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30/05/04 Iraqi Lesson … Bring Out the Neo-cons … Carpetbaggers …
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(TMPress International – New York – May 30, 2004) – Iraqi Lesson … Bring Out the Neo-cons … Carpetbaggers … As the war of dominion of Iraq takes place, the decades-long corruption of the great ideals of the American Republic will be complete … the shadowy militarized oligarchy created after WW2, a military-corporate complex financed by the looting of the public treasury, protected and promoted by a secret agencies and covert operations, and driven by the fomenting of almost-ceaseless war – will reach its pinnacle. Some argue that a new age of proliferation and military build-up will bring increased peace and security … as it does more revenue for the military-industrialists. `Dubya’ Bush the 5-4 Supreme Court-elected President sends our young American and British soldiers to fight in Iraq, with supposedly the principles and ideals from our shared heartlands of `Common Law' and democracy, which however imperfectly realized, once represented humanity's brightest hopes of liberty.

The cheerleaders of war say we do not support our troops – if we question `Dubya,' our little American Mussolini …`il Duce `Dubya' … but what lesson will we be teaching to the nations of the world? It seems that the lesson is attack your manufactured enemies even when they haven't injured or threatened you … destroy those that oppose the invasion or shut them up, seize their lands and resources, then govern them like a colony – until you feel they can do it good enough to suit your own regional interests. Sounds suspiciously like Imperialism to me – just a new and improved version … go to war without provocation, with your entire arsenal of weapons of mass destruction … that's the first lesson. The second lesson is to become a predator, or a predator's lackey … or become prey … to avoid the latter fate, nations will follow the second lesson the grand invasion of Iraq is teaching … develop your own weapons of mass destruction, as fast and as massively as you can.

The final solution … maniacal proliferation of weapons systems as the word of the day, abrogate international arms treaties, gut public services and civil rights in order to feed the bottomless greed of a warmongering elite. Massage the crude nationalism, playing on the worst instincts of your people … in the fearful tribalism that lurks in us all … invoke religious extremism, lending divine sanction to every act of hypocrisy you commit. Finally, commit paranoid suppression and manipulation of information and take part in obsessive monitoring of citizen thought and behavior and those that you can demonize as agents of sinister forces who will threaten the populace from within. Use all these methods to bully, frighten and confuse your people into giving you the money and power to build ever-greater arsenals of death. Then use these arsenals `preemptively' on your enemies – before they use them on you. This is the pathway of the neo-cons and their President `Dubai’ Bush … a project for the `Carpetbaggers of a Military Century,' a plan laid out years ago by Rusted, Dick Cheney and their think-tank minions in the background – Wolfowitz and Pearle, now unfolding before our eyes almost exactly according to their published blueprint, which eerily foretold the conquest of Iraq and the large-scale militarization of American society.

Happily for them, the CIA's former employees, an army of Islamic extremists raised by the Saudis and the neo-cons, and funded by Reagan-Bush I White House's to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, obliged their old comrades with the tragedy of 9/11 … the project then became the reality of the world today, a century of aggression, retribution and proliferation … a long, agonizing slide backward from the commerce and peace-dividend planned in the late 1990s into the chaos and fear of the possible trillion USD deficits of the `Dubya’ Decade!' – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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