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30/04/04 Further Details On The 17 American Snipers In Fallujah
Source: Islam Memo, Translated By Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab News, Edited by JUS p&

Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent on the ground with the Iraqi Resistance in Fallujah has provided further details to the report we published on Monday, 26 April 2004 about the execution of 17 American snipers atop a building in Fallujah by Resistance fighters during an American incursion into al-Jawlan neighborhood in the city.

The correspondent writes that after the occupation forces violated the cease fire that had been signed on Sunday and attacked Fallujah’s al-Jawlan neighborhood, the occupation troops planted a number of snipers atop a villa overlooking the as-Saddah Bridge crossing the Euphrates River. The bridge links the city of Fallujah’s al-Jawlan neighborhood with the rural areas surrounding the city. The villa in question was a two-story structure going by the name “Double Manyo,” and appears to have belonged to one of the wealthy residents of the city who left after the aggression began.

The group of snipers on the roof of the villa had the job of covering the aggressor tanks as they advanced into al-Jawlan district. The snipers sowed terror and fear among the families and people of Fallujah who were crossing the bridge in their attempt to return to their homes. The snipers fired at the civilians as they crossed the bridge, killing and wounding a large number of women and children.

The Iraqi Resistance threw back the American attempt to penetrate al-Jawlan, counterattacking the occupation troops and forcing the tanks to retreat before their blistering fire. The fighters’ waged an intense resistance with rocket-propelled grenades, and gunfire left the villa isolated and exposed, the 17 snipers on its roof cut off and stranded. About 35 Resistance fighters stormed up into the building, filling the beleaguered snipers with the terror of certain death. Their primary job was to serve as sharp shooters, not to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Resistance fighters. Besides that, they were no doubt in terror of the anger of Fallujah and its residents.

The Resistance fighters lay into them, killing every one of them by slitting their throats, filled with intense fury over the way that the snipers had terrified and killed children and women despite the cease fire agreed to between the two sides.

It should be noted that the website Mafkarat al-Islam ( is the only media outlet that has a correspondent on the front lines of the battle in al-Fallujah, bringing live and precise information from the front line of the field of conflict. No other outlet, be it a newspaper or satellite TV company is covering this front line sector of the battle. Besides that, only one Arab satellite TV company, Al-Jazeera has been covering the humanitarian sides of the siege and aggression on al-Fallujah and the effect they are having on the residents of the city whose lives have turned to tragedy. Because of the pressures under which they operate, pressures exerted by the occupation forces and the occupation regime, Ak-Jazeera largely limits itself to the humanitarian side of the conflict offering only a relatively small amount of information on the actual fighting. Their efforts have had tremendous impact and deserve our thanks for exposing the crimes committed by the occupation forces against the civilians women and children, who are not serving as Resistance fighters, contrary to what the aggressor occupation forces claim

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