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10 December 2004

Iraq Diaries
Dahr Jamail, Electronic Iraq (10 December 2004)

Two weeks ago someone was allowed into Fallujah by the military to help bury bodies. They were allowed to take photographs of 75 bodies, in order to show pictures to relatives so that they might be identified before they were buried. These pictures are from a book of photos. They are being circulated publicly around small villages near Fallujah where many refugees are staying. Warning: graphic photos

Iraq Diaries
Donna Mulhearn, Electronic Iraq (10 December 2004)

There’s a family in Leith’s neighbourhood that is selling their house. He says it’s a large, beautiful home with a big garden – one of the nicest in the street. They are not selling the house to move to a more fashionable neighbourhood. The desperate sale is to access funds to pay the $50,000 ransom that has been demanded by kidnappers for the life of their 10-year-old son.

Iraq Diaries
Sheila Provencher, Electronic Iraq (10 December 2004)

Last week I read a news report that said up to seven Iraqis are kidnapped every day. Today I found out that CPT’s neighbor might be one of them. He was driving from Baghdad to Kirkuk when he disappeared. Sometimes kidnappers ask for ransom, sometimes thieves kill the victim and keep the money, phone, and car. It has been seven days since my neighbor disappeared.

Kathy Kelly, Electronic Iraq (10 December 2004)

After 18 months of US war and occupation, contaminated wells cause water borne diseases; rivers are so polluted that not even animals can safely drink from the rivers; the lack of electricity means food and medicine can’t be preserved and water and sewage can’t be treated. Because of chaos and corruption in the US occupation, Iraqis remain in desperate need of jobs, services and security.

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