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Iraq Dispatches: Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief by Paul Kamen

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‘Conduct Unbecoming of the Commander-In-Chief’, written by Paul Kamen for the Forum section of examines perspectives on the historical origins of the systematic torture of Iraqis at US hands. This well researched piece also addresses:

-To date, the steady influx of Iraqi detainees has increased 20 percent from 2004, causing the U.S. Military Police to continue to operate at surge capacity, in violation of Army doctrine. Estimated total inmates stands at 17,000, although records and classifications remain mismanaged, making it extremely difficult to compile accurate records of the widespread incarceration of the Iraqi male population in a country of 25 million people.

-Dr. John Pace, U.N. Human Rights Chief, who served in Iraq for two years admitted, “Yes, torture is happening now, mainly in illegal detention places. Such centers are mostly being run by militia that have been absorbed by the police force.” Dr. Pace estimates that over 23,000 Iraqis are being held in detention centers of which 80 to 90 percent are innocent.

-Any U.S. soldier sworn to follow the president’s orders when the president is in accordance with his oath of office, is not obligated to follow such orders by a negligent president in violation of his executive office. If they do so, they put themselves in direct violation of Article 91 and 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and are liable to be court-martial before a military tribunal that recognizes the providence of the oath of a commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces which unwaveringly upholds the constitution, the democratic lifestyle of the American people, and which each soldier vows to give his life to defend.

This piece is required reading for those wanting a deeper understanding of detention and torture policy in Iraq, as well as legal ramifications of all those involved…including Mr. George W. Bush.

Read this important piece here:

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