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Statement from the Egyptian Committee against Colonialism and Zionism
  The Sharm ash-Shaykh Conference to support the US occupation of Iraq

(translated from Arabic by the editors of the Free Arab Voice)


To the Egyptian People and their patriotic forces.

The date for the convening of the “International Conference on Iraq” in Sharm ash-Shaykh — 22 November — is approaching. The United States called for the holding of the conference in our country in which the eight major powers (the G-7 plus Russia), China, the countries neighboring Iraq, the Arab League, the Islamic Conference, the European Union, and the United Nations will take part. According to its official statements, the conference will examine ways to support the so-called “stability and security in Iraq,” to help the interim Iraqi government (which was installed by the US occupation) to hold elections in January 2005, and to do everything else that aids in implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1546 on what is referred to as the “transfer of authority to the Iraqis.”

What is absolutely clear from this declared agenda is that this conference is being convened to support the American occupation and US colonialist aims in Iraq. Its objective is the massing the greatest possible international, regional, and Arab political and military support for the US in its war against the heroic Iraqi Resistance, in a reckless attempt by US colonialism and its allies and lackeys to assert control over Iraq and prevent its liberation, taking it, moreover, as a focal point for the reorganization of the whole region, redrawing its political boundaries — as was declared before and after the occupation — in accordance with the colonial plan for the region known as the Greater Middle East Initiative with all that it entails.

It is clear to every intelligent person that the “stability and security” of occupied Iraq can only mean the stability and security of the occupation. It is evident that holding elections in the shadow of the occupation and under its guidance and based on the rules of its spies and mercenaries is nothing but a formula for the extension of the occupation and its colonialist plans, installing a puppet government that is but the rotten fruit of contrived and phony elections imposed under the threat of the tanks, rockets, grenades, and all the other deadly genocidal weapons in the US arsenal. It will be a “government” that will accept the occupation, signing documents and agreements supporting the occupation and its plans to exploit and oppress the Iraqi people and the peoples of the region. Such elections are not a prelude to or a step towards the end of the occupation and its colonialist plans for Iraq and the region, as some spokesmen and mouthpieces of the Egyptian and other Arab governments claim. It is simply a way to try to deceive the Iraqi people, to turn them away from the main path for the liberation of their country, which is resistance and armed popular revolution. It is a trick that will never deceive the heroic and conscious Iraqi people.

The planning for the conference and the effort to mass the greatest possible support for the US occupation forces has taken place just a short time before the designated date for the elections, in an effort to overcome the overwhelming probability that they will be a failure because of the Iraqi people, and in particular the armed national Resistance, will boycott them. The preparation for the conference is thus a part of the effort to hold the phony contrived elections. It is also linked to the preparation and launch of the destruction of the civilized city of al-Fallujah over the heads of its residents, now that this small city has become a symbol throughout the world for dignity, pride, and heroism in resisting the most arrogant colonial power in history. The preparation of the conference is an effort to secure for America the maximum support and assistance from the Arab governments that are trembling before the likely prospect that their American master will be defeated by the armed Resistance of the heroc Iraqi people.

The Sharm ash-Shaykh conference is one means to carry out the plot against the resistance of the Iraqi people to the American occupation under the signboard of “transfer of authority to the Iraqis.” It seeks to do this by conferring a phony shameful “international legitimacy” to the occupation and its spies, and in particular to the effort to gather together more colonial powers and lackeys of colonialism in an effort to break the Resistance of the Iraqi people. It was in order to bring this about that UN Security Council Resolution 1546 was passed.

The danger of this conference in the first place, lies in the fact that it aims at intensifying the cooperation of the governments in the region, in particular the governments of the Arab states around Iraq in addition to the government of Egypt, with the US and international occupation forces in their war against the Iraqi people in order to compel them to surrender and submit to American colonialism.

The announced objectives of the conference and the course of events and the conditions surrounding its convening make clear that its first task will be to get the Arab states to arrive at a political position on the US occupation of Iraq that would provide for the following forms of support:

The legitimization and legalization of the massacres of human beings that the occupation has been committing in al-Fallujah, Ba`qubah, ar-Ramadi, Mosul, Samarra, Baghdad, an-Nasiriyah, al-Kufah, an-Najaf, al-Basrah, and all the cities, and villages of Iraq — as in the cities and villages of Palestine — so that those might serve as an admonition and example for all the cities and villages of Syria, the Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt, . . . etc. The support for the government of the contemptible spy and mercenary murderer `Allawi, and the support and confirmation of the effort to create a fake “Iraqi administration” for a people who reject and resist the occupation, a fake “Iraqi administration” to be created in so-called “elections” next January.

The granting of the necessary political, military, and technical support to the occupation forces and the Iraqi puppet troops in their confrontation with the heroic Iraqi Resistance. This is to take the forms of support for the American project under the cover of the UN Security Council Resolution, logistical support for the occupation, training of the puppet regime's troops, and participation in the dispatch of soldiers to fight in Iraq or to provide “security” for the theatrics of the “elections.”

Conferring legality on the government to be produced by the phony elections, the granting of support for that government in its battle with the Iraqi Resistance, aid to this government in playing its role in legalizing the American occupation and its plans to plunder Iraq and exploit the Iraqi people.

To form an alliance against any opposition or resistance to American plans in Iraq and the Arab region and to immerse their people in deep despair.

The statements of many leaders of Arab states and their foreign ministers make it appear probable that they will agree to the level of cooperation with the US occupation forces in Iraq that we have described above. An example of such statements was that of the Egyptian foreign minister after his meeting with the foreign minister of the puppet government of Iraq in which he said: “we hope that the operations in al-Fallujah and elsewhere will not lead to the death of civilians.” In that statement he made no objection to the operations and the massacres they entail, but only hoped, as he claimed, that they not lead to the death of civilians. This hope is meaningless, other than as an attempt to deceive our victimized people. For have the cities and homes that the US tanks and airplanes are pounding been evacuated of their civilian inhabitants? Moreover, we have not heard or read the foreign minister or any other Egyptian official utter any condemnation of protest against the daily genocide of Iraqi civilians.

The convening of the conference on Egyptian territory and the participation of the Egyptian and other Arab governments in it constitute a mark of shame that neither the conscience nor the dignity of any patriotic Egyptian can bear. Nor can this be accepted by any Egyptian who is able to assess the catastrophic consequences that are in store for Egypt, the Egyptian people, and for all the Arab lands if the American colonialists and their stooges do indeed achieve stability and security in Iraq and therefore in the region as a whole.

We therefore turn to the patriotic political forces and individuals that have turned away, or most of whom have almost turned away, from clear and unambiguous support and endorsement of the armed Iraqi Resistance, as they look instead — completely unrealistically in the present political situation — for some pathway to some pointless so-called internal reform. We call on them, rather, to do their duty, as this brooks no delay in this unusual period through which our Egyptian and Arab nation are going. In the final analysis at this stage, everything depends on the resilience and success or the failure and collapse of the Resistance of the Iraqi people. We call on the political thinkers to declare, and this is the least that they could do, their position clearly and decisively in condemnation of the holding of the Sharm ash-Shaykh conference, the conference of support for the American occupation and it spies in Iraq, and to do whatever can be done to support and back the Resistance to the occupation and its stooges, chief among them the government of the contemptible spy Iyyad `Allawi.

Honorable Egyptians of every political persuasion!

To take a position of silence or indifference in the face of the Sharm ash-Shaykh conference and its objectives that are inimical to our all our Arab peoples without exception; to take a position of silence or indifference in the face of the Egyptian government's agreement to host such a conference and participate in it — such a position stands condemned. Neither history, nor the Egyptian people, nor the Arab people will ever forgive those who take such a stance. Whoever remains silent will without doubt lose all political legitimacy before our people, who are desperate and disconcerted before the savagery of their enemies and the cravenness of their rulers who crush their citizens while all or most of their political thinkers hesitate or keep silent.

We therefore appeal to you to come together urgently to:

Condemn the conference, condemn the fact that it is being convened in Egypt, and that Egypt is participating in it, and to reject its results. Expose and denounce the hateful, hostile, colonialist aims of the conference and of every form of cooperation with the US colonialists, and in the first place the possible sending of Arab troops or the agreement by any Arab state to train Iraqi puppet forces to stand in for the Americans or to cooperate with them in the killing of the sons and daughters of Iraq.

Provide political backing, clearly and unambiguously, for the heroic Iraqi Resistance, recognizing it as the sole, legitimate representative of the Iraqi people at the stage of the struggle for liberation.

Long live al-Fallujah, the symbol and shining example of Arab and international resistance to imperialism!

Long live the armed Iraqi Resistance, the chief bulwark of the Arab peoples in their struggle against the American and Zionist enemy!

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