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February 25 2005
UK Jails Three for Iraq Abuse, Questions Remain
Reuters – USA
By James Mackenzie. OSNABRUECK, Germany (Reuters) – Britain jailed three soldiers on Friday for abusing Iraqi detainees, but faced …
British Soldiers Jailed in Iraq Abuse Trial
Reuters – USA
OSNABRUECK, Germany (Reuters) – Three British soldiers convicted of mistreating detainees in Iraq were expelled from the army and jailed on Friday after a …,2763,1425646,00.html
No 10 did not summarise Iraq advice, says Goldsmith
Guardian – UK
… forcefully rejected accusations that Downing Street had drafted a parliamentary answer summarising his advice to the government on the legality of the Iraq war …
Iraq Blast Kills 3 US Troops, Wounds 9
ABC News – USA
United Iraqi Alliance candidate for Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, centre, leaves after meeting with Iraq’s most influential Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah …
Bombs kills 13 people in Iraq
Independent Online – South Africa
… Coinciding with news of the attack, Iraq’s government said a senior aide to al-Qaeda frontman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been arrested, along with a man who had …
Army to court-martial soldier who refused second Iraq tour
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription) – GA,USA
SAVANNAH — An Army mechanic who refused to deploy to Iraq for a second tour of duty will be court-martialed on desertion charges, Fort Stewart officials said …
Attorney General Rejects Iraq Claims
Scotsman – UK
The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, tonight denied reports that a parliamentary answer he issued on the legal case for the war with Iraq had been drawn up in …
Three US soldiers die in Iraq blast
Times of India – India
TARMIYAH: A bomb blast killed three US soldiers and wounded eight others north of Iraq’s capital on Friday. Lt. Col. Clifford Kent …
Graham offers sobering assessment on Iraq
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – USA
Lindsey Graham, back from a weeklong journey overseas, offered the sobering assessment Friday that American troops will be in Iraq for years and casualties are …
3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Roadside Bombing
Voice of America – USA
By VOA News. Three US soldiers were killed and eight wounded in Iraq Friday, in a roadside bomb attack. The US military says the …,2933,148737,00.html
DHS: Iraq E-mail Scheme ‘Despicable’
FOX News – USA
… Homeland security (search) officials are outraged over a recent e-mail scheme targeting families of slain US soldiers who were serving in Iraq, saying it’s one …
Iraq blast kills 3 US troops
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — Suspected insurgents killed three US soldiers north of Baghdad and a driver carrying journalists in Iskandariya on Friday, a day after a …,,2-10-1460_1668025,00.html
Bloody day for US in Iraq
News24 – South Africa
… But the killing has continued and what is seen as the key to pulling US troops out of Iraq – the ability of Iraqi forces to take responsibility for security …
Australian new troops could stay in Iraq for more than a year
Xinhua – China
25 (Xinhuanet) — Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on Friday that the new 450-strong Australian taskforce could stay in Iraq for more than a year. …
Key al-Qaeda militant captured in Iraq – UK
The Iraqi Government has said it has captured a key lieutenant of al-Qaeda’s leader in Iraq. It said Talib Mikhlif Arsan Walman …

Iraq blast kills 3 US troops, wounds 8
Boston Globe – USA
TARMIYAH, Iraq — A roadside bomb blast killed three US soldiers and wounded eight others north of Iraq’s capital Friday, the military said. Lt. Col. …
Negotiations on Iraq Government Look Protracted
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The frontrunner to be Iraq’s next prime minister held talks with the country’s top Shi’ite cleric on Friday on ways to include all parties …

Iraq Blast Kills Three Coalition Soldiers, Injures 6, US Says
Bloomberg – USA
… in a telephone interview from the capital. No further details were available. Iraq’s Jan. 30 election, in which more than 8 million …

Writing Iraq’s constitution a chance to change history
San Francisco Chronicle – USA
In 1426 AD, Iraq was in disarray. … In the next six months, Iraq’s newly elected political elite will draft a constitution, their vision for the future. …
US troops ‘caught in Iraq blast’
BBC News – E,UK
… not immediately known. The reported blast comes amid continuing violence throughout Iraq, often aimed at Iraqi security forces.
Iraq War Legality: Blair Rejects Call to Publish Advice
Scotsman – UK
Prime Minister Tony Blair today brushed off renewed demands for the publication of the Attorney General’s advice on the legality of the war in Iraq. …
US troops killed, wounded in Iraq blast
San Jose Mercury News (subscription) – USA
TARMIYAH, Iraq – An explosion near a group of US soldiers north of the Iraqi capital Friday killed and wounded several troops, the US military said. …

30 die in attacks in Iraq
Globe and Mail – Canada
… Iraqi forces captured the leader of an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist cell allegedly responsible for carrying out a string of beheadings in Iraq, the government …

Marine killed; US troops press security operation in Iraq
Khaleej Times – Dubai,United Arab Emirates
… The violence coincided with a poll in the United States which showed most Americans questioned on Iraq doubted that US troops would soon be home, despite a …
New York Post – New York,NY,USA
… Hillary Rodham Clinton has touched off a diplomatic flap with Iraq’s incoming government by questioning whether the leading candidate to become the next prime …
Pressure grows over Iraq advice
BBC News – E,UK
Tony Blair is facing fresh calls to publish the legal advice used to justify the Iraq war. Tory former minister Michael Mates said …

Troops could be in Iraq for over a year
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
The latest deployment of Australian troops could be in Iraq for more than a year, Prime Minister John Howard said. Mr Howard said …
Series of attacks kills 30 in Iraq
Kansas City Star (subscription) – MO,USA
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Insurgents attacked Iraqi security forces on Thursday in a spate of bomb blasts across the country that killed 30 persons, including two …
Kurds Undecided on Iraq Political Alliance — Leader
Reuters – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said Friday the Kurds had not decided who to back in the race for Iraq’s prime minister, as negotiations over …,10117,12369559-29277,00.html
Iraq troops may be gone longer – Australia
by Maria Hawthorne. THE latest deployment of Australian troops may be in Iraq for more than a year, Prime Minister John Howard said today. …

US Marine Killed in Western Iraq Offensive
Wired News – USA
BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A US Marine was killed as American and Iraqi forces continued their offensive to hunt down insurgents in western Iraq, the US military said …
30 Die in Series of Attacks Across Iraq
ABC News – USA
… in hospital after a man wearing a police uniform drove a car bomb inside the police headquarters in Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit in Iraq, setting off a …
Suicide bomber hits Iraq police station
IAfrica South African News – Cape Town,South Africa
… In a potential blow to the US-led coalition in Iraq, the sixth-largest foreign military contingent in the country, Ukraine, said it would pull all of its 1650 …
US Moves To Preserve Iraq Coalition
Washington Post – USA
The United States is planning increasingly to shift the duties of foreign troops in Iraq from providing security to training Iraq’s new army and police to …
Sentence due in Iraq abuse case
BBC News – E,UK
Two British soldiers found guilty of charges relating to abusing Iraqi prisoners will be sentenced on Friday. Daniel Kenyon, 33, was …

Frormer minister demands Iraq probe
Australian – Australia
FORMER British cabinet minister Clare Short is demanding a parliamentary probe into Attorney-General Peter Goldsmith’s advice on war with Iraq. …
Hill says Iraq-bound troops are ready
ABC Online – Australia
The Opposition says a decision to send extra troops to Iraq was made at the last minute and the soldiers are not prepared. But Mr …
25 Killed as Insurgents in Iraq Carry Out a Wave of Attacks
New York Times – USA
TIKRIT, Iraq, Feb. 24 – Insurgents unleashed a wave of attacks across central and northern Iraq on Thursday, killing at least 25 …
Nader Criticizes Bush on Iraq
Washington Post – USA
… candidate Ralph Nader stepped back into the public spotlight yesterday to deliver a scathing critique of the Bush administration’s Iraq policies, demand a …,,11965-4145267,00.html
Howard: Iraq Won’t Be Another Vietnam
Xtra News – New Zealand
Iraq would not become a bottomless pit for Australian troops, Prime Minister John Howard said on Thursday after a former military boss likened the latest …
Michigan soldiers to return from Iraq deployment Friday
Detroit Free Press – USA
HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — About 70 Michigan Army National Guard soldiers will return home Friday after a 12-month deployment in Iraq. …

IRAQ violence kills 30 in one day
Age (subscription) – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
… Saddam Hussein’s hometown. This raised the one-day death toll in Iraq
to 30 – including two American soldiers. The suicide bombings …

HOWARD: Iraq Won’t Be Another Vietnam
Xtra News – New Zealand
Iraq would not become a bottomless pit for Australian troops, Prime Minister
John Howard said on Thursday after a former military boss likened the
latest …,,11965-4145267,00.html

2 US soldiers among 25 killed in Iraq
Daily Times – Pakistan
BAGHDAD: Twenty-five people including Iraqi policemen and soldiers, civilians
and two US soldiers were killed in Iraq on Thursday. …

IRAQ abuse: 2 UK soldiers guilty
Rediff – India
Two British soldiers have been found guilty of abusing Iraqi civilians,
while a third has been convicted of failing to report the mistreatment.
Dozens killed in attacks across Iraq
CTV – Canada
Dozens are dead after a series of attacks across Iraq, including one in Saddam Hussein’s hometown involving a suicide bomber disguised as a police officer. …
Poll: Most think US will remain in Iraq
Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA
WASHINGTON — A majority of Americans now say they believe US troops will have to stay in Iraq for at least two more years, compared with 44 percent of people …

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