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16/11/04 American War Crimes Have Now Finally Been Caught on Tape …
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(TMPress International – New York – November 16, 2004) – American War Crimes Have Now Finally Been Caught on Tape … The U.S. is supposedly set to probe the shooting of an unarmed and wounded Iraqi combatant in Falluja … the stunning footage was taken Saturday by pool correspondent Kevin Sites of NBC television, who said three other prisoners wounded a day earlier in the mosque had also apparently been shot again – the next day by the Marines. Let us make this clear – this violates the rules of `Land Warfare' of the UCMJ and the Geneva Conventions, which we are signatories of – but guess what this is not the first time, rest assuredly they have been committed and not just in Falluja, they have happened all over Iraq in the 20 months of occupation – but this time they have been caught in the act and the defense of the fellow Marines to `say it was combat stress' proves the point – our forces in Iraq must be brought home – they are killing machines designed to implode on the populace of a foreign land – just like Vietnam!

The pool reporter, Sites of NBC reported that a different Marine unit had come under fire from the mosque on Friday. Those Marines stormed the building, killing ten men and wounding five, according to Sites … the Marines said the fighters in the mosque had been armed with rocket-propelled grenades and AK-47 rifles, but were attacked, disarmed and left in the mosque with their wounds intact … those very same prisoners wounded a day earlier in the mosque had also been involved in the earlier conflict – so did the Marines just take a wild guess or do we have premeditated `War Crimes' – I think NBC has justifiably documented a solid `War Crime' – not by just one Marine, but by many … this is the way business has been conducted in Iraq from the beginning and now we know why there is an insurgency!

During the initial occupation of Iraq in April 2003, Fallujah became a flashpoint of a confrontation between the townspeople and U.S. forces from the very beginning – the apparent miscommunication between the US military, its G.I. Joe mentality and the town elders of Fallujah in April 2003 did not sit well. Towns people were treated poorly and these troops were not sensitive to customs of Muslim privacy; the conduct of U.S. forces firing into a crowd of students who had marched on the headquarters of the initial CPA occupation didn't help and this action of brute force resulted in the death of many an innocent Fallujan. Many Americans in the press may recall this, but indeed this is where the bad conduct began – we went from `supposedly liberators' to being occupiers in two-weeks – the Marines and 1st ID who relieved the 3rd ID during last winter, into early Spring 2004 made the same mistake and then the `Blackwater Security Agents' were killed – this created the `spun hate for Fallujah' that the CPA began to promote – `all bad people were there' … baloney, insurrection has existed throughout the country, not just Fallujah – but it was made to pay for all Iraq.

The US military says it is investigating the videotaped fatal shooting of the wounded and apparently unarmed Iraqi prisoner by the US Marine – they shoot him in a mosque, along with others – the same five near-mortally wounded men, who were still in the mosque on Saturday, when the incident happened. When we say `support the troops' – what does that really mean … does it mean support them after they have been injured, I can – but one cannot support the grievous actions of our forces on unarmed dying combatants. On Tuesday, the US military said in a statement that the 1st Marine Division is investigating an allegation of the unlawful use of force in the death of an enemy combatant in Fallujah during combat operations on Saturday.

The videotape showed two of the wounded men propped against the wall, according to Sites – who said they were bleeding to death. According to his report, a third wounded man appeared already dead, while a fourth was severely wounded but breathing. The fifth was covered by a blanket but did not appear to have been shot again after the Marines returned. It was the fourth man who was shown being shot. The events on the videotape began as some of the Marines from the unit accompanied by Sites approached the same mosque on Saturday, a day after it was stormed by other Marines. Sites' account said the wounded men, who he said were prisoners and who were hurt in the previous day's attack, had been shot again by the Marines on the Saturday visit. The question is why … and the answer will be a continued insurgency based on the `Jolly Green Giant' mentality of our forces in the field. I do not demean their service, but it is a driving factor of such actions that violate the norms of the Geneva Conventions and UCMJ.

The same mistakes that have caused Abu Ghraib and hundreds of other incidents not reported and swept `under the rug' in Iraq and Afghanistan – rules of engagement drafted by none other than the current White House Counsel to the President and our newly incoming Attorney General – Mr. Gonzales and a White House that has spoke in half-truths and propaganda – this mistake, this time has been caught live – not just digital pictures! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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