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Spineless at Newsweek: the Koran Story Gets Flushed by Kurt Nimmo


May 16, 2005

The Newsweek “retraction” of the Koran-in-the-toilet story and its “apology” once again demonstrate that when faced with pressure—in this instance, from the White House and Condi Rice—the spineless corporate media will back down every time. “Based on what we know now, we are retracting our original story that an internal military investigation had uncovered Qur’an abuse at Guantanamo Bay,” editor-wimp Mark Whitaker said in a statement. Based on what they know? Or based on threats from the White House and the Strausscons? Since Dan Rather went down in flames for the Bush National Guard story, the corporate media may as well fact check their stories with Karl Rove.

In fact, this story has made the rounds since January, if not before. Variations appeared in the Miami Herald, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Hartford Courant, BBC Monitoring International Reports, the Daily Mail (London), the Detroit Free Press, and the Observer. Excerpts were posted on the TalkLeft site yesterday. Instead of good old fashion investigative journalism, Newsweek has deferred to the Pentagon, per usual.

It is impossible to ignore the truth—Camp Gitmo, built on a chunk of land stolen from the people of Cuba, is nothing short of the “super-max” of Bush’s worldwide prison and torture gulag. If you doubt Gitmo is a torture center—a place where flushing the Koran down the toilet may be considered a minor infraction—check out the stories of Shafiq Rasul and Asif Iqbal (both released) and others.

In Afghanistan, at the Bagram AFB torture facility, “suspects captured in the region are ’softened up’ on their way to detention by brutal beatings from US military police and special forces soldiers,” Paul Harris and Burhan Wazir wrote for the Guardian in December, 2002. “They are confined to tiny rooms, blindfolded and thrown into walls. They are tied up in painful positions, subjected to loud noises and deprived of sleep by having lights shone on them all day and night. Sometimes they are forced to stand for long periods in black hoods or wearing goggles which have been spray-painted so as to render them blind.” In 2002, the Pentagon admitted at least two men died from such treatment.

“The US must ensure that its actions in relation to those in custody comply with international law and standards,” said Amnesty International with standard uselessness. Of course, we know that Bush and his crew of Torquemada-like sadists don’t do international law. Like Torquemada, Bush isn’t a Dominican, but General William “Jerry” Boykin, undersecretary of state of defense for intelligence, is a born-again Christian Zionist who “has repeatedly told Christian groups and prayer meetings that President George W Bush was chosen by God to lead the global fight against Satan,” according to the UK Telegraph. “I knew my God was bigger than his,” Boykin said of a Muslim warlord in Somalia. “I knew that my God was a real god and his was an idol.”

It is irrelevant if in fact the “renditionists” at Gitmo actually flushed a copy or two of the Koran in the toilet. “The God of Islam is not the same God of the Christian or the Judeo-Christian faith. It is a different God, and I believe a very evil and a very wicked religion,” declared the Christian Zionist Franklin Graham. “I think Muhammad was a terrorist,” Jerry Falwell chimed in. Considering the Christian Zionist fundie attitude toward Islam—and the fundie influence on Bush—is it any wonder Muslims believe the United States is engaged in a modern version of the Crusades against Islam?


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