Iraq News and Information Links May 17 2004
US says Iraq bombing will not deter handover of power
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
WASHINGTON – The White House said Monday the drive for democracy in Iraq
will not be deterred by the assassination of Izzadine Saleem, the head
of the Iraqi…

IRAN Condemns Assassination of Head of Iraq's Governing Council
Tehran Times – Tehran,Iran
The head of Iraq's Governing Council was killed in a suicide attack on
Monday by a car bomb near presidential palace in Baghdad.…

ARRAIGNMENTS of three moved up one day in Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
By DAVID DISHNEAU. HAGERSTOWN, Md. — The arraignments of three soldiers
charged with abusing Iraqi prisoners have been moved up…—prisonerabuse0517may17,0,5100565.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

NEUHARTH Explains Call for Withdrawal From Iraq
Editor & Publisher (subscription) – USA
… Al Neuharth tells me that he has written exactly 818 weekly columns
for USA Today and his latest, on Friday, which advocated a US withdrawal
from Iraq — and a…

IRAQ: Reconstruction Roadblocks
Washington Post – USA
… She was a member of a CSIS-led reconstruction assessment team that
went to Iraq in July 2003 at the request of the US Department of Defense.

SARIN Nerve Agent Bomb Explodes in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – A roadside bomb containing deadly sarin nerve agent exploded
near a US military convoy, the US military said Monday.…

BOMB hits at Iraq's handover
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… government.”. The transitional government, which will take power June
30, is meant to shepherd Iraq to elections planned for January 2005.…

ANNAN: Violence May Go on After Iraq Hand-Over
Reuters – USA
… would have achieved their objective once sovereignty is formally handed
to Iraqis on June 30 but others would fight until the last foreign soldier
had left Iraq…

US appointee in Iraq faces criticism in adopted home of Detroit
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
Today, the former student activist forced into exile is the newly minted
governor of Najaf, one of the most volatile regions of Iraq and an important

REPORT: Iraq Abuse Had Roots in White House Policies
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: A Newsweek report traces the Iraq prison abuse scandal to
a White House decision made shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, that…

US May Move Troops From S. Korea To Iraq
Guardian – UK
WASHINGTON (AP) – In a sign of the Iraq war's increasing strain on the
US Army, the Pentagon is planning an extraordinary shift of 3,600 troops
to Iraq from…,1280,-4100802,00.html

OUTLOOK: Iraq and the Modern Age
Washington Post – USA
In her article, “. ,” Wright says that the consequences of the war in Iraq
— as seen by people in the region — are grave. The stakes…

ANNAN shocked at Iraq killing
News24 – South Africa
… In the meantime, the efforts to bring stability to Iraq will continue
and I hope this tragic event will not disrupt it,” he said.,,2-10-1460_1528366,00.html

SARIN Nerve Agent Bomb Explodes in Iraq – USA
It was believed to be the first confirmed discovery of any of the banned
weapons that the United States cited in making its case for the Iraq war.

RUSSIAN hostages released in Iraq
Xinhua – China
MOSCOW, May 17 (Xinhuanet) — Two Russians kidnapped last Monday and held
for a week in Iraq have been released, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed

US plans to move troops from S Korea to Iraq
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The US plans to move some of its 37,000 South Korea-based troops to Iraq
– a move that underlines the US forces' struggle to bring order to the
Gulf state.…

SUICIDE Car Bomb Kills Iraq Governing Council Chief
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide car bomber killed the head of Iraq's Governing
Council Monday, a major new blow to US-led occupiers battling a Shi'ite

AFTER Iraq, the world
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
Except for those who have relatives among the 600 or so workers, and the
members of the Philippine “humanitarian‰ mission in Iraq, most Filipinos

SHORT Urges Responsible Exit Strategy from Iraq
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
A responsible exit strategy for British troops in Iraq was called for in
the Commons tonight by Labour former Cabinet Minister Clare Short.…

CHEMICAL bomb explodes in Iraq – Australia
It was the first confirmed finding of any of the banned weapons upon which
the United States based its case for the Iraq war. “The…,4057,9593239%255E1702,00.html

US reaffirms Iraq handover plans
BBC News – London,England,UK
The killing of the head of Iraq's Governing Council will not affect plans
to hand over power to Iraqis, a top aide to President George W Bush says.

US-LED forces say kill 51 insurgents in Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – US-led forces in Iraq have killed 51 guerrillas, including
20 in an air strike on insurgents loading and unloading weapons from vehicles

SPORADIC gunfire still heard in Iraq's Nasiriyah
Xinhua – China
… Meanwhile, Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino said the Italian
forces' rules of engagement were “perfectly adequate” for the Iraq situation,
but added…

US Military: Nerve Gas Bomb Found In Iraq
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
17 May 2004 — The US military today said that an artillery round containing
sarin nerve gas exploded after it was discovered by a US convoy in Iraq.

EU condemns assassination, prisoner abuse in Iraq
EUbusiness – London,UK
The 25-nation bloc also expressed “abhorrence” at the widely catalogued
abuse of prisoners in Iraq — which British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw

TWO Russian hostages freed in Iraq: foreign ministry
The Hindu – Chennai,India
… The two men work for Interenergoservis company involved in the reconstruction
of Iraq's energy sector, the ministry statement said.…

US to shift 4000 GIs to Iraq from South Korea
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
TOKYO The United States plans to shift an army brigade of about 4,000 soldiers
from South Korea to Iraq, according to American and South Korean officials.

RUMSFELD Knew: Iraq Prison Abuse Part of Pentagon-approved Black…
Democracy Now – USA
… Hersh reveals that the Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved using
harsh interrogation methods as part of a top-secret program against Al
Qaeda and in Iraq…

NO retreat from Iraq, says PM
The Australian – Australia
AS Iraq continues its slide into disorder in the wake of the killing of
Governing Council chief Izzadine Saleem, John Howard has again ruled out

CAR bombing kills the president of Iraq's interim government
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
BAGHDAD,Iraq – The president of Iraq's interim government was killed Monday
along with at least four others when a powerful car bomb exploded outside

TWO Russian Hostages Freed in Iraq
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Two Russians abducted by guerrillas in Iraq earlier
this month were freed Monday in the southern outskirts of Baghdad.…

BLAIR wants out of Iraq when possible
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Under growing political pressure to find an Iraq exit
strategy, the government says it plans to step up training of Iraqi forces
to allow…

'NERVE gas bomb' explodes in Iraq
BBC News – London,England,UK
An artillery round containing a small amount of the nerve gas sarin has
exploded in Iraq. Brig Gen Mark Kimmitt said the blast caused…

PM likely to boost troop numbers in Iraq to 1000
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
The Prime Minister, John Howard, is expected to announce an increase in
Australia's military and civilian commitment to Iraq as early as tomorrow
night, when…

BOMB Kills Head of Iraq Governing Council
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — The head of the Iraqi Governing Council was killed in
a suicide car bombing near a checkpoint outside the coalition headquarters
in central…,0,1977937.story?coll=ny-nationalnews-headlines

SHI'ITE leader's killing rocks Iraq
Asia Times Online – Hong Kong
BAGHDAD – With just six weeks to go before the United States is scheduled
to hand over sovereignty to Iraq, the head of the US-appointed Iraqi Governing

CAR bomb kills head of Iraq ruling council
Guardian – UK
… Mr Saleem was the highest-ranking Iraqi official to be killed during
the US-led occupation of Iraq, and the second member of the council to
be assassinated…,12956,1218774,00.html

BLAIR condemns Iraq leader death
BBC News – London,England,UK
Tony Blair has insisted the transfer of power in Iraq will not be stopped
by the death of the head of the country's governing council.…

US Will Deploy 4,000 Soldiers Here to Iraq
Korea Times – Seoul,South Korea
South Korea and the United States have agreed to deploy an infantry brigade
of about 4,000 infantrymen stationed here to Iraq, officials said on Monday.

IRAQ blots out domestic agenda
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne,IN,USA
… But so far it has remained just another laundry-list item in Bush's
stump speech, overshadowed by the president's response to the avalanche
of trouble in Iraq.…

SOME US troops in S. Korea may go to Iraq
WASHINGTON – In a sign of the Iraq war‚s increasing strain on the US
Army, the Pentagon is considering an extraordinary shift of troops to
Iraq from their…

INTEL on Iraq labs
WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Colin Powell says the CIA was wrong about
the presence of mobile biological weapons labs in Iraq before the invasion
by US-led…

JORDAN'S king says Iraq's neighbors should not send peacekeepers…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
SOUTHERN SHUNEH, Jordan (AP) Jordan will not send peacekeeping troops to
Iraq and neither should any other neighboring nations because it could
be too tempting…

MPS to debate new Iraq exit plan
Guardian – UK
New plans drawn up between Downing Street and Washington for a “speeded
up” withdrawal from Iraq will come under scrutiny today as MPs debate
the continued…,12956,1218710,00.html

US to Send One USFK Brigade to Iraq
Chosun Ilbo – South Korea
… has informed the Korean government on its intentions to send one brigade
(about 3,000 men) from the Korea-based US 2nd Infantry Division to Iraq,
and Korean…

IRAQ on the Hustings: Too Much Finesse, Not Enough Facing Up
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
The slight young woman stood up to ask her question and, for a brief moment,
the burning issue of the day, Iraq, managed to find its way unexpectedly

BLAIR wants out of Iraq when possible
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – As pressure builds on Prime Minister Tony Blair to show
he has an Iraq exit strategy, the government says it plans to step up
training of…

BLAIR condemns Iraq killing
The Australian – Australia
“The prime minister has added his condemnation to that voiced by Iraq's
leaders and citizens over the morning explosion in Baghdad,” the spokesman

SADR fighters push Italian contingent in Iraq
Cleveland Plain Dealer – Cleveland,OH,USA
Baghdad, Iraq – Fighters loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr drove
Italian forces from a base in the southern city of Nasiriyah on Sunday
and attacked…

BUSH closes gap in Illinois despite bad grade in Iraq
Chicago Sun Times – Chicago,IL,USA
President Bush gained on Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry in
Illinois in the last two months despite growing concern over Iraq and

RICE: US, Russia in general agreement on Iraq
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
MOSCOW — The United States and Russia agree broadly on how to bring stability
to Iraq, US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said in an interview

SUICIDE Car Bomb Kills Iraq Governing Council Chief
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide car bomb killed the head of Iraq's Governing
Council Monday, dealing a major blow to the US coalition battling a Shi'ite

Fort Worth Star Telegram (subscription) – Fort Worth,TX,USA
… That brought to 777 the number of US service members who have died
since the beginning of military operations in Iraq last year.…

PETER Galbraith: The obsession of keeping an untied Iraq will…
KurdishMedia – UK
… from Irbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, in his latest articles believes it is
time to learn lessons from the past year and find a long-term solution
to Iraq that will…

DID policy encourage Iraq abuse?
Chicago Sun Times – Chicago,IL,USA
WASHINGTON — The Iraq prisoner abuse scandal shifted Sunday to the question
of whether the Bush administration set up a legal foundation that opened
the door…

EU to condemn Iraq abuse
Reuters – London,England,UK
… The Council expressed its strongest condemnation of incidents involving
the abuse and degradation of prisoners in Iraq by soldiers of the occupying
forces,” a…

FROM pulpit, clerics decry Iraq abuse
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
Rev. John Buchanan turned to Scripture Sunday to bridge the distance between
Iraq's bloody battlefield and his affluent congregation at the historic
Fourth …

KERRY overshadowed by negative news on Iraq
Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
… The independent businesswoman recently changed her registration from
Republican to Democrat, and she thinks President Bush's war in Iraq is
a grave mistake…

WILL Iraq killling delay handover?
BBC News – London,England,UK
The current head of Iraq's US-appointed Governing Council, Ezzedine Salim,
has been killed in a car bomb blast near the headquarters of the US-led
coalition in…

HOWARD to recommit to Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Prime Minister John Howard will reaffirm Australia's commitment to the
Iraq campaign despite Labor's calls for “debacle”-plagued coalition forces
to hand over…

PHILIPPINES to suspend deployment of civilian drivers in Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
MANILA: The Philippines will not allow its nationals to seek work as drivers
in Iraq because of the poor security situation and will set up evacuation

US military toll in Iraq hits 778
Seattle Times – Seattle,WA,USA
… The deaths bring to 778 the number of US service members who have died
in Iraq since the beginning of military operations 14 months ago.

US, Russia now agree on path for Iraq, Rice says
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
MOSCOW — The United States and Russia are now ''on the same page” regarding
the future of Iraq despite past disputes, National Security Adviser Condoleezza

US eyes Korea to reinforce Iraq
Los Angeles Daily News – Los Angeles,CA,USA
SEOUL, South Korea — The Bush administration wants to move some of the
37,000 US troops stationed in South Korea to Iraq, South Korean officials
said today.…,1413,200~20954~2153115,00.html

WIDER probe is sought in Iraq prison abuse
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… that top-level administration officials made recommendations on interrogation
policy that could have contributed to abuses at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

FIRST soldier to face court-martial in Iraq
Daily Lobo (subscription) – Albuquerque,NM,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Stung by a worldwide outcry, the US military announced
Sunday the first court-martial in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse allegations,
ordering a…

NO vote on Iraq troops
ic Wales – Wales,UK
DEFENCE Secretary Geoff Hoon yesterday ruled out allowing MPs to vote on
sending more British troops to Iraq. Thousands more soldiers …

A member of Iraq's Governing Council insisted that Iraqis must…
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
A member of Iraq's Governing Council insisted that Iraqis must control
security and development funds after the transfer of sovereignty June

FIGHTING intensifies around Shiite holy cities in Iraq
World Socialist
By James Conachy. The US military is intensifying its efforts to crush
the uprising in Iraq led by Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.…

USFK to Send Some of Troops to Iraq
Korea Times – Seoul,South Korea
By Ryu Jin. The United States has informed South Korea of its plan to move
some of its 37,000 troops stationed here to Iraq, officials in Seoul said
on Monday.…

BUSH and Blair planning Iraq withdrawal' – UK
Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W Bush have reportedly drawn
up plans to withdraw coalition troops from Iraq as soon as possible.…

SPECIAL command oversees key prisoners in Iraq
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
… of Baghdad International Airport are being detained under a special
chain of command that does not include the top American commander in Iraq,
according to …

WOUNDED Italian soldier dies in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… An Italian soldier died overnight fromhis serious wounds sustained
in Sunday's fighting with Shiite insurgents in Nasiriyah, southern Iraq,
the Italian Defense…

RAIDING Iraq's piggy bank
Salon (subscription) – USA
… May 17, 2004 | As the occupation of Iraq dissolves further into bloody
chaos, the colonial overseers in Baghdad are keeping their eyes fixed
on what is really…

IRAQ horrors grow more complex
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… This week, it's the murder of Nicholas Berg, the young American businessman
kidnapped in Iraq and decapitated by his Al Qaeda captors, a video of
his final…

PENTAGON Weighs Transferring 4,000 GI's in Korea to Iraq
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
ASHINGTON, May 16 ˜ The Defense Department has drawn up plans to move
a brigade of troops from South Korea to Iraq, a senior Pentagon official
said late…

FIFTEEN killed, dozens wounded in Iraq battles
ABC Online – Australia
Overnight fighting has claimed 15 coalition and Iraqi lives and left dozens
wounded in several Iraq cities, according to military and hospital sources.

A meeting in middle of two groups in Iraq war
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… instruments of a blunt policy. American soldiers liberated Baathist
Iraq; they plucked Saddam Hussein from a hole. Iraqi kids hugged our…

LEADERS 'speed up' Iraq pull out
BBC News – London,England,UK
Tony Blair and President Bush are speeding up plans to withdraw troops
from Iraq and hand over security roles to the Iraqis, government sources

SECRET anti-terror forces linked to Iraq prison scandal
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
… formed to strike swiftly and ruthlessly against al-Qaeda terrorists
may have had a hand in the abuse of prisoners held by the US military
in Iraq, The New…

BUSH'S Iraq Policy Ignores Mistakes of the Past, Historians Say
Bloomberg – USA
May 17 (Bloomberg) — As revelations about the treatment of prisoners in
Iraq fuel worldwide opposition to the US-led occupation, authors and historians

TROOPS to stay in Iraq after June: Bush
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
BAGHDAD: Despite the persistent violence, President George W. Bush vowed
that US troops would stay on in Iraq after the end of the occupation.

WOULD an Iraq pullout really be worse than this?
Taipei Times – Taipei,Taiwan
Can the American occupation of Iraq be sustained any longer? … But the
plan was flawed since the US insisted on keeping its forces in Iraq even
after June.…

PUTIN meets Rice to discuss Iraq, Mideast and bilateral ties
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
… Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Russian President Vladimir Putin
on Saturday discussed the next steps necessary to bring stability to Iraq,
a country…

040304.ONE Year Later A Balance Sheet for the Iraq War
Submerging Markets – Sag Harbor,NY,USA
Printable PDF Version “WAR IS PEACE!FREEDOM IS SLAVERY!” “Iraq Is Free!
Al-Qaeda Is Defeated! No Child Is Left Behind!””. More than…

IRAQ on the Hustings: Too Much Finesse, Not Enough Facing Up
New York Times – USA
The slight young woman stood up to ask her question and, for a brief moment,
the burning issue of the day, Iraq, managed to find its way unexpectedly

ABUSE scandal no reason for Iraq pull out: Govt
ABC Online – Australia
The Federal Government says the current prisoner abuse scandal is no excuse
to end Australia's involvement in Iraq. Just a week…

US, Britain plan to speed up Iraq pullout: The Times
Channel News Asia – Singapore
LONDON: London and Washington are drawing up plans to pull coalition forces
out of Iraq “as soon as possible”, a senior British source was quoted
as saying in…

PENTAGON seeks to quash Iraq abuse report
Independent Online – South Africa
… Rumsfeld returned on Friday from a surprise trip to Iraq and Abu Ghraib
prison, calling the scandal a “body blow.”. The United States…

IRAQ crisis deals blow to Bush's approval ratings
Straits Times – Singapore
PHOENIX – US President George W. Bush's job approval ratings in public
opinion polls are hitting the lowest levels of his tenure as problems
in Iraq crowd out…,4386,251380,00.html

THERE is one way to preserve Iraq – and give us a way out
Guardian – UK
The news from Iraq is so bad that even President Bush no longer describes
successive disasters as evidence of progress. The Bush…,2763,1218188,00.html

US to redeploy South Korea-based troops to Iraq: Seoul official
Channel News Asia – Singapore
SEOUL: The United States has informed Seoul it plans to redeploy a contingent
of US troops troops from South Korea to Iraq, South Korea's foreign ministry

US and Iraq Spar Over Who Should Run Corruption Inquiry Into Oil…
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… The dispute pits L. Paul Bremer III, the American administrator of
Iraq, against the Iraqi Governing Council, whose members Mr. Bremer appointed
last year.…

US says Islamic state in Iraq is acceptable
Straits Times – Singapore
WASHINGTON – The United States, in a policy reversal, yesterday signalled
its readiness to accept an Islamic theocracy in Iraq.…,4386,251332,00.html

MPS to Pile on Pressure in Iraq Debate
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
By PA News Reporters. Ministers are today expected to come under fresh
pressure over Iraq as MPs debate the conflict in the Commons.…

14 people including US soldier killed in Iraq
Daily Times – Pakistan
… They met Sayed Moqtada and told him: ŒWe support you and call for
the defence of Iraq, Najaf, Karbala and other holy cities,‚‰ said
an aide to the…

IRAQ soccer team celebrates Olympic bid
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – When Iraq's capital erupted in gunfire last week the noise
didn't signal an attack, an invasion or even the usual clatter from the
string of…

A daily look at US military deaths in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
As of Friday, May 14, 775 US service members have died since the beginning
of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Department
of Defense.…

MARINES who liberated Baghdad back in the thick of Iraq fighting
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
FALLUJAH, Iraq – (KRT) – They were the poster boys – literally – for the
swift invasion of Iraq: the US Marines who helped tug down a statue of
Saddam Hussein…

NEW Iraq abuse accusations emerge
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
WASHINGTON Leading lawmakers from both parties vowed Sunday to pursue the
Iraq prisoner abuse scandal as high up the command chain as it goes, even

IRAQ Insurgents Drive Italians From Base
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Fighters loyal to radical cleric Muqtada al-Sadr drove
Italian forces from a base in the southern city of Nasiriyah on Sunday
and attacked…,1280,-4098028,00.html

KERRY Shifts Campaign Focus from Iraq to Economy
Wired News – USA
… His chosen messages of the past two weeks — education and health care
— were often muted by the news from Iraq: an abuse scandal at a US-run
prison in Abu…

POWELL Takes Lead in Defending US Policy in Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
The Bush administration is defending its Iraq policy at home and abroad.
Secretary of State Colin Powell took the lead during the…

SOME second thoughts for Iraq war's hawks
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
WASHINGTON Not long ago, the word “triumphalist” was being applied to the
neoconservatives and other intellectuals who championed the war in Iraq.

OTHER Views: American opinion and the Iraq war
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
SINGAPORE: Opinion polls show the majority of Americans now feel Iraq wasn't
worth it. President George W. Bush's job-approval rating…

POSSIBILITY of sending more troops to Iraq still under review:…
Daily Times – Pakistan
LONDON: Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said on Sunday that the government
is still considering sending more troops to Iraq, as lawmakers warned
that Prime…

LATHAM slams Iraq 'debacle'
The Australian – Australia
AUSTRALIA'S involvement in Iraq had been one debacle after another, federal
Opposition leader Mark Latham said today. Explaining…,5744,9582764%255E1702,00.html

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