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12/08/04 The Ba'athists Run Baghdad Again … As Najaf & South-Central Iraq Takes a Secret Toll …
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(TMPress International – New York – August 12, 2004) – With the CPA in power in Iraq, it almost seemed a safer place – but now with Interim PM Allawi (a former senior Saddam Ba'athist operative) in charge, it seems the stage is set to transform Iraq once again into a strong-man state.

One change is that he deploys U.S. troops to destroy Najaf and other holy cities, in order to eliminate political opponents like the revered cleric Moqtada al-Sadr. What we have is Saddam number two – not an independently minded politician, but a brutal little thug – as his past history indicates. Now low and mid-level members of fallen Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's regime, with a supposedly clean record, run Baghdad and areas in the Sunni triangle, while U.S. forces seem to be adamant at destroying Sadr, not a terrorist mind you, like Zarqawi – but a revered Iraqi cleric, who's uncle and father – both Grand Ayatollahs were killed by Saddam and his secret police, for their power and influence over the Shi'a of Iraq. Now this new nasty Iraqi PM Allawi says his main-job is the destruction of militias, not rebuilding the country – that's on the back burner … what other militias next – perhaps the Kurdish Peshmerga?

Low and behold the former Iraqi military is back with its pre-war status and running the Defense Ministry. A militant nationalist Sunni minority, who otherwise has no problem in crushing the Shi'a majority of the country, taking some of the major parts of the insurgency in Central and Northern Iraq back into politics, power and the military – in other words co-opting the Sunni triangle. But the US and PM Allawi won't admit that – it would be treason to his own religion … Shi'a Islam! During this period and after the US-led occupation of Iraq, the often marginalized Iraqi Sunni or Shi’a Ba’athist will come off the `bad guys' list and these `people of standing can be involved politically’ – this is according to a former senior CPA official on his way out of town. Already the US-led coalition has brought back many generals from Saddam's army to provide leadership to the new Iraqi army and we now see the effects of this training in parts of their operations in Iraq, i.e. Najaf and the Southern provinces. According to US officials, this tactic will pacify the Shi'a South through brute force and make the Sunni elite happy once again! George W. Bush and his big plan for freedom and experiment in liberty has led to the slaughter and reckoning of the likes of a pre-Napoleonic `French Revolution' and a `Cromwell's England' – both reactionary governments and movements in the name of stability – we might have well created another monolithic Yugoslavia or China for that matter.

This country should be ashamed at what is happening in Najaf and South-Central Iraq and our troops are poised to do the shaming. According to many independent journalists, Najaf and the Southern cities remain horrific scenes, they're many reports of hundreds of air-attacks and indiscriminate shelling … over the last week, that has killed hundreds of civilian children and adult non-combatants, put in harms way by U.S. forces' `theatre of operations' and a thuggish little Iraqi PM who is seeking to retain his future well beyond January 2005, by eliminating political opponents like Sadr and I hate to say it, the Chalabis!

But that's another dirty little secret that has not yet crept into the mainstream press or the `tabloid news channels' of America or Britain and Bush would rather keep it that way! – By John Osborne, Sr. Political Editor – TMPress International Newswire

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