Iraq News and Information Links May 13 2004
WHERE Was Press When 1st Iraq Prison Allegations Arose?
Editor & Publisher (subscription) – USA
… Q. You had already spent a good deal of time in Iraq before and after
the invasion, breaking some big stories, including a count of the civilian
death toll…

IRAQ'S bin Laden? Zarqawi's rise
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… he may be fast gaining influence and importance in the loosely organized
world of Islamic militants by orchestrating attacks aimed at the US presence
in Iraq.…

CAN he save Iraq?
Slate – USA
… United States should hand over quasi-sovereignty to the Iraqis˜or,
more important, to whom we should hand it˜the United Nations envoy to
Iraq has already…

IRAQ provoked a regional geopolitical revolution
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
While the Iraq war has not in the past year caused the revolutionary domino
effect that its US supporters promised, it certainly provoked a geopolitical

RICE Has Iraq, Terror on Her Mind
Moscow Times – Moscow,Russia
The talks are expected to touch on the future of Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict, as well as issues considered central to the US-Russia strategic

BEHEADING of American in Iraq: CIA concludes al-Zarqawi behind…
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
… officials have concluded that al Qaeda activist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
was the person shown on a video beheading an American civilian in Iraq,
based on an…

BUSH Team to Rework Iraq Funding After Senate Balks
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Bush administration officials said they would rework
a plan for a $25 billion reserve fund for Iraq operations after Republican

Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
The United States is committed to the emergence of a democratic and secure
Iraq. … Najaf is a major Shia population center and holy site in southern

UN official: electoral law for Iraq must be in place by end of…
San Diego Union Tribune – San Diego,CA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˆ An electoral law and an independent election commission
must be established by the end of May if Iraq is to hold elections in
January 2005…

RUMSFELD upbeat in Iraq as torture claims snap at coalition's…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld paid a surprise visit to
Iraq, touring the Abu Ghraib prison at the centre of the scandal over

CIA Says Al-Zarqawi Beheaded Berg in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… officials have concluded that terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
was the person shown on a video beheading an American civilian in Iraq,
based on an…

RUMSFELD in Iraq After Prison Scandal, Fighting Continues
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Baghdad Thursday,
as fighting intensified in southern Iraq. Shortly…

UK gov't says prisoner photos not taken in Iraq
Jerusalem Post – Jerusalem,Israel
… newspaper pictures that purported to show British soldiers threatening
and urinating on an Iraqi prisoner were “categorically not taken in Iraq,”
the British…

RISE of an 'Iraq generation' in Europe?
Christian Science Monitor – USA
Disgust at prison photos probably rules out the chance that NATO will offer
military support to secure Iraq. By Peter Ford | Staff…

IRAQ: Role of Private Contractors
Washington Post – USA
There have been reports that Israelis have
been among the “civilian contractors” used to interrogate prisoners in

AMERICA‚S trial, Iraq‚s judgment
Open Democracy – USA
… Yet the impact is actually likely to be greater in the west because
the actions they depict are already widely known in Iraq and throughout
the rest of the…

ZARQAWI 'behind Iraq beheading'
BBC News – London,England,UK
Al-Qaeda suspect Abu Musab al-Zarqawi probably carried out the beheading
of American contractor Nicholas Berg in Iraq, US officials say.…

RUMSFELD visits Iraq amid outrage over prisoners and revenge…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld paid a brief visit to his
troops in Iraq as outrage continued over the abuse of prisoners in their
hands and the…

ABUSES , Atrocities In Iraq Dominate Commentary
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
Prague, 13 May 2004 (RFE/RL) — Rarely does a single topic dominate commentary
in the press reviewed by RFE/RL as the topic of the Iraq war — its abuses

Economist (subscription) – London,England,UK
GEOFF HOON is no Donald Rumsfeld and, thankfully, the accusations about
the behaviour of British troops in Iraq which the British defence secretary
has had to…

US Facing Its Greatest Challenges To Date In Iraq
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
The challenges in Iraq for the US administration have never been greater.
Among the toughest are coping with a crisis of confidence…

'ABUSE' Photos Not Taken in Iraq
Scotland on Sunday – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Photographs purportedly showing British soldiers abusing an Iraqi detainee
were “categorically” not taken in Iraq, the Government said today.

PULL out the OFWs in Iraq now
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
Just days ago officials of the Arroyo administration were saying that the
Filipinos in Iraq were relatively safe because most of them were located
inside US…

RUMSFELD Makes Surprise Visit to Iraq , Meets Generals Amid Abuse…
Bloomberg – USA
May 13 (Bloomberg) — US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, on a surprise
visit to Iraq to see troops and review prison conditions, said he'd prefer
to release…

IRAQ Update: Violent Clashes in Najaf, Karbala
NPR (audio) – USA
… Madeleine Brand speaks with Ian Fisher of The New York Times, reporting
from Baghdad, for an update on events on the ground in Iraq, including

UK Brands Photos Fake in Iraq Abuse Scandal
Reuters – USA
… These pictures were categorically not taken in Iraq,” Ingram said of
the images published by The Daily Mirror newspaper, purporting to show
British soldiers…

DAILY Mirror photos 'not taken in Iraq'
Financial Times – London,England,UK
… on Thursday told the Commons that Daily Mirror photographs purporting
to show British troops abusing an Iraqi detainee, were “categorically
not taken in Iraq”.…

POLL: Opinion of Iraq War Drops
NPR (audio) – USA
There's been a sharp rise in the number of people who think the war in
Iraq is going badly, and support for President Bush has slipped slightly

FOREIGN minister rings alarm over Iraq a 'black hole sucking up'…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
PARIS (AP) Foreign Minister Michel Barnier, in an interview published Thursday,
compared Iraq to a ''black hole that is sucking up'' the world and said

PENTAGON says next request for Iraq, Afghanistan will push total…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) The Bush administration's next request for financing wars
in Iraq and Afghanistan will push next year's total beyond $50 billion,
a top…

GENERAL took Guantánamo rules for for prisoner interrogation to…
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
When Major General Geoffrey Miller arrived in Iraq last August with a team
of military police and intelligence specialists, the group was confronted
by chaos.…

RUMSFELD making surprise visit to Iraq
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, making a surprise
visit to Iraq aimed at containing the prisoner abuse scandal, said Thursday

US Offered Berg a Flight Out of Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
WASHINGTON – The US government warned a young American to leave Iraq, and
offered him a flight out of the country, a month before his grisly beheading

RUMSFELD In Iraq For Surprise Visit – San Antonio,TX,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — An American commander in Iraq said Defense Secretary Rumsfeld
wants to get a “better view” of the prison that's at the center of the

HAIN Condemns 'Sickening' US Abuse Claims in Iraq
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
… exchanges on future business, Labour‚s David Winnick (Walsall N)
warned: “Deep unease continues to exist over the sickening abuses of
detainees in Iraq.…

RUMSFELD Visits Iraq to Meet Troops , Review Prison Conditions ...
Bloomberg - USA
May 13 (Bloomberg) -- US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is in Iraq today
with General Richard Myers, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff,
to review ...

IRAQ'S neighbors wait their chance
Asia Times Online - Hong Kong
PARIS - Following decades of Saddam Hussein's unpredictable rule, Iraq's
neighbors are now interested in a stable and secure country, and no capital
is ...

KERRY: Bush failed in Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) - San Jose,CA,USA
... John Kerry, breaking momentarily from his cautious approach to turmoil
in Iraq, blasted President Bush on Wednesday for running an ``extraordinarily
mismanaged ...

PHILIPPINES to send reinforcement to Iraq
Xinhua - China
... Xinhuanet) -- The Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP) Thursday announced
that at least 45 military and police personnel are due to leave for Iraq
to reinforce ...

Charleston Post Courier (subscription) - Charleston,SC,USA
To put it another way, even amid one of the worst weeks the Bush Administration
has endured in Iraq, the American people have digested the disgusting

BEHEADING of American brings reflections on Iraq war
Miami Herald (subscription) - Miami,FL,USA
Nick Berg was killed in a cruel and savage way in the name of God. His
only sin was to be an American citizen looking for work in the rebuilding
of Iraq. ...

HOW can America get out of Iraq?
Guardian - UK
The most commonly proposed Democratic alternative to the administration's
policy in Iraq - turning over political authority to the UN and getting
more ...,2763,1215025,00.html

WHAT LED HIM TO IRAQ? (subscription) - Philadelphia,PA,USA
... But when 26-year-old Nick Berg walked into the kettle of paranoia and
violence that is Iraq, people suddenly didn't see the same guy his buddies
from Henderson ...

The Mirror - UK
... His admission was a clear signal to Labour MPs that he is not ducking
the serious damage Iraq is inflicting on the party and his leadership.

LAWMAKERS outraged at new Iraq prison photos
Independent - London,England,UK
... Baghdad. The photos have created international condemnation and threatened
to undermine US military and rebuilding efforts in Iraq. ...

TERRORISTS in Iraq send a message of brutality
Miami Herald (subscription) - Miami,FL,USA
The barbaric decapitation of Nicholas Berg by hooded goons in Iraq is an
act that provokes repulsion and disgust among decent human beings of all
faiths and ...

IRAQ BATTLEFIELDS: US tanks and planes hit cleric's guerrillas
Detroit Free Press - Detroit,MI,USA
KARBALA, Iraq -- US tanks, helicopters and jets attacked fighters loyal
to a radical Shi'ite cleric in Karbala on Wednesday, partially destroying
a mosque used ...

MYSTERY shrouds hostage's Iraq trip
St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
... BAGHDAD - US authorities said Wednesday that a young American who was
beheaded by militants had been warned by the FBI to leave Iraq and was
offered a plane ...

MORE than work drew him to Iraq
Baltimore Sun - Baltimore,MD,USA
... Base in Delaware yesterday, friends and co-workers recalled Berg, 26,
as a good-natured, adventurous young man whose solo journey to war-torn
Iraq was not ...,0,1712176.story?coll=bal-nationworld-headlines

NEW Iraq photos `more graphic'
Toronto Star - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
... Geoffrey Miller, who was reassigned to Iraq from the US detention camp
at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and Lt.-Gen. Richard Sanchez, the top army official
in Iraq. ...

KERRY: Postpone Iraq Abuse Courts-Martial
Los Angeles Times (subscription) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
... In interviews, the Massachusetts senator reiterated the pointed language
he had used in recent days about the war in Iraq, accusing the Bush administration
of ...,1,4163554.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

NEW Iraq Prisoners Abuse Photos Still Worse
IndoLink - San Ramon,CA,USA
... prisoners was paying off. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld defended
interrogation techniques used by the military in Iraq. He told a ...

BATTLE for hearts and minds is being lost in Iraq
Indianapolis Star - Indianapolis,IN,USA
... We approach the Muslim world with an air of moral superiority, but
our treatment of prisoners in Iraq and in Guantanamo severely undermines
our credibility. ...

TROUBLING questions about Iraq
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Just as deceit and incompetence characterized America's invasion and occupation
of Iraq, lack of candor and assumption of moral responsibility mark the

A gruesome reminder of why we went to Iraq
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… their cruelty and urge to humiliate and in the sadistic glee with which
they posed for those photographs, they reek of the depravity we went to
Iraq to uproot.…

US Offered Berg a Flight Out of Iraq
Guardian – UK
WASHINGTON (AP) – The US government warned a young American to leave Iraq,
and offered him a flight out of the country, a month before his grisly
beheading was…,1280,-4084941,00.html

KERRY says Bush fails in handling Iraq war
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
LITTLE ROCK — John F. Kerry, in his fullest criticism yet of President
Bush's handling of the war in Iraq, said the administration has failed
and does not…

HORRORS continue in Iraq quagmire
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The nightmare in Iraq seems cruelly endless. American security guards are
killed and strung up from a bridge. American warplanes…

SOURCE: Damascus Attackers Fought in Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
… three of the men who staged a mysterious attack in Syria's capital
were Syrians who had come back from fighting US troops in neighboring
Iraq, the Associated…,0,1590624.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

LAWMAKERS: New images of Iraq abuse are `worse'
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… t soon forget.”. She spoke after seeing about 1,800 photographs and
videotapes from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Lawmakers said…

RUSSIA Wants Two UN Resolutions on Iraq
Guardian – UK
UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Russia wants the UN Security Council to adopt two
resolutions on Iraq before the June 30 transfer of power so the new caretaker,1280,-4084964,00.html

COULD Iraq mission fail? Yes, says Rumsfeld
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
For the first time in public, a sombre US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
raised the possibility today that the US mission in Iraq could fail.…

RAW Iraq photos withheld
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscripition) – Atlanta,GA,USA
… after viewing hundreds of new photographs made available by the Pentagon
showing more violent and sexual mistreatment of inmates in US-run prisons
in Iraq.…

FBI: Agents Advised Berg to Leave Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – US authorities said Wednesday a young American who was
beheaded by militants had been warned by the FBI to leave Iraq and was
offered a plane…

CONVERGENCE of factors raises costs of Iraq war
USA Today – USA
… over the past week has focused on photos of US soldiers humiliating
Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison and, now, of a US contractor in Iraq
being beheaded by…

BERG death a warning to private foreign contractors in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
ELEANOR HALL: The death of American telecom worker Nick Berg serves as
a warning to the thousands of other private contractors working there
that Iraq is an…

FOCUS on What's at Stake in Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… world leadership. President Bush's increasingly shaky management of
the occupation of Iraq is a legitimate campaign issue. It is…

PHILIPPINE government revises number of dead in Iraq mortar…
Manila Bulletin – Manila,Philippines
… officials clarified Thursday only one Filipino civilian contractor
had been killed with four others wounded in a mortar attack on a US base
in Iraq instead of…

AUSTRALIA says Iraq prisoner abuse scandal fuels terror threat
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… revelations about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers has badly
undermined the war on terrorism and could put Australian nationals in
Iraq at risk.…

MAJOR developments in Iraq – MI,USA
_ President Bush said “there's no justification” for the execution of American
Nicholas Berg in Iraq. Bush said the terrorists who…

RUMSFELD signals uncertainty on the outcome in Iraq
Monterey County Herald – Monterey,CA,USA
… KRT) – For the first time in public, a somber Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld raised the possibility Wednesday that the US mission in Iraq
could fail.…

US lawmakers condemn new Iraq abuse images
CTV – Canada
US lawmakers who viewed a new batch of pictures of prisoner abuse in Iraq
voiced disgust at what they saw, saying they showed scenes even worse
than what has…

BUSH Supporters Are Split on How to Pursue Iraq Plan
New York Times – USA
WASHINGTON, May 12 President Bush said on Wednesday that the beheading
of an American working in Iraq was part of an effort to “shake our confidence,”
but he…

GUNFIRE erupts as Iraq wins football
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Iraq's young footballers have qualified for their first Olympics. … Iraq
has a bright future before it. I'm sure we'll do well in the Olympics.”.,5478,9550068%255E1702,00.html

80% in Iraq Distrust Occupation Authority
Washington Post – USA
… questioned reported a lack of confidence in the Coalition Provisional
Authority, and 82 percent said they disapprove of the US and allied militaries
in Iraq.…

US: Berg was warned to leave; mystery surrounds his Iraq stay
Dallas Morning News (subscription) – Dallas,TX,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˆ US authorities said Wednesday that a young American who
was beheaded by militants had been warned by the FBI to leave Iraq and
was offered a…

US Sets Military Trials for Two Iraq Jail Guards
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The US military said on Wednesday two additional American
soldiers would face court-martial trials on charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners

RUSSIA gets no information on hostages in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that there is
still no information about thefate of two Russian citizens taken hostage
in Iraq a few days…

IRAQ Qualifies for Olympic Soccer, to Send 30 Athletes to Games
Bloomberg – USA
May 12 (Bloomberg) — Iraq's soccer team, whose players were brutalized
and whose stadium used as a torture chamber under the regime of Saddam

DEAL to end standoff in Iraq fails
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — As fighting escalated between followers of Shia cleric
Muqtada al-Sadr and US forces Wednesday, a deal to end the cleric's standoff
in Iraq's…,0,4695856.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

HORROR and Homophobia in Iraq
AlterNet – USA
The claim by some members of the gay and lesbian community that the invasion
and occupation of Iraq is not a “gay‰ issue crumbled last week when

FINDINGS due in Iraq photo probe
BBC News – London,England,UK
The findings of an inquiry into whether the Daily Mirror's Iraq “abuse”
photos are genuine are due to be released on Thursday, the Ministry of
Defence says.…

KEY dates in decapitated American's visit to Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
March: Berg, a telecommunications expert, travels to Iraq through Jordan
after first working in Iraq in December and January. He…

NEW Iraq abuse photos revolt US Senators
ABC Online – Australia
US lawmakers expressed revulsion on Wednesday after seeing more unpublished
photos and videos of the abuse of prisoners in Iraq by US troops.…

KERRY overshadowed by negative news from Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
… The independent businesswoman recently changed her registration from
Republican to Democrat, and she thinks President Bush's war in Iraq is
a grave mistake…

IRAQ abuse probe to reveal findings
Ananova – England,UK
… increasingly like a hoax”. Mr Hoon said a lorry seen in the pictures
was not used in Iraq at the relevant time. The pictures included…

US Jew beheaded in Iraq was becoming more religious
Ha'aretz – Israel
WASHINGTON – Nick Berg, the 26-year-old American who was brutally murdered
by al-Qaida supporters in Iraq, was drawing closer to Judaism in the past

BUSH Rating Falls Amid Iraq Woes
CBS News – USA
… rating has fallen to the lowest level of his presidency, 44 percent,
in the latest CBS News poll, reflecting the weight of instability in Iraq
on public…

FOR Bush, Iraq takes what the economy gives
The Hill – Washington,DC,USA
… There is a clue, perhaps, in the comparison of opinion about the president‚s
economic performance with opinion about his handling of the war in Iraq.

DEFENSE hawk lawmaker's doubts signal brewing fight over Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
WASHINGTON – Fears that the war in Iraq has become “unwinnable,” as voiced
by one of the most hawkish Democrats in the House, is fueling an already

SENATORS Harshly Criticize Rumsfeld Over US Conduct in Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld faced a litany of fresh criticism about
the US involvement in Iraq from lawmakers Wednesday as he appeared before
a Senate…

IRAQ jobs: Govt to blacklist agencies
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
MUMBAI/NEW DELHI, MAY 12: With the Central government deciding to get tough
on agencies sending former servicemen to Iraq on private jobs, two of
the Mumbai…

SPECTER spokesman headed to Iraq on Marines active duty
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
Arlen Specter said Wednesday he is headed to one of Iraq's top danger zones
this summer to report for duty with his newly activated Marines reserves

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