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15/10/04 Iraqi & Afghan Civilians … the Global Killing Fields of the Bush Wars …
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(TMPress International – New York – October 15, 2004) – Iraqi & Afghan Civilians … the Global Killing Fields of the Bush Wars … Another American warplane mistakenly bombs a house in Iraq or Afghanistan, during a `so-called precision airs-strike,’ killing a few dozen civilians near their target or be it free-fire zones in Iraq that kill hundreds of Iraqi civilians, it becomes clear that these two wastelands are the new `Killing Fields' for the so-called `Great Western Powers' eager to test out new weapons systems and tactics for urban and guerilla warfare. Fallujah, Samarra and Ramadi are just examples where U.S. forces are actually employing the tactics of the Israelis, and even while Israeli military advisers look on advising US Marines on how to proceed is shocking!

According to the U.S. military on civilian killings – they usually happen after unidentified assailants attack their checkpoints, be it in Afghanistan or Iraq. Instead we will just deploy and call in a few Harrier jump-jets or F-16s … spotting groups of enemy fighters and attacking them with a few 1,000-pound laser-guided bombs, later we find out they were women and children or journalists. U.S. command in the both regions Iraq and Afghanistan later acknowledge that the aircraft have taken on their targets, but somehow missed their intended. Survivors of attacks by Coalition Forces, most being dead almost always claim there were no targets around … or if there were – they retreated and left the civilians to add up the body counts … `it is not immediately clear what happened to the enemy fighters' says the Coalition commanders.

Analysts of modern bombardment and aerial attacks describe civilian victims as increasing in number, severity and length as these two police actions ensue around the world. Most modern western civilians have never experienced being bombed, at least not since WW2 … many experts agree that aerial attack is perhaps the worst kind of terror a civilian population can experience … causing immediate death, destruction, maiming, and lifetime trauma as consequences for adults and frightened children alike. According to IBC (Iraq Body Count) as of today, there are anywhere from 10,000 – 15,000 civilian deaths from `Operation Iraqi Freedom' … Coalition air-attacks on Iraq since January 1, 2003 … but may be higher. Afghan civilian death directly tied to `Operation Enduring Freedom,' which continues today and according to conservative estimates … totals around 3,000 plus fatalities of civilians … some local in-country sources place that figure as high as 10,000 civilian victims of Coalition Forces bombardment, post 9/11.

I ask the average American and all the citizens of the world … totaled ranges for actions in Iraq and Afghanistan are now estimated at around 15,000 civilian deaths to as high as 25,000… the WTC and Pentagon terrorist attacks claimed nearly 3,100 lives, how much more death and occupation is enough – as wars of attrition continue? How much payback takes place to convert ancient 2000 year-old cultures to Democracies – does it mean killing everyone in that country that disagrees with that occupation or imposed-democracy?

Where does it end and when will we realize what we are really doing is sowing the seeds of hate for another 100 years. I would suggest that it will end with regime change in America and Great Britain – the two countries most responsible for regional destabilization and colonialization in this last 100 plus years, all in the name of defeating or replacing `Barbarism, Communism, Imperialism or Terrorism' with our civilization, that has `so mastered their own selves with pandemic crime and murder' that claims more lives every year after year than any war or conflict we have ever produced for ourselves … choose your excuse the answer is the same … it is called the idiotic notions of Global Military Intervention!
By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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