Iraq News and Information Links October 2 2004
BUT Iraq colors all perceptions
CBS MarketWatch – USA
WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) — Public opinion surveys rank the economy even with, or ahead, of Iraq and the war on terror when it comes to top voter worries.…
Debate Victor: Iraq's Reality
Washington Post – Washington,DC,USA
On the very day the two presidential debaters were going at it in Coral Gables, Fla., yet another bloodbath had occurred in Iraq.
US, France in Iraq debt dispute
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Differences between France and the United States over how much of Iraq's debt to cancel hardened Saturday as the two attended a meeting
Malcolm Rifkind: American troops must stay in Iraq. But they must
Independent – London,England,UK
The deterioration of the security situation in Iraq in the past few months has created a difficult and disturbing dilemma for both George Bush and Tony Blair.
Rumsfeld Foresees Violence in Iraq Up to Election
Wired News – USA
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The risk in Iraq is not of civil war but that the country will end up under the control of extremists who “run around chopping off,6903,1318443,00.html
Chaos grips bid to free hostages held in Iraq
Guardian – UK
A series of unauthorised attempts to free two French journalists held hostage in Iraq for more than six weeks have caused acute embarrassment for President
Pope denounces Iraq kidnappings, praises scribes' work
The Hindu – Chennai,India
TV station and by a French political magazine to the Pope, who spoke out repeatedly and strongly against preventive war before the start of the US led-Iraq war
US forces to 'flatten Falluja' before Iraq's first vote
The Scotsman – Edinburgh,Scotland,UK
Iraq's first free and democratic elections early next year drive US military policy in the region and the war on terror as much as President George Bush's,5744,10957090%255E1702,00.html
Navy team home from Iraq
The Australian – Australia
TEN Royal Australian Navy personnel were welcomed home by family and friends today after eight months in Iraq training and rebuilding the country's maritime
US tightens grip on rebel Iraq city
Reuters – London,England,UK
SAMARRA, Iraq (Reuters) – US-led forces backed by warplanes have tightened their grip on the rebel stronghold of Samarra, saying they had killed 125 rebels in
Moussa, Italian deputy PM hold talks on Iraq, Mideast peace
Xinhua – Beijing,China
Moussa told a joint press conference that the conditions in Iraq and the occupied Palestinian territories as well as the Mideast peace process were high on the
Arab workers warned not to enter Iraq
Al-Jazeera – Qatar
A Jordanian company has ceased its operations in Iraq as a purported Iraqi group warns the Lebanese Government to stop sending nationals to the war-torn country
US Forces Say Target Guerrillas Training in Iraq
Reuters – USA
“Multi-National Force-Iraq conducted a precision strike against a building where 15 to 20 anti-Iraqi force personnel were conducting military-style training on
UPDATE 1-US, France entrenched in Iraq debt battle
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Differences between France and the United States over how much of Iraq's debt to cancel hardened on Saturday as the two attended
US takes control of rebel Iraq city
swissinfo – Switzerland
By Sabah al-Bazee. stronghold of Samarra after launching one of the largest offensives since the fall of Saddam Hussein. captured

Italy official hints at Iraq troop exit
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
CAIRO, Egypt — Italy's deputy premier suggested Saturday that his country could pull its troops out of Iraq after elections scheduled for January, saying they

Bush, Edwards Offer Positions on Iraq
Voice of America – Washington,DC,USA
convention of home builders in the contested Midwest state of Ohio that Democratic challenger John Kerry's criticism of the handling of the war in Iraq and the
US, Iraq Forces Claim Success in Samarra
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
SAMARRA, Iraq (AP)—US and Iraqi forces battled pockets of resistance in Samarra on Saturday, shaking the city with sporadic gunfire as US and Iraqi commanders
New US air strike targets insurgent training base in Iraq
Xinhua – Beijing,China
2 (Xinhuanet) — US forces conducted on Saturday a new air strike at a suspect training base used by insurgents in Fallujah in central Iraq, the US military
US, Allies Far Apart on Iraq Debt Relief
ABC News – United States
The United States and its major economic allies struggled Saturday to resolve deep differences over how best to relieve the heavy debt burden for Iraq and the
Watertown doctor recounts year spent in Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
WATERTOWN, SD – Dressed in military uniform and traveling on a six-hour flight to the United States from Amsterdam, a doctor returning from Iraq struck up a

Setbacks plague US arms effort in Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer – Seattle,WA,USA
to civilian projects and training, the State Department had planned a dozen workshops and seminars for hundreds of idled specialists from Iraq's old nuclear
Iraq: Reporter's log tells it like it is
Times of India – India
WASHINGTON: A wrenching account written by a Wall Street Journal reporter to her friends describing the situation in Iraq has become a global chain mail and
French hostages are safe in Iraq
Arabic News – Middle East
In the framework of developments concerning the situation of hostages held in Iraq, the French TV quoted unofficial mediator that seeks to liberate the two
Officials Far Apart on Iraq Debt Relief
ABC News – United States
2, 2004 — The world's major economic powers were far apart Saturday on agreeing how to provide debt relief for Iraq and the poorest nations, as finance
France, US entrenched in Iraq debt dispute
Reuters – USA
WASHINGTON, Oct 2 (Reuters) – France and the United States dug into polarized positions on how much of Iraq's debt to cancel at a meeting on Saturday aimed at
Kerry blasts Bush on the economy and Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Democratic challenger John Kerry has pivoted from the contentious debate over Iraq to bread-and-butter issues and accused
Two Egyptian engineers in Iraq in good condition: company
Xinhua – Beijing,China
2 (Xinhuanet) — Egypt's Orascom Telecom company said Saturday that two engineers, who were kidnapped in Iraq and reportedly released earlier, were still held
Bush tempers argument for pre-emptive strikes Experts say Iraq war
San Francisco Chronicle – San Francisco,CA,USA
These experts, from both sides of the political spectrum, say the brutal experience in Iraq has eroded many elements of what has come to be called the “Bush
Group Claims to Kidnap, Kill Man in Iraq
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – Atlanta,GA,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP)—A militant group in Iraq claimed in an Internet statement posted Saturday that it abducted and beheaded an Iraqi construction contractor
Pope appeals for hostages in Iraq
Reuters – London,England,UK
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope John Paul has appealed for the release of the French and other hostages in Iraq, saying human beings cannot be treated like
Bush: Kerry lacks Iraq plan
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – San Jose,CA,USA
John Kerry sought Friday to prolong their Thursday night debate, with Bush asserting that Kerry really has no plan to win the war in Iraq and Kerry saying that
US-Led Forces Tighten Hold on Iraq Rebel Town
Reuters – USA
SAMARRA, Iraq (Reuters) – US and Iraqi forces tightened their grip on Samarra Saturday, pressing on with one of the largest offensives since the fall of Saddam
Reconstruction in Iraq proceeds slowly
mode.”. But there are other problems as well. Out of the $18 billion appropriated to rebuild Iraq, only $1 billion has been spent. As
Curfew follows Iraq offensive
SAMARRA, Iraq (CNN) — A dusk-to-dawn curfew is in place in the Iraqi city of Samarra following a major offensive Friday in which at least 109 insurgents and
New Benigni film looks for love, laughs in Iraq War
Xinhua – Beijing,China
Having portrayed a lighter side to Nazi concentration camps, Italian actor-director Roberto Benigni's new movie takes a unique look at wartime Iraq.
Iraq: At least 12 killed in fresh US attacks on Fallujah, Samarra
Albawaba Middle East News – Amman,Middle East
At least seven Iraqis were killed and 13 injured in an American air strike on the city of Fallujah, said medics early on Saturday.
US wary of Iraq's shift in spending for security
Miami Herald (subscription) – Miami,FL,USA
A move to bolster security spending in Iraq, from basic utility projects, has US officials concerned about the effect on the growing insurgency.

Old news on Iraq
The Globe and Mail (subscription) – Toronto,ON,Canada
the flow of intelligence in order to justify war; Rumsfeld's war with his own generals, who warned that far more troops would be needed in Iraq; the dangerous

S. Koreans Take Over in North Iraq
Los Angeles Times (subscription) – Los Angeles,CA,USA
IRBIL, Iraq — South Korean troops assumed military responsibility for northeastern Iraq in a ceremony here Friday, and the Korean commander pledged to bring

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