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Iraq Files Online 2006
Last Updated: Friday, November 2, 2007 12:35
1/10/06 Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Sunday, 1 October 2006
11/9/06 Fallujah Under Threat Yet Again Dahr Jamail and Ali al-Fadhily
9/9/06  War Criminal Celebrates Toronto Birthday Bash While Humanitarian Activist Jailed 22 Years
10/9/06 On the American steps – Corruption and Militias Twins turn Iraq into a “free fraud zone” 
14/8/06 Ehren Watada By Dahr Jamail
25/7/06 Electronic Iraq 25/7/06 - 6,000 Deaths in two months | Longley film | Much More!
12/7/06 Britain prepares secrets case over Iraq memo By Sarah Lyall The New York Times
11/7/06 Another Face, Another Raid Dahr Jamail and Ali Fadhil
10/7/06 Bush’s scatterbrain “Reconciliation” Plan by Mike Whitney 10/7/06
9/7/06 “Packing It In” By Dahr Jamail
8/7/06 STOP THE WAR COALITION NEWSLETTER No. 2006/23 8 July 2006
7/7/06 Over 3000 Join Historic Fast! CODEPINK Women for Peace
5/7/06 A Story IPS Never Wanted to Tell Aaron Glantz
7/7/06 Iraq Petition from Japanese peace group
5/7/06 Iraq Occupation Focus Newsletter
4/7/06 Criminal Charges Filed Against George H.W. Bush (Sr.) in Iceland
30/6/06 Iraq's extrajudicial executions: Probing for the truth
3/7/06 Iraq Dispatches: Orwell in Iraq: Snow Jobs, Zarqawi and Bogus Peace Plans
28/4/06 Iraq Dispatches: An Iraqi Withdrawal From Iraq
27/4/06 About Maliki’s reconciliation plan
28/4/06 US Casualties Rising In Iraq by Martin Sieff
29/4/06 Declaration on the legal necessity to halt the proceedings against POW President Saddam Hussain. 
26/4/06 Michael Smith’s Prepared Testimony for Senate Hearing
24/4/06 Rebuilding Not Yet Reality for Fallujah Dahr Jamail and Ali Fadhil
21/4/06 Iraq Occupation Focus Newsletter #46
17/4/06 Death Squads - PDF
20/6/06 Diyala - A Laboratory of Civil War?
A recent case study in the dynamics of occupation and sectarianism
19/6/06 Iraq Dispatches: “Operation Forward Together”: Deeper Into the Quagmire
19/6/06 Iraq Dispatches: Residents Struggle to Survive, In and Out of Ramadi
18/6/06 From the U.S. Embassy in Iraq, a stark compendium of its local employees’ daily hardships and pressing fears - View the PDF File
18/6/06  The Calculus of Targeted Assassination by Mike Whitney
18/6/06 SOS Ramadi By Inge Van de Merlen, BRussells Tribunal
14/6/06 Another Cover-Up? U.S. Troops Kill Two Iraqi Women, One of Them Pregnant, in Samarra. Amy Goodman speaks with Dahr Jamail.
16/6/06 Breaking: Brits, Japs and Aussies to cut and run from Iraq?
12/6/06 Ramadi: Fallujah Redux By Dahr Jamail
12/6/06 Another U.S. Cover-Up Surfaces Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed
12/6/06  US “Planning to Keep 50,000 Troops in Iraq for Many Years” By Francis Harris
9/6/06 Global Eye - Everybody Knows By Chris Floyd
29/11/05 “To Work Closely with Jordan to Destabilize” Beyond Niger: Are All Terrorism Files Forgeries? By Cyte
7/6/06 Death Squads in Iraq - Fanatic Militias Used in a Dirty war
9/6/06 Propaganda and Haditha By Dahr Jamail and Jeff Pflueger
4/6/06 Media Workers Against the War - June Newsletter (PDF format)
1/6/06 CODEPINK Women for Peace No Peace, No Vote
8/6/06 Why read Clausewitz when Shock and Awe can make a clean sweep of things? Andrew Bacevich
30/5/06 Spreading Democracy in Haditha by Mike Whitney
30/5/06  Iraq Dispatches: Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq
22/5/06 Easily Dispensable: Iraq’s Children
17/5/06 Iraq: Security Companies and Training Camps By Sarah Meyer
12/5/06 West Point Graduates Against The War: Now Is The Time
11/5/06 A parallel universe Paul Rogers
9/5/06 Mossad hit squads murder Iraqi scientists, academics
10/5/06 All of Us Participate in a New Iraq
3/5/06 In the Chaos of Iraq, One Project Is on Target: A Giant US Embassy By Daniel McGrory
8/5/06 109 Iraqi Journalists killed in Iraq Under Occupation Sabah Ali  – BRussells Tribunal
5/5/06 Letters from Iraq - Part 2: When Soldiers Can’t Take Any More Violence and Death
3/5/06 Death in Iraq. It is relentless and incessant
1/5/06 Iraq Occupation Newsletter 42
27/4/06 About the assassination of Iraqi academics Dirk Adriaensens
24/4/06 STOP THE WAR COALITION NEWSLETTER No 2006/9: Worse than under Saddam Hussein
21/4/06 Iraq Occupation Focus - Newsletter
20/4/06 America’s Terror-war in Iraq by Mike Whitney
19/4/06 Attorney Pursues Iraq Contractor Fraud By YOCHI J. DREAZEN
20/4/06 Iraqi Women Under Siege: Read Report!
13/4/06 Learning to Count: The Dead in Iraq By Dahr Jamail and Jeff Pflueger
1/4/06 Why Iraq is Bush’s Vietnam … the Truth About Delay? …’
31/3/06 Riverbend | Iraq War Funding | CPT hostage statements & media analysis
29/3/06 Iraq Dispatches: An “Alliance” of Violence
25/3/06 60 Minutes joins the propaganda war by Mike Whitney
24/3/06 Global Eye Death Mask By Chris Floyd
24/3/06 Letters From Iraq Part 1
23/3/06 Bush’s Road Leads to Ruin for Himself and His Pirates by BC Publishers Glen Ford and Peter Gamble
22/3/06 Tal Afar; war crimes in Bush’s dystopia By Mike Whitney  
21/3/06 Death Squad Democracy by Mike Whitney
21/3/06 Military builds up its bases in Iraq
21/3/06 Who gives a damn for Iraq? Satya Sagar
20/3/06 Operation Swarm of Lies By Dahr Jamail
17/3/06 Iraq: A victim of international terrorism Ghali Hassan
16/3/06 3 YEARS IN IRAQ – Over 100,000 Kids Killed NEW CFTM VIDEO OF OUTRAGE 16/3/06
16/3/06 Support Iraqi Women CODEPINK Women for Peace
15/3/06 Abizaid says U.S. may want to keep bases in Iraq
14/3/06 Oil anarchy threatens Iraq’s future
14/3/06 Iraq Dispatches: Iraq: Permanent US Colony By Dahr Jamail
14/3/06 Iraq - Agent Provocateurs? Occupation forces up to their old tricks again? William Bowles
13/3/06 Bush’s Roadblock at the Security Council by Mike Whitney
8/3/06 Iraq Dispatches: See Dick Loot
8/3/06 Iraq Dispatches: Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief by Paul Kamen
3/3/06 Iraq Dispatches: Negroponte’s ‘Serious Setback’ By Dahr Jamail
1/3/06 Caught in the Crossfire Mike Whitney
28/2/06 The Askariya Mosque job and the coming war on Iran By Gavin Gatenby
26/2/06 The Smoking Gun by Mike Whitney
26/2/06 Exit without a strategy Sami Ramadani 24/2/06
25/2/06 Mosque Outrage Also Brings Solidarity Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed
23/2/06 Civil War in Iraq: Who are the Winners and Who are the Losers by Yamin Zakaria
23/2/06 Occupation and Sectarianism by Ghali Hassan
24/2/06 Who Benefits? Dahr Jamail
22/2/06 Iraq Occupation Focus Newsletter No. 37
16/2/06 Outrage Spreads over New Images Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed 16/2/06
16/2/06 If the U.S. is ultimately leaving Iraq, why is the military building ‘permanent’ bases?
16/2/06 SBS in Australia broadcasts the real Abu Ghraib footage the US government will not allow you to see.
12/2/06 Out of Sight, Out of Mind Dahr Jamail
1/2/06 Shias Head for Uncertain Govt Dahr Jamail
31/1/06 When Peace Activism Becomes Collusion With Colonial Occupation By Marta Rodríguez
23/1/06 Rich Countries’ Problem Too much military – Too little humanity By James Rothenberg
20/1/06 A Town Becomes a Prison Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed
12/1/06 “Freedom in action” Dahr Jamail
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