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Iraqi Resistance Replies To Bush Speech:  Sets Terms For U.S. Surrender



Rafidan-The Political Committee The Mujahideen Central Command (MCC) Baghdad- The Republic of Iraq

Release No. 14

Title: Bush……Why the Hurry?!?!

Peace to you by the Grace of God,

We solute the dear resistance factions and May god be your protector.

The War Criminal Rumsfield has spoken of lies when he claimed negotiations, for he today curls in Pain.

We Rafidan, represent part of the resistance factions, confirm only to reinforce a driven nail in this war criminal’s head, that there is no such word “negotiation” in our political agenda. We have a phrase though, that calls to fight the invaders till their defeat, & war criminals are to be brought to justice, Iraq is to be compensated for the losses, & revenge must be taken from all those who supported the sanctions & the annihilation of the Iraqi people & their army. 

Let us all ask ourselves, why Rumsfield, Rice, & Blair, reiterated this lie in a synchronized manner!

Before Two Years, Bush:

– Declares war on us, & the congress rejoices, the congress rises and falls seven times to express their support to this tyrant. 

– He acquired media statistics that declare 85% support from his people who are waiting for Iraq to be annihilated from this planet. (Today, we know where he got his figures!)

– This tyrant issued many laws which reduce freedom & all were silent!

– He insults the U.N. & governments till they recited his prayers and submitted to his will in support of his so called war on terror.

– He cried for the innocent lives taken on 9/11, everyone believed him, despite all the evidence that the stunt was prepared by his CIA and the Zionists  and patsies.

Where is Bush Today?

– The congress shouts, where are the WMDs? Why did we lose 2000 of our soldiers and 12,000 injured as admitted by the pentagon, where were 200 billion Dollars spent, which companies made the profits? Then the congress demands the resignation of Rumsfield!

– His new figures claim 60% of his people urge for a quick withdrawal from our land.

– Proceedings for a popular war tribunal have already begun in Istanbul and in European Cities!

– His Generals need 10 to 12 years and 150 thousand soldiers on continued Duty & over one trillion Dollars every five years & want to leave the whole world to deal with the Iraqi Resistance!

– His alliances crumble and his partners in crime flee gradually.

– Blair is defeated in Parliament and will be relieved from his party within a year!

– Europe, The Russians, the Chinese are watching the raging tired and bleeding American bull, and are rejoicing the strikes of the resistance in heart. Before the final blow!

– His soldiers flee the fields to live as refugees, to form groups of influence, along with pilots who call for the refusal of active duty in protest to the lies told.

– Bush today begs for international assistance and talks are held worldwide and round the clock to find what one can, of contributors who may fund the puppet governments of Ayad Allawi and Jafari, no one wants to invest!

What Happened?

When Rumsfield visited Baghdad lately, quietly, like the coward thief he is, he met with his secret army which he quietly established in 2002 from 130 criminals and with the cost of 140 million dollars of an annual budget. Among them is the former American Ambassador & James Styles, The hit squad leader from the Salvador. & Steve Castle the head of the Sabotage and assassination forces in Bolivia, & Colombia, he is today the advisor of the puppet Persian interior minister they have appointed in Baghdad.

The Summary of their meetings was, simply, that it is not possible to bring defeat to the resistance. The best solution is to seek a political way out, or to withdraw, under U.S. conditions.

As for the cause of their depression, it is due to the fact that they have tried all the tricks of the trade in their books. Assassinations, Sabotage, market fires, unemployment, sectarian agendas, lack of electricity, cutting water supplies, blowing water pipelines, poisoning water reservoirs & food reserves, mixing wheat with heavy metal powders, but the Iraqis were patient, and have found the remedy to this disease!

Rumsfield was surprised, due to the resignation of Paul Wolfowitz, his accomplice in crime after failing to find a solution that may set aside the firepower of the resistance. For he has not yet forgotten the night we forced him to run for his life in his under pants from the Rashid Hotel in the early days of the occupation. The news broadcasters may remember his humiliation! It seems that he convinced his master that as a Zionist that he is, he is more capable in reducing the world population and put those who remain alive in dept to America for as long as they live using the world bank!

Suddenly, the American Administration, were surprised due to their stupidity that Iran did not respect the secret deal they agreed upon. In cooperating to bring stability at least in the southern areas of Iraq, Iran has extended its interests to increase their influence to other Gulf States, like Bahrain where we see the continued sectarian demonstrations and in Saudi Arabia, where Shiites reside in Hasa and Dammam, also oil rich areas! These areas are now boiling with sectarian agendas and with the direction of Qumm in Iran and under the supervision of Persian Sistani. 

Today the Pentagon has discovered that there is a doomed future to the oil rich area and the future explosive environment lurking in the dark corner ahead. Especially after the eventual discovery that they just made in finding out that Iraq, is the true black hole that will pull this Middle East to an anarchy which know one can predict it’s end!

Here, the European Community entered in fear and compromised with the bush administration to accept & recognize the puppet governments in return for political solutions.

Rumsfield also found a solution which he thinks may save him!

The return to the Kissinger method in Vietnam, when he requested negotiations, he began bombardment!

He began with the destruction of Al Qaem, Karabila, in his spear operation, and instructed his puppet Persians in the appointed government to initiate operation thunder, to kidnap, kill and imprison! He also used the Dagger operation of “Rustum” ( Persian General who lost the battle of Qadisiah against the Arabs in history) to stab the innocent day and night in the streets, cars, and markets. Then he requested to negotiate; for he seeks knowledge of the secrets that bring life to the Iraqi resistance, who are it’s true leaders? who will sell out and accept treason? Why do they prefer Iraq as a future than the current and running bank accounts? Why can they not be bought? 

Thus, Negotiations are the new lie of the weapons of mass treason!

We predict more air raids and destruction of our cities and villages. More killing and kidnaps, just as they did in Vietnam and Algeria before they fled. This in return, gives us the right to use all the types of weapons in our arsenal because American Fascism will not be defeated easily and the fight will continue to be fierce for some time and bloody too!

We also predict, that the son of all criminals Ayad Allawi will be re-awarded control of the rudder of treason along with Chalabi, Sistani, and Badr Militia. Because they are all now, in one boat, on their journey of defeat. Allawi, is now performing and visiting Arab Governments which continue to treat him as a prime minister still, by orders of their American Embassies.

What Does Rafidan Say?

1- We have forced the invaders now to recognize our existence and naming clearly the Iraqi Resistance and thus have forced the general media to follow suite.

2- We have rendered useless the enemies high tech space weaponry and satellites and are hunting them down on our land at the time of our choosing.

3- Because they practice crimes and kill people indiscriminately, this gives us the right to reply with weapons they cannot imagine we will present to all our sons in order to bring the defeat of the American Fascists administration starting from Sharnaka 2 and Masamir 4 ?!?! 

4- As long as the invaders destroy our nation, then there is no reason to stop any Iraqi or Arab abroad from striking back in their countries of residence or at enemy bases in occupied Kuwait or Jordan!

Finally, Do you really want to Negotiate? We Accept, But under our Conditions!

– All enemy troops are to withdraw to the occupied city of Kuwait. – Then we sit under the exact same tent, that Schwarzkopf erected at Safwan, only this time it is to be erected in Matlaa the generally known and accepted borders of Iraq, and with the authorization of our new government, which will be declared soon at the correct timing from our Baghdad, we will negotiate your surrender !

We have the Oath of God!!!

The Political Party
The Mujahideen Central Command
Baghdad the 20th of Jamadi first 1426 H
The 27th of June 2005 M 

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