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29/04/04 World Disorder and the Crimes against the People of Iraq by Ghali Hassan
“ICH” — According to reliable sources, more than 15,000 Iraqi civilians killed as a result of the Anglo -American war against Iraq. The war on Iraq is globalization conquest by violent war directed against poor and defenseless nations. Those who supported the war publicly acknowledge that the war against Iraq would be seen as an example to others. In other words, it is an armed threat to those who are “not with us”. But the war against Iraq is a long and bloody war. Its aims are well defined, and its beneficiaries are well known. 

Recently, N. Chomsky wrote: “protests against the war with Iraq started way before the war, contrasting with the American war against Vietnam when protests began many years after the war started”. Unfortunately, Professor Chomsky ignored the real date of the war, which started in early 1991 and continue today with devastating consequences for the Iraqi people and their country. 

Once the reasons for the illegal and immoral war proved to be lies, Western leaders and their pawns turned to the “humanitarian intervention” cliché. Have they forgot the genocidal years of wars and sanctions that took the lives of those many Iraqis? The war on Iraq continues with no peaceful solution in sight because the American administration does not want a peaceful and democratic solution. The war continues and the American invaders and their allies kill hundreds of innocent Iraqis, mostly women of children. 

Over 2 million people have died, half of them children dying from preventive diseases. This is happen with full sight of the civilized Western world. “The prize is worth it”, insisted Madeline Albright, the former US Secretary of State. An American told me: “It is incomprehensible that most Americans would actually take pride in bombing into submission pitifully weak countries like Afghanistan and Iraq”.

Denis Halliday, the former UN's humanitarian coordinator in Iraq told the renowned reporter, John Pilger: “these sanctions represented ongoing warfare against the people of Iraq. They became, in my view, genocidal in their impact over the years, and the Security Council maintained them, despite its full knowledge of their impact, particularly on the children of Iraq.” (John Pilger, Daily Mirror, August 22, 2003). Mr Pilger is unique among western “intellectuals” in showing great solidarity with the Iraqi People, despite vicious attack by rightwing western journalists and policy makers. Halliday is supported by his successor, Hans von Sponeck, who also resigned. In a joint article they wrote: “the death of some 5-6,000 children a month is mostly due to contaminated water, lack of medicines and malnutrition. The UK governments' and US delayed clearance of equipment and materials is responsible for this tragedy, not Baghdad”. (Von Sponeck & Halliday, The Guardian, November 29, 2001)

Iraqis now inherited the label of “terrorist” despite the fact they committed no terrorist act and they only defended their cities and country against illegal and immoral invaders and foreign terrorists. And the war continues against the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq continue to die; meanwhile the anti-war movement or the “Second Superpower” is in hibernation. The people of Fallujah are killed because they are defending their families, their live and their city. The heroic Iraqi resistance stands in stark contrast to the cowardly self-styled and American installed Arab leaders”.

Chomsky and the like-minded Western intellectuals should demonstrate their solidarity with the Iraqi resistance to liberate Iraq from the American occupation.

Copyright: Ghali Hassan

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