Iraq News and Information Links June 11 2004
ARAB press sees hope for Iraq
BBC News – London,England,UK
But some commentators see the UN resolution on Iraq, confirming the handover
of sovereignty to the Iraqis, as an opportunity for the war-ravaged country

GROUP OF EIGHT: Bush seeks Iraq aid; summit ends in unity
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
BY TOM RAUM. SAVANNAH, Ga. — President George W. Bush said Thursday it
is unrealistic to expect NATO to send more troops to Iraq, but he made
a parting plea to…

IF asked, Canada should be in Iraq
The Globe and Mail – Canada
Should Canadian troops go to Iraq, if formally invited by the United Nations
and/or the soon-to-be sovereign Iraqi government? Both…

G8 SUMMIT – World powers leave divided on Iraq debt – Spain
… broke up a three-day summit Thursday without bridging a deep rift over
US President George W. Bush's proposal to forgive the vast majority of
Iraq's 120 bln…

KURDISH Parliament Agrees to Back UN Resolution on Iraq Handover…
Bloomberg – USA
June 11 (Bloomberg) — The Kurdish parliament in northern Iraq endorsed
the United Nations Security Council resolution on the turnover of sovereignty
in Iraq…

BLAIR given “kicking” over Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Voters, angered over Iraq, have handed Prime Minister
Tony Blair a drubbing in local government elections but the prime minister
won a…

CHARLOTTE prosecutor to handle cases in Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
CHARLOTTE, NC – A federal prosecutor in Charlotte has been assigned to
Iraq to help that country prosecute ousted dictator Saddam Hussein and
other leaders of…

INDIA not to send troops to Iraq: Cong
Navhind Times – Panjim,India
PTI Washington June 11: With the United Nations unanimously adopting the
resolution on Iraq, India has promised to have a new look on the issue
of sending its…

BJP Œ Cabinet ‚ stalks Natwar on troops to Iraq
The Tribune – Chandigarh,India
… Affairs Minister Yashwant Sinha to take on External Affairs Minister
of the United Progressive Alliance government on the issue of sending
Indian troops to Iraq…

ABDUCTIONS Upset Tokyo's Focus on Its Role in Iraq
Inter Press Service (subscription) – World
Just as Japan has focused its foreign policy on its involvement in the
reconstruction of Iraq, this week's abduction of three of its volunteers
there has…

Antara (subscription) – Antara,Indonesia
… Indonesian government on Friday hailed the consensus reached by the
United Nations Security Council (UNSC) recently to adopt Resolution 1546
on Iraq, saying it…

IRAQ looms large in British and US elections
Christian Science Monitor – USA
… And while the President won approval this week of a United Nations
resolution endorsing a new interim government in Iraq, smoothing the way
for an upbeat…

IRAQ cleric 'calls for new start'
BBC News – London,England,UK
… Mr Sadr added that the formation of the government was a good opportunity
to bury past differences and “forge ahead toward the building of a unified

VOTERS give Blair “kicking” over Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – Voters angry over Iraq have punished Prime Minister
Tony Blair, relegating his Labour Party to an unprecedented third place
in local…

DUTCH Govt. Plans to Keep Troops in Iraq Until 2005
Reuters – USA
THE HAGUE (Reuters) – The Dutch government said on Friday it plans to keep
around 1,300 troops in Iraq until March 2005 as part of a multinational
force in a…

ITALY denies Iraq ransom claims
BBC News – London,England,UK
A heated controversy has erupted in Italy after the head of a charity alleged
that a ransom was paid to free three Italian captives in Iraq.…

NATO battles to avoid Franco-US split on Iraq
Expatica – Netherlands
BRUSSELS, June 11 (AFP) – Less than three weeks before a summit in Istanbul,
the US is increasing pressure on NATO to accept a bigger role in Iraq,
but faces…

EDITORIAL: Australia is obligated to stay in Iraq
The Australian – Australia
… of the UN and the Group of 8 most powerful nations in the world to
support the American-inspired model for democracy mark the foundation
of an independent Iraq…,5744,9815950%255E7583,00.html

DUTCH troops to stay in Iraq
Radio Netherlands – Netherlands
The Dutch government of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende decided on
Friday to extend the country's military mission to Iraq for another eight

FEAR and mistrust deepen in Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
By Scott Taylor in Talaffar, northern Iraq. Since the US announced on 4
April its intention to arrest the Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr…

GENERAL: Army's 1st Armored Division to leave Iraq in July
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — The US Army's 1st Armored Division, the unit delayed from
leaving Iraq when a pair of rebel uprisings flared in April, is scheduled
to depart…—iraq-delayedd0611jun11,0,4477334.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire

IRAQ'S Debts at G-8
Zaman – Turkey
… already clear that the Greater Middle East Project (or its new label,
Expanded Middle East and North Africa Project) and discussions about Iraq's
future will…

BUSH presses for NATO training role in Iraq
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… after two days of consultations with the leaders of France and other
nations he does not expect NATO to provide troops to bolster or replace
US forces in Iraq.…

BUSH, Blair Discuss Iraq, Possible NATO Role
Men's News Daily – Guerneville,CA,USA
… During meeting, which lasted about 40 minutes, the two leaders discussed
a host of issues included Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian relations.

HOW to lose friends and alienate people in Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Picture:Paul McGeough. Sheikhs seem to hold the key to success in Iraq,
but the US has put key tribal figures offside, writes Paul McGeough.…

LATHAM under fire on Iraq at home and abroad
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
Pressure is intensifying on Labor to shift ground on Iraq after a series
of attacks by senior figures in the Bush Administration, as the Prime
Minister, John…

KURDS threaten to secede from Iraq
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
… Iraqi state. Before the war to oust Saddam Hussein, the US counted
on the Kurdish minority in northern Iraq as its closest ally. But…

BLAIR takes a beating over Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Britons angry over the Iraq war handed Prime Minister Tony Blair a humiliating
electoral reverse, with local poll results yesterday showing his ruling

DOGS authorized for intimidation of prisoners in Iraq
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
WASHINGTON — There's another indication that prisoner abuse in Iraq may
extend higher up the chain of command than the Pentagon and Bush administration

TIP-OFF foils new Iraq oil sabotage
ABC Online – Australia
US soldiers have foiled a new sabotage attempt against Iraq's key oil sector
following three successful attacks earlier in the week, the US military

FORMER Central Command general critical of Iraq planning
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
CAMP LEJEUNE, NC – A retired Marine general says the Bush administration's
handling of war in Iraq was a failure from intelligence gathering to military

MULTINATIONAL Force Patrol Attacked In Iraq
Radio Free Europe – Prague,Czech Republic
11 June 2004 — The Polish-led multinational security force in central
Iraq says one of its patrols came under attack today south of Baghdad.

IRAQ ‚ s President Praises Kurds as ` Patriots `
KurdishMedia – UK
… Iraq‚s Kurds have enjoyed autonomy in the north since the 1991 Gulf
War and have campaigned hard to win guarantees that Iraq‚s new government
will not be…

IRAQ jail dog scare 'was policy'
BBC News – London,England,UK
US military dog handlers at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison say they were ordered
to use their animals to intimidate detainees, according to media reports.

NATO won't send troops to Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
By DANA MILBANK. SAVANNAH, Ga. ˜ President Bush said Thursday that he
did not expect NATO to provide troops to Iraq, abandoning hope for such
help after…

RIFT in Iraq's interim government
ABC Online – Australia
DAVID HARDAKER: The United States had a breakthrough in the United Nations
this week, but complications on the ground in Iraq are presenting a serious

SEOUL pushes major troop deployment to Iraq
Guardian – UK
South Korea's defence ministry said today that it was to press for a troop
deployment to Iraq that would give it the largest military presence in
the country…,2763,1236717,00.html

BLAIR'S party drubbed in polls over Iraq
TVNZ – New Zealand
Britons angry over Iraq have given Prime Minister Tony Blair a drubbing
in local elections, relegating his ruling Labour Party to an unprecedented
third place.…

NETHERLANDS mulls extending Iraq mission
Xinhua – China
BRUSSELS, June 11 (Xinhuanet) — The Dutch government is to decide whether
to extend its military mission in Iraq at a cabinet meeting convened Friday

LEFT turns red at Natwar's Iraq troops remark
Times of India – India
NEW DELHI: External Affairs Minister Natwar Singh's remarks on fresh look
into issue of sending troops to Iraq drew a sharp reaction from the CPI
(M), which…

IRAQ hits Blair where it hurts
News24 – South Africa
London – In key tests of public sentiment after the Iraq war, Prime Minister
Tony Blair lost support across Britain in local elections, while Dutch

Macedonian Press Agency – Greece
Government spokesman Thodoris Rousopoulos categorically denied information
on the likelihood of sending a Greek military force to Iraq and Afghanistan

BUSH Asks G8 Allies for Help in Iraq
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: President Bush makes another appeal to US allies for assistance
in helping Iraq's transitional government establish a democratic society.

AUSTRALIAN opposition accused of making a backflip over Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
SYDNEY : Australia's opposition Labor leader Mark Latham was accused by
the government of making a U-turn on his Iraq policy by suggesting he
may favour…

ANNAN Weighs US Role in Iraq's Sovereignty
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: NPR's Robert Siegel talks with United Nations Secretary-General
Kofi Annan about the UN Security Council's approval of an Iraq resolution,

BLAIR Handed Electoral Drubbing Over Iraq
Reuters – USA
LONDON (Reuters) – Britons angry over Iraq have given Prime Minister Tony
Blair a drubbing in local elections, relegating his ruling Labour Party
to an…

US expects no Iraq help
Calgary Sun – Calgary,Alberta,Canada
By AP AND CP. SAVANNAH, Ga. — US President George W. Bush said yesterday
it is unrealistic to expect NATO to send more troops to Iraq, but he made
a parting…

INDONESIA welcomes UN resolution on Iraq
Jakarta Post – Indonesia
“The Indonesian government consistently emphasises the importance of an
early restoration of sovereignty of Iraq and the central role of the United
Nations in…

BUSH urges help with Iraq
London Free Press – London,Ontario,Canada
SAVANNAH, GA. — US President George W. Bush said yesterday it is unrealistic
to expect NATO to send more troops to Iraq, but he made a parting plea
to close…

BUSH: Leaders unified on Iraq
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
President Bush closed the G-8 summit declaring unity on Iraq and a Middle
East democracy initiative, despite disagreements with other leaders.…

ALLIANCE can survive Iraq: Latham
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The opposition said today it was confident the rift with the Bush administration
over Iraq would not erode relations between a future Labor government
and the…

WORLD'S together on the easy Iraq questions
Dayton Daily News (subscription) – Dayton,OH,USA
At a time when it needed a boost, the US effort in Iraq has been unanimously
blessed by the UN Security Council. Of course, it helps…

IRAQ'S shaky new start
Toronto Star – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The United Nations Security Council may have given Iraq's new government
a rock solid 15-0 endorsement this week, but the new regime in Baghdad
is off to a…

US military to shift focus, consult Iraq's interim leaders
Philadelphia Inquirer (subscription) – Philadelphia,PA,USA
BAGHDAD – The US military will consult Iraq's interim leaders before engaging
in future offensives and is shifting its priorities from fighting guerrillas

BUSH, France's Chirac still split on Iraq
CBS MarketWatch – USA
SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS.MW) — President Bush urged French President Jacques
Chirac to back a US plan to widen NATO's role in the reconstruction of
Iraq, but the…

LATHAM does 'U-turn' over Iraq – Australia
OPPOSITION leader Mark Latham today backed away from his pledge to pull
all Australian troops out of Iraq if he wins federal elections later this
year – a move…,4057,9812040%255E1702,00.html

WHO will control Iraq? – By Ghayoor Ahmed
Hi Pakistan – Lahore,Pakistan
He, however, made it clear that in order to provide the necessary security
to Iraq the US would maintain its troops there “as long as necessary”.

SPAIN not to deploy soldiers in Iraq till UN in command: PM
Xinhua – China
MADRID, June 10 (Xinhuanet) — Spain will not deploy soldiers in Iraq until
a multinational force led by the United Nations (UN) is in command, Prime

US Soldier Dies From Wounds in Iraq
Newsday – Long Island,NY,USA
By Associated Press. BAGHDAD, Iraq — A US soldier has died from wounds
suffered in an ambush in eastern Baghdad, the military said Friday.…,0,5513595.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

REPORT: Use of Dogs at Iraq Prison Was Authorized
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US intelligence personnel ordered military dog handlers
to use unmuzzled dogs to intimidate detainees at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison,

ALABAMA company to secure communciation lines in Iraq,…
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
… Clair County will send workers to Iraq and Afghanistan next week to
set up secure communication lines at US military and government installations,
an official…

BUSH Drops Hopes for NATO Troops in Iraq
Washington Post – USA
Administration officials had been hoping that passage Tuesday of the UN
Security Council resolution endorsing US plans for Iraq would make it
easier to recruit…

PENSION Funds Press CACI on Iraq Prison Role
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
… CACI employs Steven Stefanowicz, an interrogator in Iraq who has been
implicated in an Army report on prisoner abuses at the US-run prison near

REMOTE Facility in Iraq Shows New Face of US Prison System
Washington Post – USA
… Set up last year during the invasion of Iraq, the camp was named for
Ron Bucca , a New York fire marshal and Army Reservist who died in the

BUSH Drops Hopes for NATO Troops in Iraq
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
SAVANNAH, Ga., June 10 — President Bush said Thursday that he did not
expect NATO to provide troops to Iraq, abandoning hope for such help after
partners in…

VIOLENCE disturbs reconstruction in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… On Thursday, seven Iraqis were killed and 14 others injured in ongoing
clashes that erupted overnight in Iraq's holy city of Najaf between fighters
loyal to…

IRAQ'S Kurds threat to quit government not serious: observers
Xinhua – China
… while the UN Security Council was. in session to look into a draft
resolution about the future of Iraq. The threatening tone of the…

REMOTE Facility in Iraq Shows New Face of US Prison System
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
By Jackie Spinner. CAMP BUCCA, Iraq — The sand blows across this isolated
patch of desert, flecks of moving rock and dust. When…

ATTACKS on oil infrastructure cost Iraq 200 mln dollars: PM
Xinhua – China
BAGHDAD, June 10 (Xinhuanet) — Iraq has lost more than 200 million US
dollars over the past seven months in its vital revenues of oil due to
130 attacks on…

SHADOW of Iraq lifts for Blair
Financial Times – London,England,UK
By James Blitz. This has been a good week for Tony Blair on the Iraq front,
the best in a long time. However, results from the local…

SCAM takes aim at troops back from Iraq, other service
The Times and Democrat – Orangeburg,SC,USA
… The veterans returning from Iraq and other service discover someone
is trying to steal their identity and shoot holes in their credit.…

BUSH Doesn't See NATO Sending In Troops for Iraq
New York Times – USA
… two days of consultations with the leaders of France and other nations
he did not expect NATO to provide troops to bolster or replace American
forces in Iraq.…

RUDD defends Labor's position on Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
… Well, Labor's Foreign Affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd met with Mr Armitage
in Washington, and repeated his party's plans to withdraw Australian troops
from Iraq.…

PUTIN Takes Bush's Side Against Democrats on Iraq
Reuters – USA
… President Vladimir Putin stepped into the US political campaign on
Thursday, saying the Democrats had “no moral right” to criticize President
Bush over Iraq.…

MOST Voters Now Question Going to War With Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
WASHINGTON – Most US voters now say it was not worth going to war in Iraq,
but an overwhelming majority reject the idea of setting a deadline to
withdraw all…,1,5543291.story?coll=la-home-headlines

EDITORIAL: Iraq's future/Sleight of hand or sovereignty?
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
The new, unanimous UN Security Council resolution on Iraq truly is a tale
of the glass: Is it half empty, or is it half full? No one knows.…

CHIRAC Unwilling to Forgive More Than 50 Percent of Iraq's Debt
Bloomberg – USA
June 10 (Bloomberg) — French President Jacques Chirac said he's unwilling
to forgive more than half of Iraq's debt and sees ``great risks'' in US

BUSH doesn't expect more NATO troops in Iraq, as six killed in…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
BAGHDAD : Six people died in Iraq in heavy fighting between Iraqi police
and Shiite rebel leader Moqtada Sadr's militia after a UN resolution failed
to end…

A daily look at US military deaths in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
As of Thursday, June 10, 825 US service members have died since the beginning
of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department.

BUSH: New NATO Troops in Iraq Not Likely
Guardian – UK
By TOM RAUM. SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) – President Bush conceded Thursday that
it is unrealistic to expect NATO countries to send more troops to Iraq,
but made a…,1280,-4191396,00.html

Guardian – UK
… President Bush conceded that it is unrealistic to expect NATO countries
to send more troops to Iraq, but made a parting plea to world powers to
do more to…,1280,-4191597,00.html

GUNMEN display 4 hostages in Iraq video – MI,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) ˜ Gunmen claiming to belong to a Jihadist group displayed
four Turks from among seven Turkish contractors they kidnapped in Iraq

IRAQ commander asks to leave prison probe
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The top US commander in Iraq has asked to be removed from overseeing investigations
into the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, as the Pentagon tries to convince

SCHROEDER Says Germany Will Trade Iraq Debt Relief for Rebuilding…
Bloomberg – USA
June 10 (Bloomberg) — German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said his country
wants a share of Iraq reconstruction orders worth $18.4 billion in exchange

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