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November 16 2004

US Marines Rally Round Iraq Probe Comrade
Wired News – USA
FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – US Marines rallied round a comrade under investigation for killing a wounded Iraqi during the offensive in Falluja, saying he was
Fighting Across Central Iraq
CBS News – USA
and US and Iraqi forces killed at least 27 people Monday in Baqouba and south of Baghdad — the latest in a wave of clashes that has swept Iraq's Sunni Muslim
US forces arrest Iraq's deputy parliament speaker
Xinhua – Beijing,China
16 (Xinhuanet) – US forces arrested on Tuesday the deputy head of Iraq's interim parliament and a high-ranking member of a Sunni political party after a dawn

Rebels launch multiple attacks in Iraq, kill 35
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
Four American soldiers were wounded when their patrol ran over a land mine Monday near Beiji in northern Iraq, the military said.,5478,11407100%255E663,00.html
Probe into killing of wounded in Iraq
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
engagement. Troops have become very wary about booby-trapped bodies in Iraq. The footage was part of a television pool report by NBC.

France mired in mini-Iraq?
Nashua Telegraph – Nashua,NH,USA
French was cramping its freedom of action. Like Iraq, it seems no good deed goes unpunished. On Nov. 6, the Ivorian air force bombed
Mosul insurgents newest US Iraq target
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
Mosul, Iraq, Nov. 16 (UPI) — About 1,000 US troops targeted the Iraqi city of Mosul Tuesday to retake occupied police stations
Iraq oil corruption 'tops $21bn'
BBC News – London,England,UK
Saddam Hussein's Iraq made more than $21bn (£11.3bn) from illicit oil sales and kickbacks in breach of UN sanctions, the US Senate has heard.
Hungary may send troops to Iraq under NATO
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
16 (UPI) — Hungary is considering sending troops to Iraq under NATO command following Parliament's decision to withdraw the current contingent by the end of
US Military Launches Offensive in Iraq's Mosul
Reuters – NY,USA
MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – US and Iraqi forces launched operations in Mosul Tuesday to rid Iraq's third largest city of groups of insurgents who have rampaged
Fighting in Iraq heats up
London Free Press – London,Ontario,Canada
BAGHDAD — US and Iraqi forces battled insurgents northeast of Baghdad yesterday in clashes that killed more than 50 people. Some
Chirac: UK Got Little for Backing Iraq War
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
LONDON – Britain got very little in return for supporting the US-led invasion of Iraq, and US policies make it all but impossible for anyone to act as a bridge
US to probe into Iraq attack – India
President Bush faced another potential public relations disaster over Iraq last night after graphic video footage emerged of a US Marine appearing to shoot
Iraq Casualties
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
Lance Cpl. Aaron C. Pickering, 20, of Marion, Ill.; 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine Expeditionary,,2-10-1460_1621715,00.html
Unrest rages across Iraq
News24 – South Africa
Baquba – Gunfire and air strikes rocked the restive city of Baquba as violence raged across Iraq, despite a major assault on Fallujah where United States-led
Hungarian Lawmakers Vote to Pull Troops From Iraq by Year's End
Bloomberg – USA
16 (Bloomberg) — Hungary will pull its 300-strong contingent from Iraq by the end of the year, as scheduled, after parliament rejected a government plea to—marinesdeath

Communities mourn death of Marine killed in Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
He was ready.”. Dempsey, 23, was killed Saturday fighting in Iraq. Dempsey was only in Iraq two months, after having served in Haiti. Gov.

Talent will expand Iraq trip to Israel
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., announced Monday that after he visited with troops on the ground in Iraq, he would travel to Israel to see whether peace could become a

Kuwait seizes 685kg of hashish smuggled from Iraq
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
police arrested an Egyptian man in Friday's operation at the northern border crossing, used mainly to transport military forces and humanitarian aid into Iraq.

US troops battle insurgents across Iraq
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Pressing their own offensive in central and northern Iraq, insurgents attacked police stations, Iraqi security forces, US military convoys and oil
Iraq ; No aid crisis in Fallujah, claims general
Keralanext – Kerala,India
Iraq's Red Crescent group has sent seven truckloads of food and medicine to the city, but US forces blocked the aid convoy at Fallujah's main hospital and said
Rebels Attack in Central Iraq and the North
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By EDWARD WONG. BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 15 – A rebel counteroffensive swept through central and northern Iraq on Monday as American troops
Panel Pegs Illicit Iraq Earnings at $21.3 Billion
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
15 – A Senate committee investigating the United Nations oil-for-food program for Iraq estimates that during 13 years of international sanctions, Saddam
Hungarian Troops to Leave Iraq
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
The Hungarian Parliament on Monday voted down a government proposal to extend the mission of its 300-member military contingent in Iraq, obliging the
Lawyer Seeks £1.4M for British Troops Injured in Iraq
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
An American lawyer representing three British soldiers and a Kuwaiti injured in an accident in Iraq has brought a £1.4 million legal action that he says is
US troops battle insurgents across Iraq
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Pressing their own offensive in central and northern Iraq, insurgents
attacked police stations, Iraqi security forces, US military convoys and

POWELL'S Tenure Marked by Frustrations Over Iraq War (Update1)
Bloomberg – USA
… Colin Powell may be remembered as the US secretary of state who ended
up a victim of his biggest success: his role in making the public case
for the war in Iraq…

FRANCE'S 'Little Iraq'
CBS News – USA
… the country is the former French colony of the Ivory Coast and this
is what some observers are now calling French President Jacque Chirac's
“little Iraq…

REBELS Attack in Central Iraq and the North
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By EDWARD WONG. BAGHDAD, Iraq, Nov. 15 – A rebel counteroffensive swept
through central and northern Iraq on Monday as American troops…

ZARQAWI tape calls on Iraq rebels to mobilise against US
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
DUBAI – An audio tape purportedly from al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
on Monday urged insurgents in Iraq to mobilise against US-led forces and
US troops battle insurgents across central Iraq, including
CBC News – Canada
But Iraq's deputy prime minister, Barham Saleh, told Britain's Guardian newspaper that the insurgency could derail the plan to hold elections in January.

Deadly helicopter crash in Iraq remebered
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
By KIMBERLY HEFLING. FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. — It was the deadliest single event for US troops in Iraq: Two Black Hawk helicopters from the 101st Airborne Division
Battles in Towns Across Iraq as Fallujah Bombed
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
BAGHDAD, 16 November 2004 — Heavy clashes broke out in towns across Iraq as US warplanes bombed Fallujah and ground troops hunted rebels in the city yesterday
A daily look at US military deaths in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
15, 2004, at least 1,193 members of the US military have died since the beginning of the Iraq war in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.,2763,1352266,00.html
Galloway: Iraq claim 'a sword in my heart'
Guardian – UK
In lacerating exchanges with the paper's counsel, James Price QC, he emphatically rejected that he had asked Iraq for covert funding for his highly publicised
US needs Iraq's Sunnis
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
To do that, Baghdad and Washington will have to show that they are at last prepared to begin addressing the grievances of Iraq's Sunni minority.

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