Iraq Needs-Assessment Not Necessary
Reuters – USA
… Iraq's oil shipments were suspended during the weekend after suicide
bombers in three boats tried unsuccessfully to destroy the country's main
Basra oil…

PM hints at Iraq troop increase
The Australian – Australia
Mr Howard made a surprise visit to Iraq for Anzac Day yesterday and met
with Australian troops and US administrators in Baghdad.…,5744,9391874%255E1702,00.html

CIVILIANS working in post-war Iraq
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
JACKSON, Miss. – Glen Trehern of Gautier has put in an application to go
to Iraq for money, to help his country and for the adventure.…

BRITAIN in Talks over Future Iraq Role
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… They are said to range from sending another 1,500 to 2,000 troops,
to taking over command of a second multinational division in central south
Iraq which would…

SUICIDE Attacks In Iraq Halt Oil Flow As Violence Continues
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
… There are conflicting reports about the impact of the attacks on Iraq's
oil infrastructure.Iraqi oil officials initially said that both terminals
would suspend…

PM due to return after Iraq visit
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Prime Minister John Howard is due to return to Australia today after making
his first visit to Iraq for an Anzac Day service. Mr…

UN Envoy Warns US 'Tread Carefully' in Iraq
New York Times – USA
WASHINGTON, April 25 The United Nations' special envoy to Iraq strongly
warned the United States today against using military force in Falluja
or Najaf, two…

SPANISH troops kill two insurgents in Iraq
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
MADRID – Spanish soldiers shot and killed at least two insurgents in south
central Iraq after coming under fire on Sunday, Spain's Defence Ministry

REBUILDING Iraq forum kicks off in Amman
Xinhua – China
AMMAN, April 25 (Xinhuanet)— A forum about rebuilding Iraq projects opened
here on Sunday, with the aim to seeking present and future opportunities
in the…

IRAQ Basra oil terminal set to reopen after attacks
Reuters – India
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraq's main Basra oil terminal remained shut on Sunday
after unsuccessful seaborne suicide bomb attacks against it, but exports

AUSTRALIA'S Howard Stands Firm in Iraq
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
SYDNEY, Australia – When Washington called for help to fight a war in Iraq,
Australian Prime Minister John Howard dispatched troops and pledged to
stay the…

AMERICA'S involvement in Iraq
Financial – Bangladesh
The Iraq issue has surged to the forefront of the US presidential campaign.
Americans are starting to feel that the Iraq solution…

IRAQ City of Najaf Potentially Explosive, US Says
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A potentially explosive situation is brewing in Iraq's
Shi'ite holy city of Najaf, but progress has been made in peace efforts
in the…

BUSINESS paints positive picture of Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
US officials and lead contractors involved in rebuilding Iraq have painted
a rosy picture of the war-battered country despite a surge of violence.

TAKING aim at the contractors
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
… The ad shows a billboard sign emblazoned with the name "Halliburton,"
the multinational that won several US humanitarian contracts to help with

HOSTAGE'S relative: Family being kept in dark
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
But KBR-Halliburton's president denied on Sunday that the company is withholding
information about contracted employees working in the war-torn country.

FOCUS: Terror
San Antonio Express – San Antonio,TX,USA
… Halliburton is paying their truck drivers and cooks $80,000 plus expenses.
Another firm gives their security specialists six figures.…

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