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20/10/04 Iraq In Brief

A Brutal Tuesday As Numerous Battles Rage
Oct 20, 2004
By Omar al-Faris, JUS

The past twenty four hours in Iraq were brutal as resistance fighters continued to execute numerous attacks against American forces and their Iraqi collaborators. Al-Yousifiah continues to be a hot spot, as does Ramadi and Baghdad, with more casualties reported.

Here are brief details of some of the engagements that occurred Tuesday:

11 Americans, 8 Iraqi Collaborators Killed In Al-Yousifiah; Six Resistance Fighters Martyred ,

Resistance fighters engaged in fierce clashes with American forces supported by units of Iraqi national guards near the Quasr Al-Awsat area in Al-Yousifiah. Eleven American soldiers and 8 Iraqi National Guards were reportedly killed and three others were wounded. Six resistance fighters were martyred and 4 more wounded in the heated exchange. Resistance fighters destroyed two armored vehicles, one jeep and 2 Nisan Pick Up vehicles.

CIA Operatives Killed In Baghdad ,

Resistance fighters launched two separate attacks against American occupation forces in Baghdad Tuesday afternoon. The first attack took place in the Al-Houria Al-Doulai neighborhood, north of Baghdad. Two GMC vehicles (regularly used by CIA operatives) were hit and entirely destroyed, killing 6 Americans suspected of being CIA operatives. The second attack came around 6 PM Monday evening in the Al-Khalis neighborhood. 2 GMC’s were the target of this attack, both vehicles were destroyed and seven Americans were reportedly killed.

Martyrdom Operation At Jisr Al-Amria Kills US Soldiers

A BMW vehicle stormed and detonated in the middle of an American convoy coming from the military airport in Jisr Al-Amria. One heavily secured GMC vehicle was destroyed and six American soldiers and four suspected CIA operatives were reportedly killed.

Rocket, Mortar Rounds Force American Forces To Stay Siege Of Rawi City

Resistance fighters pounded the American units besieging the city of Rawi, 350 kilometers North West of Baghdad. The intense heavy fire power forced the Americans to lift their siege.

High Precision Attack Against Training Camp Suggests Iraqi Forces Compromised

Resistance fighters executed a high precision and perfectly timed attack against a training camp for Iraqi national guards in the Al-Mushaidah area, north of Baghdad. The attack took place while Iraqi National Guard units were carrying out training operations under the supervision of sixteen Americans soldiers. The expert timing and execution of the attack led Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent to believe that resistance fighters had penetrated the security details of the camp.

The attack started with mortar rounds and was then followed by Karad rockets. Four Black Hawks were seen landing inside the camp to evacuate the killed and wounded. The four aircraft made two trips to the base, which could be indicative of high casualties, however the number of dead and wounded is not known.

Road Side Bombs Take Their Toll

Resistance fighters attacked an American convoy consisting of three armored GMC vehicles in airport street in the Al Amil neighborhood which is a suburb of Baghdad. One GMC was completely destroyed, 3 suspected CIA operatives and 3 American soldiers were killed. In a separate incident, an American convoy north of Baghdad came under resistance attack yesterday and four US soldiers were reportedly killed.

Mortars Hit National Guard Headquarters In Northern Baghdad

Iraqi national guards headquarter in northern Baghdad came under mortar attack early Tuesday morning. The exact details of the attack and the number of casualties remain unknown. Black Hawks were said to have rushed to the scene indicating that some guardsmen were being evacuated.

Clashes In Baghdad And Al-Dowrah

Fighting erupted between resistance fighters and American occupiers yesterday morning near Old Diali Jisr, east of Baghdad. According to Mafkarat al-Islam’s correspondent, six American soldiers were killed and two resistance fighters were martyred. One armored vehicle was destroyed. Clashes were also reported in the Arab Ghabour area in Al-Dawrah, south of Baghdad.

Attacks Reported In Different Parts Of Iraq

Resistance fighters executed several attacks in different locales in Iraq Tuesday morning. A road side bomb attack in Al-Yousifiah reportedly killed three American soldiers and destroyed one Humvee. Shortly after this attack, another attack fuel storage trailers took place in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. Three Americans were reportedly killed and one fuel storage tank was destroyed in the attack. Resistance fighters attacked an American convoy in Hour Ragab near Al-Dawrah, south of Baghdad. Four Americans were killed and one Bradley armored vehicle was destroyed. (JUS)

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