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28/07/04 The Iraqi Interim Government of the `Green Zone’ … Fiction in the Making …
(TMPress International – New York – July 28, 2004) – As the U.S. military begins to launch air attacks on regions of Fallujah again and fights in Baqouba and Ramadi … all over again – civilians and the GIs still pay the price of the cut-and-run tactic by the Bush White House, that is slowly, quietly trying to distance itself from Iraq and Afghanistan for political purposes. In other words the quiet `Re-Invasion of Iraq' … just ask the 3rd ID and mechanized Brigades, where they are going again?

In both areas the media coverage has been lowered or suffered from very little reporting stateside and on the `tabloid TV news channels' … just as it appears the new American-installed Iraqi Interim Government rises … it also appears to be crumbling as a central authority – reporters and analysts still in the country have reported that nothing is governed outside the so-called `Green Zone' in Baghdad and throughout the Iraqi country-side. A conference for the assembly and the `new Iraqi Higher-Ups' guarded by armored columns of U.S. military vehicles – Democracy at the point-of-a-gun. Sounds like 1956 Hungary and the Soviets to me!

No lessons from Kabul and Afghanistan have been learned here – instead we blame it on the International forces and NATO's lack of ability to cooperate proficiently. We are back at square-one and no reporting of that even seems to the national press or, for that matter to the neo-cons like Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney and their master-player George W. – they are trying to run away from these continued conflicts, as fast as they can – to disassociate and to distort that suddenly tranquility has found its way to Iraq and Afghanistan! `Doctors Without Frontiers' has just announced its pullout from Afghanistan! Why is that? Chaos – that is why … on the ground, in the capital and in the countryside of these two entire countries.

The Baghdad Federal Government has already tacitly ceded Shi'a clerical authority to Sistani and Sadr in the Central-South Iraq and to the powerful Kurdish parties from Kirkuk to the North of Iraq – even before and after the game had begun on June 28, a half-dozen federal ministers had been assassinated by the insurgency and hundreds of regular Iraqis and Iraqi Police have died from the bombings of the self-proclaimed Jihadist, `Zarqawi' … along with his butchering of well intended foreign nationals. He is a Jordanian national of Palestinian descent and he is a murderer of the likes of which Osama may have a hard-time challenging! But where did he spawn from … occupation … `Occupation of the Palestinian Territories' for over thirty-years on the West Bank and Gaza – and our continued occupation of both countries will spawn more of his kind and how will we seek out and eliminate them all as a nation – we must ask ourselves that? Special forces, international cooperation, Interpol – the respective intelligence services of the G8 countries and China, how will it happen?

The Bush White House, the devolving CPA and the world have missed the mark again, in their hasty exit from Baghdad – even though Mr. Brahimi tried from the UN hand to bring balance – it appears this government in Iraq will have no more power or control in its midst, than did the Iraqi Governing Council, unless it becomes brutal and repressive – just ask the current PM of Iraq – Dr. Allawi. This naive notion comes again from the over-estimates of people like Mr. Powell and Mr. Armitage, who had best intentions – but as Mr. Bremer left, Mr. Brahimi left and as Mr. Negroponte takes over from the new U.S. Supraembassy … nothing will change and GIs will begin to have to come back and support the failing Iraqi Security Forces in the Sunni Triangle and throughout Iraq – once again! We have already seen it – and it is happening at this very moment!

The increased fighting in the so-called `Sunni Triangle' proves the point – they have sent ground troops back in and yes U.S. aircraft firing missiles are still indiscriminately destroying residential neighborhoods. My friends, leveling houses in this `back to the past' restive Sunni centers, have only encouraged a resumption of hostilities in that area. The U.S. military actions will grow in size and scope and the Sunni zones aren't the only zones U.S. troops will be in combat as the Summer of 2004 progresses into the Fall of 2004, all over Iraq – but yet the press reports will die down, as we have seen – and it will be as Vietnam, slowly insidiously sucking the blood of our youth and our more adult-reservists in this country and why? Because of 9/11 or because of oil or because of terrorists or fake WMD, maybe dictators – there will be many reasons and we will still not know why?

`Dubya' just wants us to forget about it for a while … until after November 2004 and he is snuggly put back in his nest of `War and Death President' – this as the GI body bags come back by the half-dozens and dozens every week in secret and at night – no press coverage of it at Dover AFB at those times now … and what reporter wants to – the conventions have started! We should be ashamed of our lack of moral tone as a nation and declare that these conflicts must end – let the Iraqis determine who is going to be the next `Strong-man of Iraq' … because my friends – that is where it is headed, a welder of fear ruled by a tyrant – that is why Bush, the CIA and the State Department finally chose PM Allawi – he's a former loyal Ba'athist, with a lot of blood on his hands already, leading another couple thousand Ba'athists to try and re-impose the guise of democratic change – sounds like a Saddam again, but with good PR skills this time!

And finally, triumphantly perhaps – Karl Rove's grand strategy of `War in 2004' to re-elect the President may just work and will be the central theme of the `Dubya' campaign – a `War President-to-a-Peace President' or was that a `War President-to-a-War President’ … I forget, but I know it will not cost him and his corporate lackeys one ounce of their own personal blood and treasure! So if Mr. Kerry gets lucky enough to somehow win the 2004 Presidential race – Sir, do not make the same mistakes of LBJ to Nixon – bring our troops home, take the targets of their backs, heal our sick and wounded! Change the preemptive policy of this nation, make our alliances work with our `Old European' and `New World' partners, and use a balanced approach in the Mideast – not just a stick without explanation! But then again the Senator may not have a choice in that matter … to preside over the `War of Civilizations' may not be the job, as self-described – this one only takes place once every thousand years! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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