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15/04/04 Cover Story:
Bush Pirates Shipwrecked in Iraq

BUSH Iraq Address Geared to Calm Jittery US Public
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
President Bush sought to reassure Americans at his news conference this
week about the course his administration is pursuing in Iraq in the wake
of the…

IRAQ: Two Weeks of Turmoil
Foreign Policy Association – USA
Two simultaneous uprisings, one in southern Iraq led by followers of Shiite
provocateur Moqtada Sadr, and another in the former Baathist stronghold
of Fallujah…

US Extends Tours for 20000 Soldiers in Iraq to Help Quell…
Bloomberg – USA
April 15 (Bloomberg) — About 20,000 US soldiers scheduled to come home
from Iraq after a year of combat will be ordered to stay for another three
months to…

DEMOCRATS Say Bush Must Admit Iraq Blunders
Reuters – United States
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congressional Democrats urged President Bush on
Thursday to acknowledge his mistakes that they said have brought Iraq
to the brink of…

IRAQ workers return to Russia
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
HUNDREDS of employees of Russian companies in Iraq arrived in a chill rain
outside Moscow early today aboard planes that evacuated them from Baghdad
in a…,5478,9295363%255E1702,00.html

JAPAN PM firm on Iraq despite two more abductions – New Zealand
TOKYO: Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi vowed not to cave in to demands
to withdraw Japan's troops from Iraq yesterday despite reports that two
more Japanese…,2106,2876260a12,00.html

RANGEL calls Iraq war a ``death tax'' on poor and minorities
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… John Kerry, the Harlem congressman ratcheted up his rhetoric against
the Iraq war, which he has long opposed. Speaking of military…—iraq-ran

20,000 US Troops to Extend Stay in Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
WASHINGTON ˜ The Pentagon said today it is extending by three months
the tours of some 20,000 American troops in Iraq, giving commanders the
extra firepower…,1,5692819.story?coll=la-home-headlines

IRAN diplomat assassinated as team seeks peace in Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : A senior Iranian diplomat was gunned down in Iraq a day after
Tehran sent a peace mission to help end a standoff between US forces and

IRAQ Tour Extended for Thousands of Troops – United States
The Pentagon said Thursday it is extending by three months the tours of
some 20,000 American troops in Iraq, giving commanders extra firepower
to confront an…

THREE Japanese Hostages Freed in Iraq, Minister Says (Update2)
Bloomberg – USA
April 15 (Bloomberg) — Three Japanese hostages, who were abducted in Iraq
and were filmed being threatened by their captors, were freed today in
Baghdad, four…

IRANIAN envoy killed in Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
… Khalil Naimi, first secretary of Iran 's embassy to Iraq , who was
in his diplomatic car, was attacked by unknown people and died immediately,"
the station's…

THREE Japanese hostages freed in Iraq
Independent Online – South Africa
Baghdad – Three Japanese hostages were freed in Iraq on Thursday, but the
murders of an Iranian diplomat and an Italian captive were chilling proof
of the…

PALACE creates Iraq team for contingency
Manila Bulletin – Manila,Philippines
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo yesterday ordered the creation of an
„Iraq Team,‰ a task force that would map out and execute contingency
plans for the…

3 Japanese taken hostage in Iraq released, in good health
Xinhua – China
… Baghdad. Kawaguchi rebuked the kidnapping as "unforgivable," while
maintaining Japan will continue the humanitarian operations in Iraq.…

THREE Japanese hostages released in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
Three Japanese hostages were freed in Iraq Thursday, but the murders of
an Iranian diplomat and an Italian captive were chilling proof of the
risks foreigners…

US extends troops ‚ mission in Iraq
Granma International – La Habana,Cuba
WASHINGTON˜The difficult situation in Iraq has resulted in a Pentagon
decision to extend their tour of duty by three months for some 10,000
troops due to…

DANISH furore over Iraq secrets
BBC News – London,England,UK
Denmark is to declassify intelligence assessments of Iraq's weapons of
mass destruction after newspaper leaks led to criminal charges against
three men.…

KUCINICH criticizes president over war in Iraq during UCC stop
The News-Review – Roseburg,OR,United States
… The best chance for Democrats to regain the White House this year is
to challenge President George W. Bush on the war in Iraq, presidential
candidate Dennis…

RP won ‚ t pull out troops in Iraq
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
President Arroyo on Wednesday ordered the creation of an „Iraq Team‰
that would draft contingency plans for the possible evacuation of Filipino

ITALY Mourns Execution of Hostage in Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Italy is mourning the execution of one of its nationals held hostage in
Iraq. It is the first known execution of any captive held…

THREE Japanese freed in Iraq, just hours after Italian hostage…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… unharmed Thursday a week after being captured by Iraqi rebels who had
threatened to kill them unless Japan withdrew its troops from the US-led
coalition in Iraq…

By State Political Reporter GREG KELTON. A MAJORITY of South Australians
want Australian troops to remain in Iraq until they are no longer needed.,4057,9294897%255E910,00.html

BUSH faces Iraq backlash at home
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
The Bush administration is under increasing pressure from some of the families
of troops in Iraq to end the occupation and bring their loved ones back

FAMILIES rejoice after three Japanese hostages freed unharmed in…
Boston Herald – Boston,MA,USA
By Associated Press. TOKYO – Three Japanese captives in Iraq were freed
unharmed on Thursday, ending a week-long hostage crisis.…

MAKE UN a full partner in Iraq, Kerry urges Bush
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
NEW YORK Senator John Kerry has urged President George W. Bush to share
responsibility for Iraq with the United Nations, saying the administration's

HOW we can be hailed as true liberators in Iraq
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
The announcement by George Bush this week of a renewed US military commitment
to the stabilisation of Iraq was quickly embraced by the Prime Minister,

3 Japanese hostages in Iraq released, arrive in embassy
Xinhua – China
TOKYO, April 15 (Xinhuanet) — Three Japanese civilians taken hostage last
week by militants in Iraq have been released in Baghdad, Japanese Foreign

IRAQ more like Lebanon than Vietnam
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Ever since George Bush announced "major combat operations" were over last
May, those who supported the war in Iraq have been searching for the "tipping

GENERAL is headed back to Iraq to train local forces
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
WASHINGTON The Pentagon is rushing one of the US Army's most highly regarded
generals, Major General David Petraeus, back to Iraq this weekend to help
step up…

US Hostage in Iraq 'Doing Fine', Says Wife
Reuters – United States
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The wife of an American trucker taken hostage in
Iraq last week said on Thursday she had been told her husband was "doing
fine" and…

THREE Japanese Hostages Freed in Iraq; Italian Captive Killed
Bloomberg – USA
Fabrizio Quattrocchi, one of four Italian security guards held in Iraq,
was killed by his kidnappers, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini

KERRY knocks Bush's Iraq focus
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
… decision-making with the United Nations and other countries has put
US forces at greater risk, unduly burdened US taxpayers and made success
in Iraq far more…

JAPAN'S government says three hostages in Iraq released
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… The three appeared unharmed. Nahoko Takato, a 34-year-old aid worker
who worked with street children in Iraq, was crying into her hands.…

ITALY, Japan say undeterred by Iraq hostage murder
Reuters – India
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Italy and Japan vowed on Thursday to keep their troops
in Iraq even as the killing of an Italian hostage sent chilling proof
of the new…;:407e7b4c:f0c617

JAPAN Investigates Iraq Kidnappings
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Japan's government says it is trying to determine if two more of its citizens
have been kidnapped in Iraq. Japanese media say a…

IRAQ insurance premiums double
CNN International – United States
(CNN) — Increasing threats of targeted attacks and hostage-taking is complicating
the work of contractors working on reconstruction in Iraq.…

IRAQ 'Caretaker' Plan Proposed
CBS News – USA
(CBS/AP) Iraq should set up a caretaker government made up of … He spoke
as April became the deadliest month for American forces since they set
foot in Iraq.…

RUSSIA'S ominous Iraq exodus
Asia Times Online – Hong Kong
MOSCOW – As Russia begins to evacuate its citizens from rebellion-torn
Iraq, Moscow's move comes as a grim reminder of increasing volatility
in the US-occupied…

ITALIAN Hostage Executed In Iraq, More Abductions Feared
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
Prague, 15 April 2004 (RFE/RL) — The Italian government has confirmed
that militants executed one of four Italian hostages seized recently in

SHOCK over killing of Iraq hostage
… Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Thursday vowed that the videotaped
execution of Fabrizio Quattrocchi would not affect his commitment to keep
troops in Iraq…

RECKLESS and Horrible Hostage Execution in Iraq
Chosun Ilbo – South Korea
One of the four Italians kidnapped by armed Iraqi forces was executed.
For the first time ever, the death of a hostage in Iraq has been confirmed.

DFA mulls ban on OFWs to Iraq
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
The Philippine government is considering a ban on the deployment of Filipino
workers to Iraq due to the worsening peace and order situation there,

ITALY undeterred by Iraq hostage murder
Reuters – London,England,UK
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Italy and Japan vow to keep their troops in Iraq even
as the killing of an Italian hostage sends a grim signal of the new risks

MêLéE in Iraq
Media Monitors Network – United States
by Mumtaz Hamid Rao. "The fact is that US has no option left now, other
than to wind-up from Iraq and let the United Nations restore peace, order
and normalcy…

GROWING worry in DC – – What if US fails in Iraq ?
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
Washington — President Bush warned the nation Tuesday night of the "unthinkable"
consequences of failure in Iraq. But amid escalating…

UN Envoy Sees Hope Amid Trouble for Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
BAGHDAD ˜ UN Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi on Wednesday sharply
criticized US military tactics in Iraq but said it was still possible
for an interim…

CHRONOLOGY of Japanese hostage issue in Iraq
Xinhua – China
TOKYO, April 15 (Xinhuanet) — Japanese media reported Thursday that two
more Japanese civilians had been kidnapped in Iraq and the Japanese government

RUSSIA launches evacuation of specialists from Iraq
The Star – Malaysia
MOSCOW (AP) – Russian planes headed to Baghdad Thursday, starting a massive
effort to evacuate hundreds of Russian companies' employees from Iraq.

US Extending the Tours of 21000 Troops in Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
WASHINGTON ˜ US troops based in Louisiana and Germany are among 21,000
soldiers who will have their tours in Iraq extended at least three months
to help…

BLAIR May Nudge Bush to Reach Out on Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
By John Daniszewski, Times Staff Writer. LONDON ˜ Prime Minister Tony
Blair has been President Bush's staunchest ally in the Iraq war.…

US must develop clear plan for Iraq
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
Our position is: The US needs to create and explain a clear plan for the
completion of its mission in Iraq. It has been, as President…

FRENCH journalist kidnapped in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… 15 (Xinhuanet) — The French Government said Wednesday it was working
hard to seek the release of a French television journalist taken hostage
in Iraq as he…

PRESIDENT Bush defends his policies in Iraq
Miami Herald – Miami,FL,USA
President Bush's message to the nation Tuesday night in the face of growing
chaos in Iraq was an exercise in damage control. The…

PHILIPPINES may evacuate civilians in Iraq
Times of India – India
MANILA: The Philippines ruled out withdrawing its small contingent of soldiers
and police from Iraq on Thursday despite violence and a spate of abductions

21000 will stay in Iraq to help fight surge in violence
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
WASHINGTON — About 21,000 US soldiers in Iraq who were to return this
month to their home bases in Louisiana and Germany will have their tours
extended at…

BUSH backers concerned by Iraq 'mess'
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
ST. PAUL — Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a Republican ally of President
Bush, says Iraq is "a mess" and voters are rattled.…

BUSH'S speech, Iraq war
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… hear countless numbers of people slam anything and everything President
Bush does, says and thinks concerning our position in sending troops to
Iraq to oust…

BUSH Speech Leaves Americans No Less Divided on Iraq Policy
Bloomberg – USA
April 15 (Bloomberg) — Americans were divided on President George W. Bush's
plans for Iraq before his national address Tuesday.…

JAPAN PM Firm on Iraq Despite New Hostages Report
Reuters – United States
TOKYO (Reuters) – Two more Japanese civilians have been kidnapped in Iraq
in addition to three taken captive last week, Japanese media said on Thursday,

ONE Of Four Italian Hostages In Iraq Killed
IndoLink – San Ramon,CA,United States
Milan/Baghdad, April 15 (NNN): One of the four Italian hostages abducted
in Iraq has been killed, the Italian foreign minister has said.…

ARROYO: RP contingent to stay in Iraq
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
… Eight [Philippine National Police] officials currently with the contingent
will be assigned to our embassy in Baghdad to form part of our Iraq Team,"

RUSSIA Airlifting Citizens Out of Iraq
Pakistan News Service – Lahore,Pakistan
Russia has offered to airlift more than 800 of its nationals and former
Soviet citizens out of Iraq as the abduction of foreign citizens continues.

US facing 'massive' Iraq occupation costs – New Zealand
WASHINGTON: The United States will have to approve a "massive" new spending
bill of an estimated $1083 billion to meet its obligations in Iraq, a
prominent US…,2106,2876077a12,00.html

US troops to stay in Iraq three more months
Springfield News Leader – Springfield,MO,USA
Washington ˜ About 21,000 American soldiers in Iraq who were to return
this month to their home bases in Louisiana and Germany will have their
tours extended…

TWO more Japanese reported kidnapped in Iraq
Reuters – India
TOKYO (Reuters) – Two Japanese civilians have been kidnapped in Iraq in
addition to three taken hostage last week, Japanese media said on Thursday,
as the…;:407e00e0:c64c6973d

WISCONSIN family buries 1 of 3 sisters sent to Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… the heavens and clenched his eyes tightly in anguish, as Wisconsin
bid an emotional farewell Wednesday to one of America's latest casualties
in the Iraq war.…

FRANKS: First discussion with Bush on Iraq in December 2001
San Jose Mercury News – San Jose,CA,USA
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Ret. Gen. Tommy Franks said Wednesday that President
Bush didn't discuss an invasion of Iraq with him until Dec.…

RP troops in Iraq unaffected by violence so far
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
The Philippine contingent in Iraq has been unaffected by escalating violence
in the country amid speculation President Arroyo will order the troops'

BUSH sets out views on Iraq, WMD claims
eTaiwan News – Taipei,Taiwan
n Indicated that US troops could be asked to remain in Iraq, even as their
replacements arrive, if military leaders think they are needed to help
secure the…

KERRY Urges Bush to Share Responsibility With UN in Iraq
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
enator John Kerry urged President Bush yesterday to share responsibility
for Iraq with the United Nations, saying the administration's "stubborn"
insistence on…

IRANIANS in Iraq to Help in Talks on Rebel Cleric
New York Times – USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 14 An Iranian government delegation arrived in Baghdad
Wednesday to help mediate the standoff between American troops and a rebel

IRANIAN officials visit Iraq to broker peace deal
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Representatives from Iran's foreign ministry were yesterday in Iraq for
talks on ways to end the violence there amid suggestions from Kamal Kharrazi,

UN'S Brahimi Concludes Visit to Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — UN Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi on Wednesday
sharply criticized US military tactics in Iraq but said it was still possible
for an…,1,6611372.story?coll=la-home-headlines

SOUTH Korea Is Wary but Firm on Iraq
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
… The soldiers training at the camp, in Kwangju outside the capital,
will be part of the 3,000 troops Seoul is expected to send to Iraq by

WORLD News Bush vows to ' stay the course ' in Iraq
New Kerala – Ernakulam,Kerala,India
He was also willing to commit additional troops and resources to Iraq if
requested by US military commanders on the ground, Bush said at a press
conference in…

KOIZUMI stands firm on Iraq
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo,Japan
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi gave backing Wednesday to an expected
US reinforcement of troops to Iraq. Acknowledging the seriousness…

ITALIAN Hostage Killed by Captors in Iraq, Government Says
Bloomberg – USA
April 15 (Bloomberg) — One of four Italian hostages held in Iraq has been
killed, the Italian government said. Italian Foreign…

IRAN ends talks with US on Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Iran has ended negotiations with the United States about how to bring calm
to Iraq because they were going nowhere, Iran's foreign minister said
in a rare…

FAMILY prays Mississippi man abducted in Iraq is safe
Biloxi Sun Herald – Biloxi,MS,USA
– Kellie Hamill says her family is "praying all day long" that her husband,
a contract truck driver last seen under the guns of his abductors in Iraq,
is alive…

TWO More Japanese Reported Kidnapped in Iraq
Reuters – United States
TOKYO (Reuters) – Two more Japanese civilians have been kidnapped in Iraq
in addition to three taken hostage by militants last week, Japanese media
said on…

JAPAN will not bow to forces intent on plunging Iraq into chaos,…
Daily Times – Pakistan
TOKYO: Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said on Wednesday Japan would not
bow to forces trying to „plunge Iraq into chaos,‰ and that Japanese
troops would…

ITALY Vows to Stay in Iraq Despite Hostage Killing
Wired News – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi vowed on Thursday
to keep troops in Iraq despite the killing of an Italian hostage in scenes

US Allies Keep Iraq Troops as French, Russian Civilians Leave
Bloomberg – USA
April 15 (Bloomberg) — US allies including Britain, Japan and Poland are
keeping troops in Iraq, saying they won't be swayed by attacks and kidnappings

REGION: Iran helping US in Iraq, claims Kharazi
Daily Times – Pakistan
TEHRAN The United States has made a formal request to Iran to help ease
mounting violence in Iraq and Tehran is now making an effort to mediate
in the conflict…

ITALIAN hostage confirmed killed in Iraq
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
… The group demanded the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, an apology
from the Italian prime minister and the release of religious clerics held
in Iraq.…

IRAQ takes a timely step back from the brink – London,England,UK
… could prove disastrous. A military assault on Najaf might trigger a
general Shia uprising and Iraq‚s descent into chaos. As they…

TROOPS 'will stay in Iraq till job is done'
Straits Times – Singapore
By Roger Mitton. WASHINGTON – As violence continued across Iraq, President
George W. Bush was fighting an equally tough battle on the homefront yesterday.,4386,245812,00.html

GLARING by their absence – US friends in Iraq
Straits Times – Singapore
… However, Washington found that it has no friends in Iraq. … The Iraq
of today is not the same as the Iraq of even a couple of weeks ago.…,4386,245845,00.html

ITALY confirms Iraq hostage killed
KMSB – Tucson,AZ,USA
The Al-Jazeera TV network says it has received a videotape allegedly showing
the killing in Iraq of one of a group of four Italian hostages.…

US to Extend Duty Tours of 20000 Troops in Iraq
Reuters – United States
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Faced with rising violence in Iraq, the US military
plans to keep more than 20,000 troops from the 1st Armored Division and
2nd Armored…

DESPITE Œtough' period, US won't waver in Iraq, Bush says
United States Air Force (press release) – USA
4/14/2004 – WASHINGTON (AFPN) — The United States will continue in its
commitment to an independent, free and secure Iraq, and the United States
"must not…

TOP US general evaluates worsening Iraq situation
Reuters – India
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The top US military officer took a close look at the
situation in Iraq on Wednesday amid challenges to the US-led occupation
by Sunni and…

BUSH to Iraq: Lost in Translation
His comments were brief but incisive: Iraqis don't buy all this talk of
Iraq as having been a threat to the US They know President Bush chose
this war, and…,9565,611132,00.html

ITALIAN hostage in Iraq reported dead, two Japanese kidnapped
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD: One of four Italian hostages being held in Iraq has been killed,
the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera reported on Wednesday, while Japan
said two…

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