Iraq News and Information Links August 11 2004
US Marines in Iraq prepare for final assault on Najaf
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
… On the political front, leading politician Ahmed Chalabi, once tipped
to lead post-war Iraq, returned to Baghdad to face an arrest warrant that
has rocked the…

CHALABI returns to Iraq
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
AHMAD Chalabi, a former Governing Council member wanted in Iraq on counterfeiting
charges, has returned to the country to face the accusations, an official,5478,10418991%255E1702,00.html

BUSH Mocks Kerry On Iraq
CBS News – USA
By David Paul Kuhn. By Dotty Lynch. By Bob Schieffer. (CBS/AP) President
Bush mocked rival John Kerry's stand on the Iraq war Tuesday and rejected
the Democrat's…

BUSH bombs Kerry on Iraq
Times of India – India
NICEVILLE: President Bush accused Democrat John Kerry of shifting positions
on the Iraq war on Tuesday as he opened a campaign with a bus tour in

JORDANIAN kidnapped in Iraq released
Xinhua – China
… Ministry said Wednesday. Taha's brother Yassin Al Maharamah told the
source that Taha isnow in the Jordanian Embassy in Iraq. He called…

OIL: Price higher as Iraq threats counter Saudi oil pledge
New Zealand Herald – Auckland,New Zealand
LONDON – Oil prices closed higher on Wednesday after bombing threats by
an anti-US militia in Iraq raised the spectre of more export disruptions
and countered…

NEWSMAKER Profile: al-Sistani Commands Universal Respect in Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
In Iraq, where followers of a radical Shia cleric have been battling US
forces for days, the country's most revered Shia religious leader has
been not only…

Tehran Times – Tehran,Iran
The recent events in Najaf and the measures taken by the joint US and Iraqi
police forces led by Iraq‚s interior minister and the Najaf governor
to suppress…

ISLAMIC militants sends Italy “final warning” over withdrawal from…
Xinhua – China
… with terrorist attacks sent a “final warning” to the Italian people
on Wednesday via the Internet, demanding Italy pull its troops out of
Iraq, Italian media…

IRAQ'S Chalabi Returns to Baghdad to Face Warrant
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Leading Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi returned to
Iraq on Wednesday to face an arrest warrant that could land him in jail
for years, an…

BODY of Second Bulgarian Hostage in Iraq Identified
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Officials in Bulgaria say they have identified the body of a second Bulgarian
truck driver kidnapped in Iraq last month. Bulgaria's…

US military prepares 'major assaults' against Sadr army in Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
NAJAF, Iraq : The US military said it was poised to crush a Shiite Muslim
uprising, which Iraqi officials have blamed for halving key oil exports,

CHALABI Returns to Iraq to Face Charges
Guardian – UK
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Ahmad Chalabi, a former Governing Council member wanted
in Iraq on counterfeiting charges, has returned to the country to face
the charges…,1280,-4410861,00.html

OIL Holds Strong Near $45 on Iraq, Russia
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – Oil prices held strong near record highs on Wednesday
as sabotage in Iraq, worries about Russian oil company YUKOS and a fresh
warning on…

BUSH pounces on rival over comment on Iraq
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… conservative Panhandle Tuesday, President George W. Bush wanted to
let supporters know that he had a new backer for his decision to invade
Iraq – Senator John…

FOUR journos kidnapped in Iraq
News24 – South Africa
… the kidnapping of Iranian diplomat Fereydoun Jahani, who went missing
on August 4 on the road leading from Baghdad to Karbala, in central Iraq,
where Tehran…,,2-10-1460_1571414,00.html

IRAQ oil flowing again
ic Wales – Wales,UK
Production resumed at Iraq's vast southern oil fields after authorities
reached an accord with militant Shiites who had threatened to attack the

IF only it were just Iraq, Prime Minister
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… assessments. There is still a reluctance to be frank with the public
about the reasons for decisions on Iraq and their consequences.…

DEAD soldier's family call for Iraq pull-out
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
THE family of a soldier shot dead by militiamen in Basra days before he
was due home have called on the Prime Minister to pull troops out of Iraq.

BUSH Mocks Kerry's 'Nuance' on Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… John F. Kerry to explain his position on the Iraq war, President Bush
on Tuesday derided Kerry's answer as disingenuous, accusing him of finding
“a new nuance…,1,3704792.story?coll=la-news-politics-white_house

PHILIPPINES withdraws Iraq deployment offer
ABC Online – Australia
The Philippines has abruptly scrapped its offer to send peacekeeping troops
back to Iraq under a United Nations framework in a fresh turnaround that

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