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07/05/04 Herr Bremer Begins the Partitioning of Iraq … America Pays the Bill…
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(TMPress International – New York – May 07, 2004) – Herr Bremer Begins the Partitioning of Iraq … America Pays the Bill … A supposed former prisoner of the Saddam Hussein regime who returned to Iraq from exile last year has been appointed as the new governor of Najaf province by the CPA Chief … L. Paul Bremer III … the Coalition announced the appointment today in Baghdad. Bremer began with a briefing, that emphasized that Iraqi authorities and the coalition are cooperating to reaffirm the `Rule of Law' in the middle-Euphrates area, this a day after CPA Military Forces launched their form of a demo … AC-130 Gunships and M1A Tanks, which quite literally blew down several Madhi Army held supply and support services' depots in outlying areas of Najaf.

Bremer said, `That Adnan al-Zurufi, the new Governor of the Najaf Region will enhance that cooperation needed in that area.' `He is the right man for the job at this time … a sports hero as a youth, the newly appointed Governor Zurufi showed his love of justice as the head of an anti-Saddam student organization.' This supposedly led to his imprisonment and escape from Saddam's jails. He also participated in the 1991 Iraq Intifada inspired by the Bush I White House after Gulf War I; eventually he was forced into exile. He apparently returned to the Najaf Region in April last year … along with other exiles, such as INC Chief Ahmed Chalabi.

Zurufi, supposedly is a member of the Bani Hassan tribe locally and earned a degree in Islamic law at Alfik College, the Islamic Jurisprudence College, in Najaf. Bremer added, `The appointment of Zurufi as Najaf's governor was needed now because of the difficulties and sufferings of the people and they can't wait for the turnover of sovereignty on June 30 and national elections in January.'

Translation … the partitioning of Iraq has begun, Shi'a in the south-central, Sunni in the middle and the Kurds in the north of Iraq … it has long been suspected that this was the way CPA plans had been laid a year ago … keeping along with the loose confederation concept of `quasi-Bosnia' autonomous regions with a weak central authority … `all Oil held territories in the North and South in friendly hands … perfect for Halliburton, BP, Lukoil, ExxonMobil and the rest of the `Supra-Nationals.'

Bremer went on to claim, `That Governor Zurufi's attachment to Najaf and his proven willingness to fight for justice will serve the people well as he administers the government … the contrast between Governor Zurufi's love of justice and the behavior of another individual in the middle Euphrates … namely the Anti-CPA Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr … could not be more stark … over the past few months, one man and armed elements under his control have spread lawlessness, fear and economic paralysis, especially in Najaf and Karbala.' Bremer has tried to hang-on to the high ground, by suggesting that the lawless elements are attempting to advance the interests of one group at the expense of everyone else, and they've engaged in armed attacks to accomplish their goals. Although he failed to mention that he personally failed to deal what was happening in Iraqi POW camps and following the signed Geneva Conventions … no lawlessness there!

The Cleric Sadr, based in the city of Najaf, has continued to embolden his followers and the Mahdi Army, as Iraqi authorities issued an arrest warrant for Sadr in connection with the murder of a prominent Shi'a cleric, but has still remained a `free-moving' target between Najaf and Kufa … Sadr has threatened that Coalition troops will face suicide attacks if they attack the holy city of Najaf. Bremer in his address – stated, `First, Sadr must face Iraqi justice for the crime of which he has been accused … and second, his armed followers must disarm, as must the members of all such groups … that the people of the middle Euphrates have asked the coalition for help, and help will be provided … we will do all we can … but only Iraqis can provide the leadership necessary to reinstate and maintain the rule of law.'

News to Herr Bremer … there has been `no truly recognized law' since March 2003, not only by `Occupation Forces' … but also on the Iraqi street – all new polls suggest that nearly 70% of Iraqis want CPA forces out of their country – right now – not later and this as the U.S. Congress, just yesterday overwhelmingly approved one of the largest foreign aid and military spending plans in U.S. history, earmarking nearly $87 billion to support U.S. troops abroad and to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure that we spent $70 billion USD destroying. This of course included shattered roads, water systems, municipal and educational facilities, and that $87 billion is on top of a $25 billion USD military supplemental for Iraq for this Summer and Fall of 2004. Yes, Herr Bremer and his colleague in DC … Bush Dos … will have all `Patriotic Americans' invest all our future in Iraq … while roads crumble in American cities, bridges … neglected after a half-century finally demand the attention of local politicians because of terror warnings, and all the while social-enhancing programs in the U.S. are cut-back to pay for this `21st Century Oil War' … borrowed in the name of the American taxpayer by the Neo-cons.

How could a nation with such promise be lured again into the largest nation-building trap we have had since Vietnam … one good old U.S. Marine had it right … `Supernationalistic Capitalism … American dollars earn only six percent over here, they get restless and go overseas to get 100 percent … the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag!' – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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