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November 8 2004
US forces press offensive in insurgent-held districts of Fallujah…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) US troops backed by thunderous air and artillery
barrages launched a ground offensive Monday to seize key insurgent strongholds

FALLUJAH – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
… Fallujah (also Fallouja, Falluja, or Al Fallujah; in Arabic: ?????)
is a city of some 350,000 inhabitants in the Iraqi province of Al Anbar
(Umbar), about…

Report from Fallujah — Destroying a Town in Order to “Save” it. Published
on Monday, April 12. … There are four hospitals currently running in

CNN.COM – Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing – Nov 6, 2004
… WORLD. Iraq Banner. Iraqi briefed on Falluja plans missing. … US
Marines participate in a briefing Saturday at their base outside Falluja
in Anbar province.…

Fallujah. Operation Vigilant Resolve. … Click Here. Fallujah is a large
town forty miles west of Baghdad. The town of Fallujah measures 3k wide
x 3.5k long.…

INSURGENT Alliance Is Fraying In Fallujah (
Insurgent Alliance Is Fraying In Fallujah. … Residents of Fallujah, Iraq,
search through the rubble of a building in the city center destroyed by
a US airstrike.…

FOR success in Fallujah, Iraq Army key |
… Today's stories. 11/05/2004. US faces gap in 'intelligence war' in
Iraq. US troops move toward Fallujah. more stories… … US troops move
toward Fallujah.…

ALTERNET: War on Iraq: Failure in Fallujah
… Failure in Fallujah. … “I think the residents of Fallujah don't want
this sort of peace. … “I think the Americans will wipe Fallujah from
the map.”.…

YAHOO! News – US Jets Target Insurgents in Fallujah
… News (Nov 4, 2004). . US Jets Pound Parts of Fallujah AP via Yahoo!
… Opinion & Editorials. . Failing in Fallujah at Christian Science Monitor
(Nov 3, 2004).…

CNN.COM – US forces pound Falluja – Oct 15, 2004
… WORLD. Iraq Banner. US forces pound Falluja. … An explosion lights
up the horizon during a military offensive in Falluja Thursday night.

ALJAZEERA.NET – Falluja hit as town braces for assault
Falluja hit as town braces for assault. … “We are gearing up for a major
operation,” Brigadier General Denis Hajlik told reporters at a base near
Iraq's Allawi Defends State of Emergency
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – As US and Iraqi troops assaulted Fallujah on Monday, Iraq's interim prime minister said his government's state of emergency declaration will
Black Watch soldier killed in Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
LONDON (Reuters) – A soldier from Britain's Black Watch battle group has been killed and two others wounded in an incident in central Iraq, the Ministry of
US Marines Launch Offensive on Iraq's Falluja
Reuters – NY,USA
By Michael Georgy. FALLUJA (Reuters) – Thousands of US Marines and Iraqi troops backed by tanks stormed into Falluja as night fell,1280,-4603273,00.html
US Commander Predicts Iraq Confrontation
Guardian – UK
WASHINGTON (AP) – The top US commander in Iraq on Monday predicted a ``major confrontation'' on the streets of Fallujah as a US-led force of as many as 15,000
Blair vows to hold firm in Iraq
Xinhua – Beijing,China
LONDON, Nov. 8 (Xinhuanet) — British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Monday that Britain had to hold firm in Iraq, including tosee it through in Fallujah.

US launches assault on Fallujah; 42 rebels said killed in initial…
CBC News – Canada
NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) – Thousands of US troops, backed by armour and
a stunning air barrage, attacked the toughest strongholds of Sunni insurgents

US pushes into Fallujah
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
Alex Rodriguez reported from Baghdad and James Janega from near Fallujah.
NEAR … constitution. Most of Fallujah's 300,000 citizens have fled.

FALLUJAH rebels heading for hell, says Allawi
Independent Online – South Africa
Fallujah – United States tanks and Marines stormed into Falluja on Monday
night in a fierce ground assault to retake the Iraqi city from rebels.

AMERICA begins Fallujah assault – London,England,UK
American forces have stormed key areas of Fallujah early in the day, in
what appears to be the first stage of the long-expected assault on the

IRAQ'S Fallujah under All-Out Attack
Sofia News Agency – Bulgaria
US troops have begun a drive into western sections of the rebel-held city
of Fallujah on Sunday night, securing a hospital and major bridges in
what appeared…

4,000 troops storm into Fallujah
This is London – London,England,UK
More than 4,000 US Marines and soldiers punched their way into north-eastern
Fallujah, kicking off a massive assault dubbed Operation Phantom Fury
that seeks…

US and Iraqi forces take parts of Fallujah
Washington Times – Washington,DC,USA
8 (UPI) — US-backed Iraqi forces have captured key positions in western
Fallujah in anticipation of an imminent assault on the Sunni city, sources
said Monday…

BLAIR defends Fallujah assault
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
BRITISH Prime Minister Tony Blair today pledged to “hold firm” in Iraq
and said the massive US-led assault against insurgents in Fallujah was
necessary to…,5478,11329966%255E1702,00.html

US Marines Launch Full-Scale Assault on Falluja
Reuters – NY,USA
NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – US Marines launched a full-scale offensive
on Monday night to retake Iraq's rebel-held city of Falluja, a Reuters
witness said.…

US Forces Begin Fallujah Assault
NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA
Description: Iraq's Interim Prime Minister, Iyad Allawi, says he's given
the order for US and Iraqi forces to launch an offensive on Fallujah.
Iraq's Fallujah under All-Out Attack
Sofia News Agency – Bulgaria
after Prime Minister Iyad Allawi imposed a 60-day state of emergency in most of the country to confront a fresh wave of bombings and ambushes sweeping Iraq.
Growing opposition to presence of Japanese troops in Iraq
Channel News Asia – Singapore
Ishida. TOKYO : Most Japanese say Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi should withdraw the country's troops from Iraq next month. That's,5478,11329939%255E1702,00.html
Iraq, Syria to resume full ties
Melbourne Herald Sun – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
SYRIA had agreed to resume full diplomatic ties with Baghdad and has begun sealing its border with Iraq to stop illegal crossings, interim Iraqi Foreign
Halliburton medic gunned down in Iraq
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
SPOTSYLVANIA, Va. – A Halliburton-employed medic working at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison has been fatally shot, his family said. Jeffery
Jim Krane | Fallujah, Iraq
Mail & Guardian Online (subscription) – Johannesburg,South Africa
light for international and Iraqi forces to launch the long-awaited offensive against Fallujah, considered the strongest bastion of Iraq's Sunni insurgents.
Iraq's Allawi Gives Go-Ahead for Falluja Offensive
Reuters – NY,USA
Allawi's spokesman declared a state of emergency in all but the Kurdish north of Iraq on Sunday, to help the US-backed interim government crush insurgents

Iraq emergency call fuels new fears
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Iraq's state of emergency, issued on Sunday, has heightened a sense of crisis, fuelling fears that the offensive in Fallujah would unleash a wave of counter
GI's Open Attack to Take Falluja From Iraq Rebels
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
By RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr. FALLUJA, Iraq, Nov. The battle could prove the most important since the American invasion of Iraq 19 months ago.

At least six dead in Iraq attacks
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
RAMADI, Iraq – At least six Iraqis were killed and more than a dozen people wounded, including a US soldier, in attacks on Monday in central and nothern Iraq …

Allawi says Iraq to close border with Jordan and Syria
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
Jordan. The prime minister told a news conference in Iraq that Baghdad international airport would also be closed for 48 hours.
US Barrage Hits Iraq's Falluja Before Offensive
Reuters – NY,USA
NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – US planes and artillery fiercely bombarded Falluja and troops probed rebel defenses on Monday in a prelude to a full-scale
Bahrain to help secure Philippine hostage release in Iraq
Xinhua – Beijing,China
Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has vowed to help the Philippine government secure the release of a Filipino hostage from his captors in Iraq, the Philippine
Militants moving recruits over Iran's border into Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
ANKARA, Turkey – Islamists have been moving supplies and new recruits from Iran into Iraq, said Iraqi Kurdish and Western officials, though it is unclear
POEA starts probe on Tarongoy's illegal deployment to Iraq
Philippine Daily Inquirer – Makati City,Philippines
POEA) on Monday started a formal investigation on the “illegal deployment” of accountant Robert Theodore Tarongoy, who is being held by a militant group in Iraq …
Poll: Voters want Bush to fix Iraq, cut deficit
Detroit Free Press – Detroit,MI,USA
As President George W. Bush mulls what to do after winning re-election, voters say his first priority should be resolving the situation in Iraq, where the
Japan says its Iraq base safe as poll shows opposition to
Channel News Asia – Singapore
TOKYO : Japan says its troops in southern Iraq are still in a non-combat zone — a prerequisite for their deployment — as a poll shows most Japanese oppose
US and Iraqi forces penetrate Iraq's Fallujah, seize hospital
Channel News Asia – Singapore
NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq : US and Iraqi troops penetrated the rebel Iraqi city of Fallujah early Monday, seizing the main hospital and two bridges, as ground fire
Iraq declares martial law; US bombs Falluja
Ha'aretz – Jerusalem,Israel
… Iraq's interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, declaring a 60-day state of martial law on Sunday to rein in an insurgency that threatens planned nationwide
No change to Iraq commitment: Downer
ABC Online – Australia
Foreign Minister Alexander Downer says there is no plan to change Australia's troop commitment to Iraq. He says the troops are involved
Poll: Iraq should top Bush to-do list
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
WASHINGTON — As President Bush mulls what to do after winning re-election, voters say his first priority should be resolving the situation in Iraq, where the
US forces storm into Fallujah as Iraq declares 60-day state of
CBC News – Canada
NEAR FALLUJAH, Iraq (AP) – US forces stormed into western districts of Fallujah early Monday, seizing the main city hospital and securing two key bridges over
Site Posts Video of Iraq Suicide Attack
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – A video purportedly showing a suicide attack against British troops last week was posted Sunday on an Islamic Web site.
Iraq declares emergency: 21 police officers shot dead
Pakistan Dawn – Karachi,Pakistan
BAGHDAD, Nov 7: Prime Minister Iyad Allawi on Sunday declared a state of emergency in Iraq to combat spiralling violence as 21 police officers were shot dead
Blair 'Must Demand Greater Say over Iraq'
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
talks in Washington. The Tories want the Prime Minister to demand a greater say for Britain in decision-making in Iraq. And there
State of emergency declared in Iraq
ABC Online – Australia
HAMISH ROBERTSON: In Iraq, the country's interim government has authorised a state of emergency for the first time to combat spiraling violence, as coalition
Developments in Iraq
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
capital. A car bomb also exploded near the Baghdad home of Iraq's finance minister, Adil Abdel-Mahdi, a leading Shiite politician.
Iraq declares state of emergency; assault on Fallujah set
Philippine Daily Inquirer – Makati City,Philippines
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi declared a 60-day state of emergency across most of Iraq on Sunday amid expectations of an imminent assault
Iran linked to Iraq insurgency
The Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Islamic extremists have been moving supplies and recruits from Iran into Iraq, say Iraqi Kurdish and Western officials. But it's
US and Iraqi forces seize hospital in Iraq's Fallujah: reporter
Channel News Asia – Singapore
FALLUJAH, Iraq : US troops and special Iraqi forces seized the main hospital in the rebel Iraqi city of Fallujah without a fight early Monday, according to a
Iraq declares martial law as US offensive in Fallujah looms
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Iraq's interim government declared a 60-day state of emergency throughout most of the country Sunday as US Marines made final,2763,1345829,00.html
Iraq declares 60-day state of emergency
Guardian – UK
Iraq's government last night declared a state of emergency and nationwide curfews for 60 days as the widely expected assault on the rebel stronghold of Falluja
Iraq Declares Martial Law, US Bombs Falluja
Reuters – NY,USA
NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) – US warplanes pounded Falluja early on Monday as ground forces battled insurgents on the outskirts of the rebel-held city that
21 shot dead in Iraq police station massacre, two US soldiers
Turkish Press – Turkey
RAMADI, Iraq, Nov 7 (AFP) – Gunmen rounded up and killed 21 policemen and two US soldiers died in separate attacks in Iraq Sunday, one day after car bombs and
Iraq: As Elections Draw Closer, a ‘Shiite Triangle' Emerges
Arab News – Saudi Arabia
But it is, perhaps, the “Shiite Triangle” that might decide the future of Iraq as it moves toward elections in just over 10 weeks' time.
Iraq declares state of emergency for 60 days
Xinhua – Beijing,China
Thair Hassan al-Naqeeb announced at a press conference that the state of emergency would apply to all of Iraq except the Kurdish north as the US and Iraqi

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