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SHIITE leader accepts Iraq interim gov't – MI,USA
UNITED NATIONS (AP) ˜ Iraq's foreign minister told the UN Security Council
on Thursday that the new interim government wants the US-led multinational

IRAQ wants multinational force to stay but authority over ''…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
UNITED NATIONS (AP) Iraq's foreign minister told the UN Security Council
on Thursday that the new interim government wants the US-led multinational
force to…

IRAQ'S Sadr Tries to Shore Up Truce, Mediators Say
Reuters – USA
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Rebel Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has agreed to
new steps to shore up a shaky truce and end weeks of fighting in the country's
holy Shi…

THE situation in Iraq acutely threatens Israeli security
Daily Star – Beirut,Lebanon
As the American public gradually wearies of the Iraq crisis, some have
begun worrying that the war could blow back on the US by creating the
conditions for anti…

INTERVIEW-NEW Iraq finmin sees up to 90 pct of debt forgiven
Reuters – USA
… We really want Iraq to be forgiven of (all) debt if that is possible,
but we believe the larger part must be gotten rid off,” said Abdul-Mahdi,
part of a new…

BUSH: Iraq Pullout Would Be Disastrous – PA,USA
By TOM RAUM. ROME – President Bush, facing tough talks with US allies,
said Thursday it would be disastrous if they took their troops out of

IRAQ'S Chalabi Denounces Outgoing CIA Chief Tenet
Reuters – USA
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi launched a bitter
attack on George Tenet Thursday, saying the outgoing CIA chief was to
blame for false…

IRAQ Pullout Would Be Disaster, Bush Tells Allies
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
President George W. Bush said today it would be a disaster if America‚s
partners pulled troops out of Iraq. He was speaking as…

UN Council Haggles Over Iraq Control of US Troops
Reuters – USA
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Key UN Security Council members and Iraq's foreign
minister said on Thursday a new resolution must spell out how much authority

THE divisions over Iraq must not mark a terminal split between…
Economist (subscription) – London,England,UK
… Europe from Hitler, cannot but feel bitter towards the present leaders
of France and Germany for their behaviour before and after last year's
war in Iraq.…

BUSH Reiterates Need for Australian Troops in Iraq
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
ASHINGTON, June 3 ˜ President Bush said today that it would be “disastrous”
if Australia were to withdraw its troops from Iraq, as the opposition

KEY Shiite backs new Iraq team
Christian Science Monitor – USA
BAGHDAD ˆ Iraq's new transitional government won the tacit approval Thursday
of the country's preeminent Shiite cleric, providing a welcome boost of

IRAQ 'aims to increase oil flow'
BBC News – London,England,UK
Iraq's newly appointed oil minister, Thamir Ghadbhan, has said his country
aims to export two million barrels of crude oil a day soon.…

FOR some, Iraq contracts too much of a gamble
Forbes – USA
LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – The opportunities look golden on paper, but for many
small US companies dreaming of making a fortune in Iraq, the personal
and financial…

PACHACHI Says He May Seek Iraq Presidency
Guardian – UK
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – Adnan Pachachi, passed over for the
post of Iraq's interim president, said Thursday he may run for the office
when his…,1280,-4164345,00.html

BUSH Heads to Europe for Iraq Support, D-Day
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Bush left on Thursday on a quick trip
to Italy and France to seek more international support for his Iraq mission
and mark the…

FIGHTING Erupts in Iraq Holy City, Residents Flee
Reuters – USA
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Gunfire and explosions erupted in the Iraqi holy
city of Najaf Thursday afternoon as US forces battled Shi'ite militiamen,

BRAHIMI Explains Politics Behind Iraq Government Posts
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi, who was tasked with leading the
formation of Iraq's new interim government, says he did not get his choice

IRAQ like World War II? Not really
Kalamazoo Gazette – Kalamazoo,MI,USA
In March 2003, after US troops embarked on their invasion of Baghdad, we
wrote in this column that time will tell whether the war in Iraq would
be more like…

OPEN Letter to the Security Council on Iraq
Amnesty International – USA
… urges the Council to make human rights a guiding principle of the resolution
it is currently drafting about the transfer of authority in Iraq by 30
June 2004.…

Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
In southern Iraq, the US-led coalition and Iraqi security forces have called
for the dismantling of an illegal militia known as the Mahdi army.…

MEDIA lobby Pentagon over Iraq safety
Guardian – UK
… The meeting followed the deaths of around 40 media employees – including
33 journalists – since the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, and subsequent

BUSH: 'Coalition Will Stay in Iraq'
FOX News – USA
WASHINGTON ˜ President Bush said Thursday that Iraq's sovereignty would
be turned over to a new interim government while he vowed that the United

IRAQ'S Interim Government is US 'Lackey', says Iran Supreme…
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
Iran's supreme leader has dismissed Iraq's new interim government as a
“lackey” of the United States. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made…

IRAQ'S Top Cleric Sistani Seeks ` Resolve ' From New Government ,…
Bloomberg – USA
June 3 (Bloomberg) — Iraq's Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, spiritual leader
of the country's Shiite Muslim majority, asked the interim government
announced this…

UN push for more Iraq changes
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Key members of the UN Security Council yesterday pressed for more changes
to a draft resolution on Iraq, saying it still does not grant Iraq full

IRAQ violence rages as top Shiite cleric gives timid backing to…
Channel News Asia – Singapore
… The persistent violence underlined the difficulties facing Iraq's new
transitional government whose prime minister Iyad Allawi has described
security as his…

KEY cleric gives tacit approval to Iraq government
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
NAJAF, Iraq Iraq's most influential Shiite cleric gave his tacit endorsement
Thursday to the new interim government and urged it to lobby the United

PRESIDENT likens Iraq to postwar Europe
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… Rather than expressing any misgivings about the course of the war in
Iraq, Bush emphatically affirmed his belief in the policy of pre-emption,
striking enemies…

SENATE puts new controls on $25 billion for Iraq
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
WASHINGTON The Senate has given the White House $25 billion for operations
in Afghanistan and Iraq, but joined the House of Representatives in putting

POWELL: Iraq Won't Have Veto Power over US Troops
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Secretary of State Colin Powell says Iraq's new interim government
will not have veto power over operations by US forces following the June

NEW Iraq leaders get cleric's nod
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's most influential
Shiite leader, has given tacit approval to the country's new UN-appointed

RUSSIA to evacuate remaining workers from Iraq
Xinhua – China
… He said a medical team of six doctors will fly to Iraq on boardthe
plane to ensure the safe evacuation of a badly wounded worker from the

JAPANESE oil supplier in Iraq contract talks
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Arabian Oil, Japan's biggest oil supplier, is in early discussions with
Iraq's state-owned South Oil to repair and upgrade oil facilities in the
south of the…

PACHACHI says he may seek Iraq presidency
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Adnan Pachachi, passed over for the post
of Iraq's interim president, said he may run for the office when his country's

CHINA welcomes revised UN Iraq draft
Xinhua – China
BEIJING, June 3 (Xinhuanet) — China on Thursday welcomed the revised UN
draft resolution on Iraq submitted by the United Statesand Britain, which

FIGHTINGS kill 8, wound 49 in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… Muqtada al-Sadr, who has led an uprising against the US forces throughout
southern Iraq for the past two months, said he would only disarm his Mehdi

POWELL: New Iraq government can't veto US military decisions; Top…
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
As Iraq's foreign minister is set to address the UN security council Thursday,
the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, has confirmed that the interim

JAPAN'S SDF in Iraq not to be under foreign command: FM
Xinhua – China
TOKYO, June 3 (Xinhuanet) — Japan's Self-Defense Forces (SDF) in Iraq
will not be involved in activities under the command of othercountries
or forces even if…

SENATE votes for $25 billion in emergency Iraq funds – USA
… Although President Bush had to concede some flexibility in spending
extra money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, he obtained the authority
for general…

OREGON firm Otak opens two Iraq offices
Oregonian – Portland,OR,USA
A Lake Oswego-based design and engineering firm said Wednesday that it
has opened two offices in Iraq to take on engineering projects and to
train engineers…

RUSSIA: UN Iraq draft needs improvement
Xinhua – China
MOSCOW, June 3 (Xinhuanet) — Russia said Thursday that the revised US-British
draft resolution on Iraq fails to address “many” concerns of Russia and

BLOODSHED continues in Iraq
Independent Online – South Africa
… The persistent violence underlined the difficulties facing Iraq's new
transitional government whose premier Iyad Allawi has described security
as his “number…

IRAQ conflict has major effect on the US – and others
National Business Review – New Zealand
The second Iraq war was viewed by some in the Bush administration as a
way of overcoming American reluctance after Vietnam to engage in war.

BUSH: Iraq is key to abolishing terrorism
Salt Lake Tribune – Salt Lake City,UT,USA
… of World War II and the postwar struggle with communism, President
Bush on Wednesday told new Air Force officers that the campaign in Iraq
is worthy of…

FRESH fighting rages in Iraq
Borneo Bulletin – borneo,Brunei Darussalam
AP. BAGHDAD (AFP) – Fresh fighting broke out in Iraq on Wednesday despite
the unveiling of the first post-Saddam Hussein government and a draft
UN resolution…

SISTANI gives cautious OK to Iraq government
Reuters – London,England,UK
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's most influential
Muslim cleric, has given his conditional approval to the interim government
but says…

SISTANI gives cautious OK to Iraq government
swissinfo – Switzerland
… as its president. the now dissolved Governing Council and US officials,
particularly Paul Bremer, the US administrator of Iraq.

IRAQ debacle finally takes toll on Bush ‚ s popularity
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne,IN,USA
… George W. came close, getting high marks for his “war against terrorism‰
and for being a “war president,‰ although in Iraq he ended up fighting

UNTIL Iraq holds elections, Bush is partying too soon
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
… But the claim of success in putting Iraq on the road to democracy is
no less premature than the president's hasty declaration of the end of
combat from the…

US passes $25 billion fund for Iraq
Indian Express – New Delhi,India
Washington, June 3: The US Senate has unanimously approved a 25 billion
dollar emergency request to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

RUSSIA Says Has Concerns Over Iraq Resolution
Reuters – USA
MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia said on Thursday it still had many concerns over
the draft UN resolution on Iraq proposed by the United States and Britain,
and much…

IRAQ demands say in UN resolution
BBC News – London,England,UK
Iraq's interim leaders are demanding input to a UN draft resolution, which
will set out how much power a new Baghdad government will have.…

COMMENTARY: Evolving Iraq Policy
NPR (audio) – USA
Description: Senior news analyst NPR's Daniel Schorr says recent concessions
in Iraq, like allowing the governing council to override the decisions
of UN envoy…

IRAQ'S Top Cleric Gives Govt Conditional Approval
Reuters – USA
NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) – Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Iraq's most influential
Muslim cleric, gave his conditional approval to the interim government
on Thursday…

NEW Iraq Government Gets Off to a Sluggish Start
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… The 52-year-old US-educated engineer is the minister of electricity,
charged with getting Iraq's feeble power grid functioning smoothly˜
preferably before…,1,1015644.story?coll=la-headlines-world

CAR bombs, mortar shells, fighting kill 13 across Iraq
Indianapolis Star – Indianapolis,IN,USA
Kufa, Iraq — At least five Iraqis were killed and more than 40 were wounded
as American troops clashed with Shiite militants in Kufa on Wednesday.

BUSH Invokes WWII to Fortify Iraq Allies
Chicago Tribune (subscription) – Chicago,IL,USA
… Invoking the spirit of unity in World War II, President Bush is trying
to rebuild solidarity among American allies bitterly divided over Iraq
and skeptical…,1,2195154.story?coll=chi-news-hed

US sees pullout for Iraq in 2006
Baltimore Sun – Baltimore,MD,USA
WASHINGTON – Though President Bush insists that “we will finish the mission”
in Iraq, his administration is starting to outline an exit strategy that
calls for…,0,6723562.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

CRITICIZES Iraq policy at bioterror forum
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… In West Virginia, Teresa Heinz Kerry criticizes Bush on Iraq. A4. During
an 11-day campaign swing touting his national security plans…

WILL US Army be the Iraq war ‚ s next casualty ?
Yemen Times – Sana'a,Yemen
The Bush administration sent the US Army into Iraq to destroy the murderous
regime of Saddam Hussein and save the Iraqi people.…

US hand in picking Iraq leaders decried
Pioneer Press – St. Paul,MN,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˜ Lakhdar Brahimi, wrapping up his UN mission to bring
an interim government to Iraq, looked a little tired and disheartened
Wednesday as he…

GOVT reassessing Iraq situation
ABS CBN News – Quezon City,Philippines
Malacañang on Thursday assured that the Department of Foreign Affairs
and the Iraq Team led by special ambassador to the Middle East Roy Cimatu

IRAQ echoes great wars, Bush says
The Globe and Mail – Canada
WASHINGTON — George W. Bush says Iraq is the front line of an epic Middle
East clash between liberty and tyranny that echoes the great wars of the
last century…

FRANCE , Russia , China Express Reservation On Iraq Resolution
IndoLink – San Ramon,CA,USA
… York, June 3 (NNN): France, Russia and China have expressed reservations
on the latest draft of the United Nations resolution on the transfer of
power in Iraq.…

AUSTRALIA launches Iraq abuse inquiry
… an internal investigation on Thursday after revelations military officers
knew last year of US abuse of Iraqi prisoners as a backlash to the Iraq
war grows…

WHITE House backs Senate curbs on $25 billion for Iraq, but not…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) White House officials are accepting limits the Senate has
voted to clamp on President Bush's request for $25 billion for Iraq and

MARINE from Yakima killed in Iraq ambush
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
… from the state to die in as many days, becoming the latest casualty
during the bloodiest month the state has seen thus far since the start
of the war in Iraq.…

SPRINGFIELD soldier dies in Iraq crash
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
A soldier from Springfield was killed in a vehicle rollover in the Anbar
province of Iraq, the Defense Department said yesterday.…

KEY Security Council members want more changes to revised Iraq…
Xinhua – China
… 3 (Xinhuanet) — Some key members of the UN Security Council said Wednesday
that they want more changes to the revised draft resolution on Iraq proposed
by the…

US base in Iraq attacked
Reuters – London,England,UK
KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) – A guerrilla attack on a major US military base
in Iraq has triggered a huge chain of explosions in an arms dump that
left much of the…

BUSH likens war in Iraq to WWII
Houston Chronicle – Houston,TX,USA
… – Comparing the war in Iraq to the fight … What would those thousands
of killers be doing” if not fighting US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,
Bush asked.…

FORMER Iraq Prison Chief Rebels at ŒScapegoat‚ Role
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
… The woman who commanded the Army Reserve's 800th Military Police Brigade
and supervised the guards at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison has become
one of the…,1,7312799.story?coll=la-home-headlines

IRAQ abuse damaging for Australia: Howard
Navhind Times – Panjim,India
Reuters Canberra June 1: The Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard,
said today that bad publicity about prisoner abuse in Iraq was damaging
for the United…

IRAQ'S long road
Florida Today – Melbourne,FL,USA
Iraq has taken a hopeful step over the threshold of democratic government,
with the naming of Iyad Allawi as the country's new prime minister.…!NEWSROOM/opedstory0603WIRAQ.htm

US Faces Payback On Iraq Resolution
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
As the United States struggles to win world support for its transfer of
authority in Iraq, the Bush administration is running into diplomatic
payback at the…

UN envoy critical of US on Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq ˜ The UN special envoy called on the incoming Iraqi government
on Wednesday to broaden discussions to include Iraqis who oppose the American

PM in Washington to talk Iraq
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Prime Minister John Howard arrived in Washington ahead of talks on Iraq
and the war on terror with United States President George W Bush.…

US base in Iraq attacked
swissinfo – Switzerland
… the “number one priority”. television station aired a tape of three
Italian hostages held in Iraq dated May 31. “We have been treated…

IRAQ'S new leaders get mixed reception
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
BAGHDAD — UN special envoy Lakhdar Brahimi said he was confronted with
“terrible pressure” in forming Iraq's interim government that kept him
from seating his…

KERRY, Democrats and Iraq
NPR (audio) – USA
… CONAN : Does the war in Iraq specifically come up in these conversations
that John Kerry's having with potential voters? Mr. HEALY : It's interesting.

WHAT the US has in store for Iraq
Socialist Worker – Chicago,IL,USA
THE US is maneuvering in Iraq and in the United Nations Security Council
to cobble together an interim government by June 30 in time for the supposed

IRAQ costs are continuing to rise
eTaiwan News – Taipei,Taiwan
… by Washington standards, the US$119.4 billion that US President George
W. Bush and Congress have provided for the first two years of the war
in Iraq is real…

US Senate passes $25 bn request for Iraq
Sify – Delhi,India
Washington: The US Senate unanimously approved a 25 billion dollar emergency
request to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.…

IRAQ'S new government
Asahi Shimbun – Tokyo,Japan
This question weighed heavily on Lakhdar Brahimi, the United Nations envoy
to Iraq, as he considered candidates to join the caretaker government.

TRUCE in southern Iraq fails
Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) – Minneapolis,MN,USA
KUFA, IRAQ — The shaky week-old cease-fire in southern Iraq broke down
completely late Wednesday in heavy fighting on the streets of Kufa, where
US troops…

US might compromise on Iraq resolution
Xinhua – China
… June 2 (Xinhuanet) — The United States might accommodate the views
of other UN Security Council members in the revised UN resolution on Iraq,
US Deputy…

010904.IRAQ – Casus Belli Revisited
Submerging Markets – Sag Harbor,NY,USA
This has not been a good week for the original justification for the Iraq
Invasion – the urgent need to “disarm Iraq.‰. Remember?…

BUSH Plays Down Dispute With France Over Iraq War
New York Times – USA
PARIS, June 2 In an effort to repair the rift with France over Iraq, President
Bush is calling President Jacques Chirac a friend and saying that he was

US puts curb on troops leaving army service
Financial Times – London,England,UK
The US army is preventing soldiers whose units are scheduled to deploy
to Iraq and Afghanistan from leaving the military until after they return
from serving…

UN Envoy Wants New Iraq Government to Court Foes of Occupation
New York Times – New York,NY,USA
AGHDAD, Iraq, June 2 ˜ The United Nations special envoy called on the
new Iraqi government on Wednesday to broaden discussions to include Iraqis
who oppose…

UN Iraq envoy Brahimi heads for UN
Big News – Australia
Special Iraq adviser Lakhdar Brahimi Wednesday headed for UN World Headquarters
in New York where the Security Council discussed a new Iraq draft resolution.

SENATE approves $25bn Iraq fund
BBC News – London,England,UK
The US Senate has voted unanimously to approve $25bn worth of extra military
spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. The vote follows…

PM cautious over Iraq date
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Howard said he was “a little cautious” about a new United Nations draft
resolution setting a 2006 date for the withdrawal of the multinational
force from Iraq.…

US Base in Iraq Attacked, Allawi Puts Security Top
Reuters – USA
KIRKUK, Iraq (Reuters) – A guerrilla attack on a major US military base
in Iraq on Wednesday triggered a huge chain of explosions in an arms dump
that left…

HUMAN Rights Office opened in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq
Xinhua – China
… The Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights has announced the opening of an
office in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad, capital of Iraq,…

POWELL says Iraq will not get veto over US troops
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
WASHINGTON (AP) The United States will not give Iraq a veto over US troops,
but will work with the government there as partners, Secretary of State
Colin Powell…

CONGRESS Moves to Put Limits on Iraq Funds
Reuters – USA
… US lawmakers voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to put controls on the
$25 billion reserve fund the Bush administration wants for the Iraq conflict

BRAHIMI: Bremer the `dictator of Iraq' in shaping Iraqi…
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Lakhdar Brahimi, wrapping up his UN mission to
bring an interim government to Iraq, looked a little tired and disheartened
Wednesday as…

BUSH ties Iraq to World War II
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… terrorism to the battles of the last century against Nazism and communism,
issued a vigorous and unflinching defense Wednesday of the war in Iraq
and the…

US, Britain revise Iraq resolution
Straits Times – Singapore
UNITED NATIONS – The United States and Britain have introduced a revised
resolution on Iraq that sets a rough timetable for the withdrawal of US-led

UN remains unsatisfied with resolution on Iraq
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
UNITED NATIONS, New York Key Security Council members said on Wednesday
they were still not satisfied with a revised UN resolution on Iraq and
want more…

QUESTIONS remain on US role in Iraq as government goes to work
Kansas City Star (subscription) – Kansas City,MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq – (KRT) – Members of Iraq's new interim government began
work Wednesday, and it immediately was clear that they take a sharply
different view…

NEW president of Iraq looks beyond ceremony
International Herald Tribune – Paris,France
… Yawar is a political creature, one rooted in the sensibilities of the
Shammar, one of the largest and most powerful tribes in Iraq.…

A Daily Look at US Iraq Military Deaths
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
As of Wednesday, June 2, 810 US service members have died since the beginning
of military operations in Iraq in March 2003, according to the Defense

LAWMAKERS OK $25 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan, but limit Bush's…
Boston Globe – Boston,MA,USA
… AP) The Senate and a House committee voted Wednesday to give President
Bush the $25 billion he wants for US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan

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